astraljavaHas there been a change to configurations from 14.10 to 15.04, since I do not seem to get automatic update suggestions on this laptop that was upgraded, but did on the mini-laptop that's a fresh install?08:08
elfynot that I know of - checked the settings? 08:12
astraljavaIt's been too long, I forget where to look. :)08:13
elfysoftware and updates - updates tab :)08:13
astraljavaHmm... it says Daily.08:14
astraljavaWeird, every time I've manually run updates, there has been stuff to update, though.08:14
astraljavaOh, it could be that "Display weekly" for other updates than security.08:15
astraljavaThanks, elfy!08:15
elfyalso - other than a few last week, the only updates I've had in 15.04 have come from PPA's 08:16
astraljavaReally? I just updated some systemd packages.08:17
elfyyea -  I got them 08:17
astraljavaRight, but yeah that policy would certainly explain the behavior. I don't think there's been a week in between my manual runs.08:18
Hudsonkemwhy xubuntu don't put compton as default?15:27
knomethe xfce compositor is good enough for most15:28
pleia2woo, an org I've done some work with is deploying xubuntu on some systems, requested Xubuntu At... interview19:16
elfythey could use OEM install ... 19:16
elfyjust saying :p19:16
pleia2I don't know how they're doing the deployments, it's a small outfit19:17
pleia2probably pxe boot w/ a default image19:17
pleia2(they add a bunch of edubuntu packages, because kids)19:17
elfynice to see - however they're doing it :) 19:17
* pleia2 nods19:19
Unit193pxe?  Fog?19:23
knomepleia2, nice22:03
knomepleia2, fwiw, i haven't heard anything back from that guy since i last sent him email, but it's surely coming at some point..22:03
elfybluetooth indicator keeps randomly appearing 23:15

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