tzanolonano known_hosts00:00
tzanoloand delete de line from my machine00:00
Free99tzanolo, yep00:01
Free99windows changes its keys every once in a while seemingly at random.. which wouldn't be a big deal but xfreerdp seems to fail without telling remmina it failed to connect00:02
tzanolook, it works verry well!00:02
tzanoloFree99, how can you send a message to my, with my name on it, and then when it appears here, a splash apperas to me?00:03
Free99tzanolo, because I'm inside your computer! oooooOOOOOoooo!!! Just kidding.. your IRC client recognizes when someone says your name00:04
tzanololet me try, when I type Free99 irc recongizes it and splashes to you and plays an audio?00:04
tzanoloTzanolo teste00:05
tzanolotzanolo teste400:06
Free99not sure it'll work for yourself00:06
* Free99 is cool like Mr. Pickles00:06
tzanoloFree99, to myself doesnt00:07
tzanoloFree99, why does I need to use paste.ubuntu.com ???00:07
Free99dunno... policy of this place I think00:08
paffyDoes anyone know of a GUI app to manage desktop entries? (those .desktop files)00:25
antivirtelah thanks daftykins, but it is still writing (3 mins so far)00:25
daftykinsantivirtel: cheap slow flash drive?00:26
antivirtelnope daftykins, it is Kingston DT 101, and it is just finished...(1,2 GB) copied, 144,148 s, 8,0 MB/s - it is just USB 200:28
antivirtelbut I've already returned a same one before of this, since it was buggy00:28
antivirteland stopped working at all...00:28
antivirtelisn't here a tool like SMART, which will check its health?00:29
daftykinsantivirtel: flash drives don't support SMART and no there's nothing like it00:29
daftykinsmake sure you picked sdX and not sdX1 etc.00:29
antivirtelyeah, it is ok00:29
daftykinsassuming your download wasn't corrupt it should work just fine00:30
antivirtelahh, booting now, thanks!!!00:30
antivirtelI've checked the MD5 sums00:31
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daftykinser, ok00:57
c|onemanHow do I change the screen resolution of an ubuntu system that doesn't have a GUI... aka the resolution of the terminal?01:02
antivirteldaftykins I have an other problem here: 08ff:5731 AuthenTec, Inc. AES3500 TruePrint Sensor - this fingerprint reader, I have 2 copies of it, and I want to make it work, but I couldn't, ubuntu's problem: http://www.noobslab.com/2014/12/use-fingerprint-to-command-control-your.html -> fingerprint-gui : Depends: libfakekey0 (>= 0.1) but it is not installable  Depends: libqca2-plugin-ossl but it is not installable --- may I gather those01:03
antivirtelpackages somehow manually?01:03
daftykinssorry i couldn't care less about gimmicky features like finger print scanners01:04
daftykinsbiometrics just aren't safe :>01:04
Bashing-omclopez_: ^^ try editing /etc/default/grub to something like " GRUB_GFXMODE=1600x900 " as in my use case .01:04
CTU-BobbeRussian dudes will cut your finger off, right?01:04
zykotick9c|oneman: if you don't care about the resolution while booting, you can try installing fbset and using that.01:06
daftykinsCTU-Bobbe: off topic chatter can go elsewhere thanks01:06
c|onemanBashing-om: why am I editing the boot loader config for the resolution of my terminal?01:07
daftykinsc|oneman: TTYs.01:08
antivirtelI know it daftykins, but I do need to set it up, if I've bought it... may I report this issue on lanunchpad, right?01:08
daftykinsjust try it.01:08
daftykinsantivirtel: don't know.01:08
daftykinsi ignore all the fingerprint readers on everything i own :)01:08
antivirtelwhat are you using? 2FA?01:08
Bashing-omclopez_: No Gui, and as far as I know that edit persist in the terminal .01:09
OerHeksc|oneman, maybe this ppa, different from fingerprint-gui is any help https://launchpad.net/~fingerprint/+archive/ubuntu/fprint01:12
c|onemanI didn't ask about fingerprint readers01:13
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daftykinsc|oneman: you read the wrong replies, see the one with your username in front01:14
daftykinsseriously sometimes i wonder if any of you went to school =|01:14
OerHekssorry c|oneman was for antivirtel01:15
antivirtelOerHeks, I'm trying it, but it has the same issue01:26
Bray90820Can someone help me edit this fstab entry to have write permissions01:28
daftykinsnot until you link to one :)01:29
Bray90820I was getting to that ;)01:29
daftykinsyou should have //192...01:30
sprdljhi guys01:31
Bray90820daftykins: are you sure the //192 is needed I have read permissions already with a single /01:32
daftykinsit is the correct notation, yes01:32
TsuDoughNymhi all. OK to ask questions in this channel or is there a better channel?01:32
Bray90820Oh my bad I just looked at it and there was already a bouble / I copied it wrong01:33
bindi!ask | TsuDoughNym01:33
ubottuTsuDoughNym: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:33
daftykinsTsuDoughNym: see the topic? support channel :)01:33
TsuDoughNymahh, sorry.01:33
daftykinsBray90820: yeah see above then01:33
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/01:33
TsuDoughNymwell I'm having an issue with my new install of ubuntu server just booting to a blank screen.  First, I had issues installing GRUB but I seem to have figured that out.  I can boot into a recovery console but not the actual system -it's just a blank screen.01:33
Bray90820daftykins: So I should add password=blah,uid=1000,gid=1000,iochar... to the end01:34
daftykinsBray90820: no, because you already have part of what i typed. so you add the parts i typed.01:34
daftykinsBray90820: are you able to read both and compare them?01:34
TsuDoughNymI have working linux knowledge and have installed this multiple times on multiple machines, VM's, etc, and never had this issue.  If it matters, i'm using a dell optiplex 7010 desktop that I got from work.  Took out the SSD and replaced it with my own drive.01:34
TsuDoughNymno dual boot, no UEFI settings, etc.01:34
Bray90820daftykins: idk what do you mean01:34
daftykinsBray90820: seriously?01:34
Bray90820daftykins: Oh now I get you01:35
Bray90820Sorry it took me a second01:35
daftykinseither you're up late, more drunk than me, or something else ;)01:35
Bray90820Or just acting like a complete idiot :P01:35
daftykinsTsuDoughNym: perhaps worth trying something like - http://askubuntu.com/questions/138532/12-04-server-does-not-honor-grub-gfxmode-in-etc-default-grub01:36
Bray90820But yea I am guessing you add the extra stuff to the end of the file01:36
daftykinsno! in the same line!01:36
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daftykinscan't you see how i repeated parameters you already have in there?01:36
daftykinsyou wouldn't tell it password= twice01:36
Bray90820daftykins: I get that01:36
PHPLearnerif the system finds anything that fails how can I repair it01:36
PHPLearnerwhat commands shall I make on the terminal01:36
Bray90820daftykins: I'll make a markup of it and show you if it's correct01:37
daftykinsPHPLearner: "finds anything that fails" ? like what?01:37
PHPLearnerI do not know01:37
PHPLearnerwhen I boot it a while ago01:37
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PHPLearneri saw two feedback that says failed01:37
PHPLearnerbut still my ubuntu 14.04 manage to boot01:37
daftykinsPHPLearner: can you see how ridiculous your question is when neither of us have a clue what an error message stated?01:38
Bashing-omTsuDoughNym: Have you tried to boot with the "nomodeset" boot parameter ?01:38
daftykinsBashing-om: i thought that, but it's server01:38
PHPLearnerno because I just saw two red flags on the right of my screen while the laptop was booting up01:38
Bray90820daftykins: like this?01:38
PHPLearnernormally I do not see those read failed message01:39
TsuDoughNymBashing-om: Yup! I enabled that from within the boot-repair-disk tool on my USB01:39
TsuDoughNymand daftykins I just tried that link/solution --- no dice.  It just shows a blank screen, not garbled text.01:39
PHPLearnerthat is why I asked even if I cannot exactly described what it was completely01:39
TsuDoughNymbut it boots perfectly fine in recovery mode, so something is going on...01:39
daftykinsBray90820: yeah give it a test. "sudo umount /mnt/qnap/backup && sudo mount -a"01:39
PHPLearnerwhen you boot up linux it will say a lot of things on the screen right01:39
daftykinsTsuDoughNym: the method was sound, the post might've been about a different issue but it didn't matter01:40
TsuDoughNymBashing-om: to clarify: the boot-repair-disk menu has an option for nomodeset and I enabled that option the last time I used it. Didn't make any difference.  I installed ubuntu server from a live USB01:40
PHPLearnerthen on the right side of the screen it says ok if that process was ok01:40
daftykinsPHPLearner: well no you'd normally have a boot logo, so you're seeing the streams of text. go reboot and write them down01:40
TsuDoughNymdaftykins: understood.  But to answer the question, no it didn't work for me.01:40
PHPLearnerthen for two occasions last night and earlier I kept on seeing this two failed labels on the right side of the screen01:40
PHPLearnerexactly what it was I really do not know because the booting sequence was quit fast and it was very difficult to read01:41
PHPLearnerdaftykins: it so fast01:41
PHPLearnerI cannot right it down01:41
daftykinstry switching with ctrl+alt+F12 and see if it's there01:41
PHPLearnerthat is why I ask is there a way we can diagnose what is the problem by using the terminal commands01:42
Bray90820daftykins: I think it all works now01:42
PHPLearnerdaftykins: is that instruction for me01:42
TsuDoughNymdaftykins: hah.  ctrl+alt+f1 worked.01:42
daftykinsPHPLearner: yes01:42
TsuDoughNymso I think what's happening is it's trying to boot to X but I don't have X installed?01:42
Bashing-omTsuDoughNym: Think'n ; A clean fresh install onto the exchanged drive ? Have you been sudo'n in your /home directory such that access is lost ?01:42
daftykinsTsuDoughNym: how odd, it should go to that one as default01:42
daftykinsTsuDoughNym: no not if you used server media. did you fully update yet? it might help out. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade01:43
mytocharUbuntu 15.04 claims to come with "virus protection software", but I can't find any more details about that. What virus protection software does it come with?01:43
TsuDoughNymdaftykins: nope about to do that now!01:43
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus01:43
TsuDoughNymI should have tried this before, no idea why I didn't think of it.01:43
daftykinsTsuDoughNym: i don't blame you, that's an odd one for sure :)01:43
mytochardaftykins: yes, but it says it on the Ubuntu home page "virus protection software"01:44
PHPLearnerdaftykins: I saw nothing01:44
TsuDoughNymalthough there's a weird discoloration in the text about 1/4th of the way on my screen.01:44
TsuDoughNymbut I won't be using a GUI so idc.01:44
PHPLearnerjust blinking cursor01:44
daftykinsPHPLearner: hit each function key in turn to see if you get that screen01:44
Bray90820daftykins: It all works with rsync now Thanks01:45
PHPLearnerdaftykins: nothing happens01:45
daftykinsBray90820: np01:45
PHPLearnerany boot logs to consult01:45
daftykinsPHPLearner: ok then you'll have to read through logs to find the relevant one01:45
PHPLearnerok what command shall I issue on the terminal01:46
TsuDoughNymdaftykins: ty for help01:46
TsuDoughNymBashing-om: ty for your help too01:46
daftykinsnah you're going to need to use your brain for this one, PHPLearner01:46
PHPLearnerdaftykins: I am new to linux man01:47
PHPLearneranyway I try google01:47
daftykinswe're all new at some point01:47
PHPLearnerif not I came back to you01:47
soy_el_pulpo"your brain"? is that in /usr/bin or /usr/sbin?01:47
daftykins/var/log/boot.log looks nice01:47
Bashing-omTsuDoughNym: 'tis a puzzle, like to know the answer :)01:47
soy_el_pulpoonly the fittest survive!!01:47
TsuDoughNymBashing-om: the computer is booting to the virtual terminal at ctrl+alt+f701:48
TsuDoughNymI used ctrl+alt+f1 and it's fine01:48
TsuDoughNymbut now I need to figure out how to set tty1 as the default?01:48
TsuDoughNymand daftykins i ran an update, nothing needed to be done it seems01:48
PHPLearnerI tried tail -f logfile nothing happens01:48
daftykinsTsuDoughNym: with dist-upgrade?01:48
PHPLearnerI aslo did sudo /var./log/dmesg01:49
TsuDoughNymit's 14.10, not sure why it didn't upgrade to 15.04...01:49
packetedprophetapt-get is throwing me a weird error01:49
packetedprophet https://i.imgur.com/VrzWpQP.jpg01:49
packetedprophethas anyone encountered this before?01:49
TsuDoughNymban him01:49
PHPLearnersays not a command01:49
TsuDoughNymit's pornographic material01:50
daftykinsTsuDoughNym: dist-upgrade despite the name doesn't upgrade distro version :) it's just a trap to trick people ;)01:50
TsuDoughNymdon't click that link if you value your eyesight01:50
soy_el_pulpoloopback port!!!01:50
TsuDoughNymcan a mod ban packetedprophet ? that link he posted was to gay porn :X01:50
daftykins!ops | packetedprophet01:50
ubottupacketedprophet: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang01:50
daftykinsthey're probably all asleep01:50
TsuDoughNymwhat a douchebag.01:50
daftykinsjust be glad that's all it was.01:51
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PHPLearnerdaftykins: any suggestion man01:51
daftykinsPHPLearner: yes earlier01:51
soy_el_pulpoor enjoying the picture... or in the picture01:51
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PHPLearnerman I was trying to look for answers here01:52
PHPLearnerI just google something01:52
daftykinsand did you find it?01:52
daftykinsi did.01:52
PHPLearnerbut command does not seem to work01:52
daftykins"command" ?01:52
PHPLearneryeah I just sent a message earlier01:52
PHPLearnertail -f logfile01:52
PHPLearnerdid not work01:52
soy_el_pulpoand you typed: "logfile"?01:52
TsuDoughNymdaftykins: doing a dist-upgrade now.  found the ubuntu docs on how to do it. sudo do-release-upgrade....those sneaky bastards!01:52
PHPLearner/var/log/dmesg also never worked01:53
PHPLearnerhey wait I got something01:53
daftykinsPHPLearner: you realise that "logfile" in the above is not the literal command, but a placeholder for the log file to pick?01:53
daftykinse.g. i said /var/log/boot.log...01:53
daftykins"dmesg" would spit out that file, but that's the wrong one01:54
daftykinssudo apt-get install pastebinit && pastebinit /var/log/boot.log01:54
soy_el_pulpo"rm -frv /." will be better to get rid of "the problem"01:55
daftykinselky: ^ another candidate for a +q please01:55
TsuDoughNymsoy_el_pulpo: don't tell people to run malicious commands.  seriously dude.01:56
elkysoy_el_pulpo: you're being disruptive and giving terrible advice. you should stop.01:56
soy_el_pulpodaftykins: me? I am not posting gay pictures.... ok I will, sorry01:56
soy_el_pulposorry, will stop01:56
TsuDoughNymno, but you posted a command which would delete a user's entire hard drive...01:56
PHPLearnerdaftykins: ok I just entered those commands now what shall I do next01:57
soy_el_pulpoTsuDoughNym: and he can install windows and have no problems. but you are right, bad joke01:57
daftykinspaste me the link it gave01:57
elkysoy_el_pulpo: thanks01:57
daftykinssoy_el_pulpo: grow up please.01:57
soy_el_pulpoIt was unavoidable, too tempting, and I was weak01:57
TsuDoughNymsoy_el_pulpo: this is a channel for ubuntu users and can't be assumed that a user will know what that command is! I would never post something like that in a place where people seek help.01:57
daftykinsclearly a teenager.01:58
daftykinsPHPLearner: chop chop, time's wasting01:58
PHPLearnerok I got the link01:58
elkydaftykins: stop trying to inflame the situation please01:58
PHPLearnerhere it is01:58
daftykinselky: lets move on now please01:59
soy_el_pulpoTsuDoughNym: so how we help somebody that has no idea that "tail -f logfile" meant something slightly different. I thisnk that's why linux gets bad reputation. because people (no reference to PHPLearner) are lazy. At least he figure out how to came here and ask... that's a progress, right?02:00
daftykinsPHPLearner: not seeing one.02:00
daftykinsPHPLearner: video your boot up maybe02:00
TsuDoughNymsoy_el_pulpo: as elky said, move on.02:00
soy_el_pulpoTsuDoughNym: ok02:00
PHPLearnerno give me time02:00
PHPLearnerwait please02:00
daftykinsPHPLearner: also note you've not configured apache with an FQDN.02:01
daftykinsthat's the same link...02:01
PHPLearnerdaftykins: wow that's new02:01
PHPLearnerwhat do you mean I never configured apache with an FQDN02:01
PHPLearnerok that one is for later02:01
PHPLearnerfor now I just want to make sure my Ubuntu 14.04 is working properly and no glitches02:02
daftykinswell click the link yourself... see line 9702:02
daftykinsyeah but you can't even tell me what error you've seen?02:02
PHPLearnerdarn man02:03
PHPLearnerthat is really my problem02:03
soy_el_pulpoPHPLearner: what makes you think that is not working properly or it has glitches?02:03
PHPLearnerI just do not like seeing those log in labels to the right side of the screen when my linux boots up02:03
PHPLearnerusually each process will have an OK label at the right side when my linux boots up02:04
daftykinsso video it or write them down, something so we actually know what you're seeing.02:04
daftykinsyes i know what you're talking about02:04
PHPLearnersince last night it was like that and also earlier02:04
PHPLearnerbut the booting sequence is too fast for me to right02:04
soy_el_pulpoPHPLearner: which lines are not givin you the OK label?02:05
daftykinshence the suggestion to perhaps video it instead02:05
PHPLearneris I were to follow your instruction then I have to keep on rebooting02:05
PHPLearnerI also cannot tell02:05
daftykinsapply some out-of-the-box thinking to this problem02:05
PHPLearnerI will try to figure this out and come back to you guys02:05
PHPLearnergive me a minute02:05
daftykinssoy_el_pulpo: yeah we've not been told02:05
PHPLearnerhope you are still around when I get those messages02:05
soy_el_pulpoyou keboard has a "pause" key?02:05
pkircherspacebar for the win !02:06
PHPLearnersoy_el_pulpo: you mean if I press pause during the booting sequence linux will pause too02:06
soy_el_pulpoboot and press the "pause" key on your keyboard to stop them from scrolling, write them down and then ENTER to continue02:06
daftykinswell, any key02:06
soy_el_pulpodaftykins: where is the "any key"?02:07
daftykinsplease grow up.02:07
soy_el_pulpoPHPLearner: just press ENTER or SPACE BAR02:07
pkircherexaxtly 99% of problems on any computer .. sit in front ..02:07
soy_el_pulpodaftykins: those are more acurate instructions02:07
PHPLearnerok thanks02:08
PHPLearnerI will be back02:08
PHPLearnersee you guys later02:08
PHPLearnerhope you all are still around02:08
daftykinsi sure won't be02:08
soy_el_pulpowrite the lines you "don't like" or "seem odd" and post them back here so we can help you02:08
pkircherand reg extrem accurate insturctions … >> he managed to get irc working02:08
soy_el_pulpopkircher: true, that's why I said he worth saving02:09
pkircherbut hey even a stoped clock is right twice a day02:09
pkirchergosh darn .. anyone with openstack neuron exp around ?02:10
soy_el_pulpopkircher: ;)02:10
daftykinstends to be better to ask the actual question rather than "does anyone use <this>?"02:11
daftykinsalso, it best be ubuntu support02:11
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TsuDoughNymman, so much hostility all of a sudden :(02:12
daftykinsi think you're misreading.02:13
TsuDoughNymhey daftykins02:20
TsuDoughNymI fixed the boot issue02:21
daftykinso rly02:21
TsuDoughNymso it boots to tty1 directly02:21
daftykinshrmm must say i've never seen server do that, but i also never use non-LTS server02:21
daftykinsso who knows02:21
TsuDoughNymstill have no idea what CAUSED it on a fresh install, but that's OK.  I'm going to reinstall using the 1.5TB HDD and see if it's the same issue, but i'm installing from a burned CD this time instead of a USB02:21
TsuDoughNymit's LTS02:21
TsuDoughNym14.04.1 LTS02:21
daftykinsoh i thought you said 14.10 earlier02:22
TsuDoughNymoh the CD i have is 14.04 but I must have upgraded to 14.10 w/o realizing it.02:22
daftykinsnow *that* definitely has the potential to go screwy02:22
daftykinsi have to go now, laters02:22
TsuDoughNymtake care02:22
TsuDoughNymi'm gonna stick with LTS02:22
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PHPLearnerok guys I got it02:26
PHPLearnerI took photo02:26
PHPLearnerhang on met me share you the link02:26
pragmaticenigmaI'm having an issue with openssh-server. I can connect on the localmachine using "ssh localhost" but if I try to remote in from another machine I get connection refused. The port setup is 22 and firewall is setup to allow all incoming connections. What else could I be missing?02:27
TsuDoughNympragmaticenigma: can you ping the server in question?02:28
sdfgsdfgabout quantum compilers, are they still all mainly theoretical papers that explain qubit operations, matrix and permutation calculations or are there simulating source codes of a working compiler today ?02:28
TsuDoughNymssh localhost would only ssh into your own machine, not another machine on the network02:29
sdfgsdfgany pointers for this in ubuntu ? (so my question is relevant)02:29
TsuDoughNymmake sure the sshd daemon is running02:29
rebsif i have a program running which eats all my memory and i allocate more swap space02:29
rebswill it be used by my program02:29
pragmaticenigmaTsuDoughNym, The daemon is running. Like I said, on the same machine I successfully use "ssh user@localhost" but if I'm on another machine, it says the connection is refused02:29
rebsor would i need to rs02:29
TsuDoughNympragmaticenigma: I also just use 'tasksel' to enable an OpenSSH server and never have issues.  I'm no expert.02:30
TsuDoughNymI've had that issue in the past but it's usually just been the daemon not running.02:30
PHPLearneralright guys here's the link02:31
PHPLearnerI do not know what it is actually saying02:31
PHPLearnerbut that's the best I can get02:31
PHPLearnerthe booting sequence is really very fast02:31
PHPLearnerluckily I manage to capture it02:32
TsuDoughNymPHPLearner: I'm no expert, but it seems to be normal to have some errors like that in bootup.  I've never had any issues.02:32
PHPLearnerI has something to do with the Active Directory Server02:32
TsuDoughNymif you want to learn what each error is, you could do a google search for more details02:32
TsuDoughNymwell are you on an active directory-managed network?02:32
TsuDoughNymAD is typically for windows machines, as well.02:33
al2o3-crpragmaticenigma: use -vvv to spit out more verbose error messages02:33
PHPLearneryeah this error came about right after I uninstalled wine02:33
PHPLearnerI should not have done it02:33
TsuDoughNymwine has nothing to do with active directory02:34
PHPLearneranything I can do to eliminate this error on my ubuntu 14.0402:34
PHPLearnerbut this error only occurred after I install and uninstalled wine02:34
PHPLearnerlast night02:34
TsuDoughNymPHPLearner: I honestly don't think it will cause any issues, unless you're have an issue directly related to it.  How often do you boot that it really bothers you?02:34
PHPLearnerare you sure this is nothing to worry about02:35
TsuDoughNymNo, I'm no expert.  I just know that every installation I've seen will have a few quirky errors like that.02:35
PHPLearnerI am on my last leg of the PHP course and I do not want my laptop to go haywire when I am presenting my project02:35
TsuDoughNymI highly doubt that will happen.02:35
PHPLearnersince I installed my ubuntu 14.04 painstakingly five months ago02:35
PHPLearnerI had no issues02:35
TsuDoughNymYou could ask on the WineHQ forums.02:36
PHPLearneronly this pesky thing came up last night02:36
TsuDoughNymsince you noticed it happened after re/installing wine02:36
pragmaticenigmaal2o3-cr, only thing that sticks out to me is "debug2: ssh_connect: needpriv 0" don't know what that means02:37
pragmaticenigmaal2o3-cr, otherwise it doesn't provide any additional useful information02:38
al2o3-crpragmaticenigma: are you trying to login as root??02:38
pragmaticenigmaal2o3-cr, no, I am attempt a standard user02:39
pragmaticenigmaal2o3-cr, I can login successfully "user@localhost" but remoting from another machine to "user@remote_ip" fails with connection refused02:40
al2o3-crthats got a be a firewall issue02:40
al2o3-cron your local lan you connecting?02:41
pragmaticenigmaal2o3-cr, firewall is setup to allow port 22 and netstat reports the port is open02:41
al2o3-crpragmaticenigma: are you connecting from your local LAN?02:42
pragmaticenigmaal2o3-cr, yes, I am on my local network02:42
al2o3-crpragmaticenigma: pastebin your sshd_config02:43
PHPLearnerTsuDoughNym: where are soy_el_pupol02:43
PHPLearnerand the other guys earlier02:43
PHPLearnerwho tried to helped me02:43
pragmaticenigmaal2o3-cr, pastebin.com/nxjH2sav02:46
al2o3-crok reading now02:46
al2o3-crpragmaticenigma: #PasswordAuthentication yes uncomment this then try again02:47
MouseTheLuckyDogI have a script which I am liable to launch while cd'd to various directories. Is there a way for the script to know which directory it is stored in?02:48
pragmaticenigmaal2o3-cr, no effect02:48
surgyhow do i make a shortcut to an aplication on the desktop?02:48
al2o3-cryou are using a password to authenticate aren't you?02:48
pragmaticenigmait doesn't get far enough to prompt for one02:49
al2o3-crpragmaticenigma: restart ssh server02:49
pragmaticenigmadid that02:49
al2o3-crthats weird02:50
pragmaticenigmathink I might be reinstalling this machine tomorrow02:51
pragmaticenigmait's a fresh install, and I have never had this happen before02:51
al2o3-cryeah, can't see what wrong there02:52
=== greylock_ is now known as listener
BoogieAnyone recommend a simple video converter?02:52
al2o3-crconnection refused generally means port is closed or wrong ip address02:52
=== listener is now known as passivelistener
pragmaticenigmaal2o3-cr, right... and i've double checked all those pieces02:53
pragmaticenigmaal2o3-cr, there is a different (unrelated) issue that puzzles me. VeraCrypt will not run either. So I suspect something is missing from the installation02:53
al2o3-crpragmaticenigma: well, good luck :)02:55
al2o3-crunless someone on here knows anything better02:55
pragmaticenigmaal2o3-cr, you wouldn't think installing ubuntu with disk encryption would have anything to do with it02:55
al2o3-crpragmaticenigma: not at all02:56
pragmaticenigmadidn't think so02:56
al2o3-crhave you tried with keys?02:57
surgyi want to make shortcuts/ launchers of my applications on my "desktop" when i drag them onto the background it says "unsuported locations / " whats am i doing wrong??02:57
pragmaticenigmaal2o3-cr, that wouldn't make any difference02:57
pragmaticenigmaal2o3-cr, and I would need to be able to have some method of getting the key installed on the system that is refusing connections02:58
al2o3-crpragmaticenigma: yeah true02:58
al2o3-crpragmaticenigma: usb stick?02:59
pragmaticenigmaal2o3-cr, still wouldn't honestly make any difference... the server works using localhost... something is preventing remote connections03:00
al2o3-crbut like you said it shouldn't make a difference03:00
pragmaticenigmaI think this is going to be a process of elimination... was hoping to setup a "lock box" of a server to store some backed up files on03:01
pragmaticenigmabut I need to be able to remote in the files over sftp03:02
pragmaticenigmaso first step is to rebuild without the disk encryption and work my way from there03:02
surgywhat package do i need to install to make kde my defualt WM ?03:03
surgyor rather what package do  i need to install to get kde?03:03
surgyis it still called "kde-desktop" ?03:03
pragmaticenigmasurgy, you would be better to use the kubuntu spin instead03:04
surgypragmaticenigma, i guess thats what i meant03:04
surgyis it still called kubuntu-desktop ?03:04
surgybeen a few years since ive played with nix03:04
pragmaticenigmathat is a meta package that will install KDE03:04
surgypragmaticenigma, kubuntu is a little easier to customize the launcher right?03:06
surgypragmaticenigma, because there isnt much you can do with the unity launcher?03:06
pragmaticenigmasurgy, that's all personal preference... anything can be customized, but it's a matter of how much time and effort it might take03:09
pragmaticenigmaif you're running unity, that might explain why you cannot put shortcuts on the desktop03:09
pragmaticenigmaI think unity is meant for everything to live in the dash or on the sidebar03:09
=== AlexStraunoff is now known as Sqt
bzaks1424Howdy friends- I was curious if anyone had any favorites for iscsi packages these days?03:54
Bashing-ombzaks1424: A better response to that in #ubuntu-offtopic channel .03:55
bzaks1424Oh, I'm sorry. Thank you!03:56
surgy_im using two monitors..... the unity launcher is on the wrong monitor. how do i fix this???03:57
pragmaticenigmasurgy_, http://askubuntu.com/questions/57833/how-to-move-unity-launcher-to-a-different-monitor04:00
sta|kerHi guys. I'm having a weird issue with Ubuntu after installation. Everything with the install went fine; however, the UEFI partition ( or efi files ) aren't being detected by my machine. Now, it detects the ones from the USB flash drive; however, when it's installed to the usb stick, it doesn't. The efi partition looks fine from GParted, and the files are there. I  even tried running boot-repair which said04:00
sta|ker it performed its tasks properly but still didn't fix it. I can get into the system by using the grub shell from the usb stick. I thought maybe a bios update was needed; however, if the usb stick worked why wouldn't the hard drive one work? This was also a barebones board so there is no windows ( and never was ). Everything is from scratch so it can't be interfeirence from what I can tell. Anyone ever run04:01
sta|kerinto this?04:01
pragmaticenigmasurgy_, I suggest doing a google search for more up-to-date solutions though04:01
pragmaticenigmasta|ker, the recommendation is to disable UEFI04:01
surgy_pragmaticenigma, i guess i asked the wrong question..... how do i make one screen my default desktop?04:03
pragmaticenigmasurgy_, I don't understand what you are asking04:03
surgy_pragmaticenigma, i guess im just a little flustered with how hard it is to cutomize that big ugly block on the left side of the left monitor04:06
pragmaticenigmasurgy_, perhaps Unity isn't the right desktop for you... I know that there are lots of tutorials online about customizing unity to your liking04:09
sta|kerpragmaticenigma: alright, I was hopeing not to have to do so; however, it looks like I may have to. Thanks for taking a look04:10
spenmennhave you tried unity tweak tool04:12
pragmaticenigmasta|ker, sadly UEFI support is limited at best... UEFI is really kind of a joke and serves only to prevent users from doing what they want with their PCs04:15
RNevilleanyone have any recommendations about go linux books04:16
RNevillethat discusses in some detail how linux operates04:17
RNevilleanyone have any recommendations about good linux books04:17
=== newbie is now known as Guest95046
RNevilleany book that would help me understand, better, discussions concerning linux04:19
RNevilleI listen to LAS, for sometime, and I still don't really understand linux04:19
PHPLearneranyone watching pacman vs mayweather fight right now04:20
gp5stRNeville: what don't you understand? that'll help us guide you04:28
RNevilleIt's hard for me to explain04:29
RNevilleEvery book about linux is either to general or very , very detailed04:30
RNevilleI would like an over view of linux, but with some detail.04:30
RNevillea discussion of the basic distro, and their differences04:31
azizLIGHThow do i make a custom sound play for 'beep' ? i already tried alias beep="" but this is only useful when a program actually runs beep, and thats never. i need something that replaces echo -e '\a' ... any ideas?04:31
Twelve-60`so I'm installing ubuntu 32bit 14.04.2, anyone know where the 'minimal' install went in the modes menu (F4)?04:51
Twelve-60`all I've got is 'normal'04:51
danhedronI just installed 15.04, trying to use curl and I'm getting this =>04:52
danhedroncurl: (77) error setting certificate verify locations:04:52
danhedron  CAfile: /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt04:52
danhedronit works if I symlink /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt, but why is it only looking there in the first place04:52
Twelve-60`I'm expecting this http://i.stack.imgur.com/gPKzv.png but I only have 'normal' in the menu04:54
pragmaticenigmaTwelve-60`, perhaps the disk image you need is the net install disk, usually listed as mini-iso04:56
Twelve-60`I thought the net install was separate from a minimal system install?04:57
pragmaticenigmathe net install can perform the minimal install... it's able to install all supported "spins" of ubuntu and has the added benefit of isntalling the most up-to-date versions of all the supported packages05:00
Twelve-60`doesn't allow me an offline minimal install though05:01
pragmaticenigmano, you would have to be online to use the net install (kind of why it's called the net installer)05:03
Twelve-60`this does not help me! :P05:04
pragmaticenigmaTwelve-60`, this is the only thing I can find for a minimal installation https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/MinimalInstall05:05
pragmaticenigmaTwelve-60`, or you can go Ubuntu Server05:05
Twelve-60`I'm install ubuntu server, have a look at http://askubuntu.com/a/20724105:05
Twelve-60`its meant to have options under the modes menu05:06
Twelve-60`its just not there in 14.04.205:06
[n0mad]Twelve-60`: did you try the minimal iso? i would imagine that they removed it05:09
Twelve-60`[n0mad] the minimal iso is separate, thats an online install05:10
Twelve-60`im looking for a minimal offline install05:10
pragmaticenigmathat's for ubuntu 12.04, not 14.0405:11
=== error is now known as Guest52108
=== Computer_Barf_Up is now known as Computer_Barf_ho
Twelve-60`pragmaticenigma: what do you mean?05:12
PHPLearnercan anyone help me with this problem05:12
=== Computer_Barf_ho is now known as Technoid-Home
PHPLearnerI saw two failed log messages there involving sbm/cifs file and active directory server05:13
Gamer1990i'm having some issues05:13
PHPLearnerHow can I correct them05:13
PHPLearnerI am new to linux ubuntu 14.0405:13
pragmaticenigmaTwelve-60`, the documentation that you linked to is for Ubuntu 12.04... you're trying to install 14.04... the minimal option was likely removed in the more recent installers... there isn't any documentation I can find other than to use the minimal installer which requires an online connection during isntallation05:14
PHPLearnerthis happened after I installaed and uninstalled wine last night05:14
Gamer1990the error i am getting in DRI is "libGL: Can't open configuration file /root/.drirc: No such file or directory."05:14
PHPLearnerthanks for the help in advance05:14
=== sleepypc is now known as `hypermist`
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
Twelve-60`pragmaticenigma: I swear I did this not long ago on 14.04... :/05:14
pragmaticenigmaTwelve-60`, I know that the Ubuntu Server install image will install a minimal system, because it will prompt you during installation what additional modules you want... if you don't select any you are left with the minimal system05:14
Gamer1990i'm running lubuntu 15.04 x86-6405:15
Gamer1990and my 3d applications are slow05:15
Gamer19902d is fine05:15
Gamer1990am i in the right channel?05:16
Gamer1990the graphs processor is an ATI RS480 ( Radeon Xpress 200 ) IGP05:17
pragmaticenigmaTwelve-60`, the only documentation I see for a minimal install is the minimal iso, which I will repeat, requires an online connection to work05:17
al2o3-crPHPLearner: echo manual | sudo tee /etc/init/samba-ad-dc.override # should get rid of the fail message05:17
pragmaticenigmaTwelve-60`, that is the most anyone here is going to be able to help you with I'm affraid05:17
Gamer1990??? why am i being ignored???05:18
pragmaticenigmaal2o3-cr, I figured out my ssh issue... guess I had the wrong IP address the whole time... I was attempting to connect to .61 when I should have been connecting to .62... my stupid router listed the .62 under the .61 labeling .61 as UNKNOWN... which I assumed was Ubuntu05:19
PHPLearneral2o3-cr: thanks05:19
PHPLearnerI will try rebooting05:19
=== Zachary_DuBois is now known as themacproguy
al2o3-crpragmaticenigma: I thought it had to be one port or ip :)05:19
al2o3-cranyway glad you sorted it :)05:20
antivirtelhello! can someone help me solving these bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/fingerprint-gui/+bug/1451123 https://bugs.launchpad.net/gnome-mount/+bug/1451130 ? I'd really appreciate it!05:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1451123 in libfprint "Fingerprint is being read just once during a fingerprint-gui session" [Undecided,Confirmed]05:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1451130 in gnome-mount "03:00.0 USB controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VL80x xHCI USB 3.0 Controller (rev 03) will cause freeze while booting, or during runtime on USB 3 device connecting" [Undecided,New]05:20
Gamer1990the ubuntu team is messed up... no offense05:20
pragmaticenigmaal2o3-cr, likely PEBKAC due to being so late in the evening05:20
=== themacproguy is now known as Zachary_DuBois
al2o3-crpragmaticenigma: ;P05:21
pragmaticenigmaal2o3-cr, at least it saves me from a full reinstall... still don't know why VeraCrypt is having issues... but that's a battle for another day05:21
pragmaticenigmaal2o3-cr, thanks for the assist05:21
=== Gamer1990 is now known as InsaneNutter
al2o3-crpragmaticenigma: np05:22
InsaneNuttercan someone here please help me?05:24
al2o3-crInsaneNutter: state your issue to the channel :)05:25
InsaneNutterthis one?05:25
al2o3-cryep, if it's ubuntu releated05:25
InsaneNutteri am having issues with Mesa DRI r30005:26
InsaneNuttermy gpu is an Radeon Xpress 200 RS480 IGP05:27
InsaneNutterthis is the error.05:27
InsaneNutterlibGL: Can't open configuration file /root/.drirc: No such file or directory.05:27
InsaneNutteri am insanenutter05:28
al2o3-crInsaneNutter: ls -l /dev/dri/card0 # whats the output?05:29
InsaneNutterhold on05:30
InsaneNutteral2o3-cr:  crw-rw----+ 1 root video 226, 0 May  2 04:58 /dev/dri/card005:31
=== norm is now known as Guest16165
al2o3-crInsaneNutter: are you in the video group?05:32
InsaneNutteri'm in the lxterminal as root05:33
al2o3-crtype: groups # to see what groups you are in05:34
InsaneNutteras root or normal user?05:34
al2o3-cras normal user05:34
InsaneNutterhold on...05:34
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
InsaneNutterben adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin sambashare05:35
al2o3-crInsaneNutter: add your self to the video group with: sudo adduser <user> video05:36
[n0mad]this groups talk just gave me an idea for an issue on my server! but it'll have to wait till tomorrow.05:36
InsaneNutterso " sudo adduser ben video "05:37
=== antivirtel is now known as antivAway
al2o3-crInsaneNutter: if that is your username, yes05:37
InsaneNutterokay, hold on05:37
InsaneNutteri did it, now what?05:39
al2o3-crthat should do it i hope :)05:40
=== antivAway is now known as antivirtel
InsaneNutterdo i reboot?05:40
[n0mad]how can i list all users and their associated groups?05:40
al2o3-crInsaneNutter: yes reboot05:40
InsaneNutteri'll be back...05:40
al2o3-cr[n0mad]: groups <user>05:41
[n0mad]is the only way to specify a user?05:41
al2o3-cr[n0mad]: cat /etc/passwd05:42
=== Gamer1990 is now known as InsaneNutter
InsaneNutteri'm still having issues05:45
InsaneNutterlibGL: Can't open configuration file /home/ben/.drirc: No such file or directory.05:45
mark68Hey Guys! im having problems with grub. i have installed windows 7 and ubuntu dual boot with grub. unfortunately the grub menu is painful slow and the booting takes a lot of time due grub.05:45
[n0mad]cool, thanks al2o3-cr ... i think that will help me figure out why i have to keep reassigning ownership05:45
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest89226
al2o3-crDid you install the driver as root?05:46
al2o3-cr^^ InsaneNutter05:46
al2o3-crInsaneNutter: how?05:46
InsaneNutterdo i have to install it as a normal user?05:46
al2o3-crInsaneNutter: how did you install though?05:46
InsaneNutteri'm using the opendriver because fglrx doesn't support my gpu05:48
InsaneNutteri installed it via the sudo su terminal05:48
Twelve-60pragmaticenigma: that was the problem, I get http://i.stack.imgur.com/WGJlN.jpg but the top option 'basic ubuntu server' is completely gone, does that mean its installed?05:49
al2o3-crInsaneNutter: pastebin: LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose glxinfo05:49
cfhowlettInsaneNutter, sudo su?  there's your problem right there.05:49
InsaneNutterhold on a few05:49
InsaneNutteras root?05:49
InsaneNutterhold on.05:50
al2o3-crwhy everything root man ;P05:50
pragmaticenigmaTwelve-60, if you don't select anything in that panel, you would end up with a minimal installation. It will only boot to a terminal (no gui) and as you have selected currently... you could remotely access that installation via SSH05:52
pragmaticenigmaI don't know what all gets installed with Basic Ubuntu Server05:52
MatsyBasic Ubuntu Server contains python-libraries for instance (and python itself)05:53
MatsyAnd also landscape-bindings05:53
cfhowlettMatsy, as does desktop05:53
MatsyWhy are we talking about Desktop here05:53
pragmaticenigmaTwelve-60, here is a guide on what gets installed with Basic Ubuntu Server http://askubuntu.com/questions/153265/what-does-the-basic-ubuntu-server-package-contain-in-software-selection-during05:53
pragmaticenigmaMatsy, Twelve-60 is looking for help doing a minimal install, since the option no longer appears as an option when booting from the isntallation media05:54
al2o3-crInsaneNutter: that looks fine when does this error occur?05:55
Matsypragmaticenigma: Thanks, I joined too late05:55
pragmaticenigmaMatsy, no problems :-)05:55
pragmaticenigmaI've got to jet here... good night everyone05:55
Twelve-60pragmaticenigma: so maybe that is gone now too?05:55
MatsyDoesn't Ubuntu release 'minimal CDs'?05:56
Twelve-60Matsy: but not offline versions :)05:56
cfhowlett!mini | Matsy,05:56
ubottuMatsy,: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD05:56
pragmaticenigmaTwelve-60, I remember something recently about Canonical offering "core" installations in ubcoming releases... but haven't researched it05:56
MatsyTwelve-60: Is this 1980 again?05:56
Twelve-60Matsy: no, this is a robotics conference with bad wifi05:57
pragmaticenigmaMatsy, more like trying to install only the packages he needs rather than removing them all later05:57
MatsyI'd just go with Ubuntu Server, then. Do you really need the gui?05:57
Twelve-60Matsy: I am using ubuntu server, it just previously had a 'minimal' option which is gone now05:58
pragmaticenigmaI don't think Twelve-60 was looking for the GUI... They're just looking to do a minimal installation but having the ability to do it offline05:58
kroq-gar78Or Ubuntu Alternate image (if that hasn't been mentioned before) and then install only what you need05:58
MatsyIf you don't select anything, it's as minimal as you can get05:58
Twelve-60pragmaticenigma: yes! :D05:58
Twelve-60Matsy: alright, they must have changed it then, there used be a specific options for it05:58
spenmennyou can remix Ubuntu05:58
kroq-gar78oh what, alternate images aren't available anymore. sorry05:59
InsaneNutterduring the dri config status05:59
Drone4fouri just followed the OMG ubuntu guide for installing Microsoft's Visual Studio Code.  it installed fine but i can't figure out how to run the damn thing.  what's the command? In my shell i've tried auto completing all variations of microsoft/visual/code without success05:59
kroq-gar78Drone4four can you link the guide?05:59
InsaneNutteri think it is the reason my 3d graphics are laggy05:59
pragmaticenigmaTwelve-60, I think this is what became of the old minimal installation ... http://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/05:59
pragmaticenigmaThey're now creating something called "Ubuntu Core"06:00
pragmaticenigmaokay... I'm outa here folks... night06:00
al2o3-crInsaneNutter: keep around in the channel mate as i'm out of ideas and don't use the driver ;P06:00
MatsyUpdate list for you, Twelve-60: http://termbin.com/3khx06:00
Drone4fourkroq-gar78, http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2015/05/how-to-install-microsoft-visual-studio-code-in-ubuntu06:01
al2o3-crInsaneNutter: state your issue again though06:01
MatsyWhoever linked termbin here, by the way, is my saviour06:01
Drone4fourkroq-gar78, comments on that article are disabled atm06:01
InsaneNutteri want to make my integrated graphics processor lag less06:01
InsaneNutterand the issue is " libGL: Can't open configuration file /home/ben/.drirc: No such file or directory. " meaning it cannot find the specified file for some reason...06:02
homei have a problem with ICEauthority06:02
pragmaticenigma!ask | home06:03
ubottuhome: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:03
kroq-gar78Drone4four, try commenting on the article that OMGUbuntu sources: http://blog.didrocks.fr/post/Ubuntu-Make-0.7-released-with-Visual-Studio-Code-support06:03
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/06:03
InsaneNutterwhy did fglrx drop support for my gpu?06:04
MatsyBecause fglrx is outdated?06:05
=== antivirtel is now known as antivAway
homehow to reply messages ?06:05
[n0mad]yes, i just needed to add a user to a group!06:05
homethank you06:06
al2o3-cr[n0mad]: \o/06:06
homehi darrenGao06:06
DarrenGaosudo adduser YOUR_USER_NAME some_group06:06
homewhat group06:06
Drone4fourkroq-gar78, can you think a way of locating the command in /sbin or /user using locate or grep?06:06
[n0mad]al2o3-cr: it was annoying because i kept having to change ownership for a directory on my wordpress site depending if i wanted to actually post media or install a plugin06:07
[n0mad]it's the little things06:07
al2o3-cr[n0mad]: it is and it can be06:07
[n0mad]thanks for the commands, they helped me figure it out. i've sort of seen all of it just trying to piece it together was my challenge06:07
al2o3-cr[n0mad]: no worries06:08
homethis is the first time i use web chat irc.please help me :))06:10
[n0mad]home, you just need to type your question06:10
[n0mad]if someone can help they will06:11
cfhowletthome, www.fullcirclemagazine.org/downloads.  get issue #0.  read.  get issue #1.  read.  repeat06:11
xfunexWhat do you want to know?06:12
homeok,thank you06:12
kroq-gar78Drone4four, I suppose you could try 'find /usr -name "*code*" -type f'06:13
=== root is now known as Guest32813
Guest32813where do you come from06:17
xfunexFerom redtube06:17
Guest32813oh ,hanoi,vietnam06:18
cfhowlettGuest32813, this is a support channel.  ask ubuntu questions.  chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic06:18
InsaneNutterdoes he look like a bitch?06:18
cfhowlettInsaneNutter, stop it.06:18
ubottuThe main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList06:18
drose379Hey guys, just ran some system updates and im having trouble booting from grub06:19
drose379It just freezes, unless I go to "Advanced" menu and choose 0-34 generic instead of 0-3606:20
drose379Can I edit a grub file so that it boots 0-34 by default06:20
Guest32813i have a problem with ICEauthority06:21
=== Guest52108 is now known as F9rtzg55
Guest32813i creat new user but not to login06:21
cfhowlett!vn | Guest32813,06:22
ubottuGuest32813,: Để được trợ giúp về Ubuntu bằng ngôn ngữ Việt, xin vui lòng /join #ubuntu-vn. Rất vui lòng được giúp đỡ06:22
InsaneNutterdoes anyone know how to make my gpu faster, i don't have any better cards, unless you consider an old S3 2MB trio64v+ a good option for 3d lol06:23
Drone4fourthanks kroq-gar78 for the suggestion.  i tried *code* and variations (like visual, microsoft, visual-studio) with the output being way too much information or having no output at all06:23
Drone4fouri'll figure this out tomorrow06:23
Drone4fourcheers for the advice, my friend06:23
kroq-gar78Drone4four, try changing '-type f' to '-type d'06:23
kroq-gar78That will look for directories insteaf of files, so the amount of output should be less06:24
InsaneNutteri might have to resort to eating 10 year old stroganoff with a side of bleach06:26
InsaneNutterjk lol06:26
Drone4fourthe output with '-type d' is a little less chaotic and easier to sift through, but i still can't find the command to start visual-studio-code06:26
al2o3-crDrone4four: is it not in the unity launcher?06:32
Twelve-60Matsy: how'd you get that list? http://termbin.com/3khx06:33
Twelve-60and what exactly does that represent, packages installed by default?06:34
al2o3-crTwelve-60: tasksel --task-packages server | sort06:35
Twelve-60so im not familiar with all those packages, are they pretty minimal?06:36
Twelve-60al2o3-cr: thanks06:36
al2o3-crTwelve-60: np06:36
al2o3-cryeah that pretty damn minimal06:37
MatsyTwelve-60: it really doesn't get more minimum than that06:41
=== ryan3 is now known as ruztek
ruztekhow are ya darren06:47
DarrenGaodo you have any problem with ubuntu06:47
ruztekno not at all im running mint at the moment which uses ubuntu06:47
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org06:48
MatsyHe might not be searching support for mint06:48
DarrenGaomint is based on ubuntu, right ?06:48
ruztekim not actually searching for support at all just checking out irc06:48
MatsyWelcome then, ruztek!06:49
MatsyDon't get scared away by people directing you to other channels without any reason06:49
DarrenGaoactually, i am using debian .06:49
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:49
cfhowlettDarrenGao, "based on ubuntu" yes.  supported here, no.06:49
ruztekno worries mate this is pretty cool im currently using weechat-curses06:50
ruztekfor irc06:50
l9kodi issue: kodi dosent read /home/user/.ssh/config on ubuntu anyone that have had the same issue ?06:55
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com06:59
Twelve-60Matsy: all good then, thanks07:00
Twelve-60Matsy: we're running these slow little robots, so I don't want things running that I don't need xD07:00
=== antivAway is now known as antivirtel
=== erwin is now known as PHPLearner
PHPLearnerthe guy who helped me07:07
PHPLearnerwith my Active Directory Server problem07:07
PHPLearnerthank you so much07:07
al2o3-crPHPLearner: np :)07:08
PHPLearneral2o3-cr: man only manage to help me out on that problem07:09
PHPLearnerearlier I got solutions like let it be07:09
PHPLearnerits not an issue at all07:09
PHPLearnerbut you deliver solution man07:09
PHPLearnermay I know how you manage to come up with that solution07:09
PHPLearnerI am a newbie to linux so I want to learn from you07:10
l9the /etc/ssh/ssh_config is that for all ssh and .ssh/config should be used for user specific options or?07:10
al2o3-crall it's doing is setting it to manual07:10
al2o3-crPHPLearner: that fail was nothing to worry about anyway ;P07:10
PHPLearneral2o3-cr: oh ok07:11
PHPLearnerI just do not like seeing it07:11
PHPLearnerit a bit creepy07:11
PHPLearnerI do not want my linux booting up with those fail messages hanging around07:11
l9PHPLearner there is alot more scary things in there than acouple of fail messages07:12
PHPLearneris it07:12
PHPLearnerlike what07:12
l9you will see it one day07:12
l9j/k with you and beeing a dick07:13
przemekHello how to modify this command to not show a CPU state?07:14
przemektop -u root -b -n 1 | awk 'NR>6 && NR<13 {printf "%6s %-4s %-4s %-s\n",$1,$2,$9,$NF}' > file.csv07:14
al2o3-crprzemek: top -u root -b -n 1 | awk 'NR>6 && NR<13 {printf "%6s %-4s %-s\n",$1,$2,$NF}' > file.csv07:16
przemekal2o3-cr:  Man you are my hero07:17
przemekdo you know how to add to this command status ? 'S' ?07:17
=== arun is now known as arunpyasi
przemekstatus of process of TOP07:17
al2o3-crone sec07:18
al2o3-crprzemek: top -u root -b -n 1 | awk 'NR>6 && NR<13 {printf "%6s %-4s %-4s %-s\n",$1,$2,$8,$NF}' > file.csv07:20
przemekal2o3-cr:  Thank You07:21
przemekand one more time Thank you.07:21
=== norm is now known as Guest70595
przemekal2o3-cr:  I'm sorry but I have one more question to You. How in this command provide all existing processes?07:25
przemekof user07:25
al2o3-crprzemek: how do you mean?07:26
przemekal2o3-cr:  currently I see only  5 proccesses07:27
przemekI would like to see all proccesses of user07:27
al2o3-crprzemek: change NR<13 something bigger07:28
przemekI will do07:28
przemekThank you07:28
PHPLearnerwhat is the best distro in linux07:30
PHPLearnerthat is free07:30
PHPLearnerso red hat is no longer included07:30
cfhowlettPHPLearner, let me think (checks channel),um, UBUNTU07:30
[twisti]it seems like since yesterday, everything on our LTS 12.04 server that is password related has become wonky07:40
[twisti]was there any problematic update or something like that ?07:41
cfhowlett[twisti], #ubuntu-server might know more07:41
InsaneNutterhappy fun umbrella juice and anus bars07:43
DP314not used IRC before... please can i ask for some help?07:51
cfhowlett!ask | DP31407:51
ubottuDP314: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:51
Fjorgynndpkg-reconfigure world07:52
[twisti]oh, this explains why everything is wonky:07:52
[twisti]871G    /var/log/jenkins07:52
[twisti]bad jenkins! bad!07:52
DP314i've unpacked a tar.gz file... can't ./configure anything07:53
DP314there is no help or readme file07:53
basil2xtry autoconf07:53
l9make configure?07:53
antivirtelDo someone has any idea about these bugs of mine: #145113007:55
antivirtelDo someone has any idea about these bugs of mine: https://bugs.launchpad.net/gnome-mount/+bug/1451130 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/fingerprint-gui/+bug/1451123 ?07:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1451130 in gnome-mount "03:00.0 USB controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VL80x xHCI USB 3.0 Controller (rev 03) will cause freeze while booting, or during runtime on USB 3 device connecting" [Undecided,New]07:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1451123 in libfprint "Fingerprint is being read just once during a fingerprint-gui session" [Undecided,Confirmed]07:55
DP314how do i put outputs from terminal in pastebin?07:55
cfhowlettDP314, command | pastebinit07:56
antivirtelDP314, select, right click, copy?07:56
Fjorgynnor >07:56
Fjorgynncat /dev/zero > temp.txt07:56
Fjorgynnprobably not a good idea to cat /dev/zero to a temp.txt file tough07:56
MatsyDP314: pipe it to nc termbin.com 999907:57
l9why should you do that07:57
MatsyDP314: so, for instance: ping | nc termbin.com 999907:57
MatsyYou will get a termbin link07:57
DP314ok... can anyone see it now?07:57
MatsyYou didnt link anything yet?07:57
MatsyDP314: Can you do an ls -al?07:58
al2o3-crFjorgynn: just tested cat /dev/zero > test.txt for 10 secs 4.3GB hehe07:58
Matsyal2o3-cr: That's a pretty fast disk you got there, SSD?07:59
al2o3-crMatsy: yep07:59
Fjorgynnal2o3-cr: yeah07:59
al2o3-cr4.3G -rw-r--r--  1 root root 4.3G May  3 08:57 test.txt08:00
MatsyNo need to configure anything DP314, I think. Can you try java -jar rm5.jar08:00
DP314Matsy - from that directory?08:01
al2o3-cryeah it's a jar file08:01
basil2xIf that works, you can make an icon to do that automagically. ;)08:01
MatsyI'm surprised a Sattelite L300 survives this long, though08:02
MatsyDP314: Can you share the .tar.gz file?08:03
DP314via paste bin?08:03
MatsyDP314: Any file upload service, like Google Drive08:03
DP314hey I love my Toshiba... she rocks!08:03
basil2xhttp://tech.cochrane.org/revman/download  <--- RevMan508:06
basil2xI tried it... the .jar appears to indeed be corrupt.08:06
al2o3-crrevman5 seems to windows/macosx only08:07
MatsyI just opened it:08:07
MatsyJust open it like ./Rev Man 5308:07
DP314does that mean I'm never going to be able to run it?08:07
MatsyNah, DP314, it'll be alright08:07
* al2o3-cr put ya glasses on08:08
MatsyRun this: ./Review\ Manager\ 5.308:08
MatsyIt's using a proprietary JAR-format, that can only be initialised by the custom JVM08:09
MazhdeeHello everyone08:09
basil2xUh-oh... my JVM appears to be too high.08:09
Mazhdeecan you posts screenshots on this channel ? via imgur for ex08:09
MatsyAdd a space, DP31408:09
MatsySo, backslash space08:09
MatsyAnd not space backslash08:10
al2o3-crDP314: ./Review\ Manager\ 5.308:10
MatsyLike that08:11
Fjorgynnwhat is revman?08:11
MatsyFjorgynn: I have no idea. I opened it, and it allows me to write reviews08:11
Fjorgynnyou must have that to write reviews?08:11
Matsyinb4 Macbook Pro comments08:11
Matsyin a ubuntu channel08:11
MatsyFjorgynn: Apparently :p08:12
MatsyFjorgynn: The context is unclear, but the application works like this08:12
DP314systematic reviews (medical stuff)08:12
Fjorgynnneed a new pc08:12
basil2xIt seems to want old Java... My 1.8 is too high.08:13
Matsybasil2x: I have 1.8 as well08:13
Fjorgynnuse a mac osx virtualbox or something or downgrade (not recommended) java08:13
antivirtel!bug 145113008:13
ubottubug 1451130 in gnome-mount "PCI-e controller: VIA, VL80x xHCI USB 3.0 Controller (rev 03) will cause freeze while booting, or during runtime on any device connecting" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145113008:13
MatsyOh, but OSX seems to use 1.6 internally when the application requires it08:13
MatsyThat's nifty08:13
Matsyantivirtel: I really can't help you there. There are so many possible causes08:14
basil2xThis is a Fedora Machine.  My Ubuntu Laptop is downstairs.08:14
DP314wow! seems to work... how to I pin an icon to the sidebar for this program?08:14
MazhdeeOkay since everyone's lazy to answer me I'll just post it here :) http://i.imgur.com/OfTrhxL.png & http://imgur.com/vWO7QIF08:14
basil2xIs there an icon there now?08:15
MazhdeeI'm trying to add an ufw rule with ufw KDE gui08:15
MatsyDP314: Install the application 'alacarte'08:15
MatsyAnd use it to add it to the sidebar08:15
Mazhdeeand that's what I get08:15
antivirtelMatsy, at least something I can start debugging with? A program, library disable, reconfigure?08:15
MazhdeeI want to allow all trafic for interface tun0 but it doesn't allow me to do that apparently08:15
DP314is that a separate application?08:15
MatsyDP314: Yeah08:16
MatsyWait, I'll write up a desktop entry for you08:16
MatsyYou can just copy that to your /usr/share/applications folder08:16
InsaneNuttergoddamn cat!08:17
MazhdeeMy soul is very hurt by your indifference :( goodbye08:17
DP314matsy... thanks very much for all the assistance. i love ubuntu but am a total noob08:18
basil2xnoobility will fade with experience.08:18
MatsyDP314: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10975928/08:20
=== anthony is now known as Guest13258
MatsySave that to a file called 'revman.desktop'08:21
DP314matsy... do i paste that into terminal or is that for alacarte?08:21
MatsyOh, no need for alacarte with this way08:21
MatsyAlacarte is just a GUI for this process08:21
MatsyMake sure to chmod a+x revman.desktop as well08:22
DP314so... the stuff in pastebin, what do i do with that?08:22
MatsyDP314: Copy it to a file called revman.desktop, and put that file on your desktop08:22
DP314right... chmod? no idea. please can you guide me step by step08:24
MatsyDP314, execute this: wget -O ~/Desktop/revman.desktop https://gist.githubusercontent.com/anonymous/2119e62322a33045d7e4/raw/aa31ff1923dbd7e5633774b22c59ca8abb1af12d/gistfile1.txt && chmod a+x ~/Desktop/revman.desktop08:26
MatsyJust copy and paste that, and you're good to go08:26
basil2xHe should learn chmod.  It can fix all sortsa hassles.08:27
Matsybasil2x: Most applications he will download will automatically be chmodded correctly08:28
Matsybasil2x: chmod can be quite weird, especially when involving the numeric modes08:29
DP3141000 thanks08:29
=== Havenoimaginatio is now known as Haven
MatsyDP314: Does it work?08:29
=== Haven is now known as HNIakahaven
MatsyYou should be able to double click it. I don't know if I picked the right icon though08:30
MatsyMight be really distorted08:30
basil2xchmod -R 775 /run/media/basil08:30
DP314yes... all good. I won't actually know if it works till later (its for a course I'm studying)08:30
MatsyI'm no fan of the octal modes :p08:30
s_spiffanyone here who has experience with ati/amd graphic cards?08:30
DP314but the program opens and looks functional08:30
=== HNIakahaven is now known as Haven_
=== Haven_ is now known as HNIakahaven
MatsyDP314: Great!08:30
basil2xThe numbery ones are all I know.08:31
Zerkalerkahey is there a way in terminal to reset my sound card.. sometimes when I am playing CSGO and I will throw a grenade and all of a sudden my sound is stuck on a loop and I can't hear anything else.. lol08:31
Zerkalerkafeel like I just need to alt-tab and type something in terminal to fix it.. but I have to quit the game and get back in, in order to fix the sound in the game08:31
Matsybasil2x: Equivalent: chmod ug=rwx, a=rx /run/media/basil08:32
MatsyEasier to explain to people08:32
basil2xthat looks uglee08:32
Matsy'user and group have read write execute, all people have read and execute'08:32
basil2xYou forgot the recursion switch. ;P08:33
InsaneNuttercan anyone here help me with this error? libGL: Can't open configuration file /home/ben/.drirc: No such file or directory.08:33
Matsybasil2x: Rookie mistake :p08:33
InsaneNutterwhat is .drirc ?08:34
MatsyDRI is the Direct Rendering Infrastructure08:34
MatsyThe drirc file is a configuration file for that08:34
MatsyTwo locations: /etc/drirc (global file) and ~/.drirc (override file)08:35
InsaneNutteris it normal for it to be missing?08:35
MatsyInsaneNutter: I'm a shell kinda guy, I really don't know08:35
MatsyThis is all I know about DRI08:35
InsaneNutterit is missing in all of the folders for root and me08:35
MatsyI didn't know people still used Mesa though08:36
=== bitnumus is now known as renovo
InsaneNutterwell, I do.08:36
MatsyInsaneNutter: Maybe this can help you: http://dri.freedesktop.org/wiki/ConfigurationInfrastructure/08:37
=== renovo is now known as ren0v0
InsaneNutterMatsy: do you know how to configure Mesa DRI ?08:41
MatsyInsaneNutter: Nope. I only use Ubuntu with a shell, not with a GUI08:41
MatsyI hate the shitty anti-aliasing in Ubuntu too much for that08:41
Matsy(The fonts)08:41
=== ren0v0 is now known as bitnumus
MatsyIt's the only thing keeping me from Ubuntu, the fonts08:45
flogDo i need to add another repo to apt-get to be able to install older precompiled kernels?08:45
Matsyflog: How old are we talking about08:46
MatsyUse the kernel mainline for that08:47
flogMaybe some backstory here. I've got a logitech G920 webcamera with hardware accelerated h.264 but when i stream the device with v4l2 the stream stutters. I read/heard somewhere that it was due to compatibily issues with the v4l2 and the kernel when using h.264.08:47
Matsyflog: https://wiki.matthiasbock.net/index.php/Logitech_C920,_streaming_H.26408:48
tete_hi, i am having a problem with my 144hz lcd. when i switch to 144hz its flickering when i am doing something, when i use 120hz its working as expected. on windows its working with 144hz too without any problems08:48
tete_can someone tell me what could be the problem and how to fix that?08:49
Dro__this command remove duplicate lines from a text file: sort input.txt | uniq > output.txt , i want to make it remove duplicate 3 column .. how can i do that please ?08:49
MatsyEspecially the CedarX recommendation seems like that'd solve it08:49
tete_graphic card is a radeon r9 280x08:49
flogMatsy: Thats the guide i've been using.08:49
MatsyDro__: 'Duplicatie 3 column'?08:49
MatsyDro__: Pastebin input.txt please08:50
Dro__Matsy, yes my lines are a:b:c:d:.....08:50
Dro__Matsy, its a channels list ,  all line are a:b:c:d:e:f:g08:50
MatsyI still don't know what a duplicate 3 column is?08:51
Dro__let say i have a:b:c:d:e and a:b:c:e:g: and a:b:c:r:t , i want to just keep one line of them08:51
MatsySo, when 3 columns overlap, ignore the rest?08:52
Dro__Matsy, just keep 1 lines of unique 3 column08:52
MatsyThere's probably some awk way of doing this, but I don't know08:52
MatsyNo hero in text parsing08:53
Dro__haha ok thanks anyway :P08:53
MatsyDro__: This is why I got proficient in python08:53
octopikettyhello, I am having troubles with OpenGL over SSH. can anyone help?08:54
Dro__Matsy, i know that its possible to order lines by columns using sort.. but i can't do that with uniq :/08:54
Matsyoctopiketty: What's the issue?08:55
tete_there is a problem in the free radeon driver when using 144hz. i switched now to the proprietary one and it works08:55
Matsytete_: Yeah, always use proprietary drivers08:55
Matsytete_: Don't know why people would want to use free drivers08:55
octopikettyMatsy: I get these errors when I try to run a program that uses OpenGL to render 3D objects: http://pastebin.com/wKWVDwYf08:56
tete_because they are free and could be improved?08:56
octopikettyMatsy: XForwarding itself seems to work fine, I manage to open non-OpenGL programs.08:56
Matsytete_: And almost always perform significantly worse than the proprietary ones08:56
tete_i prefer free/gpl stuff, and thats really sad that the free driver doesnt work08:56
octopikettyMatsy: OpenGL works on both client and host separately.08:56
octopikettyMatsy:  I am using the nvidia-346 drivers on the client. errors first arose when I updated client from 14.04 to 15.04.08:57
Matsyoctopiketty: Can't help you there then, sorry08:58
MatsyDriver issues require contextual knowledge08:58
octopikettywhich I shall be happy to provide.08:58
Matsyoctopiketty: On my side :p08:58
octopikettyGF119M [NVS 4200] is my graphics card. it's a Dell Latitude 6520E08:58
octopikettyoh, ok.08:58
Matsyoctopiketty: I'm unfamiliar with nvidia drivers.08:58
Matsyoctopiketty: Because well, the fonts in Linux.08:59
octopikettyI think this is a problem with some OpenGL links being wrong, but I don't understand how this works.08:59
MatsyIt's sunday man09:01
MatsyChill out09:01
InsaneNutterDoes RS480 Mean Anything to You?09:02
flogMatsy: well first 3.8 i tried kernel paniced on boot :p09:02
tete_InsaneNutter, take a look at this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6vLAa-kylM09:02
InsaneNutterand that is?09:02
MatsyInsaneNutter: It's ATI; should avoid that anyway09:02
tete_it will be your emotional rescue ;)09:02
MatsyInsaneNutter: I'm a mac user for non-server environments09:02
flogInsaneNutter: no but RS485 do.09:03
InsaneNutterwhat other Linux Distros Can I Use That Work With ATI Hardware?09:03
tete_i had problems with ati drivers at my laptop too09:03
tete_i used an old ubuntu version then, guess it was 9.04 or such09:03
InsaneNutteri do'nt want Windows09:04
MatsyThen, I'd suggest spending 30$ to get an nvidia card09:04
tete_can be a real PITA such problems...09:04
InsaneNuttermy system is an old HP Pavilion A1250n09:04
MatsyLol, ReactOS09:04
flogMatsy: its not windows :)09:04
InsaneNutterwill it work?09:04
basil2xHaikuOS might.09:04
MatsyAre you kidding me, an A1250n09:05
flogbasil2x: Plan9!09:05
MatsyDoes it even have internet?09:05
InsaneNuttersounds like a challenge09:05
InsaneNutterthat's how i'm talking to you...09:05
MatsyDoes it have a turbo button?09:05
InsaneNutterit has integrated ethernet.09:05
basil2xOh, dear.09:05
MatsyBooting on floppy disks can be tiring yeah09:05
InsaneNutterMatsy: stop Trolling !09:06
basil2xI think it's time for breakfast.09:06
InsaneNutterit is 6 am here09:06
flogMatsy: would i be better of compiling the kernel than using a precompiled?09:06
Matsyflog: Probably, yeah09:06
MatsyInsaneNutter: Were you waiting for your machine to boot, before sleeping?09:06
MatsyCould explain the 6am on that machine09:06
InsaneNutterLOL, i could run Android-x8609:06
InsaneNutteror ubuntu snappy09:06
MatsyIf you start at 11PM, it will probably be booted at 6am09:07
InsaneNutteris snappy built for legacy systems?09:07
basil2xPuppy is for legacy and cheap systems09:07
MatsySnappy is built for modular systems09:07
InsaneNutterit doesn't sound legacy-freindly09:07
MatsyIt isn't.09:07
MatsyMaybe you could try Ubuntu 3.0409:07
MatsyProbably the latest release supporting your machine09:07
basil2xClaims to run in only 256MB ram, puppy.09:07
InsaneNutterdoes puppy linux have x64 support?09:08
InsaneNutteri have 3 GB DDR40009:08
basil2xI think so09:08
MatsyDon't use Ubuntu Snappy09:08
Matsyit's not right for your use case09:08
InsaneNutterokay, i won't.09:08
basil2xShould get on like a house afire with Puppy, then09:08
basil2xYou can even try it before you install it!09:08
InsaneNutterit still has ATI IGP GPU09:09
InsaneNutterit is the gpu that is bogging it down...09:09
InsaneNutteri'll have to try it...09:09
MatsyIt's probably not only the GPU09:09
MatsyDidn't know DDR400 survived the second world war though09:10
MatsyI guess you really learn something new every day09:10
basil2xOI!  I still have a 128MB Compaq somewhere.09:11
basil2xI think it's propping up a bookshelf inna garage.09:11
MatsyInsaneNutter: Did you defragment your computer recently?09:11
azizLIGHThow do i make a custom sound play for 'beep' ? i already tried alias beep="paplay file.ogg" but this is only useful when a program actually runs beep, and thats never. i need something that replaces echo -e '\a' ... any ideas?09:12
bekksazizLIGHT: You cant replace that, since there is no command to do so.09:12
azizLIGHTbekks: ok, what can i do then09:12
bekksazizLIGHT: Nothing.09:13
azizLIGHTim trying to make terminal bell noises actually make noises09:13
basil2xGet used to the beep09:13
azizLIGHTi dont hear any beep09:13
azizLIGHTtheres nothing09:13
bekksazizLIGHT: You cannot change that.09:13
basil2xNor do I09:13
azizLIGHTso echo -e '\a' is supposed to do nothing?09:13
MatsyazizLIGHT: You can change it. Do you use pulseaudio by any chance?09:13
al2o3-crazizLIGHT: echo -e "\a" will make a sound in xterm09:14
azizLIGHTyes i do use pulseaudio Matsy09:14
bekksMatsy: Since when does pulseaudio recognize a shell beep?09:14
Matsysince 200709:14
azizLIGHTal2o3-cr: it doesnt do anything for me in terminal (default terminal app) in 14.0409:14
azizLIGHTi hear nothing and i miss everything09:14
MatsyazizLIGHT: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=607393#c1509:14
bekksMatsy: So tell us how to use pulseaudio with a shell beep.09:14
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 607393 in pulseaudio "XBell doesn't work at all" [Medium,New]09:14
Matsybekks: Just did09:15
MatsyReplace Tear.wav with whatever heavy metal song you want playing09:15
azizLIGHTok ill try this09:15
azizLIGHTthanks Matsy09:15
MatsyMake sure it is a wav-file though09:15
MatsyDon't expect it to play your lossless flac files09:16
flogMatsy: this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8U_R6tJfr-M09:16
bekksMatsy: No, you didnt. you shouwed us how to make xterm bells being generated by pulse audio. Take a console (ctrl alt f1) and try to do the same, it wont work.09:16
basil2xis that still a legal file extension?09:16
MatsyCTRL+ALT+F1 is not a regular shell09:16
bekksMatsy: How does the shell running in that pty differ from the shell running in xterm?09:16
bekksMatsy: There is no difference.09:16
bagginsDKHello! I would like to ask if there is any detailed tutorial on how to properly partitioned 2 hard disk on Ubuntu server installation.09:17
bekksMatsy: xterm is a pulseaudio client, while the pty on console 1 isnt. thats the difference.09:17
basil2xProperly is a matter of preference.09:17
Matsybekks: No need to get all worked up man09:17
jpdsbagginsDK: That depends entire on how you want it partitioned09:17
jpdsbagginsDK: Also, #ubuntu-server.09:18
MatsyI'd just go with the LVM-suggestion in the Ubuntu Server installer09:19
MatsyThat works for 99% of the use cases09:19
azizLIGHTMatsy: what about this: http://superuser.com/a/4486509:20
bagginsDKjpds, Matsy, i have a hard disk with same data and i don't want to format it and lose them. This drive already has a ubuntu installation and i think i mess up the boot configurations09:21
bekksazizLIGHT: that implements a shell "Bell()" function which does not replace the shell builtin beep played by the pc speaker.09:21
azizLIGHTi dont know what that means in regards to terminal beeping orn ot09:22
azizLIGHTterminal app09:22
bekksazizLIGHT: It wont help.09:22
bagginsDKAlso, can someone descrive briefly what is the concept of LVM? Thank you!09:25
Matsybekks: No, it doesn't implement a shell Bell() function09:25
Matsybekks: Did you even look at the xkbevd part?09:25
bekksbagginsDK: The concept is the abstraction of disks and partitions from the usage as storage space.09:25
MatsyazizLIGHT: It might work, try it. Never used it myself.09:26
bekksMatsy: I did. "x" implies that it is using an X-based application being used as pulseaudio client. Which technicall isnt possible for a shell running in a non-X-based terminal emulator.09:26
bagginsDKbekks, thank you09:26
azizLIGHThow do i restart pulseadui09:27
azizLIGHTpulse audio09:27
FjorgynnI am hungry09:30
Fjorgynnis the encryption option in the xubuntu installer good?09:30
azizLIGHTMatsy: this worked for me https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/537703/comments/2409:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 537703 in compiz (Ubuntu) "Compiz intercepts alert sound from gnome-terminal" [Medium,Confirmed]09:31
azizLIGHTi got sound now finally09:31
MatsyazizLIGHT: nice!09:31
azizLIGHTAH THE HIGHLGUHTS they worK!!09:31
azizLIGHTthe sound !09:31
xchatterSince yesterday I am no longer able to enter Japanese input oon Kubuntu 15.04. It was working for many years. Does anybody know if yesterday something was changed? If I add the Japanese language in the locale settings the entire KDE GUI switched into Japanese after the next login, but I don't want that. I only want to be able to enter Japanese characters. Any idea?09:32
MatsyazizLIGHT: I'm glad! bekks, are you seeing this?09:32
* Matsy hides09:32
azizLIGHTok now imma change the cute bubble noise09:32
azizLIGHTto something else... like what you sugested the metal09:32
ruslan_osmanovHi, I've tried to install ubuntu 14.02 on a netbook hard drive partition (/dev/sda5) which is placed after Windows partition. Installation succeeded except the bootloader. GRUB failed to install on /dev/sda. Now Windows loader ignores Ubuntu, of course. How do I fix the bootloader?09:40
octopikettystill having problems with OpenGL 3D rendering over SSH. this is the output of glxinfo with debugging: http://pastebin.com/MEAAJHKP09:40
octopikettymy ubuntu version is 15.04 for both client and host.09:40
martynaHi, yesterday I have installed Xubuntu instead of Unity - how do I check that using command prompt?09:40
martynaI've tried    cat /etc/os-release    lsb_release -a   cat /etc/issue09:40
martynaand none of these shows that it is Xubuntu09:41
cfhowlettmartyna, normal.  it should state "ubuntu"09:41
brainwashoctopiketty: I suggest that you ask in ##OpenGL or #dri-devel09:44
al2o3-crmartyna: echo $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP09:44
octopikettybrainwash: it's an Ubuntu problem.09:45
cfhowlettmartyna, 1.  Unity IS NOT the OS, it's the desktop environment.09:45
octopikettyI suppose I could try.09:46
Fjorgynnlol unity09:47
martynaI know09:47
martynacfhowlett, and how do I check whether Unity is there somewhere still?09:48
martynabacuse I'm not sure whether I have replaced it09:48
martynaor just installed xubuntu alongside09:48
cfhowlettmartyna, logout.  click on selection icon.  select ubuntu/unity session.  login09:49
brainwashoctopiketty: well, it's a very specific one. chances are low that someone (currently reading this) knows an anwser09:49
martynano I cannot do that09:49
martynathere is no Unity section any more09:49
martynait goes to Xfce immediately09:49
cfhowlettmartyna, then you installed xubuntu.09:49
octopikettybrainwash: problems with OpenGL is specific?09:50
martynaok thank you09:50
cfhowlettmartyna, if you want, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop09:50
brainwashoctopiketty: opengl over ssh is I guess09:50
octopikettyit isn't.09:51
martynano I don't but thanks09:51
bipcfhowlett: is a good idea installa ubuntu on xfce ?09:51
cfhowlettbip, people do.   I suspect they have commitment issues, but that's just my opinion.09:51
brainwashoctopiketty: ##OpenGL seems to be a better place to ask then09:51
bipI think on a system only one DE ;-) xfce or ubuntu or KDE or ... ;-) install more DE isn't a good idea09:52
derrzzaahey guys, after a failed update and a reboot I get a missing disk error and it falls back to the builtin shell. what's the first thing I should try to troubleshoot?09:55
newkehi. i want to write an alias. i need arguments passed after alias name. whats the variable name of it?09:55
madebymarkcau want bash script09:55
xchatterSince yesterday I am no longer able to enter Japanese input oon Kubuntu 15.04. It was working for many years. Does anybody know if yesterday something was changed? If I add the Japanese language in the locale settings the entire KDE GUI switched into Japanese after the next login, but I don't want that. I only want to be able to enter Japanese characters. Any idea?09:55
brainwashxchatter: did you already ask in #kubuntu?09:57
brainwashwhich is the official kubuntu support channel09:57
bekksMatsy: I did see it, yes. And it underlines the point that the sound he is hearing now is generated by pulseudio using _gnome_-terminal as a client. He still will have no sound in a PTY.09:58
xchatterbrainwash: no, good point, thank you09:58
MagePsychohas anyone used powerline shell?10:02
octopikettyI am trying use OpenGL via SSH and since upgrading from 14.04 to 15.04 I am having problems.10:03
bekksHow do you try to use it?10:04
octopikettyby opening a program that uses OpenGL for rendering.10:04
bekksoctopiketty: How...? :)10:04
octopikettythis is the output of glxinfo with debugging: http://pastebin.com/MEAAJHKP10:04
octopikettybekks: it doesn't matter.10:05
octopikettyI reproduce the error when running anything that uses OpenGL including the output in that pastebin.10:05
bekksoctopiketty: If you dont want to provide information, I am unable to help you. Good luck.10:05
bekksoctopiketty: And your local X server isnt DRI2 capable, as the error messages states in its first line.10:06
octopikettyhow do I make it DRI2 capable?10:06
octopikettyit was previously to my update, I am using relatively updated drivers. I have looked at symbolic links to my GLX libraries and everything appears, to me, to be in order.10:06
octopikettyI am currently using the nvidia-349 driver, but I have tried nvidia-340 and nvidia-346 as well with no luck.10:07
iFach404I was try to use dual boot and its failed -_- and all of my data in my harddisk was deleted10:08
octopikettymy hardware is GF119M [NVS 4200M] on a Dell Latitude E6520.10:08
octopikettybekks: so, do you know what might be the problem?10:11
MagePsychooctopiketty, iFach404, bekks: have guys used dotfiles? http://www.dotfiles.org/10:14
bekksMagePsycho: No, why would I?10:14
MagePsychooctopiketty, iFach404, bekks: this will answer your Question http://code.tutsplus.com/tutorials/setting-up-a-mac-dev-machine-from-zero-to-hero-with-dotfiles--net-3544910:15
bekksoctopiketty: Did you blacklist nouveau?10:16
bekksMagePsycho: Why would I look at a totally unrelated link?10:16
octopikettybekks: no.10:16
MagePsychobekks, no worries10:18
octopikettybekks: not sure what blacklisting nouveau does.10:18
MagePsychooctopiketty, iFach404, bekks: and what about custom shell prompt using https://powerline.readthedocs.org/en/latest/index.html10:19
lotuspsychje!ot | MagePsycho10:20
ubottuMagePsycho: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:20
MagePsycholotuspsychje, thanks will use that channel10:21
bekksoctopiketty: It prevents nouveau from being used.10:21
bekksoctopiketty: Even if you installed nvidia 349, you may still be using nouveau.10:22
octopikettybekks: I don't think I am.10:23
octopikettywhen I tried to swap to nouveau I got very low resolutions. I don't have that now.10:23
octopikettybut I tried to blacklist nouveau.10:24
octopikettyI'll try a reboot for good measure.10:25
=== antivAway is now known as antivirtel
azizLIGHTbekks: btw the bell is working10:31
azizLIGHTi dunno why you were so adamant it wouldnt work?10:31
octopikettyblacklisting nouveau didn't do anything.10:32
bekksazizLIGHT: So logout, change to a PTY by pressing ctrl alt f1, login, and see if it works there, too. It will not.10:33
azizLIGHTbekks: i dont really need it there10:33
azizLIGHTbekks: i never use that anyway10:33
azizLIGHTi assumed when you said it wouldnt work, that it would work absolutely nowhere10:34
azizLIGHTthat ws a bit misleading but maybe i didnt explain enough10:34
bekksazizLIGHT: No, I explained it multiple times, that the solution proposed depends on the used terminal emulator, not on the shell.10:34
azizLIGHTi guess. i dont know these words10:35
octopikettybekks: any other ideas?10:35
bekksoctopiketty: maybe this one helps: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-2161981.html10:37
ablest1980ubuntu software center has steam10:38
octopikettyI've seen that before, but I don't know. I know the issue is likely broken symbolic links.10:38
octopikettyI just don't know how to fix it without breaking something else.10:39
octopikettyBRB, reboot.10:39
octopikettyI don't see anything obviously wrong in the .conf files in /etc/ld.so.conf10:44
octopikettyother than /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/mesa-egl being the sole line in x86_64-linux-gnu_EGL.conf.10:45
octopikettyis that supposed to be something NVIDIA-related instead of mesa?10:45
nyanloutrei have some problems with dm-cache10:47
nyanloutrei have installed ubuntu with the lvm option but when i want to set up a cache on ubuntu-vg/root the system dont boot10:47
bekksnyanloutre: How do you setup the cache?10:48
nyanloutrei have followed the lvmcache man10:48
nyanloutreit works but i can't reboot. he say the device doesn't exist10:49
bekksnyanloutre: How do you setup the cache, in particluar?10:49
nyanloutrei have the LV root wich is cached on a ssd10:50
bekksnyanloutre: Which commands are you using to setup the cache?10:51
nyanloutrelvcreate and lvconvert10:51
bekksnyanloutre: Can you finally state the EXACT commands you are using? I ased you four times now.10:52
nyanloutreOK sorry :-P wait a minute10:53
octopikettystill having problems with OpenGL 3D rendering over SSH. this is the output of glxinfo with debugging: http://pastebin.com/MEAAJHKP10:53
nyanloutre_lvcreate -n cache0 -L 110G vg /dev/sdb110:53
nyanloutre_lvcreate -n cache0meta -L 200M vg /dev/sdb110:54
nyanloutre_lvconvert --cachepool vg/cache0 --poolmetadata vg/cache0meta10:54
nyanloutre_lvconvert --type cache --cachepool vg/cache0 vg/root10:54
nyanloutre_it's all10:54
nyanloutre_just replace vg by ubuntu-vg it's a mistake10:54
bekksnyanloutre: Which kernel are you on?10:55
nyanloutre_the latest in ubuntu 15.0410:56
GeorgeJHello folks. I'm currently running 14.10 and am trying to install 15.04, however, when I boot from the USB stick, ubuntu seems to be looping on the login screen(I can hear the login sound playing repeatedly). What can I do to fix this?10:56
jjeronimocould someone help me with nvidia driver problems (black screen on boot) on kubuntu 15.04, never had problems before but since my upgrade I keep getting a black screen after rebooting twice (1st time boot the driver works), tried prurge nvidia* and reinstall using the driver manager10:56
bekksnyanloutre: Name the version.10:56
exaltHello, i created an lvm of two disks, now i want to remove the disk i added, how would i do such a thing?10:57
bekksexalt: did you create a LVM mirror?10:58
nyanloutre_it's 3.19.0-15-generic10:58
jjeronimoGeorgeJ: https://www.google.nl/search?q=ubuntu+15.04+loop10:58
nyanloutre_GeorgeJ: i had the same it's because of the nvidia driver, uninstall them, install nouveau driver, switch back to nvidia when booted succesfully10:59
GeorgeJjjeronimo: I've already read that. I've tried both ubuntu and xubutu and I have the same problem with both.10:59
GeorgeJnyanloutre_: I'm on a live image, how might I do that? ctrl+shift+f1 didn't appear to work.11:00
jjeronimoGeorgeJ: Ah ok, strange, sorry no experiance with this kind of issue11:01
nyanloutre_boot in recovery mode and go to recovery console11:01
bekks!nomodeset | GeorgeJ11:01
ubottuGeorgeJ: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter11:01
GeorgeJbekks: I was thinking of giving that a try, I'll see how it goes.11:01
exaltbekks: what is an LVM mirror? i did the following: http://askubuntu.com/questions/458476/adding-disks-with-lvm11:02
nyanloutre_for my problem i figured out that I need the packet thin-provisioning-tools to access the cached device in a live cd which doesn't install automaticaly but it didn't help to boot11:02
bekksexalt: A mirror is construct that contains the same data on both disks. Apparently you did not do that, so you cant remove the second disk without losing your volume group.11:03
iFach404can i chat to other user via Terminal?11:03
nyanloutre_if i remove the cache the system boot11:03
tete_i have a raid 1 which is encrypted by truecrypt. on fedora and windows i can open the encryption, but on ubuntu it is somehow not working: device-mapper: table: 252:2: crypt: Device lookup failed11:04
nyanloutre_is it a mmodule which is missing ?11:04
tete_iFach404, yes, there is a command line tool ... resp. many11:04
bekksnyanloutre: Yeah, it looks like the initrd is missing the module.11:04
nyanloutre_how can I fix that ?11:04
iFach404can you tell me about the command?11:04
iFach404tete_ , can you tell me about the command?11:05
exaltbekks: does that mean losing all my data ?11:05
bekksexalt: Without a backup, yes, you will lose your data.11:05
exaltbekks: :(11:05
tete_iFach404, e.g. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk_%28software%2911:05
bekksexalt: So create a backup.11:06
iFach404tete_ , do you mean i can chat with other user with the internet connection?11:06
jjeronimois there any way to see the previous boot logging?11:07
tete_no, talk is for logged in users only11:07
tete_what do you exactly need?11:07
exaltbekks: is there a way in which i can backup while keeping all my configuration i have already done, and if so which would you advice ?11:07
bekks!backup | exalt11:07
ubottuexalt: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning11:07
ubuntu005i have just one question about video driver geforce 8400 gs , i have read in the forum that some people get black screen when installing driver, my question is can i run ubuntu14 without proprietary video driver ?11:07
bekksubuntu005: "Yes."11:07
jjeronimoubuntu005: it's just slower11:07
nyanloutre_is there a command to chack any missing modules11:07
jjeronimoubuntu005: I have the same problem11:08
ubuntu005thank you for ansver11:08
bekksnyanloutre: Nope. Just create your cache stuff, and rebuild the initramfs prior rebooting.11:08
nyanloutre_to rebuild the initramfs, the command is update-initramfs -u ?11:09
jjeronimoubuntu005: I' m going to try without enabling the microcode option, maybe that helps11:09
jjeronimoubuntu005: brb11:09
bekksnyanloutre: Run it using sudo, yes.11:10
nyanloutre_ok thanks you ! I will try this11:10
azizLIGHTi did pulseaudio -k and now i dont see a panel icon for volume or music players. any advice how to get it back11:11
azizLIGHTi have restarted and logged out to see if it comes back, it didnt11:11
lotuspsychje!sound | azizLIGHT11:11
ubottuazizLIGHT: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.11:11
nyanloutre_see you in 10min !11:12
azizLIGHTthanks i see the setting was unchecked in the sound options11:12
octopikettyhi. I am experiencing some problems using OpenGL over SSH.11:14
octopikettycan anyone help me troubleshoot the issue?11:14
lotuspsychjeoctopiketty: you sure your video driver is installed correctly?11:14
lotuspsychjeoctopiketty: doublecheck with sudo lshw -C video, whats behind driver=11:15
=== thales is now known as Guest16265
octopikettybut OpenGL is working fine locally and on the host.11:15
=== Guest16265 is now known as thalesac
octopikettyit doesn't say driver anywhere.11:16
octopikettyoh sorry. yes, driver=nvidia.11:16
octopikettyI think the problem may be broken symlinks somewhere.11:16
octopikettythe problem arose when I upgraded from 14.04 to 15.04.11:16
lotuspsychjeoctopiketty: maybe try a driver switch from additional drivers section, to see if it makes any difference on your ssh11:16
octopikettyI tried all of those, but it didn't make any difference.11:17
lotuspsychjeoctopiketty: clean installs are reccomended mate11:17
lotuspsychjeoctopiketty: if you need stable, best stick to LTS11:17
nyanloutre:( it still dont boot11:17
levanhow to john ubuntu-vn?11:17
lotuspsychje!lvm | nyanloutre11:17
ubottunyanloutre: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto11:17
octopikettywell, I thought I could figure this out.11:17
cfhowlettlevan, /join #ubuntu-vn11:18
levanthank you11:18
lotuspsychjeoctopiketty: you can always try fix broken packages option from grub recoverymode11:18
octopikettyhm, I hadn't thought of that.11:19
lotuspsychjeoctopiketty: maybe it will fix 15.04 from there11:19
octopikettyis there any reason to expect that to catch it?11:19
octopikettyI think the problem here is a broken symlink somewhere trying to use some deprecated version of my drivers or something.11:19
octopikettybut I didn't see anything out of the ordinary /etc/ld.so.conf.d which is the only place I know where to look.11:20
iFach404can i chat to other user via Terminal with the internet connections?11:21
=== cristian__c is now known as cristian_c
lotuspsychjeiFach404: on same network there is a way for that11:21
lotuspsychjeiFach404: chat to other users on other computers then own network, use irssi chat or something11:22
octopikettylotuspsychje: http://pastebin.com/25GENDzp11:23
iFach404lotuspsycje , with command "write"? when i am in root system?11:23
octopikettyerrors from glxinfo on host.11:23
iFach404lotuspsychje , with command "write"? when i am in root system?11:23
lotuspsychje!info cryptcat | iFach40411:25
ubottuiFach404: cryptcat (source: cryptcat): A lightweight version netcat extended with twofish encryption. In component universe, is optional. Version 20031202-4 (vivid), package size 45 kB, installed size 112 kB11:25
smallfoot-Why is there no easy way to open GNOME Terminal as superuser?11:26
=== norm is now known as Guest41651
MrElendigsmallfoot-: don't do that11:28
MrElendigsmallfoot-: just run sudo -i inside it instead11:28
MrElendigor use limited sudo11:28
bekkssmallfoot-: BEsides you should not do that, whats complicated with "gksudo gnome-terminal"?11:28
smallfoot-bekks, ah, knowing about the cryptic command gksudo? Shouldn't I just be able to right-click on the GNOME Terminal icon and select "Run as superuser" in the menu?11:29
bekkssmallfoot-: Whats "crpytic" at gksudo? And, no, you should not be able to just right-click.11:29
MrElendigsmallfoot-: don't do that11:29
smallfoot-bekks, 'gksudo' might as well be my password11:30
MrElendigsmallfoot-: gksudo is horrible, and running any X client app as root is stupid and insecure11:30
smallfoot-MrElendig, so why is there no way to right-click on GNOME Terminal and select "run as superuser" and then it starts it with "sudo -i" for me?11:30
MrElendigsmallfoot-: because no one have coded that in yet11:31
smallfoot-Oh, maybe someone should!11:31
MrElendigalso that wouldn't really work if you don't have passwordless sudo11:31
lotuspsychje!sudo | smallfoot-11:31
ubottusmallfoot-: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo11:31
smallfoot-Ubuntu is not user friendly if I have to remember commands like that11:32
iFach404lotuspsychje , oh i cant understand -_-11:32
iFach404lotuspsychje , oh i cant understand -_-11:32
MrElendigsmallfoot-: it is use friendly11:32
smallfoot-in Windows you can just right-click on Terminal and select run as superuser11:32
cfhowlettsmallfoot-, this ain't windows.11:32
MrElendigbut admins, who are the only ones who should ever need to use sudo, are asumed to actually know what they are doing anyway11:33
lotuspsychjeiFach404: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=90767511:33
cfhowlettsmallfoot-, but if this one command is sufficient for your to abandon ubuntu, you have options.  choose wisely.11:33
MrElendigthough many ofcourse don't11:33
MrElendigadding a right click -> open terminal with root shell inside is easy to implement, but has some security issues11:34
bekksJust add gksudo gnome-terminal as context menu entry.11:34
MrElendigbut imo if you can't remember to run "sudo -i" then yous shouldn't be working as root in the first place11:34
MrElendigbekks: you might want to watch that video I linked to11:35
=== Bnaya_ is now known as Bnaya
bekksMrElendig: Is there a transscript of that video?11:36
MrElendigprobably not11:37
fattanehhi all i want to use both nat and host only adapter in ubuntu vm, the host-only adapter called "vboxnet1" ip address:    but it doesnt work. and when i run ifconfig it just show loopback. i paste the /etc/network/interfaces in link: http://justpaste.it/kwks11:38
octopikettyhi. I am experiencing some problems using OpenGL over SSH.11:39
bekksfattaneh: run "sudo ifconfig -a"11:39
fattanehbekks: ok11:39
octopikettydebugging errors from lxinfo on host: http://pastebin.com/25GENDzp11:40
fattanehbekks: i ran it so its not up, but what can i do11:40
MrElendigbekks: ifconfig was deprecated over 10 years ago, and you don't need root to list the interfaces/addresses11:41
bekksfattaneh: Can you pastebin your network config please, as you configured it in your guest?11:41
nyanloutrestill not booting, any idea ?11:41
fattanehbekks: ok,thanks11:41
fattanehbekks: it doesn't connect to net how can i copy and paste text from on vm to a host?11:44
MrElendigfattaneh: file, guest additions, or just use a pastebin11:45
nyanloutreanyone bas11:45
nyanloutreanyone has already cached the root with lvmcache ?11:46
lotuspsychjenyanloutre: re-ask your issue here once in a while, details,where you stuck11:46
fattanehMrElendig: thank u11:47
MrElendigfattaneh: you can just curl text to a pastebin directly instead of copying to the host11:47
MrElendigor use a cli pastebin client like `gist`11:47
MrElendigif all you want is to pastebin the text in the first place11:47
nyanloutre_I have set up a fresh ubuntu installation with lvm then i have created a cache with lvmcache11:48
nyanloutre_The caching device is a ssd wich cache the lv ubuntu-vg/root11:48
fattanehMrElendig: but i dont have connection to vm how can i use pasetbin in ther11:49
nyanloutre_it works but if i reboot the system goes to busybox saying that the device doesn't exist11:49
MrElendiguse a file then11:49
MrElendigsave output to a file, read that file from the host11:50
fattanehMrElendig: sorry one more question, where are the files which we save in the vm, from the host11:52
nyanloutre_lotuspsychje : do you have an idea ?11:52
MrElendigfattaneh: easiest way, since virtualbox is stupid, is to use a usb stick as temporary storage11:54
MagZer0How do you stop a ping request11:54
MrElendigelase there are tools for mounting vbox images11:54
fattanehMrElendig: ok, thanks11:54
MrElendigI asume you don't have the gust addons installed11:54
MrElendigif you do have them installed then you can set up a shared folder11:54
MrElendigbut it is quite unreliable11:54
lotuspsychjenyanloutre_: maybe the #lvm guys?11:54
nyanloutre_ok thanks I will see !11:55
nyanloutre_nobody respond :(11:58
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xchatterHow can I start ibus automatically? Under one user ibus is started and I can enter Japanese chars, under another user ibus is not started. Why?12:08
xchatterKubuntu 15.0412:08
nyanloutre_OMG the solution !! http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?t=11964412:09
nyanloutre_I will try this12:09
binnidoes ubuntu block any ports on a default install?12:17
zerowaitstatebinni: iptables -L will answer that12:18
binnizerowaitstate, I don't know how to read that, it says "target     prot opt source               destination" under all three headings.12:18
binnizerowaitstate, example heading: "Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)"12:19
ioriabinni i think not12:19
zerowaitstatepolicy ACCEPT means that by default all traffic will be allowed, unless a rule says otherwise12:20
zerowaitstateChain INPUT is the ACL for incoming traffic12:20
zerowaitstatebinni: if you don't see any rules under Chain INPUT, and the policy is ACCEPT, then all incoming traffic will be allowed12:20
thmsHi there12:25
clausenis Zimbra included in Ubuntu?12:27
clausen("apt-cache search zimbra" doesn't show up anything)12:27
thmsethereal is not in ubuntu packages ?12:27
thmsoO ?12:27
zerowaitstatethms: it's now called wireshark12:27
k1l_clausen: isnt zimbra prop. only?12:29
clausenk1l_, no, it has a (fsf-approved) free version12:29
k1l_clausen: you need to get that from their website.12:29
clausenk1l_, it would be nice to know why the free version isn't packaged12:29
clausen(and forked, if necessary!)12:30
clausenit seems like the best free webmail client12:30
k1l_clausen: because they refuse to let it ship? i dont know. ask zimbra12:30
k1l_its not in debian, too. so it seems its not that free12:30
clausenk1l_, the FSF wouldn't approve of them in that case12:30
clausenk1l_, like I said, the Zimbra people claim that their licence is FSF-approved12:31
thms zerowaitstate I need ethereal for a uni project12:33
thmswireshark is the GUI12:34
k1l_clausen: see the last comment: https://bugzilla.zimbra.com/show_bug.cgi?id=5080512:34
ubottubugzilla.zimbra.com bug 50805 in Other - Server "Zimbra not in Ubuntu repository." [Enhancement,Unconfirmed]12:34
k1l_clausen: so dont blame ubunut or debian, blame zimbra12:34
clausenbrb phone12:34
thms"Compare the tool with Wireshark tool and based on your own opinion  [..]"12:34
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levocan you guys suggest me a light web browser? firefox and google chrome are so cpu intensive for my laptop12:35
k1l_thms: wireshark is the new ethereal12:36
lotuspsychjelevo: chromium-browser12:36
k1l_thms: its just a name change due to copyrights stuff because the developer got a new workplace12:37
levolotuspsychje: is it really lighter than those two?12:37
lotuspsychjelevo: yes12:37
lotuspsychjelevo: and if you want real lightweight try links2 from terminal12:37
k1l_thms: https://www.wireshark.org/news/20060607.html12:38
levolotuspsychje: no not that light. recent versions of firefox and google chrome have become so slow12:38
thmsk1l_: wasnt ethereal command-line only at some point ?12:38
lotuspsychje!info chromium-browser | levo12:39
ubottulevo: chromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium web browser, open-source version of Chrome. In component universe, is optional. Version 41.0.2272.76-0ubuntu1.1134 (vivid), package size 49600 kB, installed size 181415 kB12:39
zerowaitstatethms: if you just want to run captures without doing analysis, then use tcpdump12:39
Fjorgynnlevo: links212:39
thmszerowaitstate, k1l_ : I want to freelance this: https://www.freelancer.com/jobs/php/Ethereal-packet-sniffing-tool-Ethereal/12:40
Fjorgynnlevo: what kind of pc do you have? PIII?12:40
thmsit's an assignment for this year12:40
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levoFjorgynn: no, it's a core 2 duo 2.1GHz laptop. but so slow12:40
zerowaitstatethms: lol12:40
gp5stis this still the correct way to get /etc/hosts to work? http://askubuntu.com/questions/347152/why-is-the-etc-hosts-file-not-working and what was the rationale for breaking the hosts file?12:40
k1l_thms: then talk to the guys who did sign that job. the facts are given, now deal with it.12:40
lotuspsychjelevo: wich ubuntu do you run on it?12:40
thmsLook at question 4, how can I compare ethereal and wireshark then ?12:40
thmszerowaitstate: why do you lol :D12:41
lotuspsychje!hostname | gp5st12:41
ubottugp5st: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.12:41
levolotuspsychje: lubuntu 64bit 14.0812:41
k1l_thms: then do the job, dont let us do your job and get the money. we already answered you that this question is pointless12:41
lotuspsychjelevo: chromium comes default on lubuntu right?12:41
levolotuspsychje: no12:41
thmsk1l_: ok :)12:42
thmsNot asking to do the job just confused.12:42
thmsI'm not even awarded the project ;)12:42
k1l_thms: i provided even a link that should make clear how pointless that is12:43
thmsk1l_: yup I seen it12:43
zerowaitstatethms: the tool for doing captures absent wireshark is tcpdump. end of story12:44
gp5stlotuspsychje: great, exception /etc/hosts doesn't seem to work for me and additionally I'm not setting my own hostname12:44
ioriathms if you want ethereal i think you have to build it12:44
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zerowaitstate"hire freelancers who also bid on the project: thms00, ...."12:46
zerowaitstatemy advice is not to consult on things you don't know anything about12:47
thmsioria: yup12:47
thmszerowaitstate: I just bid, yes, but he didn't accept my bid.12:47
neldogz#join /Fedora12:48
thmsthere's tshark btw12:48
MonkeyDustthms  what are you hoping to find here, now you know that we cannot help you?12:49
zerowaitstatethms: wireshark and friends use the pcap library to do the actual packet capture. any tool that fronts libpcap is going to do the same thing12:49
neldogzHello everyone, can someone please tell me if it necessary to format a raw drive with a partition or is it OK to format it to Ext4 directly? This is a 2TB external WD hard drive. Gnome disks will not format it if it has an MBR/DOS or GPT partition on it. GParted works but then I cannot write to the drive.12:51
MrElendigyou want partitions12:53
Docmorsand these partitions need to have some file system if you want them to simply mount on system start12:53
Docmorsor plug in12:54
neldogzSo dare I ask, why does the disks utility even allow you to format a disk without a partition?12:54
thmsMonkeyDust: I know.12:55
thmszerowaitstate: yes but it requires screenshots of ethereal lol12:55
neldogzAnd worse, why does it fail to partition an external hard drive12:55
Docmorsneldogz, it doesn't12:55
thmsWhatever, it's my work not yours k1l_ is right.12:56
thmsThanks for your help all12:56
Docmorsit only partitions , format is another step12:56
zerowaitstatethms: the client is clearly confused about what they want. for example, they list Java and PHP as required skills for the project12:57
zerowaitstatethms: for a manual on an obsolete software package12:57
zerowaitstatethms: for $30 USD12:57
neldogzDocmors, If you open the disks utility  and highlight say for example a thumb drive, You have two formats.. If you click on the gears icon you can add a file system such as Ext4.. but if you go over to the top right hand side and click on the 3 horizontal lines icon12:58
neldogzDocmors, you get another format which will allow you to add a partition before formatting a file system12:58
zerowaitstateneldogz: there has to be a partition table on the drive before you can add a filesystem to it12:58
neldogzzerowaitstate, I have tested this and gnome disks does not require you to have a partition12:59
BluesKajHowdy all12:59
* ObrienDave waves13:00
Docmorsneldogz, look here http://www.howtogeek.com/106873/how-to-use-fdisk-to-manage-partitions-on-linux/13:00
jjeronimoWhy is it when I install the latest nvidia drivers on ubuntu 15.04, everything works on the first boot, but on the second boot I get a black screen13:01
zerowaitstateneldogz: yeah, but does it allow you to mount that filesystem?13:01
zerowaitstateneldogz: I guess theoretically if it's a block device you can write whatever you want to it13:02
micha_i'm running 14.04 on a dell xps 2015 and modesetting fails, i need to pass nomodeset to the kernel to get it to boot13:02
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neldogzzerowaitstate, thanks for the link, I had also come across that earlier. Check this out: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/14010/the-merits-of-a-partitionless-filesystem13:03
bekksmicha_: Yeah, thats the solution for getting more than a black screen.13:03
zerowaitstateneldogz: Docmors provided13:03
micha_bekks, but it kills suspend and a lot of other things, so its only a workaround13:03
bekksneldogz: All points shown in you link can be aesily done with partitions as well.13:04
micha_is there a better solution?13:04
Zack263whereis beautiful_girls13:04
bekksmicha_: Most likeley there isnt.13:04
bekksZack263: On a different network.13:04
Zack263pretty girls go on IRC... thats impossible13:05
neldogzbekks, but the point is that we dont need to correct?13:05
compdocIm could be a very pretty girl <giggle>13:05
bekksneldogz: Dont need to what?13:05
zerowaitstateneldogz: many tools assume the disk is partitioned. for one thing, you cannot go back and add a partition table later if you need to repartition the drive13:06
neldogzthanks guys this is good information13:06
zerowaitstateneldogz: but since there are block devices out there that are not physical disks, the capability to add a filesystem to an arbitrary block device is provided13:07
zerowaitstateneldogz: that doesn't mean it's a good idea13:07
neldogzzerowaitstate, So it seems like there is a problem with the disks utility or my external hard drive already comes with a pre-configured partition that I cannot see. I am going to try to add a partition using fdisk instead.13:08
zerowaitstateneldogz: use gdisk13:08
ObrienDaveor gparted13:08
zerowaitstateneldogz: i suspect if it is a recent drive it will use a GPT table13:08
neldogzzerowaitstate, gnome disks yes? Thats what I have been using, also Gparted i have tried and both have failed13:09
zerowaitstateneldogz: no13:09
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zerowaitstateneldogz: gdisk is the GPT version of fdisk13:09
bekksneldogz: How did they "fail" in particular?13:09
ObrienDavemore than 2TB needs GPT table13:09
neldogzzerowaitstate, thanks! I will try this13:09
neldogzbekks, I will reproduce the problem now. Just one moment13:09
compdocgnome disks is the gnome disk utility. pretty nice gui13:09
neldogzOk I am just going reproduce the issue here the way I encountered it then I will use gdisks.13:10
martysia'm planning to restart hexchat again I'm sorry for the inconvinience Please do not ban me for that...13:10
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neldogzSo I open Gnome Disks and highlight the external hard drive, I dismount it by selecting the stop button. Then i go to the top right hand corner with the 3 horizontal lines are (think this is called a hamburger icon) and I select format. I select Quick and GPT.13:12
bekksneldogz: Whats the error you got when using gparted and fdisk?13:13
ObrienDavetry 2 separate operations. GPT first, then format13:13
Zack263locate prettygirls*.*13:13
neldogzThis works no issues, It tells me I have a 2.0 TB of Free Space on the disk, now I have to format it. So i go back down to the gears icond and select the plus sign and the full 2000 GB are selected, i select Ext4 as my file system and hit create.. And I get the following error:13:13
lotuspsychje!ot | Zack26313:13
ubottuZack263: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:13
bekksZack263: Wrong network.13:14
Zack263oh thanks... i will check it out.. i'm still learning allt he channels13:14
Zack263i'm trying to write them down and rememberthem..theres so many cool channels13:14
ObrienDavethen channel list is your friend13:14
neldogzError creating Partition   Error wiping newly created partition /dev/sdf1: Command-line 'wipefs -a "dev/sdf1" exited with non-zero status 1:wipefs: error: /dev/sdf1: probing initialization failed: No such file or directory (udisks-error-quark, 0)13:15
bekks!alis | Zack26313:15
ubottuZack263: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*13:15
tugayhi guys13:15
tugayhow can ı reach the pidgin settings ?13:15
tugaynothing in the app window13:15
neldogzbekks, the error above is what I get when i use gnome disks ^^ when I use Gparted I don't get an error but then I cannot write to the disk not even after rebooting.13:15
bekksneldogz: Which error DO you get?13:16
ObrienDavetugay, look in the menu structure?13:16
neldogzError creating Partition   Error wiping newly created partition /dev/sdf1: Command-line 'wipefs -a "dev/sdf1" exited with non-zero status 1:wipefs: error: /dev/sdf1: probing initialization failed: No such file or directory (udisks-error-quark, 0)13:16
iorianeldogz, you have others disk of that size on your system ?13:16
neldogzbekks, Error creating Partition   Error wiping newly created partition /dev/sdf1: Command-line 'wipefs -a "dev/sdf1" exited with non-zero status 1:wipefs: error: /dev/sdf1: probing initialization failed: No such file or directory (udisks-error-quark, 0)13:16
neldogzioria, no this is the only disk of this size on my system, it is a Western Digital External Hard Drive13:16
bekksneldogz: So /dev/sdf1 does not exist.13:16
tugaythere is no menu13:17
ObrienDaveneldogz, how many drives do you have? sdf would be the 6th drive13:18
MonkeyDusttugay  consider using a more userfriendly app, if pidgin doesnt work for you13:18
neldogzObrienDave, yes I have 6 hard drives on my system13:18
tugaydo you should any app ?13:18
ObrienDavetugay, try hexchat13:19
tugayit has not facebook twitter support but :(13:19
ObrienDaveuse pidgin for facebook, twitter. use ANYthing else for IRC13:20
tugaybut its buggy13:21
neldogzbekks, actually this problem happens when I try to partition and format any USB attached hard drive. I just tried a 1gb SanDisk cruiser13:21
tugaycant add twitter or anything13:21
tugayıts showed me a menu for the first time after install13:21
bekksneldogz: are you using gparted, etc. as root user?13:21
tugaythen nothing13:21
neldogzbekks, I am using gnome disks.13:22
neldogzbekks,  I will try Gparted13:22
ObrienDavetugay, ask in #pidgin13:22
MonkeyDusttugay  type /j #pidgin13:23
ObrienDaveneldogz, do they ask for your password?13:23
neldogzOk in Gparted my disk says Partition unallocated, file system unallocated.. I am going to right click on the disk and select new, Primary Partition and ext4 then press add13:23
neldogzObrienDave, yes13:23
neldogzbekks, it works but now when I open the thumb drive I cannot write to it13:24
neldogzbekks, in gparted it says .. Partition /dev/sdg1 file system ext413:24
ObrienDaveneldogz, i have 3 WD drives. 3TB through eSATA, a 3 and 4TB through USB. have not run into this problem yet13:26
ioriaone time  a struggled a lot for a 2T disk,  and at the end my motherboard sata controller hasn't support for that size13:26
ObrienDaveioria, this is external USB13:27
Dro__whats the vlc default record folder ?13:27
[RO]Danielhello, how can i check logs or something to figure out why i have problems?13:29
ioriaObrienDave, a friend of mine, however, had the same issue with a dock station13:29
[RO]Danielsince a few days, about once a day the system get frozen13:29
ObrienDaveioria, i have a 3tb using eSATA dock station. works great13:30
ioriaObrienDave, ye, but your motherboard maybe is better13:30
ObrienDavecould be13:30
HorsemedsHi after using the kill switch on my Private Internet Access Beta Linux client I am unable to get network access. It worked once more after I restarted PIA client and I unchecked the kill switch but still I got no access with the client disconnected . PIA support told me to remove the PIA client but I still cant connect.13:32
MonkeyDustDro__  VLC - Tools - preferences - Video - video snapshots13:33
neldogzObrienDave, are you running 15.04 or 14?13:34
clausenk1l_, thanks, so somebody could fork Zimbra, and make it suitable for Debian/Ubuntu?13:34
ObrienDaveneldogz, i'm staying with LTS for this cycle13:35
k1l_clausen: or talk to the zimbra guys (again) to make it packageable13:35
MuriiCan I use the net api that libgdx provides to make a simple mp game?13:36
neldogzObrienDave, I am running 15.04 and have been noticing strange problems13:36
neldogzObrienDave, such as this one with the disks13:36
ObrienDaveneldogz, it can take a while for minor bugs to get worked out13:37
Docmorsneldogz, are you using linux long?13:37
neldogzDocmors, not too long, for about 2 years now.13:37
clausenk1l_, thanks a lot for figuring out the problem :)13:37
compdocIm running Ubuntu 12.04.5 on a server, and its saying I should run do-release-upgrade. Anyone have problems with that?13:37
ObrienDaveneldogz, 15.04 has only been out for a week or so13:37
Docmorsand that's the first time you had this problem13:37
neldogzDocmors, yes correct13:37
[RO]Danielhello, how can i check logs or something to figure out why i have problems?13:38
Docmorsdoes it work under 14.04 or 12.04?13:38
[RO]Danielsince a few days, about once a day the system get frozen, i'm using Ubuntu 14.04.213:38
neldogzDocmors, yes I never had an issue under 14.04 or 14.1013:38
neldogzDocmors, before that I was using Fedora13:38
neldogzDocmors, I can recreate the problem on a small 1gb SanDisk13:41
neldogzJust curious guys, if you highlight one of your external hard disks or thumb drives in Gnome Disks (connected via USB) do you see Partitioning information?13:42
ObrienDaveneldogz, i know WDs use an encrypting USB controller card. (have taken them apart) but that does not explain the USB stick issue13:42
ObrienDaveneldogz, yes, no issues with gparted, gnome-disks here13:43
neldogzObrienDave, what does your partitioning say for one of your external drives under gnome disks?13:44
ObrienDaveneldogz, http://i.imgur.com/mZXyCgJ.png13:46
neldogzObrienDave, thanks!.. well that confirms it13:46
neldogzObrienDave, definitely a problem on my system13:47
basichi guys. I have a simple problem and im new at ubuntu13:47
ObrienDavehttp://i.imgur.com/y1MvPAO.png       1.5TB dual boot laptop drive13:47
basicwhenever i try enter the software center, it crashes. What can i do to make it work?13:47
ObrienDaveneldogz, ^^^13:47
rebstoo bad its a sony :[13:48
neldogzObrienDave, I think I am going to have to revert back to 14.0413:49
neldogzObrienDave, thank you very much for the screenshots, that was very helpful13:49
ObrienDavemost welcome13:49
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
ObrienDavebasic, in terminal, sudo apt-get install synaptic13:52
ObrienDavewhat error?13:53
ablest1980is synaptic for touchpad?13:53
basicencountered header13:53
ObrienDavesynaptic is another package manager13:53
basicproblem merge list13:53
basicpackage could not be parged13:53
ObrienDavebasic, in terminal, sudo apt-get install -f13:53
basicerror same thing13:54
ObrienDaveyou have broken packages13:54
ObrienDavebasic, in terminal, sudo apt-get -f install13:54
basici did brien it says error again13:54
xaerahi all13:54
xaerais there any app13:55
xaerathat gives me the web search functionality13:55
xaerafrom desktop13:55
xaeraanother than unity's one13:55
OerHeksxaera, easy on the enter please13:55
ObrienDavebasic, in terminal, sudo apt-get auto-remove13:56
ObrienDavebasic, in terminal, sudo apt-get auto-clean13:56
basicinvalid operation13:56
SpeccyManautoremove autoclean, no hyphen13:57
ObrienDaveyup, sorry13:57
ObrienDavebasic, in terminal, sudo apt-get autoclean13:57
ObrienDavebasic, in terminal, sudo apt-get autoremove13:57
OerHeksxaera, unity dash does not search on the web directly ...13:57
MonkeyDustxaera  i guess Docky13:58
basicok now what?13:58
xaerayes oer thats right13:58
xaerabut its uses internet and resource13:59
xaeraand takes my time13:59
xaeraand how can ı whisper ? :)13:59
ObrienDavebasic, in terminal, sudo apt-get -f install13:59
MonkeyDustxaera  wisper?13:59
basicbrien do you want to do a remote control13:59
basicit says error everytime13:59
xaeraprivate message13:59
ObrienDavebasic, ok, sorry, i'm out of ideas14:00
=== parallels is now known as omzig
Vigour└─----[~]> git14:02
VigourNo command 'hub' found, did you mean:14:02
Vigourubuntu 15.0414:02
ObrienDaveanyone else have any suggestions for basic?14:03
Vigourcan someone help me a bit14:03
basicthanks 0brienDave14:03
basici just have usoftware center crash everytime i try use it, fix somehow so it works14:03
MonkeyDustbasic  picked this up in this channel ... paste it as a text document, make it executable and then execute it ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/10977819/14:06
basichow do i make it executable?14:09
Vigourah, was .bashrc, fixed14:09
HorsemedsAfter using the kill switch on my Private Internet Access Beta Linux client I am unable to get network access with the client deactivated or removed completely. It worked once more after I restarted PIA client and I unchecked the kill switch but still I got no access with the client disconnected . PIA support told me to remove the PIA client but I still cant connect.14:09
pwcaupgrading from 14.04 to 15.04 broke OpenGL over SSH. what do I do?14:10
BluesKajHorsemeds, maybe it diabled the network manager not just the vpn network manager14:12
BluesKajerr disabled14:12
HorsemedsBluesKaj yeah i thought that, so i restarted it and it still doesnt work14:12
Horsemedsalso the network appears up and i can ping my router14:13
basicsorry MonkeyDust i dont know how to do that14:13
HorsemedsBluesKaj its the way it normally behaves when the kill switch is activated but nornally it comes back when disabling the app14:14
MonkeyDustbasic  then now is the time to learn ... select all and copy (ctrl a, ctrl c) ... open gedit and paste (ctrl v), then save14:14
Horsemedsnornally = normally14:15
BluesKajHorsemeds, do the the PIA VPN server still show up in network manager? I have PIA VPN as well using openvpn, but I haven't used any kill switch ..didn't even know one existed14:15
basicMonkeyDust and then?14:16
MonkeyDustbasic  saved? then right click, properties, permissions, make executable14:16
HorsemedsBluesKaj yeah there is a beta linux client- the trouble i had with openvpn alone is that it just kept going if i got disconnected from the VPN14:16
ObrienDavebasic, don't give it an extension14:16
ObrienDavethen ^^14:17
HorsemedsBluesKaj they show up but thats because i didnt remove them from the time i was using open vpn alone14:17
BluesKajHorsemeds, I'm using the linux client from 2yrs ago and it still works on 15.0414:17
HorsemedsBluesKaj ah right - you should have the kill switch14:18
pwcawhy does upgrading from Ubuntu v 14.04 to Ubuntu v 15.04 break OpenGL rendering over SSH?14:18
ObrienDavedouble click it14:19
ObrienDaveand let it work14:19
MonkeyDustbasic  ok, open a terminal and type ./[file name]14:19
MonkeyDustbasic  that's a dot and then slash   ./14:19
BluesKajHorsemeds, why , I havent' had disconnection problems at all with PIA in at least a yr.14:19
HorsemedsBluesKaj yeah i dont mostly, just on one machine14:20
BluesKajHorsemeds, of course it depends where you're located and which servers are best for you14:22
HorsemedsBluesKaj yeah i think the disconnect is just due to the cheap ass wifi on that machine, but its a PITA when it unmasks me14:23
basictried couple of times, it says no file directory14:23
Horsemedsive had 3 or more years of mostly problem free14:24
MonkeyDustbasic  you have to execute it in the folder where you saved it14:24
pwcaI think I have a problem in /etc/ld.so.conf14:25
pwcaI need to change some symlinks.14:25
pwcaplease advice.14:25
basicMonkeyDust how?14:26
MonkeyDustbasic  how what?14:26
basichow execute14:27
basicyou mean in terminal?14:28
MonkeyDustbasic  in terminal, go to the folder where you saved the file, then type   ./[file name]14:28
basichow do i go to a folder in terminal?14:28
haikongcd folder name14:29
MonkeyDustbasic  where did you save it, in which folder?14:29
MonkeyDustbasic  type ls    is it in the list?14:30
MonkeyDustbasic  ok, what's the name?14:30
MonkeyDustthe file is called monkey?14:31
MonkeyDustok, then type   ./monkey [enter]14:31
pwcaI don't think he's supposed to type "[enter]".14:31
basicits running14:32
MonkeyDustno, hit enter14:32
MonkeyDustbasic  great, in time, this can become a routine, it was hard the first time14:33
basicit finished14:34
basicok software center works our goal achieved14:34
basicthanks man good job14:34
LMNOP__hey is ubuntu useing the new Debian?14:35
* MonkeyDust pats self on the shoulder: "that's my boy"14:35
* ObrienDave kept that script for future use14:35
k1l_LMNOP__: that doesnt make any sense14:35
LMNOP__wut dont u understand about that q14:36
* ObrienDave takes aim at Google translate. *** BOOOOOOOOOOM ***14:36
k1l_LMNOP__: please rephrase that question and make clear what you want to know14:36
basicok thanks all i might be back have a good day14:36
LMNOP__hey is ubuntu useing the new Debian?14:36
=== joao is now known as Mete-
LMNOP__I dont know wht u want me to rephrase14:37
ObrienDaveUbuntu is based on Debian. it does NOT use the latest Debian14:37
LMNOP__ok thanks14:37
haikongi think deepin is not ban14:38
k1l_LMNOP__: ubuntu syncs the packages from debian unstable. if that is what you want to know.14:39
LMNOP__can u rephrase that14:39
ObrienDave*troll alert*14:40
pwcais there a new version of lib32-nvidia-libgl?14:40
LMNOP__can u rephrase that to maek it more easier 4 me 2 understand14:40
pwcaI have 15.04.14:40
ObrienDave!info lib32-nvidia-libgl14:41
ubottuPackage lib32-nvidia-libgl does not exist in vivid14:41
pwcapossibly you can help me, ObrienDave.14:41
ioriapwca are you Ubuntu or Arch ?14:41
pwcaObrienDave: I am trying to run OpenGL by SSH and I get the following error: http://pastebin.com/SpJb9d6Z14:42
pwcaUbuntu, ioria.14:42
pwcaI thought perhaps when I did OpenGL over SSH maybe it tried to use by 32bit libraries instead of 64bit and I was missing this causing the error.14:42
pwcabut I suppose Ubuntu bundles those together so I should be good.14:42
ObrienDaveit's not in ubuntu packages14:43
pwcaso that's not the answer then.14:43
ObrienDaveit might be a nvidia package14:44
pwcathat's Arch Linux.14:45
ioriapwca steam ?14:45
pwcano, ioria.14:45
ioriapwca glxinfo | grep render ?14:49
pwcaon host or client?14:49
ioriapwca both14:49
pwcaioria: http://pastebin.com/g479pdV014:50
RufusHello all. what's the equivalent of echo "smth here"  { bunch of actions } ; echo "done."   for ubuntu please?14:50
ioriapwca client ?14:51
pwcaioria: that's the client, yes. I need to reboot the host (trying to mess with symlinks).14:51
pwcathe issue should be caused by the client, since upgrading that caused the issues.14:52
pwcanow I emptied out "/etc/ld.so.conf.d". I thought "sudo ldconfig" was going to recreate the symbolic links but it didn't.14:54
=== oleg is now known as Guest64078
pragmaticenigmaRufus, depends on the context... "echo" is often a print command, to print/display something to the screen14:59
katronixHi all, just installed Ubuntu on my home system yesterday with LAMP, I had modified it yesterday so that home directories would work. Today for some reason its returning a 403. Can anyone suggest where I start looking? userdir.conf/load is still linked into mods-enabled15:00
Rufuspragmaticenigma I'm trying to supress output from a bash file. on Centos I'd do echo "some mesage" { all the commands I want to suppress output }  &>> $LOGFILE ; echo "done."15:00
pragmaticenigmaif you want to suppress all output your output redirect needs a little more too it15:02
tos-1Rufus: That's shell dependent, not distibution dependent.15:03
=== tomas_ is now known as Guest72347
pwcaioria: oh, and I already had that output in an earlier pastebin.15:05
pwcaioria: http://pastebin.com/SpJb9d6Z15:05
ioriapwca libGL error: failed to load driver: swrast15:05
pwcaioria: yes.15:06
tos-1Rufus: If you use bash, your syntax should work.15:07
ioriapwca server side ?15:07
pwcaioria: yes.15:07
pwcaI think I had that error back when it worked as well.15:07
Rufustos-1 roger that, I;ll change default to bash then15:07
pragmaticenigmatos-1, I suspect part of his issue is the program he's trying to suppress output for is writting to stderr instead of stdout15:07
tos-1pragmaticenigma: &> redicts both, stout and stderr15:08
ioriapwca symlink issuue i think15:08
ioriapwca are you sure ?15:09
tos-1Rufus: The default shell should be bash. Check your shell using `echo $SHELL`15:09
pwcaioria: yeah, I think it's probably a symlink issue.15:11
ioriapwca try . http://askubuntu.com/questions/541343/problems-with-libgl-fbconfigs-swrast-through-each-update15:12
ioriaaway 10 min15:12
=== Misha is now known as Guest11886
kk0710Hi guys, I am having  hell of a time here a usual.  I have an hp f018 laptop with an EFI style bios.  After I got it I installed Ubuntu along side windows and to access it I have always had to hit F9 on on boot and in the boot menu pick Ubuntu etc etc.  WEll the other day I wanted to do a full reset on my system so I did a restore on windows(thinking it would also reset the partitions to fctory settings but it didn't) ever since I did 15:16
kk0710for the "os boot menu" which is how to get into windows but it still seemed to work fine.  I then when and did a fresh install of 14.04 and the ubunt entry was added to the list.  Well last night it just disappeared and I have no idea why or how to fix it.15:17
Guest11886hello, I've installed Ubuntu 14.04  with the help of the mini.iso (I had neither DVD nor an USB drive handy). After installation I can log in into root and use the terminal. There seems to be no desktop environment preinstalled. How do I proceed setting up a "bloated" Ubuntu (w/ unity) from terminal?15:18
daftykinskk0710: sounds like you've got quite the mess on your hands.15:18
SchrodingersScat!ubuntu-desktop | Guest1188615:19
ubottuGuest11886: k/ed/x/l/ubuntu-desktop is a metapackage. It depends upon other packages and brings them in; you can safely remove it, but it is recommended that you re-install it when upgrading.15:19
daftykinsGuest11886: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^15:19
pragmaticenigmaGuest11886, run "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop"15:19
daftykinswith a ^ at the end15:19
pragmaticenigmawhy the carrot at the end daftykins ?15:19
kk0710daftykins: I am having problems with literaly everything.  I had my wireless adapter workin flawlessly finally on ubuntu but then made the mistake of updating the firmware on my wrt120n and in an effort to get my wireless adapter working did a reset and here we are.  This doesn't include the problems I had on my desktop server and plex but I think that is figured out at least15:20
daftykinsit selects the tasksel entry ensuring that's set15:20
Guest11886thank you schrodingersScat, ubottu and daftykins and pragmaticenigma, I will do that! Thanks for the quick and precise help.15:20
daftykinskk0710: i get the impression you'd be better off nuking that thing from orbit and reinstalling Windows from scratch too :> which is handy as you'll be able to kill all the spam partitions15:21
kk0710daftykins: I have actually been in here several times over the last week and spoken on various different issues I am having lol15:21
daftykinser, not spam but space wasting ones15:21
daftykinshaha, yeah i think i noticed :>15:21
kk0710daftykins: this is where I feel like am getting old and completely outdated... this windows 8 BS with all these weird partitions and EFI and faststartp andblah blah bah I aeo freakingclu15:22
Alek900Hey, im having a issue with tearing  (both desktop and games/video) and vsync not working  on intel 4000 graphics, know of any possible solutions? running 15.04.15:22
=== cryptodan is now known as cryptodan_laptop
kk0710daftykins: I wanted to do a clean insasdalj;dkj15:22
kk0710daftykins: now mykeyboward isn't letting me type15:22
daftykinskk0710: they're mostly messy from factory installs, doing one yourself will reduce it to a more sane 2 or 3 partitions15:22
daftykinskk0710: now might be a good time to check what material clothes you're wearing and discharge any static on you ;)15:23
kk0710daftykins: with this efi though and the f9 to get to the boot menu... isn't actuall a partition itself?  I didn't want to blow that out15:23
daftykinskk0710: no you can 100% nuke a hard disk from orbit and then install afresh15:24
kk0710daftykins: that was the biggest part I was afraid of screwing up.  As for not being able to type I think it was more the fact I am on the web interface right now, seems to be fine again15:24
daftykinsi do it often :)15:24
daftykinsah webchat15:24
daftykinsso your first step is obtaining a windows 8 ISO i suspect?15:24
kk0710daftykins: may I PM you I have a couple of quick questions that might not be ok in here15:24
daftykinskk0710: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/create-reset-refresh-media <-- this will let you make up a disc legally15:25
daftykinswhat, Windows related queries?15:25
kk0710daftykins: yes and some one "illegal" ones but your link will do just fine I guess(I was debating grabbing windows 10 instead as windowos 8 sucks but really I only use it as a backup for when my linux screws up which seems to be a lot lately lol15:26
daftykinsi'm typing from 10 right now but it's a bit early days yet. can't 100% guarantee you won't have to reinstall anyway when it goes final15:27
=== erwin is now known as PHPLearner
LMNOP__<kk0710> daftykins: yes and some one "illegal" ones but your link will do just fine I guess(I was debating grabbing windows 10 instead as windowos 8 sucks but really I only use it as a backup for when my linux screws up which seems to be a lot lately lol15:28
daftykinsLMNOP__: is there a particular reason you just pasted that?15:28
kk0710daftykins: before I get started on everything.  You go any insight on my networking problem.  I am seriously this close to just going out and buying a new laptop and and router.  Originally I was having problems only with this lapotp and in the ubuntu boot.  I would randomly drop my connection.  I did the backports fix and everything seemed to be fine then I updated my routers firmware.  Once I updated the router then my problems came 15:29
LMNOP__<kk0710> daftykins: before I get started on everything.  You go any insight on my networking problem.  I am seriously this close to just going out and buying a new laptop and and router.  Originally I was having problems only with this lapotp and in the ubuntu boot.  I would randomly drop my connection.  I did the backports fix and everything seemed to be fine then I updated my routers firmware.  Once I15:29
LMNOP__updated the router then my problems came15:29
daftykinsk1l_: would you mind silencing this idiot please?15:29
LMNOP__<daftykins> k1l_: would you mind silencing this idiot please?15:30
daftykinsthanks :)15:30
k1l_daftykins: yep, but no need for calling names :)15:30
kk0710reset the router which I did and it seemed better at first but now my router has to be power cycled every so often as it just stops working all together.  And now when it IS working the laptop will be fine but then suddenly I have no access, I can't even ping the gateway, so annoying.15:30
daftykinsk1l_: understood15:30
daftykinskk0710: i don't know the full story really15:30
daftykinskk0710: how new is the laptop? maybe if returning it is still an option, you could just ditch it and get one with a supported adapter15:31
kk0710daftykins: the full story is I bought this laptop on the spur, and it has a realtek wireless card15:31
kk0710daftykins: more than 30 days15:31
=== norm is now known as Guest13866
daftykinsah, how are you with hardware? you could potentially swap out the card for another15:31
kiwi_banalQ: Are iPython pop-up help windows configurable? And if so, through osd-notify or elsewhere?15:32
kk0710daftykins: I only paid 350 for it I mean even if I only got 2-250 I am seriously tempted lol15:32
kk0710daftykins: but there are documented fixes for this card that is the weird part, it WAS working.15:32
daftykinskk0710: and iirc you have had every ubuntu version under the sun on there for testing? :)15:32
kk0710daftykins: if I do this install of windows 8 the way you recommend will the factory restory optios no longer exist?  That is my only concern if I sell it15:32
kk0710daftykins: no I have stayed with 14.0415:33
daftykinskk0710: what brand is this machine again?15:33
kk0710daftykins: it is very dificult testing something that is intermittent so I didn't go through and test all the kernels15:33
kk0710daftykins: it is an HP f018-dx15:33
kk0710daftykins: it is only an i315:33
kk0710daftykins: so I mean MAYBE I could be convinced t upgrade lol15:34
daftykinsso if you boot Windows and look for a recovery disc creator you can make up some ISOs / burn some DVDs with the recovery image15:34
daftykinsi3's are fine15:34
kk0710daftykins: things seem to be running slower since my reset but I am hoping that is more to do with the partition table beingscrewy15:34
kk0710daftykins: so there will no longer be a recovery partition though?15:34
daftykinsi would delete it all to reclaim the wasted space personally.15:35
daftykinsany machines i work on, i create the disc set then file them away and never look at them again :D15:36
kk0710I went and looked the list of ubuntu safe laptops but most of them were only stable with the supplied version now any DL version and they don't do a good job of at glance specs on the laptops so clicking on every single one got annoying lol15:36
daftykinskk0710: which OS are you typing from right now?15:36
kk0710well I have an external drive connected to my desktop just for that.  can I create the "recovery disk" as an iso and simply store it on there so if I every decide to sell it I can do that?15:37
kk0710daftykins: windows15:37
daftykinskk0710: it's different per manufacturer's disc creation tool, so you'll need to look for the relevant program and just see what it offers15:37
daftykinslikely it'll be called "HP Recovery..."15:37
daftykinsso hunt the start menu for "HP..."15:38
kk0710ugh I seriously hate windows 815:38
kk0710simple things made hard15:38
kk0710ok this is od it found something in the "ubuntu apps directory" wtf is going on here15:39
daftykinshold off on the swearing even in obfuscated form :)15:39
kk0710sorry sorry!  But deep down... we both know.... you understand my frustration lol15:40
daftykinskk0710: i don't know what you're doing in some ubuntu apps thing, but just focus on creating the recovery discs first15:40
kk0710so I did a search for startup disk creator and inthe results it is talking about ubuntu... my windows machine should know nothing about ubuntu15:40
kk0710did this thing do a freaking google search lol15:40
alkethi, how to configure gmail webapp in firefox after you dissmis it ?15:41
kk0710lets try recovery manager15:41
kk0710so slow15:41
daftykinskk0710: no just go to the start menu, all apps, then look for HP...15:42
kk0710Ok it will only let me create one15:44
surgywhats the kernal version that ships with ubuntu 15 ?15:45
daftykinsalso, it's a "kernel"15:45
kk0710well I gess this isn't an option daftykins as my choices are dvds and flash, flash drive requires 19gb15:45
surgydaftykins, ill spell it kernal15:46
daftykinskk0710: no optical drive in that machine?15:46
daftykinssurgy: then you'll be wrong :)15:46
kk0710I do but I have no blank dvds and it requires 5 lol15:46
surgydaftykins, and ill be proud of it :) thnx for the quick response15:46
daftykinsno problem15:46
daftykinskk0710: hmm, does it have an option of create the images on hard disk instead?15:46
kk0710I've always used recovery partitions they seemed safer15:46
kk0710no dafty just dvd and flash it appears15:47
daftykinsnah they're really not15:47
daftykinsjust think, hard disks fail15:47
daftykinscrosse: hi, do you have a support question?15:47
crossehow to upgrade wine 1.6 to 1.7 in ubuntu15:47
kk0710daftykins: when using media like this will it do the same thing as the recovery partition and restorey the entire system back to factory defaults?  I was shocked when I did a restore earlier it did not reset the partitions back to pre ubuntu install15:48
daftykinsif default packages are older than you want, first off establish why you think updating is necessary...15:48
daftykinsthen consider looking for a PPA if you aren't being offered it15:48
SchrodingersScatthat's the fun part of proprietary jargon, you never know what you're going to get15:48
daftykinsthat's completely ridiculous - and shame on you SchrodingersScat for pedalling that same childish bias15:49
kk0710SchrodingersScat: I assume that was meant for me? lol15:49
daftykinskk0710: it'll tell you clearly what it'll do after booting from it i'm sure15:49
daftykinsback shortly15:49
crossehelp me please15:50
bekkscrosse: which ubuntu do you have, in particular?15:51
SchrodingersScatIf you have to wait to boot from recovery to know, I think that proves my point.15:51
mzazaumake web visual-studio-code Doesn't work and tells me only firefox-dev available15:52
ioriacrosse may i ask why you need wine ?15:53
crossewhere are you peapole15:54
kk0710daftykins: I am ust trying to decide if I really even need this.  really I only care if it will restore to out of box conditions including partition table, if it won't do that Iwould just do a fresh install of 8 I guess15:54
kk0710ioria: I hae been meaning to get back to you, I was under a different name but you helped me with plex!  I did what you said and everything works now so thank you so much!15:54
crossehaw to upgade wine 1.6 to 1.615:54
crossesorry 1.715:55
ioriakk0710 i'm glad to hear that cheers15:55
crosseioria thnx15:55
k1l_crosse: only wine 1.6 in the official repos. so eihter get a PPA or install wine from some other sources.15:55
kk0710and crap all this talk of resetting windows and I never figured out my original question of what the heck happened to my ubuntu entry15:56
xanguaor compile it15:56
bekkscrosse: what are you using wine for? maybe you can get your application in question from the ubuntu repos?15:56
ioriaright !!!15:56
crossethere is new version 1.715:56
bekkscrosse: what are you using wine for? maybe you can get your application in question from the ubuntu repos?15:56
kk0710maybe I should just buy a new laptop and router this is becomming annoying15:56
crossehaw to upgrade15:56
k1l_crosse: there are no program updates once the ubuntu is released.15:57
ioriacrosse :   Why do you want wine ?15:57
Parabolahey folks, i've got MATE installed now, and dont intend to use unity again, is there safe / sane way to remove unity without breaking the system?15:58
crosserun application of windows15:58
k1l_crosse: and 1.7.. is only the experimental version. the stable version of wine is 1.6.215:58
Parabolasorry, 15.0415:58
ioriacrosse :  which one , please ?15:58
crossekll ....thnx15:58
crossewich whate15:59
k1l_!wine | crosse15:59
ubottucrosse: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu15:59
ioriacrosse :  which app do you wanna run ?15:59
k1l_crosse: so you will not get wine1.7 from ubuntu. look if there is a PPA or other 3rd party source or compile it16:00
crosseok ..16:00
ubottuXRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1216:00
pwcaioria: so, got any ideas?16:00
XLVanyone knows if the xrandr system has changed in latest releases? i had a working setup, now, after a few updates, it broke once again16:01
crosseioria driver of modem hspa16:02
welenHello! I am looking to start booting my distro from grub command line, vs. the menu interface. Is it possible to incorporate some sort of file, like a python or C file, in the grub prompt that can be launched and interacted with? Such as one that asks for you to input something, and only allows you to go further if you enter the right string of text?16:02
k1l_crosse: that doesnt work with wine16:02
k1l_crosse: wine doesnt work with hardware drivers.16:03
bekkscrosse: Because you cannot use device drivers with wine.16:03
ioriapwca did you check the symlinks ?16:03
XLVhttp://pastebin.com/hRu2CCdV this is the added conf i have added in the /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d16:04
crossebekks: thnx16:04
pwcaioria: yes.16:04
MonkeyDustXLV  arandr is a gui for xrandr16:05
XLVthe whole setup is as follows.. two NASes based on msi c847 mbs , celeron 847 cpus.. they output through vga to an old kvm unit that doesnt support storing edid info of monitor.. so i had the problem, when the system booted and the kvm wasnt switched to that pc, the res defaulted to 1024x76816:05
XLVwith the above added conf file, i had it working.. now its broke again16:05
ioriapwca did you run   export LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose   and then  glxgears ?16:06
pwcaioria: yes.16:06
ioriapwca output ?16:07
pwcaioria: same as when running glxinfo.16:07
ioriapwca   do you have /usr/lib/nvidia-***/libGL.so.* ?16:11
pwcayea, ioria.16:12
ioriapwca   it's a link ?16:12
=== Betal_k_h is now known as Betal
=== welen is now known as welenad
ioriapwca   ls -l16:13
pwcalibGL.so -> libGL.so.116:14
pwcalibGL.so.1 -> libGL.so.349.1616:14
ioriapwca   and in /usr/local/lib/libGL.so.* ?16:17
pwca/usr/local/lib/libGL.so.1.2.0 -> /usr/lib/nvidia-349/libGL.so.116:18
surgyhas anyone used a huion graphics tablet? i have read mixed reviews. some say it works well on kernel 3.12 and im obviously running kernAl 3.19. so am i good to go or not?16:22
XLVok, i am getting somewhere.. i could once again add the 1920x1200 modeline and use that mode through xrandr.. problem is now why isnt the the xorg defaulting on that16:22
MonkeyDustsurgy  #ubuntu-offtopic16:22
surgyMonkeyDust, a compatibility question is offtopic?16:23
daftykinskk0710: i just don't believe in ever keeping factory installs, they're bloated and inefficient16:25
bazhanghttp://askubuntu.com/questions/500141/huion-h610-tablet surgy this one?16:25
daftykinsany support questions? :>16:27
surgyuh yeah i asked one16:28
surgyhuion tablet is compatible with ubuntu 15 or not?16:29
daftykinswell i more meant for the recent joiners, i saw yours and have no idea16:29
bazhangsurgy, and I gave a response, with a link16:30
OerHekssurgy, here is more than one huion tablet, which one?16:31
surgydaftykins, ok thank you16:32
surgyok hers a good one. :: i hate unity and i want gnome. the real gnome. how do i get it? whats the package name?16:32
surgyOerHeks, huion 58016:32
daftykinsor you could have MATE and experience the old v2 style16:33
OerHeksgnome2 is dead.16:33
surgydaftykins, i have linux because i have a specific way i want things. i want to be able to customize. unity is horrible at this16:33
daftykinssurgy: ok, sure - i don't need the full story though :)16:34
surgydaftykins, of course you dont.....16:34
surgyanyways the model is huion 58016:34
ioriapwca   ls /etc/ld.so.conf.d  ?16:34
bazhangsurgy, yes it works16:34
Parabolaok, how do you make this trash distro honor standards? i need init 3 and grub "3" doesnt work, and "init 3" doesnt work16:34
Parabolai also cannot change TTYs16:34
bazhang!runlevels | Parabola16:35
ubottuParabola: In Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.16:35
Parabolaugh, why follow standards right16:35
Parabolathanks man16:35
pwcafakeroot-x86_64-linux-gnu.conf  i386-linux-gnu.conf  i386-linux-gnu_GL.conf  libc.conf  x86_64-linux-gnu.conf  x86_64-linux-gnu_GL.conf  x86_64-linux-gnu_GL.conf~  zz_i386-biarch-compat.conf16:35
bazhangParabola, labeling ubuntu a trash distro, not the best way to get support in future16:36
daftykinsParabola: only been that way for a few years (:16:36
Paraboladaftykins: not on real distros its not16:36
daftykinsParabola: again, bringing that childish attitude in here is a great way to get ignored :)16:36
ioriapwca   can you post zz_i386-biarch-compat.conf ?16:36
Parabolabazhang: yeah i know, i'm just shocked at some of the things done just to be different16:36
bazhanglets get back on topic please Parabola16:37
Parabolawhat topic is that16:37
pwcaerr, /lib32 first.16:37
pwcathen /usr/lib32.16:37
bazhangParabola, ubuntu tech support only , chit chat elsewhere16:37
ioriapwca   swap them16:38
ioriapwca   first /usr/lib32 and then /lib3216:38
Parabolabazhang: so theres no equivalent to runlevel 3?16:39
soy_el_pulpoPHPLearner: how it went?16:39
pwcaioria: still doesn't work.16:39
Parabolaor 2|3|4 are equal and all should work?16:39
pwcaI managed to delete some metapackage and not apt-get wants to autoremove my everything. what do I do?16:40
ioriapwca   wait, you have to run sudo ldconfig      .... but,  sotty, at your risk !  <-16:40
pavlosParabola, 2..5 are equivalent16:40
Parabolapavlos: i want to remove my DEs.. so i need just an init 3 session. how do i do that16:40
Parabolai've been googling, i'm not finding what im looking for.. either i'm asking the wrong question, or i'm not understanding the answers.16:40
pwcaioria: I already did run sudo ldconfig!16:40
pavlosParabola, you want to remove your Desktop Environment? so will be running text mode?16:41
ioriapwca   same error from glxinfo ?16:41
Parabolai'm going to install another, but yes16:41
pwcayeah, ioria.16:41
daftykinsParabola: log in at a TTY and stop lightdm, simple.16:41
Paraboladaftykins: that would be great but i cannot change TTY, just black screen16:42
Parabolaonly F7 (X) works16:42
daftykinsresolve your graphics driver issues first then16:42
MonkeyDustParabola  ctrl alt F116:42
Xanathersomeone else having graphical issues on ubuntu, how surprising16:42
daftykinsParabola: or boot with 'text' in place of quiet splash16:42
Parabolanice thanks16:42
pwcaI think I just have to do a clean install.16:42
MonkeyDustXanather  this is the support channel, people come here for problem solving, also graphical problems16:43
ioriapwca  did you update the nvidia drivers  ?16:43
ioriapwca  yep16:44
Xanatheri was sort of making a joke :P16:44
Parabolaman unity really doesn't like being removed does it16:44
Xanatherpersonally ive given up on ubuntu soley because nvidia drivers are so shit16:44
pwcaioria: since when? I have tried like 5 different drivers.16:44
ioriapwca  before the issue, i mean16:45
ParabolaXanather: Xanather nvidia drivers are great. i got crossfire, 144hz monitors and multidisplay working on AMD drivers16:45
MonkeyDustXanather  yes, linux and nvidia are no friends16:45
pwcaI upgraded Ubuntu.16:45
ParabolaXanather: you have it easy..16:45
Parabola!remove unity16:45
Xanatheri couldn't even get vsync working properly16:45
daftykinsXanather: then why are you in here?16:45
ubottuUnity is the default UI since Ubuntu 11.04.  Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. For a GNOME 2-like experience, see !notunity16:45
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default. To use GNOME Shell instead, from 12.10 and up install the "ubuntu-gnome-desktop" package. From 11.04 to 12.04, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic16:45
MonkeyDustParabola  no need to remove, simply install another DE, logout, switch, login16:46
pwcaI use the Gnome 3 version of Ubuntu.16:46
pwcaUnity is painful.16:46
ioriapwca  on the client...  ls /boot ?16:46
ParabolaMonkeyDust: i'd feel better being able to remove it, and its configs, i dont need conflicts causing ghost issues later on16:46
Xanatherdaftykins because i still ask questions sometimes16:46
Xanatheri was insulting nvidia not ubuntu16:46
pwcals /boot: abi-3.16.0-31-generic  config-3.16.0-31-generic  grub initrd.img-3.16.0-31-generic  memtest86+.bin  memtest86+_multiboot.bin      System.map-3.19.0-15-generic  vmlinuz-3.19.0-15-generic abi-3.19.0-15-generic  config-3.19.0-15-generic  initrd.img-3.16.0-23-generic  initrd.img-3.19.0-15-generic  memtest86+.elf  System.map-3.16.0-31-generic  vmlinuz-3.16.0-31-generic16:47
MonkeyDustParabola  then better install a different ubuntu flavor16:47
Parabolahindsight right :)16:47
Parabolai picked ubuntu as a test to ensure i could get the fakeraid working properly, with windows dualboot16:47
Parabolai got it, took a while, and now i dont want to redo it.16:47
ioriapwca  try to boot with 3.16.016:47
Parabolai'll get cinnamon on here and i should be happy enough16:48
=== ochorocho1 is now known as ochorocho
SirSkidmoreI keep getting an (initramfs) Unable to find medium containing live file system16:50
SirSkidmoreI've turned on legacy usb16:50
=== norm is now known as Guest61738
SirSkidmoreand switched my SATA controls from IDE to ACHI16:51
SirSkidmorewhich are the two recommendations I can find16:51
ParabolaSirSkidmore: rebuild / update your initramfs images?16:52
SirSkidmoreParabola: this is on a liveUSB16:52
daftykinsSirSkidmore: how'd you make the drive up? are you using motherboard-direct USB 2.0 ports?16:54
=== HoloIRCUser is now known as jamilo
SirSkidmoredaftykins: Rufus with GPT boottables for EFI16:55
SirSkidmoreyes. 2.0 drive in a 2.0 port16:55
daftykinsso you're modifying the default ISO?16:55
SirSkidmoreI unplugged my USB wifi card and got it to boot, but couldn't get my mouse or keyboard to turn on, so I rebooted to look for a IOMMU option, rebooted again to the USB and it wouldn't boot anymore16:56
SirSkidmoredaftykins: I've tried with Unetbootin16:56
SirSkidmoreand Rufus16:56
SirSkidmoreand I've tried two of the setting on Rufus16:56
daftykinsUniversal USB Installer from pendrivelinux.com ?16:57
daftykinsalso have you MD5'd this ISO?16:57
SirSkidmoreit boots fine on my laptop16:57
daftykinsso the troublesome one is some older generation desktop?16:58
SirSkidmoredaftykins: not older gen16:59
audia5hey guys sudo crossystem dev_boot_usb=1   how to make this sign =16:59
daftykinsSirSkidmore: oh?17:00
SirSkidmoredaftykins: modern CPU. 8-core AMD processer, MSI mobo17:00
daftykinsaudia5: an equals sign? it's to the left of backspace, which is above enter for me17:00
audia5daftykins i have =0} and this on my keyboard17:01
SirSkidmoreIf I unplug everything, it boots, but plugging anything in doesn't turn them on17:01
daftykinsSirSkidmore: latest BIOS?17:01
SirSkidmorebut if I try to boot with a keyboard plugged in, it blows up17:01
daftykinssounds like your USB is wonky :)17:01
daftykins(technical term)17:01
audia5equal sign how to make it on my terminal17:01
daftykinsaudia5: i'm unsure what you're saying... your keyboard doesn't have equals? ==17:02
xjorgexaudia5: escape it? i.e. \=17:02
audia5it has but i can not type in on my terminal i try diffrent keys but its not showing17:02
SirSkidmoredaftykins: after it failed out and I tried to plug my keyboard in, it said USB device could not be enumerated or something like that17:02
daftykinsSirSkidmore: mmm, doesn't sound very happy. are you using case USB or ports directly on the motherboard's rear IO Panel?17:03
SirSkidmoredaftykins: directly on the board17:04
SirSkidmoredaftykins: I actually have to run some errands though, I might just try again later17:05
daftykinsso what of my BIOS version query?17:05
=== darkdevil is now known as DarkDevil
SirSkidmoredaftykins: I think so but the MSI page is incredibly difficult to navigate to figure out17:05
daftykinsSirSkidmore: give me the model # and i'll take a glance17:06
daftykinswhat's your current BIOS version at?17:06
SirSkidmoredaftykins: E7640AMS V22.417:06
daftykinsSirSkidmore: so 990FXA-GD80?17:08
=== luist_ is now known as luist
SirSkidmoredaftykins: that looks right17:10
SirSkidmorebut I can't seem to find the model number anywhere in the bios or on the board itself17:11
daftykinsit should be hidden beside the PEG slot perhaps17:11
SirSkidmoreaand I don't have the box or anything17:11
ioriaSirSkidmore, sorry, are you sure you are uefi ?17:13
daftykinsSirSkidmore: that boards offered BIOSs only go up to v13.15 for me on the MSI website17:14
SirSkidmoredaftykins: and the board says msi7640 version 4.0 but that brings up like 5 boards on the msi page17:15
SirSkidmoreioria: I guess not entirely17:15
daftykinsSirSkidmore: ah slightly different then - http://www.msi.com/product/mb/890FXAGD70.html#hero-overview17:16
daftykinsit's MS, not MSI for those model numbers typically17:16
daftykinsSirSkidmore: they definitely have the model written between the black slots lower down, so i'd give it a good staring at with a torch/lamp ;)17:17
SirSkidmoredaftykins: that doesn't look like my board but let me look again17:17
daftykinsSirSkidmore: you tried dmidecode and lshw i take it? dmesg might also show some info about the board at the very top17:18
SirSkidmoregot it17:18
SirSkidmorethat's it17:18
daftykins23.2 is the latest then17:19
SirSkidmoredaftykins: but will that solve the issue?17:20
daftykinsdo it, load the defaults, then try again17:21
daftykinswell it won't hurt to try17:21
SirSkidmoredaftykins: well, the bios comes in a exe17:24
SirSkidmorewhich I have windows on my desktop17:24
SirSkidmorebut now I'm just getting blue screens >.>17:24
daftykinsdo or don't?17:24
daftykinssounds like your machine isn't stable then17:24
daftykinsmemtest o'clock17:24
daftykinsSirSkidmore: oh if you only just changed SATA mode your Windows install will BSOD on boot, yeah17:27
daftykinsyou can't change it after you've put Windows on17:27
SirSkidmoredaftykins: yeah reset back to default and got it working haha17:28
SirSkidmorethinking about just wiping everything17:28
daftykinswell start with a memtest17:28
SirSkidmorenot interested in dualbooting really17:28
jiggerypokeryAnyone got one of the new Dell XPS laptops?17:30
jiggerypokeryTrying to run ubuntu on it has just been misery wondering if anyone else has had better luck17:30
daftykinsXPS 13?17:31
daftykinstrying to run what, 15.04?17:31
jiggerypokeryI've tried 14 too which is even worse17:31
daftykinsso what happens with - 14.04? 14.10? which17:32
jiggerypokeryTrackpad doesn't work, keyboard jams. Wifi won't connect for more than a second17:32
jiggerypokery15.04 is much more stable17:32
SirSkidmorejiggerypokery: one of the newest xps machines? I have one of the previous models and everything runs fine17:32
daftykinsFHD or QHD model?17:33
jiggerypokeryI'm thinking of sending it back it is a trainwreck17:33
=== NothingMuchHere is now known as Nothing_Muchy
pwcaI accidentally removed something a lot of packages dependend on and now apt-get wants to autoremove a lot of packages. how can I fix this?17:36
daftykinsmonojin: what are you looking for?17:36
monojindaftykins: recognition for the best flavor ; )17:36
daftykinsthere's no such thing as best.17:37
=== soee_ is now known as soee
monojindaftykins: I know, that message was slightly facetious17:37
hichamatI want to give to a new user read permission to /var/log/apache17:37
daftykinshichamat: it would make far more sense to modify the apache site to put logs in the path beside the document root17:38
lightahi guys, assuming I have mount /home from another disk how to I access the original mount (prior to the mount) again ?, (I remenber there was a command to do so)17:39
daftykinslighta: as in you mounted /home on top of your original /home by mistake?17:39
etronikGuys... why is Firefox all of a sudden not running either Flash or Java contents ? I'm trying to access legit streaming site tennistv.com, but besides the page header and footer, all I get is ever circulating hourglass....17:40
hichamatdaftykins no I can't, I created a new user and add him to vsftpd list, then I create a symbolic link to /var/log/apache in the user home directory, When I connect via ftp I can see the symbolic link but I can't access17:40
lightana daftykins but I think I got it : http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/49345/accessing-files-hidden-by-mounted-drive17:40
daftykinshichamat: can't or won't?17:40
SirSkidmoredaftykins: wow17:40
SirSkidmoreupdated and it worked17:40
SirSkidmorethank you very much!17:40
daftykinsSirSkidmore: :D17:40
daftykinsSirSkidmore: glad it worked out :) my pleasure17:40
hichamatdaftykins I must give read permission to the new user ?17:41
daftykinshichamat: i don't think changing permissions on /var/log is a good idea.17:41
daftykinshere be many dragons17:41
hichamatdalekleader what is the solution, I just want to give a user FTP access to /var/log/apache only17:42
netlarSirSkidmore: Skidmore middle name?17:42
=== metallic_ is now known as metallic
daftykinshichamat: like i said, reconfigure the site to put the logs in a path that user has access to - best method 100%.17:43
* IAmNotARobot is away: I'm busy17:43
hichamatdaftykins I can tell apache to put log in two folders ? so I keep /var/log/apache and add /home/newuser/apache17:43
daftykinsit can log sites independantly17:45
hichamatdaftykins ah so this is a good solution, now I will look how to change apache configuration :) thank you very much17:45
=== Petazz_ is now known as Petazz
XLVfixed it.. for whomever is interested the updated custom added xorg conf file is http://pastebin.com/dK0vxmCy17:50
=== wbill_ is now known as wbill
XLVprobably the naming of outputs has changed in recent drivers or something17:50
daftykinsXLV: for what issue?17:50
XLVdaftykins, <XLV> the whole setup is as follows.. two NASes based on msi c847 mbs , celeron 847 cpus.. they output through vga to an old kvm unit that doesnt support storing edid info of monitor.. so i had the problem, when the system booted and the kvm wasnt switched to that pc, the res defaulted to 1024x76817:51
XLV<*buffextras> mzaza!~mzaza@ quit with message: [Quit: leaving]17:51
XLV<XLV> with the above added conf file, i had it working.. now its broke again17:51
XLV<XLV> http://pastebin.com/hRu2CCdV this is the added conf i have added in the /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d17:52
Samul`hi guys17:53
Samul`I've got a problem with youtube flash player on firefox, ubuntu 15.04 64 bit17:53
Samul`the problem is:17:53
daftykinsyoutube's HTML5 player not working for you?17:53
Samul`when a video is running and I stop it, the video immediately stops, but the audio goes on for about half a second. when I play it again, the video goes on for about half a second without audio17:54
Samul`daftykins: I don't really like html5 player17:54
Samul`it's kinda laggy17:54
daftykinswell flash is old and buggy so i'd not really expect anything to change17:54
daftykinsyou could test the guest session or a clean profile perhaps17:54
Paraboladaftykins: would you say installing the 'xubuntu-desktop' package on an ubuntu install with unity removed is a bad idea?17:55
daftykinsor maybe your graphics driver is sub-optimal17:55
Samul`OK I'mma try the html5 player17:55
Samul`since I've heard too many times that flash player is the past17:55
daftykinsParabola: depends how you removed unity17:55
Parabolafair point17:55
Parabolamost likely incorrectly, purged the unity package, cleaned up obviously unity-something packages17:55
daftykinsif you took all the packages mentioned in ubuntu-desktop and purged them, that'd be good17:55
Samul`one more thing that I'd like to know17:56
daftykinsthere are probably guides online that say how to do it properly though, i don't use desktop17:56
Samul`since on windows it was the default setting for firefox, I'd like to know how to do it on ubuntu:17:56
Parabolai didnt remove ubuntu-desktop for fear of breaking things :)17:56
Samul`in the url bar, I want the entire url to be selected upon click17:56
daftykinsit's just a meta package.17:56
Samul`like I left click in the url bar, and the whole link gets selected so that I can copy or delete it17:57
Samul`how can I do that?17:57
Samul`guess I have something to do in the about:config page17:57
vonsyd0wSamul`, you could just double click to select all the text17:57
surgy_i just switched to gnome 3 which is awesome17:57
iriskSamul`: Ctrl+L17:57
Samul`that's not actually what I want17:57
surgy_but blender is not in the gnome panel. how do i fix this? i did install blender from the repos17:58
daftykinsSamul`: i don't understand what you mean, nothing gets auto copied in FF on Windows for me17:58
Samul`I want the whole link to get selected upon single click17:58
Samul`I don't mean it gets copied17:58
Samul`but selected17:58
Samul`it turnes blue/orange17:58
vonsyd0wone more click will do it17:58
iriskctrl+L selects -_-17:58
Samul`I know irisk17:58
irisknot copies17:58
daftykinsmust say i always use ctrl+L myself :>17:58
Samul`but I want it to get done upon click17:58
daftykinsor click in then ctrl+A17:58
s_spiffhey guys  I htave a discrete graphic card as well as a integrated17:59
daftykinss_spiff: ok...17:59
s_spiffboth show up when I just enter lspci in the terminal17:59
Samul`heh daftykins, I don't feel comfortable if I have to do two things in order to get one done17:59
stacks88im not sure why, but for some reason in my sources.list at the bottom i have deb http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/debian trusty contrib , so i guess i have been getting virtualbox from them all along... now i commented it out, ran apt-get update;apt-cache search virtualbox and i see that its available under virtualbox-4.3 - Oracle VM VirtualBox , so what do you guys think i should do,17:59
stacks88keep using the download.virtualbox.org or should i just start using the one from ubuntu naturally? my sources.list has never changed except me adding that download.virtualbox.org line at the end of it17:59
Paraboladaftykins: last question, i've got cinnamon on here atm, it appears that there are some GTK misisng packages, or just weirdness.. black borders, and the wallpaper settings dialog is missing resources, everything else appears to be okay17:59
daftykinsSamul`: you must be very uncomfortable in front of a computer then ;)17:59
s_spiffbut if i enter lspci | grep VGA, i get only integrated card showing up17:59
Samul`not actually18:00
pwcaI accidentally removed something a lot of packages dependend on and now apt-get wants to autoremove a lot of packages. how can I fix this?18:00
Samul`I'm a coder (well kind of)18:00
Samul`but you know, if a thing can be done in one passage18:00
Samul`why should I do it in two, if it's the same result?18:00
daftykinss_spiff: right, so both lines don't have VGA in capitals in them...18:00
daftykinsParabola: sorry i'm not a desktop person.18:00
s_spiffdaftykins, let me copy the output into pastebin18:01
daftykinss_spiff: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && lspci | pastebinit18:01
s_spiffdaftykins, http://paste.ubuntu.com/10980058/18:02
Paraboladaftykins: right, i dont know how i forgot that.. i'm wondering if just reinstalling unity would put back any missing resources adn i just leave that DE there as well18:02
daftykinss_spiff: good lord that's a lot of spam18:02
Parabolanot sure what the official recommendations are on having multiple DEs installed18:02
s_spiffdaftykins, sorry, kind of new to this18:03
daftykinss_spiff: so what's your actual query? i see you have a broadwell machine with an AMD Radeon HD 8890M beside it18:03
daftykinsso hybrid graphics.. laptop?18:03
=== error is now known as Guest61205
iorias_spiff, did you check in bios ?18:04
daftykinsioria: we don't even know the issue yet? :>18:05
daftykinshowever i spy with my little eye, nomodeset being used18:06
s_spiffdaftykins, the ive been trying to install the propreitary drivers ft or the amd card since last night. most of the time when I try the catalyst center, it tells me the drivers are not installed. i'm not back on the open source driver. I'm trying to figure out why the system doesnt have the discrete graphic card running18:06
hichamatI don't understand what this command do mount --bind /var/log /home/user/log18:06
s_spiffioria, i have "switchable" in bios. other option is UMA, which disables the discrete and has only the intel running18:06
Parabolahichamat: man mount.18:06
daftykinss_spiff: what kind of computer is this?18:06
s_spiffdaftykins, a lenovo y40 notebook18:06
daftykinss_spiff: alright so which ubuntu version is this?18:07
daftykins"cat /etc/issue"18:07
s_spiff14.04 LTS Trusty18:07
s_spiffdaftykins, 14.04 LTS Trusty18:07
daftykinsand have you at any point tried to load AMD drivers via installing the package 'fglrx' ?18:07
hichamatParabola the same contents is accessible in two places, but I'm confused about permissions18:07
mgolischwhen trying to install 15.04 i end up on a login screen instead of in the installer, any ideas?18:07
s_spiffdaftykins, several times last night.18:07
daftykinss_spiff: ok run this please: "sudo apt-get install pastebinit" *THEN* "dpkg -l | grep fglrx | pastebinit"18:08
s_spiffdaftykins, either by using the "additional Drivers" or by using the installer on amd'swebsite.18:08
s_spiffdaftykins, ok18:08
daftykinss_spiff: the reason it's not working is you have nomodeset configured, you need to install a driver... then when you boot, hold left shift to get GRUB up... then try removing 'nomodeset'18:09
s_spiffdaftykins, it says i'm trying to send an empty document for dpkg -l | grep fglrx | pastebinit18:09
surgy_when i switched to gnome 3 blender is not in the gnome panel. how do i fix this?18:09
daftykinsok no packages installed then18:09
s_spiffi guess because i've removed everything related to fglrx18:10
daftykinss_spiff: do you understand what i'm suggesting re: changing the GRUB boot options?18:10
s_spiffdaftykins, i think so. let me disable nomodeset18:10
daftykinss_spiff: use the additional drivers program to throw fglrx back on, then reboot and try it by removing it for a one-time boot18:11
=== rax-Y is now known as rax-
s_spiffdaftykins, going to try it now. brb. thanks for the help!18:12
=== athairus_oops is now known as athairus
daftykinsweird something so new to be broadwell coming with AMD discrete 0o18:13
s_spiffdaftykins, lenovo seems to be pushing out all their y series with amd discretes these days18:14
s_spiffbrb time to reboot18:14
optik_9are solid state drives writable or unwritable18:20
s_spiffdaftykins, thanks! got it running. appreciate the help!18:20
daftykinss_spiff: great, you'll have to edit a file to permanently remove nomodeset from your kernel boot parameters18:21
optik_9can you be hacked using a solid state drive18:21
bekksoptik_9: that sentence doesnt make any sense.18:21
daftykinsoptik_9: yes, you can be hacked running any form of disk storage :P18:22
optik_9well a website said that solid state drives are persistent18:22
bekksoptik_9: Would be horrible if they werent persistent.18:22
optik_9kinda like once you put on your system to it you cant take it off18:22
bekksThats not the meaning of "persistent".18:22
bekksThey are as persistent as your legacy harddisks.18:23
optik_9okay i see18:23
optik_9so how does your tablet pcs keep the system installed for later installation without wiping that part of it out18:23
optik_9is it on a non writable disk18:23
bekksoptik_9: ??18:24
optik_9can i just create a full operating system on a blueray non writable disk and run it out of ram and not get hacked since the disk is the os and the os is unwritable18:25
optik_9if i write my own os18:25
optik_9the only loophole is the ram18:25
daftykinsno, because not getting hacked involves keeping software up to date18:25
xanguanever heard or a linux distro on a blueray18:25
daftykinsby having WORM boot media you can't update = you will get hacked more.18:25
optik_9hrm doubt it18:25
daftykinsbut your idea of getting hacked anyway is a very paranoid starting point for computing usage18:25
XLVoptik_9, tablets have a recovery partition with initial OS files and settings, that one is write protected in regular use18:25
daftykinsdoubt what?18:26
optik_9why viruses are always popping up on the pc18:26
XLVoptik_9, but its not unwritable. you can write it when you update the tablet's OS18:26
optik_9that a computer os i write is hackable18:26
daftykinsviruses are very 90s18:26
optik_9there still around full time18:26
kokutHello, anyone knows how to access the java control panel in ubuntu?18:26
xanguaoptik_9: do you have an ubuntu support question?18:26
optik_9yes is ubuntu a good os to use18:26
optik_9then i'll leave18:26
Parabolait depends on who you ask, and what your experience is18:27
Parabolathats like saying is a honda a good car.18:28
Parabolasure if you want a plastic appliance that has a low TCO.18:28
Parabolatldr; be smarter, ask a real question18:28
bekksParabola: Which is a lie, as everyone knows it ;)18:28
daftykinsoptik_9: it is as long as you don't try to run it from optical media ;)18:28
xanguaor from a blueray :P18:28
Parabolai personally don't like ubuntu, i spend my work days supporting RHEL and CentOS, so anything outside of the way they do things is likely to annoy me18:29
Parabolaif you want a distro with a wide desktop user base, this is it18:29
daftykinsit's called bluray18:29
Parabolatechnically its blu-ray18:29
daftykinshey as long as there's no 'e' i'm happy18:29
Paraboladaftykins: so i know you dont care, but installed xubuntu-desktop, removed a bunch of junk and it seems to be "ok" so far18:30
daftykinsgood stuff18:30
daftykinsobviously in future you can just get direct media18:30
Parabolayeah, i realized that after i did all this :)18:31
daftykinsi figured you didn't want to reinstall18:31
Parabolai really dont want to deal with the fakeraid again no18:31
Parabolagranted, it would take considerably less time now since i know what shortcomings or oversights have occured and how to get around them18:31
Parabolalike not loading any raid drivers into the initramfs images when the install was done to a raid array18:32
xanguaParabola: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntucat/pure-ubuntu-15-04/18:32
Parabolaha thats awesome, thanks!18:32
xanguathere ir a factoid for that, but the links are outdated18:32
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »18:32
theRealGentWhy can I not apt-get install ffmpeg on 12.04?18:33
audia5anyone who uses chromebook18:33
xanguaoh that's only for "pure ubuntu/unity" sorry Parabola18:33
Parabolano worries, still bookmarked18:33
ParabolatheRealGent: i dont know you tell us, you're the guy with the error message.. learn to ask a question18:33
petrvstheRealGent: should be able to, from security repo?18:33
petrvsaudia5: sure18:34
theRealGentParabola, well it seems to not exist.18:34
ParabolatheRealGent: apt-cache search ffmpeg18:34
Parabolaor, if thats too specific depending on what they named it18:34
Parabolaapt-cache search mpeg |grep -i ff18:34
audia5petrvs: i am on acer chromebook terminal and i want to boot from usb18:34
theRealGentParabola, libav-tools shows up. But I have that installed but no ffmpeg command.18:35
daftykinsafaiui since some version ffmpeg got booted out in place of avconv or whatever it's called18:35
theRealGentUbuntu's situation with ffmpeg/h264 is pretty screwed up.18:35
daftykinstheRealGent: ^18:35
audia5petrvs sudo crossystem dev_boot_usb=1  is this correct18:35
Parabolafirst google result https://gist.github.com/xdamman/e4f713c8cd1a389a591718:35
theRealGentdaftykins, yes! Thank you!18:35
audia5petrvs: do you know how to boot chromebook from usb18:36
petrvsaudia5: which chromebook is it?18:36
daftykinsaudia5: chromebooks require a little hacking to run ubuntu, plenty of guides online if you search for your model18:36
Paraboladamnit, it uninstalled pidgin18:36
audia5petrvs: iam acer  chromebook18:37
petrvsaudia5: which one?18:37
petrvsaudia5: you're in luck, I have that very chromebook18:37
=== antivAway is now known as antivirtel
petrvslet me find those instructions I saved18:37
petrvsaudia5: http://dpaste.com/35A2NCJ.txt18:38
iriskhey, can java applets run on ubuntu?18:38
petrvsirisk: yup18:39
iriskon chromium?18:39
iriskit's not working18:39
petrvsmost likely18:39
iriskwhat do I have to do?18:39
daftykinsyou'd have to find a working java plugin for chrome, they dropped NPAPI so there'd have to be an alternative18:39
daftykinsmight only be doable with FF18:39
audia5petrvs ohh do i need to screw on it18:39
petrvsaudia5: well, if you want to do a proper install, yes18:40
petrvsaudia5: it's really not that bad, especially if you have my instructions18:40
iriski don't like FF18:40
daftykinswe don't support non-native installs here :)18:40
daftykinsirisk: well, you may not have a choice18:40
petrvsirisk: why not?18:40
iriskit's ugly18:40
daftykinslets deal in absolutes rather than personal opinions :)18:41
audia5petrvs  can i  not just boot from usb on chroomebook i have bootable usb18:41
iriskit doesn't have mobile emulation18:41
iriskfor webdev18:41
theRealGentDamn is it complicated to merge two video files with a utility like avconv..18:41
petrvsaudia5: I think you can, but there are various things you won't be able to do without the full process18:41
petrvstheRealGent: it kind of is these days18:41
petrvsit used to be simple, but they changed it18:41
petrvsmkvmerge from mkvtoolnix makes it real simple18:42
petrvsmkvmerge -o new old1 + old218:42
petrvsask #ffmpeg about their own ways18:42
petrvsirisk: it looks however you want it, and yes, it has mobile emulation18:42
petrvswhich you don't actually need, but it has anyway18:43
xanguairisk: have you check firefox developer edition¿18:43
iriski have the standard one which comes with ubuntu18:43
petrvsthat one has "mobile emulation"18:43
iriskwell, there are some extensions that i have18:44
iriskthat i cannot manage without18:44
iriskthat are not on FF18:44
daftykinslook, regardless of your preference you may have issues finding a java plugin for chrome, so have a look at that first18:45
petrvsirisk: that's not the worst reason I ever heard18:45
petrvsthough they're probably all available for Firefox, heh18:45
theRealGentpetrvs, this is INSANE. Apparently there's a "fake" ffmpeg in libav, and a real ffmpeg from Ffmpeg. And the only resources i can find on how to install ffmpeg is to compile from source, and it requires a metric fuckton of libraries and dependencies. How is there not a package for this/18:45
petrvstheRealGent: there is18:45
theRealGentI used to advise Ubuntu to most people to avoid issues like these..18:45
theRealGentpetrvs, I did an apt-cache search and couldnt find this package?18:45
daftykinstheRealGent: #1 don't use that language here please, #2 i'm sure you can find a PPA where it's already compiled for you18:45
petrvstheRealGent: well, it's an issue inherited from Debian, and a lot of issues fell into the trap recently18:46
theRealGentdaftykins, my apologies.18:46
petrvstheRealGent: that's another problem, it's available for 12.0418:46
ioriatheRealGent, have you tried the .deb http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/all/ffmpeg/download18:46
jiggerypokeryI'm running 15.04 and every time I try to run yum install on a virtualbox guest my entire computer freezes18:46
jiggerypokeryanyone got any ideas?18:47
petrvsjiggerypokery: what kind of hardware?18:47
theRealGentpetrvs apt-get complains there is no installation candidate.18:47
jiggerypokeryIntel i7 processor 16 gigs of ram18:47
daftykinssounds like an IO issue to me18:48
OerHeksjiggerypokery, yum in an Ubuntu vm?18:48
Pandorianwhere is the .icons dir in ubuntu 15?18:48
bekksjiggerypokery: Show us a complete dmesg output please - I already asked you that in #vbox for three times.18:48
Pandoriancant find where i'm supposed to move the icons18:48
jiggerypokeryits a centos vm on ubuntu host18:49
theRealGentpetrvs, is there something special Im supposed to do for this? use a different version of ubuntu? modify my sources.list?18:49
jiggerypokerybekks: This is awkward because that is the complete output I really don't know what to do about it18:49
theRealGentioria, shouldnt that be available from my package manager?18:49
petrvstheRealGent: not that I'm aware of18:50
bekksjiggerypokery: So whats the output of "dmesg | wc -l"?18:50
kickit2Hey everyone - using arno-iptables-firewall on a machine that routes ALL traffic though a VPN.  no matter how I define their start order under rd*.d, arno always starts first and then gives an error about tun0 not existing yet.  Is there another area that would start the firewall earlier than is defined in rc?18:50
ioriatheRealGent, be removed, i think18:50
bekkslittle character l, not one.18:50
petrvstheRealGent: says security repo, all I know18:50
stacks88are config files ever likely to actually be in /usr/share ? or is /usr/share just like where read only copies go or something? Cauuse i see there is /etc/powerdns/pdns.conf and im pretty sure /etc/powerdns/pdns.conf is the real config file .. its just that there is /usr/share/pdns-server/pdns.conf and stuff like that18:50
ioriatheRealGent, it was deprecated in 14 and reintalled in 15 if i'm not wrong18:51
jiggerypokery983 bekks18:51
kickit2start order MUST be networking, openvpn, firewall - right now its networking, firewall, openvpn18:51
petrvshe's on 1218:51
theRealGentSorry, Im on 14.04 LTS18:52
theRealGentI'm still thinking back to the days of 12.04 LTS xD18:52
ioriatheRealGent, you saind 12.0418:52
theRealGentioria, I was wrong and I apologize.18:52
ioriatheRealGent, you can build from source, then18:52
Pandoriandoes anyone have any idea where the .icons folder in ubuntu 15 is?18:52
theRealGentioria, I was really hoping to avoid doing that. The instructions are like an entire wiki in itself.18:52
petrvstheRealGent: libav should work the same if that's all you can get simply18:53
daftykinstheRealGent: so you can _still_ look for an ffmpeg PPA as i mentioned earlier18:53
theRealGentdaftykins, I'll give that a try.18:53
ioriatheRealGent, no, it's a configure  , and make (don't reccomedn the make install) if a remember well18:53
petrvspart of what makes libav superfluous is that it works about the same18:53
theRealGentpetrvs, I've been trying to use avconv but from what I can see online it uses slightly different arguments.18:53
theRealGentFor video concatenation, which is what I want to do.18:54
theRealGentffmpeg seems to have this nice feature where you can just -i "input" a bunch of files and spit out an output.18:54
theRealGentavconv requires some -concat:"file|file|file" syntax with a bunch of filters regarding decoders and other things I've never researched or understood.18:54
petrvstheRealGent: they're both like that now18:55
petrvsyou're comparing old ffmpeg and new ffmpeg/libav18:55
petrvsalas :p18:55
petrvsthe old way was far simpler18:55
petrvsI'm not sure the old way is 100% unsupported, or if the docs for it are just obliterated18:55
petrvs#ffmpeg would know18:55
ioriatheRealGent, however there is a ppa18:55
jiggerypokerydaftykins: were you talking to me when you said you thought it was an io issue?18:56
SirSkidmoredaftykins: just got everything installed and I'm up and running18:56
SirSkidmorethanks again for the help18:56
kickit2Is there a way to make startup sit and wait until a network connection is established?  It starts it and then continues on right now, and that causes errors (as the connection isn't complete)18:56
theRealGentpetrvs, glad to see we're moving forward. /s18:56
petrvstheRealGent: heh, it's possible I just forgot the old way, too18:56
xanguakickit2: you can add a delay18:56
=== rotzbub__ is now known as rotzbub
petrvstheRealGent: you tried ffmpeg -i foo -i bar -map 0 -c copy baz ?18:56
kickit2xangua: and where is that delay specified?18:57
surgy_i installed blender on ubuntu unity. and then i decided unity is worthless  so i installed gnome 3. now blender is not in my launcher. i have restarted gnome several times. and blender is in my /usr/share/applications folder18:57
daftykinsjiggerypokery: yup18:57
daftykinsSirSkidmore: cool :)18:57
theRealGentpetrvs, yes. I'm not following the method in the ffmpeg wiki with -i concat: and it sorta works-ish. The output video is shorter than expected and hangs on one frame at the end for the rest of the video.18:58
petrvsyeah I couldn't even get it to work18:59
petrvstalk to #ffmpeg18:59
xanguakickit2: first google result http://www.howtogeek.com/189995/how-to-manage-startup-applications-in-ubuntu-14.04/18:59
theRealGentlol this is ad.18:59
petrvsit's sad in a way18:59
petrvsbut ffmpeg is always being developed, and this happens18:59
petrvsalways being developed is good18:59
jiggerypokerydaftykins: possibly, sometimes after the freezes when I restart I get internal error reports that mention paging issues.19:00
surgy_i installed blender on ubuntu unity. and then i decided unity is worthless  so i installed gnome 3. now blender is not in my launcher. i have restarted gnome several times. and blender is in my /usr/share/applications folder19:00
petrvsit's unfortunate they don't put a little more thought into future proofed syntax and change only the backend, though, ,heh19:00
kickit2xangua: This system is a server - and I'm not talking about applications after login, im talking about adding delays to system services startups.. for instance, delay 5 seconds after starting the networking service.19:00
jiggerypokerywould that be consistent? (I am really out of my depth here)19:00
daftykinsjiggerypokery: you're not using old hard disks on that machine perhaps? for either OS or VM storage?19:00
xanguakickit2: oh sourry, you can also ask in #ubuntu-server they might be more helpful than IO19:00
xanguathan I19:00
vonsyd0wjiggerypokery, what kind of resources did you allocate to your VM?19:00
kickit2xangua: thanks - ill try that19:01
jiggerypokeryit is an ssd19:03
theRealGentpetrvs, so what is up with this libav avconv ffmpeg real and fake stuff?19:03
petrvstheRealGent: oh it's a long story, but if you can easily get libav and not ffmpeg, you should be fine until you can easily get ffmpeg again19:05
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jiggerypokeryvonsyd0w: 1 gig ram 1cpu but that same config works fine on my OSX machine19:06
iriskokay, i installed icedTea for jnlp from the software center. web start still not working19:08
iriskon FF19:08
pgulleyHey! I've got a package installation question. Is this the right place for it?19:08
Pandoriandoes anyone have any idea where the .icons folder in ubuntu 15 is?19:08
Pandorianor why it has disappeared?19:09
xanguaPandorian: there has never been an /.icons directoy in home if that's what you ask, you need to create it first19:10
pgulleyI'm on chrubuntu, trying to install the nvidia-cuda-toolkit package via apt-get, but am getting a "no installation candidate" error.19:10
Pandorianoh yea? i see19:10
jiggerypokerydaftykins: The machine has an NFS mounted drive, could that be related?19:12
jiggerypokeryI am totally out of my depth and don't know where to begin debugging this19:12
s_spiffdaftykins, turns out remove nomodeset breaks hibernate recovery. So now it's either choose between amd drivers or hibernate. :/19:14
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surgy_why isnt blender in the gnome3 panel????19:22
pragmaticenigmatheRealGent, you will be happy to know that ffmpeg was restored in 15.0419:25
=== _Kai_ is now known as __Kai__
theRealGentpragmaticenigma, that does make me quite happy :)19:26
c0mr88I am running Ubuntu 14.04.2 64 bit Desktop on an HP ProLiant ML110 G6 Server on VMware Workstation 8 and I gave it 4GB of RAM and 150GB of HDD space and it still runs slow and laggy.19:28
pragmaticenigmac0mr88, did you give it enough CPUs to work with? what about video ram (if this is a GUI install)19:29
=== norm is now known as Guest17765
surgy_nevermind i found the solution. thnx for everything....19:31
jiggerypokeryI am at my wits end19:31
samuel706Hi all, im very new to irc. Is there a way to remove the info for ppl entering and exiting the channel?19:34
xanguathat depends on your irc client samuel70619:35
_guest_whats a good software similar to windows movie maker?19:35
xanguatools, plugins and enable the "hide join/leave" plugin samuel70619:36
daftykinss_spiff: heh, i never touch hibernation personally19:36
xanguatools, addons I believe in english, spanish here19:36
samuel706awesome, thank you!19:36
Johnny_LinuxMovie maker replacements:  http://www.osalt.com/movie-maker19:38
fabiusp98For video editor http://www.pitivi.org/19:38
samuel706Works like a champ, I kept thinking it was some command for freenode.19:39
fabiusp98ola cleber, esto es un canal ingles19:39
boogie_Could someone please walk me through installing flash player on 12.04? I've done it 20 times but this time I'm having lots of trouble.19:42
boogie_I used to use pepper flash, but it's not there anymore.19:43
boogie_Do I need to add a new repository?19:43
fabiusp98sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer this shuld work19:44
streulmahello, I checked yesterday /sys/class/power and my computer stays always on battery. In the Power tool, AC adapter is online and battery is detected.19:44
boogie_Could someone please walk me through installing flash player on 12.04? I've done it 20 times but this time I'm having lots of trouble. I used to use pepper flash, but it's not there anymore. Do I need to add a new repository?19:47
ZeZui think it's just called flashinstaller now or something, but idk haven't used 12.04 in a while19:48
bekksboogie_: Pepperflash is shipped by Chrome.19:48
boogie_Does chrome work as well as chromium now?19:51
boogie_If so, I can just install chrome19:51
petrvsas well for what?19:51
ZeZuchrome has worked for a long time19:51
bekksFor longer than chromium :)19:52
boogie_General use. When chrome was just coming out it worked like crap so I stuck with chromium.19:52
xanguagoogle chrome is based on chromium boogie_19:52
vonsyd0wits always worked in my case, chrome that is19:52
ZeZui think that's backwards19:52
ZeZujust FYI19:52
Lazikna I remember, at first you could only run chromium19:52
boogie_Well, everything says chrome comes with flash now.19:52
petrvsdunno about that19:52
bekksChromium is based on Chrome.19:52
petrvsbut <shrug>19:52
ZeZuwhether you could run it or not,  Chrome was first19:53
LazikI always apt-get chromium now19:53
petrvsboogie_: it does, you can use flash with any browser, though19:53
boogie_But I dont have flash, but I have chromium. Is there a difference19:53
ioriaboogie_, "    but it's not there anymore."  what you mean ?19:53
Lazikna chrome is based off chromium19:53
bekksLazik: No.19:53
vonsyd0wyes it is19:53
vonsyd0wlook it up19:53
samuel706what lazik said19:53
bekksboogie_: Chromium is stripped down.19:53
petrvsboogie_: Chromium should be superior overall19:53
petrvssince it's not build by Google goofs19:53
xanguaboogie_: google chrome ships with propietary stuff19:53
* ZeZu yawns19:53
boogie_When I search the ubuntu softwware center it only has the adobe flash for firefox19:54
* petrvs yawns more better19:54
ioriaboogie_, it's non free19:54
petrvsboogie_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Chromium/Getting-Flash19:54
boogie_So how then could i install flash?19:54
ZeZuboogie_, it'll do it for you19:54
boogie_Already tried that19:55
boogie_Its already chaecked19:55
ZeZupurge everything flash related, purge chrome, purge chromium19:55
ioriaboogie_,  try sudo update-pepperflashplugin-nonfree19:55
streulmaBay Trail :)19:55
ZeZuthen retry from a repo install for chrome itself19:56
streulmawho is working with Baytrail ?19:56
streulmawo has the Asus X205TA ?19:56
bekksstreulma: Whats the specific ubuntu support question behind your polls?19:56
boogie_said command not fouind. Should i put apt-get in there?19:56
streulmabekks, acpi 5.0 :)19:56
streulmamy question is that power management not works good19:57
bekksstreulma: Thats a statement, not a question.19:57
streulmaho can I solve bekks ?19:57
xanguaboogie_: so you did install pepperflashplugin-nonfree to begin with¿19:57
Cydroboltone of my applications is stuck on HDMI audio19:57
streulmabekks  I checked yesterday /sys/class/power and my computer stays always on battery. In the Power tool, AC adapter is online and battery is detected.19:57
CydroboltI'm trying to change the audio output to analog audio19:58
Cydroboltbut it is stuck on hdmi and won't move19:58
Cydrobolthdmi cord is unplugged, obviously, so there is no output from there19:58
Cydroboltall other applications work fine19:58
Cydroboltbut java doesn't have audio19:58
bekksstreulma: and whats the issue with that?19:59
ZeZuCydrobolt,  applications very rarely control such things,  generally ALSA configures everything ...19:59
Cydroboltit won't let me change the output, however19:59
streulmabekks shows always battery icon. In power tool AC adapter is recognised as Online, Time is showed when on battery efective19:59
ZeZuwhat won't?19:59
Cydroboltthe audio output of all the other apps can be changed just fine, but Java's sound output is stuck ZeZu (in pavucontrol)20:00
bekksstreulma: I do nderstand that, but whats the issue at that point? How does it affect whatever you are doing?20:00
boogie_Here is the outcome of my attempts20:00
bekks*do understand20:00
ioriaboogie_,  in synaptic is present20:00
ZeZuoh java ... fun,  idk about that never had any issues,  perhaps switch to another java20:00
ZeZulike Sun Java20:00
boogie_ioria how do I check?20:00
streulmabekks, ah, it's no isue ?20:00
Cydroboltit worked fine before20:01
ZeZu(i'm guessing it defaults to a free/free java runtime)20:01
ioriaboogie_,  open it and type pepper20:01
Cydroboltafter I plugged in my HDMI cord, it died20:01
Cydroboltbefore it was fine :/20:01
bekksstreulma: Thats what I am asking you. How does it affect whatever you are doing?20:01
ioriaboogie_,  non free, not source20:01
ZeZuso it switched over and won't switch back huh?  thats lame20:01
boogie_ioria I find nothing when searching for synaptic20:01
ZeZuI don't think synaptic is in main anymore20:02
xangua(14:57:46) xangua: boogie_: so you did install pepperflashplugin-nonfree to begin with¿20:02
ioriaboogie_,  are you 14.04 ?20:02
k1l_boogie_: oh its a 12.04?20:02
streulmabekks I'll try again, better to install 15.04 or 14.04 ?20:02
bekksstreulma: 14.0420:02
CydroboltZeZu, yeah, switched and won't switch back20:02
ioriaboogie_,  well... i think is different :-)20:02
boogie_Iv e never had a problem because pepper was always there now its not smh20:03
ZeZuCydrobolt, you'll have to see if someone else knows20:03
ZeZupurge the java runtime and install again ...20:04
k1lboogie_: install flashplugin-downloader20:04
ZeZuif it's just setting it should work20:04
ZeZunote: purge != remove20:04
ioriaboogie_,  i  don't even remember if there was20:05
ZeZuremove won't kill all package settings20:05
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nicomachushi guys, I'm getting an error when I try to do package updates that says "The package system is broken"20:09
nicomachusPretty much the same as this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=223932720:09
nicomachusOP doesn't say what his solution was though20:09
k1lnicomachus: please pastebin the output of "sudo apt update &&sudo apt full-upgrade"20:10
nicomachusoutput of apt-get update: paste.ubuntu.com/10980846/20:10
boogie_ioria do i add sudo apt-get in front of install flashplugin-downloader?20:10
boogie_ioria yeah i think this is gonna work20:11
nicomachusoutput of sudo apt full-upgrade: paste.ubuntu.com/1098085020:11
boogie_gonna restart my browser20:12
kk0710Hey guys I am thinking I might need a new router  Any recommendations of something that won't break the bank but will not cause me problems across multiple machies and operating systems? currently I have a linksys wrt120n20:12
nicomachusoutput of sudo apt-get -f install: paste.ubuntu.com/1098086020:13
petrvskk0710: whatever's cheapest at walmart20:13
kk0710lol any other opinions?20:14
kk0710honestly I would just keep the wrt120n if it hadn't gotten screwedup with the firmware update20:14
nicomachuskk0710: who is your isp, what kind of speeds do you get, do any of your machines that will use the network support 802.11ac?20:15
petrvswrt120n is what, $40?20:15
petrvsget something for $40 at walmart, then20:15
kk0710I have time warner20:15
petrvsthe cheapest aren't much cheaper than that20:15
petrvsmaybe 3020:15
tedward #xps1320:15
nicomachushahaha ok then, doesn't matter what you get.20:15
petrvskk0710: time warner is irrelevant...20:16
kk0710some one asked me who I had petrvs20:16
nicomachuspetrvs: if he has a fiber gbit connection, then AC might be something to think about.20:16
kk0710I loved my linksys stupid freaking firwmare update though and now I lose connection20:16
k1lnicomachus: try to change the mirror20:16
petrvskk0710: ah =)20:16
kk0710if I could reset the firmware I would just do that20:16
petrvscan't you?20:16
petrvsno pin-hole button?20:16
kk0710I have old linksys routers I could throw on20:16
kk0710petrvs: that doesn't reset the firmware though20:17
nicomachusk1l: change the mirror?20:17
audia5petrvs: i am running chroome from usb with usb stick stil dunno how to install20:17
nicomachuskk0710: can't update the firmware through your network options?20:17
kk0710it is the most updated firmware20:18
k1lnicomachus: see at the systemsettings: software and updates20:18
nicomachusah. bummer.20:18
kk0710I was having major problems on my ubuntu boot on my laptop with the realtek wireless20:18
kk0710I finally seemed to get things working with a backports fix20:18
petrvsaudia5: I gave you the most explicit instructions you'll find anywhere20:18
kk0710but then the guy responded to my bug report and told me to update the firmware on my router, so I did.  Suddenly the problems came back ten fold.20:19
audia5petrvs yes thank you20:19
kk0710I reset the router and now I just lose my connection on all my devices it seems.20:19
nicomachusk1l: I switched from US Server to Main Server, error persists.20:20
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ubuntu-studiohow do i make my own server20:20
audia5going to sleep mode20:21
tedwardanyone have suspend problems wint ubuntu 15.04?20:23
nicomachustedward: elaborate20:23
VFDPrimafternoon all20:23
k1lnicomachus: "sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/*" then "sudo apt update &&sudo apt full-upgrade"20:24
tedwardit appears to be random, sometimes works just fine, sometimes when it comes out capslock key will be blinking and the system unresponsive, laptop is the dell xps 13 201520:24
VFDPrimany one elce having an issue with upgrade to 15.420:24
nicomachusk1l: 'rm: cannot remove '/var/lib/apt/lists/partial': is a directory'20:25
k1lsudo rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*20:25
VFDPrimI keep getting this wehn i try to upgrade any help is welcom20:26
VFDPrimChecking package manager20:26
VFDPrimReading package lists... Done20:26
VFDPrimBuilding dependency tree20:26
VFDPrimReading state information... Done20:26
VFDPrimBuilding data structures... Done20:26
VFDPrimCalculating the changes20:26
VFDPrimCalculating the changes20:26
k1l!paste | VFDPrim20:26
ubottuVFDPrim: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:26
tedwardVFDPrim, suince I did a nuke and pave to put on 15.04 not sure if that counts as upgrading20:26
tortal_so, let's say i installed eclipse in /opt, then added alias to it. was that a reasonable solution ? or should i add the eclipse bin patj to some PATH env ?20:27
nicomachusk1l: same unmet dependencies error. recommends -f20:27
nicomachus-f still gives same errors.20:27
k1lnicomachus: so you use ppas?20:27
k1lls -al /etc/apt/sources.list.d20:27
tedwardalias will work tortal, but if you are concern you could make a symbolic link to the binary to the bin directory of your choice20:28
k1lVFDPrim: what gives you "lsb_release -d"?20:28
nicomachusk1l: output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1098094520:29
VFDPrimill post the hole thing from comand to upgrade20:29
VFDPrimone sec20:29
tortal_teward: about that - will it not make the folder of the package managers "dirty" ?20:29
k1lnicomachus: so any ppa is interfering with that packages?20:29
tortal_teward: will a symbolic link in usr/local be reasonable ?20:29
tedwardit will in some senses, but I can't think of a problem it would cause, though if anyone knows better please say so20:29
nicomachusk1l: not that I can see20:30
tedwardas long as usr/local is in your $PATH20:30
k1lVFDPrim: please show in a paste the log in /var/log/dist-upgrade/20:30
tedwardtortal is ecllipse not in the repos?20:31
VFDPrimk1l what you mean20:31
VFDPrimwhat code i gave it to do that20:31
k1lVFDPrim: see in /var/log/dist-upgrade/ there should be logs from the failed upgrade. please paste that so we can have a look what is blocking20:32
tortal_tedward: greeat, thanks20:32
VFDPrimhow do i pull that up20:32
tedwardyour welcome20:32
VFDPrimsorry kinda dumb when it comes to the terminal20:33
nicomachusk1l: you won't believe it... apparently running sudo apt-get clean fixed the problem.20:33
nicomachusVFDPrim: run this: cd /var/log/dist-upgrade/20:33
nicomachusthen: ls20:33
nicomachusthe files that show up are the logs20:34
nicomachusnot sure which one k1l wants20:34
k1lVFDPrim: 20150503-152520:35
VFDPrimk1l what do you want me to do i put that into the term and it did nothing20:36
nicomachusVFDPrim: as long as you're still in the same terminal, type: gedit 20150503-152520:36
nicomachusshould open a text window of the log. copy/paste20:37
k1lVFDPrim: ok. to explain again: that file is the log which will tell us what is blocking your system from updateing (i bet its a ppa package but we need to know which one). so either you look inside that and fix it yourself or you provide us the file in a pastebin20:37
VFDPrimtold me to check and make sure location was correct20:37
k1l20150503-... is a directory. you will need to "cd" to that and then look into the log files in there20:38
=== ubuntu is now known as helpmoe
helpmoeHelp me please20:38
VFDPrimk1l im trying to do what you say so you can help however i need as lamen as you can get i am sorry20:38
nicomachushelpmoe: ask your question.20:38
helpmoeI downloaded ubuntu desktop20:39
helpmoeand burned it on usb20:39
helpmoeit seems like it installed on usb20:39
nicomachusVapoor: #ubuntu-offtopic may like that20:39
EriC^^helpmoe: that's a live session, to try ubuntu before installing or fix an installation20:40
helpmoeyeah i know that20:40
=== Samul` is now known as Samul|AWAY
helpmoei did the installer20:40
helpmoeand it said restart20:40
helpmoethen gave me some boot error20:40
Vapoorgood job linux community if everyone was playing games who would develop linux then?20:40
nicomachushelpmoe: yea, when you restart you need to pull the USB out.20:40
k1lVFDPrim: "cd 20150503...." then "sudo apt-get install pastebinit && pastebinit main.log"20:40
helpmoethere we go20:41
Vapoorand why was a kicked?20:41
helpmoelemme try20:41
VFDPrimk1l messed up so starting it over let me get back to it real fast20:42
katguys, i had to clean install and get minecraft downloaded again. BUT, you have to "open" minecraft with openjdk7 or something like that, and I can't find it in my applications.20:45
katIt's just not on top of the list like it usually is.20:46
OerHekskat see the !java facoid20:46
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.20:46
bekkskat: you have to start it like this: java -jar yourfile.jar20:46
katand then what?20:47
VFDPrimK1l this is where im at now http://paste.ubuntu.com/10981032/20:48
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katbekks it says "command not found"20:49
=== Carlgo11 is now known as Guest51513
=== chudgins is now known as cohnation
bekkskat: So you have to install java.20:49
k1lVFDPrim: yep, do it (without the last ")20:49
VFDPrimk1l: just sits there like this >20:50
katwhen I was clean installing, I saw it get installed. maybe?20:50
k1lVFDPrim: press ctrl+c to abort. then "sudo apt-get install pastebinit"20:50
katso what should i install?20:50
tedwardkat type "locate java" in a terminal20:50
nicomachuswhoa, tedward, you can do that?20:51
k1lVFDPrim: if that is done: pastebinit main.log20:51
k1lthen provide the url20:51
nicomachuslocate xxxxx?20:51
tedwardnicomachus, sure20:51
nicomachusthat's amazing. wish I knew that when I was searching high and low for the xorg.conf20:51
tedwardit is handy20:51
katok got a list of java stuff there in the terminal.20:51
tedwardhangon, let me figure out what the name of the java binary is20:52
katgot java-7-openjdk20:53
lickalotthey guys, is anyone good at shell scripting?  I'm having issues with a for loop that will ultimately rename files (using the existing filename with parameter expansion)20:53
katand etc. etc.20:54
tedwardkat what does it say when you just type java in the terminal20:54
nicomachuslickalott: this isn't really the place for it.20:54
k1llickalott: maybe ask at ##bash20:54
lickalottk.  thanks20:55
nicomachusFYI, #bash. but it's forwards so whatever.20:56
kattedward, it says "Usage: java options etc.20:56
DarkAceZI guess there isn't a way to restart X without it restarting all my X programs, is there? can I have them all show back up without restarting/closing them?20:56
EriC^^DarkAceZ: you can reset unity and/or compiz20:57
tedwardhmmm well it appears to be installed, what code were you typing to run minecraft?20:57
VFDPrimk1l: did you see i posted another link20:57
DarkAceZEriC^^: xsession-errors is 200+ GB, and I want to remove it without having to restart20:57
katI downloaded it from a site for windows, mac, and linux, and did the linux download like I do all the time for my other computers or a clean install.20:58
EriC^^DarkAceZ: i think you can remove it with no ill effects, not sure20:58
katBUT, for some reason, it didn't make a file like usual. It just went to "desktop" where I sent it.20:58
DarkAceZEriC^^: well that's the problem. I think I already half-did. I (regrettably) used nautilus' Delete option to do so20:58
DarkAceZEriC^^: now I can't find the file, but it's still somewhere on the drive20:59
EriC^^DarkAceZ: it should be in your trash20:59
DarkAceZDelete, not to be confused with Move to Trash20:59
katI don't have a minecraft folder.20:59
nicomachusDarkAceZ: I just learned this handy command called 'locate ....'20:59
EriC^^DarkAceZ: deleting in nautilus should move it there20:59
DarkAceZI already did 'find / | grep xsession'20:59
nicomachusso if you know the file name, then you can try 'locate [filename]'20:59
DarkAceZEriC^^: it's not there21:00
tedwardkat I haven't intalled minecraft myself, but this link looks like it should help http://www.howtogeek.com/198476/how-to-install-minecraft-on-ubuntu-or-any-other-linux-distribution/21:00
DarkAceZdisk usage analyzer can not find it, either21:00
DarkAceZand I checked /proc21:00
k1l<k1l> VFDPrim: if that is done: pastebinit main.log <k1l> then provide the url21:00
katthank you21:00
EriC^^DarkAceZ: try ls -la ~/.local/share/Trash/files21:00
DarkAceZEriC^^: doesn't show up21:01
DarkAceZbesides, disk usage analyzer should have found it in there if it was there21:01
EriC^^DarkAceZ: try sudo find / -size +100G21:01
EriC^^DarkAceZ: why do you say it's still on the disk?21:01
DarkAceZthere was no freed up space21:02
VFDPrimk1l that last link is all that it did21:02
EriC^^DarkAceZ: try df -h21:02
VFDPrimk1l:there is nothing else21:02
DarkAceZEriC^^: /dev/sda1       458G  435G     0 100% /21:03
VFDPrimk1l unless im missing something witch i would not be serprised about21:03
DarkAceZFilesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on21:03
=== esc_ is now known as Guest34958
EriC^^DarkAceZ: do you have a separate /home ?21:03
DarkAceZI have a symbolic link to my secondary drive (old OS), but it's not a user, it's just there so I can easily access my old files21:04
k1lVFDPrim: pastebinit alogfile.log will provide a new url in the terminal. show me that url. not the url with the copied text like you did21:04
DarkAceZother than that, /home only has this user21:04
EriC^^DarkAceZ: something else must be taking up the space, i think21:05
DarkAceZDisk Usage Analyzer says home does not include the file21:05
EriC^^DarkAceZ: ok, if sudo find -size +100G doesn't find it, then it's probably gone if you're sure it's 200G21:05
DarkAceZI think it's just hidden in some system folder and was not deleted because some process (xorg) was still using it21:05
DarkAceZwell, I actually changed your command from 100GB to 200GB, the only file it found was kcore21:06
VFDPrimK1l: from where the last thing was on what i showed you i pasted "pastebinit alogfile.log" here is its responce Unable to read from: alogfile.log i do beleive im doing something wrong21:06
DarkAceZso, now I'm trying 100GB21:07
k1lVFDPrim: alogfile.log was just an example.21:07
k1lVFDPrim: you can open gedit and open that path and copy and paste that to a pastebin. do it the way you can handle.21:08
VFDPrimyea im dumb and need exact instructions here lol im so sorry im dumb when it comes to this stuff21:08
Bashing-omDarkAceZ: Might run ' cd / ; sudo du -sx * | sort -n ' to look at disk useage/file sizes .21:08
=== sins-_f is now known as sins-
k1lVFDPrim: dont say you are dumb as an excuse to not think about what you are doing. that is not rocket science :) take your time and get the log pasted. so we can take a look21:09
VFDPrimk1l. thats the thing im not sure what im soposed to be doing or where from step by step from begining might be best21:09
=== Guest51513 is now known as Carlgo11
VFDPrimmy comprahention is not good sorry21:09
VFDPrimim not compleatly sure what it is that you even need21:10
k1lVFDPrim: i provided clear step by step. but you even struggle at that. so i dont know what i can do to make it more easy?!21:10
k1lVFDPrim: the "main.log" file form that path we talked about the whole time. to get to know what package from a PPA is blocking your upgrade21:11
VFDPrimno not your fault at all dont get me wrong i just get confused when it comes to this type of stuff21:11
jerm^I am trying to build the latest package for Qemu (2.3) located in debian-unstable. I used "gbp clone git://git.debian.org/pkg-qemu/qemu.git" to fetch the source, but cannot get any combination of git-buildpackage to create the package.21:11
TMess_I need to bruteforce a list of passwords against a user in a wifi network protected by PEAP-MSCHAPV2 WPA2-Enterprise21:13
VFDPrimk1l: starting over in neew terminal again any chance a side convo would work for you less clutter inbetween chats that way21:13
TMess_how can i?21:13
jerm^I am getting errors related to not being able to find the tag for the upstream to create the pristine tar. ("upstream/2.3+dfsg is not a valid treeish") I do not see any tags named accordingly in git.21:13
bekksTMess_: Wrong network.21:13
TMess_which one then?21:13
DarkAceZTMess_: EFnet lulz21:13
TMess_sorry and thanks21:14
=== DarkDevil is now known as darkdevil
DarkAceZbe careful, though, TMess_, that network is full of script kiddies21:14
DarkAceZthey might not just tell you21:15
VFDPrimk1l im back to where i put in the ls and all those numbers came up21:15
DarkAceZ(and DDoS you instead)21:15
k1lVFDPrim: what gives you "pwd"ß21:16
k1lthing is place in " " are terminal commands21:17
k1l*things i21:17
VFDPrimyea i usualy leav them out unless it accedentaly get coppied in with the text21:18
VFDPrimk1l: after i put in the "cd 20150503" what was soposed to be next all it does then is add a "$" to the end21:19
k1lVFDPrim: you are making this the hardest job ever21:19
k1lVFDPrim: if you would tell me what "pwd" gives you i would know in that directory you are.21:20
VFDPrimk1l: i am sorry not meaning to but i needed to start over so I would not be so confused21:20
iriskk1l: cd /21:20
k1lVFDPrim: i feel like telling a blind man where to go but that blind man doesnt do what i tell him.21:20
VFDPrimso just typw pwd in?21:20
k1lVFDPrim: "pwd" is the command. it meand print working directory.21:20
k1lVFDPrim: finally. now do "pastebinit main.log"21:21
cihhanhi all! i was trying to build an internal mail server for a small workgroup (without using a dns) -- after following tutorials, i have sort of setup the system. when i enter the credentials, thunderbird is able to automatically detect the ports, etc. however it hangs during 'checking the password' process. any ideas?21:21
k1lVFDPrim: that will create a url as output. show us the url21:21
VFDPrimk1l: after "epic@Dept1:/var/log/dist-upgrade/20150503-1525$ "21:21
k1lVFDPrim: yes!21:22
VFDPrimK1l: never gave me a link like that before21:22
k1lVFDPrim: was it that hard? we could have been there like 20minutes before21:23
VFDPrimK1l: no it was not how ever it never gave me a link before thats why I started over I am sorry I am difucult21:23
k1lVFDPrim: "sudo apt update &&sudo apt full-upgrade"21:25
k1lput all that in a pastebin again, please21:25
VFDPrimk1l: unless this is what you needed http://paste.ubuntu.com/10981224/21:29
hplchow do i get a progressmeter while using dd?21:36
ikoniahplc: you don't21:36
Ben64dd if=/dev/zero | pv | dd of=/dev/null21:36
ikoniadd does not have a progress meter21:37
Ben64try my command :)21:37
hplcpossible to script something? python? ruby?21:37
ikoniapv - command not found21:37
hplcBen64, will do :)21:37
ikoniathat won't show you an end game21:38
ikoniathat will just show you that it's doing something21:38
ikoniainteresting idea though21:38
hplcguess i could try i C, but im too much of a beginner in it21:39
ApteryxHello! I've been trying to connect to my ubuntu 14.04 PC using VNC, at the lightdm login window. For this I've edited the /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf and enabled the VNCServer option.21:39
Ben64my command shows total transferred, time its been running, and the current speed, not sure what else you'd want21:40
Bashing-omhplc: The man has directions on how to get a status ' man dd ' .21:40
compdocApteryx, any luck?21:40
k1lVFDPrim: "pastebinit apt.log"21:40
ikoniaBen64: can it work out overall progress, eg: can it work out that 10GB is expected as part of the input, so if it's done 5G thats %5021:40
ApteryxTesting locally, I've been able to connect and see the lightdm login window. But when I put a user's credentials in, it will not completely go into the session, all I see is the background. No panel, no Unity launcher.21:41
ikoniaI can't see how it can do that in the man page, but that doesn't man it's not possible21:41
Ben64ikonia: not using dd as an input, but yes21:41
ikoniaBen64: yes, so dd is the limiter here, rather than pv21:41
iriskhello, given a ppa address like ppa:noobslab/themes is it possible to get a html link. Because If i want to "ADD SOURCES" in the Software Center it asks for a complete link.21:42
Ben64yep, you can do "pv <input> | dd of=/dev/null" and it will show total progress and eta21:42
k1lVFDPrim: "sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-all"21:42
k1lirisk: use add-apt-repository for that21:43
Apteryxcompdoc: Could it be related to me using tightvncserver as a vnc server? I was not sure if I need a "virtual" or not vnc server for the lightdm use case.21:43
k1l!ppa | irisk21:43
ubottuirisk: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge21:43
VFDPrimk1l: already newest version21:43
iriskk1l: slow internet last time i did it via terminal my config files were corruppted21:43
pgulleyHey! I was around earlier- no one seemed to know what to do21:44
iriskyes thank you ubottu i know what PPAs are -_-21:44
iriskk1l ?21:44
Ben64irisk: add-apt-repository is the proper way to add a ppa21:44
pgulleyI'm on chrubuntu- ubuntu for chromebook- trying to get nvidia-cuda-toolkit21:44
iriskand then apt-get-update ?21:44
Ben64irisk: yep21:44
irisktakes ages because it goes through all of the packages21:45
Ben64pgulley: you should seek support from chrubuntu, its not an official flavor here21:45
pgulleyAm getting a "no installation candidate", despite the package being listed online21:45
Ben64irisk: yep thats how apt works21:45
iriskok cool thanks21:45
pragmaticenigmapgulley, , you might need to do an update21:45
k1lVFDPrim: apt-cache policy xserver-xorg-video-all21:45
compdocApteryx, I have never been able to get as far as you with Unity. I install a minimal Mate desktop on Ubuntu Server, because it supports 2D, which works with vncserver. Anyway, what youdecribe might be a problem with .vnc/startup21:45
pragmaticenigmapgulley, also make sure you have the repository where the package is located, enabled21:45
pgulleypragmaticenigma, have run apt-get update many times, and have multiverse enabled. I've noticed, however, that the package is listed as "devel"21:46
pgulleyI'll see if chrubuntu has a channel somewhere21:47
k1lVFDPrim: "ls -al /etc/apt/sources.list.d | pastebinit"21:48
k1lVFDPrim: ah there we go21:50
iriskk1l: how does apt know where to look given just ppa:/some/thing ? #justcurious21:50
VFDPrimk1l: what you find or better tell me how to fix it hahah explain later lol21:50
k1lirisk: it looks a launchpad.net and creates a ppa entry in /etc/apt/sources.list.d21:50
k1lVFDPrim: i found the fualty ppa that is blocking the update21:51
k1lVFDPrim: sudo apt-get install ppa-purge21:51
iriskk1l: so launchpad.net has a list of all ppa s ? :o21:51
newbie|3I have a co worker who likes a particular tv show.  I want to set up a list of the episodes in Griffith.  Anyone wanna help me?21:51
k1lirisk: yes21:51
iriskk1l: is there a link to it ? :321:52
VFDPrimk1l: purging all now21:52
k1lVFDPrim: after that was successful (or its even installed) do "sudo ppa-purge ppa:oibaf/graphics-drivers"21:52
VFDPrimwant me to postbinit21:52
Ben64irisk: why don't you just use add-apt-repository21:52
iriski am21:52
iriski'm just a bit curious21:52
iriskthats all21:52
Ben64irisk: curious about what exactly21:52
k1lirisk: maybe there is a list of all ppas. but i dont have that link21:53
ginghas anyone installed NRPE on ubuntu 14.04 recently? i can't figure out how to to it without it trying to install a full nagios server due to dependancies21:53
iriskBen64: how apt knows where to look when installing ppas21:53
=== norm is now known as Guest12943
k1lVFDPrim: just get rid of the one i mentioned with the ppa-purge command21:53
Ben64irisk: add-apt-repository is a python script, look at it if you'd like21:54
VFDPrimk1l: working on it now21:54
iriskBen64: in directory?21:54
carreraGreetings!  :-)21:54
Ben64irisk: probably /usr/bin21:54
EriC^^irisk: less `which add-apt-repository`21:54
VFDPrimk1l: its done now what ? :)21:54
VFDPrimPPA purged successfully using aptitude fallback21:55
k1lVFDPrim: "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade"21:55
VFDPrimin new terminal or still after all the epic@Dept1:/var/log/dist-upgrade/20150503-1525$   or does that part not matter21:55
k1lthat doesnt matter21:56
k1lVFDPrim: when that is done without error: try to upgrade again21:57
carreraI was in the middle of installing LibreOffice from  with Synaptic when transfer stopped.  I stopped Synaptic after a while but I wasn't able to continue the installation when I restarted Synaptic.  Every time I click on the LibreOffice box, I get a red box with an exclamation in it.  I ran "dpkg --configure -a" to no avail. Can someone please help me solve this issue?21:58
VFDPrimk1l; sudo apt-get upgrade  should be all is needed now right21:58
joshumaxYou know, I've always been curious about something, if you manually start an X session and launch, say, xterm on that session, then switch to another TTY and decide to come back to the tty running the X session, how do you do so without breaking X's framebuffer?21:58
k1lVFDPrim: no, i mean "sudo do-release-upgrade" since you wanted to go to 15.0421:58
joshumaxWayland/Mir seems to handle this quite nicely...21:59
VFDPrimk1l: doing it now21:59
SmashcatHi, I have a server on Ubuntu 12.10, since I rebooted it the other week it can no longer see external USB drives, so I assume it's loaded in an updated Kernel with broken USB driver. dmesg is full of [2508901.465306] sd 6:0:0:0: >sense urb submission failure messages. The drive is fine (in fact tested 2 drives). Current kernel is 3.5.0-17-generic. Anyone know what kernel 12.10 shipped with,...21:59
Smashcat...so I can revert?21:59
Smashcat(before I rebooted, it had been running continuously for about 1.5 years)21:59
VFDPrimk1l: thanks you seo verry much I do beleive it is going to work for me now! sorry I was so complicated there22:00
OerHeksSmashcat, you could check yourself, hold shift @boot to see older kernels in the menu, et voila22:01
OerHeksSmashcat, 12.10 is EOL.22:01
SmashcatOerHeks: Ah ok thanks, I'll do that22:01
Apteryxcompdoc: seems I'm not alone: http://confoundedtech.blogspot.ca/2012/12/fix-tightvncserver-not-showing-unity.html22:01
compdocApteryx, think you can get it working?22:02
Apteryxcompdoc: and the fix seems to point to xstartup, which might relate to .vnc/startup you were talking about.22:02
compdocyeah   .vnc/xstartup22:03
Ben64hm, nvidia module still not working properly on 14.0422:03
Bashing-omjoshumax: By default X runs in VT 7 . So if in another TTY then key-combo crl+alt+F7 should return to X .22:03
joshumaxBashing-om: Sure...but say I wanted to start a second X session on another TTY22:04
joshumaxIf I switch back to that session it's going to break the session22:04
Bashing-omjoshumax: Lemme hunt it up .. there is a way to export .22:05
[Saint]Is anyone else seeing issues with 14.10 and Chrome presently?22:06
VFDPrimk1l: thanks again for the help22:07
nicolesquewhat issues?22:07
VFDPrimand Patience22:07
[Saint]nicolesque: refusal to start coupled with a kernel oops.22:07
VFDPrimsaint: i am err was currintly updating now22:08
nicolesqueI'm officially on 15.04 but I didn't see that on 14.10, no. stable or beta chrome?22:08
iriskBen64: there seems to be a "sources" list22:08
VFDPrimI never had a n issue to use chrome22:08
Ben64irisk: it would help if you explained what you're trying to accomplish22:09
[Saint]It only just started after 3.16.0-3622:09
[Saint]so, you likely wouldn;t have seen it, no.22:09
iriskBen64: nothing, leave it22:09
[Saint]Well, that's a fine how-do-you-do.22:10
Bashing-omjoshumax: What DE do  you use ? For me on xfce this works ' ctl+alt+f2 ; startx -- :1 ; ctl+alt+f8 ' to give me X running in TTY8 . obviously do not use "startx" unless your init file is set up so .22:14
joshumaxI use xfce as well22:15
joshumaxctl+alt+f1; startx -- :1; ctl+alt+f7; ctl+alt+f1 breaks X on tty122:16
SmashcatAh found the problem - seems like the kernel in 12.10 has a bug if a USB3 drive is attached at boot. Rebooting and then attaching the drive fixed the problem :)22:16
Bashing-omjoshumax: Sorry, that is the end of my knowledge .22:18
joshumaxEh, that's okay, it's happened on every device I've ever owned22:18
joshumax!man startx22:18
joshumaxI did that wrong didn't I22:18
joshumaxI'll just ask on askubuntu; the manpages weren't helpful22:21
Bashing-omjoshumax: After I reboot tonight, I will play with starting another X instance . If ya around tomorrow will let ya know what results on my system . I have tested before, but I do not recall if I also had things going on in TTY7 at that time .22:22
joshumaxBashing-om: Cool! Thanks!22:23
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zeebThunar crashes when I use tree view on 1.6.3. why is this?22:32
zeebcrashes my entire system, locks up and cant save without reboot22:32
EriC^^zeeb: try running it in a terminal, it might say something22:32
zeebjust like 'sudo thunar' ?22:33
EriC^^just thunar22:33
hplcanyone know howto make a mac os install disc on a usb stick in ubuntu?22:33
zeebwhen i run thunar in terminal it doesnt output any logs or anything about it22:34
EriC^^it might say something before it crashes22:35
EriC^^ah nevermind22:35
zeebbut it also just creates a new line for example i go 'thunar' then it runs and brings me back to a $22:35
zeebyeah i can use side pane > shortcuts flawlessly22:35
zeebbut the second i switch to tree and go to a directory it freezes or i get a black screen22:36
zeebthis is xubuntu 14.04.02. should i upgrade thunar to latest version 1.6.7?22:36
EriC^^looks like a bug http://xfce.10915.n7.nabble.com/Thunar-crashes-when-changing-view-r20382-td37320.html22:37
zeebthanks eric22:38
zeebbut that link is from 2006 (!)22:38
zeebwould be amazed if it was still relevant22:38
zeebbut it does seem like the same issue..22:39
zeebi would like to try updating but i dont know how to update thunar and if its safe22:41
EriC^^latest is 1.6.622:41
EriC^^in vivid's repository, you could try to download the .deb and see if you have all the dependencies already met22:42
adriano_ how are you ?22:46
adriano_how are you ?22:48
adriano_iam  adriano donizete colombo22:49
adriano_my facebook  is  www.facebook.com/colomboadc22:49
hplcanyone know howto make a mac os install disc on a usb stick in ubuntu?22:50
adriano_i  from brazil22:51
k1ladriano_: we have #ubuntu-offtopic for chatting. this channel here is for ubuntu support only22:52
joshumaxSorry for pasting my question from AskUbuntu, but can anyone tell me is unclear in my question? http://askubuntu.com/questions/617885/switching-to-another-tty-after-running-startx-and-returning-breaks-xorg22:58
joshumaxI hope this isn't against #ubuntu IRC guidelines22:59
adriano_oi alguém fala minha  lingua ?23:00
bekks!br | adriano_23:00
ubottuadriano_: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.23:00
k1ljoshumax: maybe you can ask the xserver guys since that is quite a special question23:01
joshumaxk1l: I assumed that a lot of people would be asking this question...23:02
joshumaxBut I can't seem to find a single one23:02
k1ljoshumax: first: we dont use startx on ubuntu. we let lightdm (or another dm) handle the xserver23:02
Ben64joshumax: normally you shouldn't be using startx23:03
joshumaxA lot of times I want to debug an application I'm working on that uses XLib, and startx is really helpful for that though...23:03
adriano_obrigado pela dica !23:04
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k1lsecond: most users are happy when their one xserver doesnt have issues. so they dont want another one with potential issues :)23:04
joshumaxOther times It's nice to be able to run something like midori on another TTY to google any problems I have with starting my display manager...23:04
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guest32694Hi i am not very skilled with ubuntu/linux(but i am learning). Over the weekend i tried to install apt-cacher-ng. without success. When i issue the apt-get install apt-cacher-ng. Do i need to install the apache2 as well? or can i set up apt-cacher-ng without installing apache2?23:33
ubuntu-mateguys im in the ubutnu mate installer and i chose the option "install alongside windows 7" but i can only make the ubuntu partition 18gb and no more even though my windows 7 partition has 180gb ?23:35
ubuntu-mateit only allows me to drag it up to 18gb and i want it to be larger23:35
anth0ny_I”m setting up a process to run as a non-priviledged user. I want that process to log to /var/log, but that is owned by ‘root’. What’s the right way to do this?23:36
guest32694If there's anyone skilled in installing and setting up apt-cacher-ng and/or apt-mirror, would you mind helping me set up mine?23:39
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namasteguest32694, did you look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Apt-Cacher-Server ?23:51
SrPxCmd+a (which I changed to ctrl) isn't working to select all text on ubuntu on firefox on macbook pro retina. Other cmd commands work. Why?23:53

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