MadMephitHello, I'm trying to get a wireless USB dongle working on an old Acer TravelMate 2301LCI laptop, running Xubuntu 12.04 (can't use newer because the thing lacks, or claims to lack, PAE). I got one that reported support for Ubuntu 12.04, and I'm trying to follow the steps here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1949996 But when it gets to "modprobe rt5370sta" it returns a fatal error "Module rt5370sta not found". It worked once in the past, a while ago04:09
MadMephitI do see rt5572sta which came up in the "make install" step, under lsmod, but "Used By" for that line is blank.04:11
Bon_Good morning you peeps? How is everyone?05:18
Bon_Quick question, I popped 15.04 on my laptop yesterday and the XFCE clock in the tool bar is only displaying UTC time, not my local time. I have told it I am in Europe/Gibraltar, I have done a 'dpkg-reconfigure tzdata' but it's still 2 hours out. Never had this issue beffore on Xubuntu, any ideas?05:24
aj1114I have xubuntu 14.04 and I've removed the volume widget from the bottom bar now my laptop is on mute and I don't know how to unmute it :(, I've tired to add the volume widget back but it's not in the list, also I tried volume control and set it to 100% but that didn't unmute my laptop, any ideas?07:34
aj1114I found it :D07:34
aj1114thanks anyway07:35
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brainwashAldebaran: did you ask any question or have you just linked a screenshot?09:34
Aldebaranas such issues have not yet09:36
brainwashdo you have a problem? I am not sure if I understand you correctly09:39
AldebaranThere is one issue, the differences between the driver fglrx & fglrx-update and what to put? http://pasteboard.co/bnfPQ23.png09:43
brainwashfglrx-updates may be a newer driver version09:47
baizonAldebaran: i recommend fglrx09:47
AldebaranУ кого нибудь эта штуковина работает? Странички хоть открывает? http://pasteboard.co/bxSzb6h.png12:25
remlineI just installed 15.04. Works great, thanks all!13:49
xubuntu60ohello world15:00
drcSo it did compile :)15:01
mbrownhello all18:48
mbrownwhen i run the command line to upgrade from 14.04 to 15.0418:53
bekksThere is no such command line, since you have to upgrade to 14.10 first.18:53
xanguayou can not upgrade from 14.04 to 15.0418:53
mbrownsudo do-release-upgrade18:54
bekksThats not upgrading from 14.04 to 15.0418:54
mbrownso i mean from 14.04 to 14.10 and then to 15.0418:54
bekksSo either you are updating from 14.04 to 14.10 or from 14.10 to 15.0418:54
mbrownwhat command line do i need to enter then18:54
mbrownokay so from 14.04 to 14.1018:54
mbrownfor now18:54
bekksYou cannot update from 14.04 to 15.04 directly.18:55
xanguaopen software centre, edit menu, sources, update tab, enable "normal upgrade"18:55
AfdalQuick question for anyone that can answer: what was the last Xubuntu version ISO that was small enough to fit on CD?21:37
AldebaranDVD 900 mb21:41
AldebaranBay DVD-R21:41
drcAfdal: A quick check tells me 12.1021:42
drcBut you do know that it is EOL?21:42
drcEnd of life...not supported anymore.21:43
Afdalof course21:43
AfdalIt's easy enough to update to the latest though21:43
Afdalonce installed21:43
drcfrom 12.10 that will be fun :)21:43
AfdalI actually did it one already21:44
Afdalcouple weeks ago on a laptpo21:44
Afdaltook a while21:44
Afdalbut it werked21:44
Afdaldid it once*21:44
Afdalwould you recommend using21:45
Afdal12.10 or 12.0421:45
Afdalfor the purposes of CD-based installation21:45
AfdalCD-based >.>21:46
Afdal12.04 was an LTS release wasn't it21:46
Afdaldoes that matter anymore21:46
mrkrampsi would still recommend 14.0421:47
drcyes, and it <should> be quicker upgrading from LTS to LTS...you'd have to do 14.04>14.10>15.0421:47
Afdalyes to what21:47
Afdal[15:45] <Afdal> for the purposes of CD-based installation21:47
mrkrampspick a lubuntu alternate iso, install minimal, get the rest from the internet21:47
Afdalthat's an option too21:48
AfdalI just wanted to know the last CD-sized xubuntu for this sort of thing21:48
Afdalwhy lubuntu alternate iso instead of ubuntu minimal CD?21:48
mrkrampsah, sure mini should work as well21:49
Afdalwhat made you recommend that though :o21:49
mrkrampsAfdal, i sometimes just forget it is there and lubuntu ist the last derivate with an alternate cd21:51
Afdalare you saying xubuntu project dumped their alternate isos?21:52
mrkrampssince 12.10 there is only an alternate cd for lubuntu21:52
Afdalbummer :/21:53
Afdalwhat was the reason for getting rid of that option?21:53
mrkrampsdunno, maybe somebody else here can answer this question21:53
AfdalDoes it have to do with ditching CD support?21:54
Afdaldon't care about iso size anymore so just consolidated all the different parts of desktop and alternative into one?21:54
mrkrampsAfdal, the lubuntu alternate should have more packages in the CD repository than Minimal CD21:57
mrkrampsmight speed up the installation a bit21:58
Afdaland these are all22:01
Afdalnon-distro-related packages?22:01
Afdalnot lubuntu specific22:01
AfdalNever tried lubuntu before myself22:03
Afdalhow does lxde compare to fxce22:03
Azelphurlxde is a little lighter22:07
Azelphur(but that comes at the price of features)22:07
Azelphurat least, as far as I understand on a general level22:07
mrkrampsAfdal, i was not talking about the lxde related packages … minimal cd downloads pretty much everything from the internet except for the textmode installer22:16
Afdalyeah I know22:19
Afdalbut does the lubuntu alternate have lxde related stuff on it before download?22:20
mrkrampswhen installing from lubuntu alternate?!22:21
mrkrampsif you install lubuntu of course =D22:21
mrkrampsbut if you choose minimal installation, it will only install ubuntu-minimal22:21
Afdaloh you mean22:30
Afdalchoose minimal installation from the lubuntu alternate iso?22:30
AfdalI see22:33
Afdalthanks for the tip22:33

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