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blahdeblahMorning all - what do I need to do to get https://code.launchpad.net/~paulgear/charms/trusty/ntp/fix-divide-by-zero/+merge/255660 moving?00:31
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lazyPowerjrwren: ping10:07
lazyPowerblahdeblah: diff on this MP looks pretty significant compared to what was merged10:08
lazyPowerblahdeblah: ping me when you circle back around. The changes look related to the test suite vs the hook code - just want to verify intent of this MP10:09
jrwrenlazyPower: pong11:51
lazyPowerjrwren: hey dude, hi5 on this logstash charm11:52
lazyPowerI added a UDP ruleset, and things are magical11:52
jrwrenlazyPower: cool.11:52
lazyPowerits using like, 40-60% fewer resources than what i have in /TRUNK as well11:52
jrwrenlazyPower: yes, I like small things11:53
jrwrenlazyPower: oooh... I Love seeing that logstash icon there. :)11:53
lazyPowerWith UOS being this week - think you'll have time later on like thurs/fri to do a sync on how we can reconcile the divergence?11:53
lazyPoweri think its just a minor patch to rules inc. from IS, + some UDP rulesets to make this charm robust in receiving from jsut about anything.11:54
jrwrenlazyPower: yes. Thurs/Fri sounds good11:54
lazyPowerthe TCP works - but not for my application :)11:54
lazyPowerawesome. Lets get it on the calendar so i dont flake on you. ping me with an invite when you've got an opening and i'll work around it11:54
jrwreni think I have some incomplete filter changes myself.11:54
jrwrenlazyPower: my calendar is wide open, it may be easier for you to pick, but if you don't, I will :)11:55
nevermamwhen deploying a charm, I want to know the service name and the charm name, inside the hook12:26
nevermamLIke for eg,12:26
nevermam juju deploy mysql myapp-db12:26
nevermamI want to know the service name, inside the install hook12:26
nevermamis there any environment variable for the same ?12:27
blahdeblahlazyPower: pong12:35
blahdeblahlazyPower: I'm about to turn into a pumpkin, so I'll leave you some explanation here, and hopefully that will be enough; otherwise I'll try to catch you at the end of your day today.12:40
lazyPowernevermam: when you're in a hook context, run 'env | grep JUJU` and that will give you everything thats available to you12:40
blahdeblahlazyPower: I merged the current trunk into the patch to minimise the diffs from my perspective; apologies if that makes it trickier to read the diff.12:41
lazyPowerblahdeblah: no worries - teh lions share of the changes appear to be in a test file , i spent a good 15 minutes staring at it before i moved on -but i will circle back and get you another review.12:41
blahdeblahlazyPower: which test file is that?  I didn't think I had added that, but I could be wrong.12:42
* blahdeblah looks again12:42
blahdeblahThat's not a test file; that's a Nagios check12:43
blahdeblahThat is the problem component against which the bug was reported12:43
blahdeblahBug #144170412:43
lazyPowerah, explains why i thought that :) I thought you were doing a health-check in a test12:43
mupBug #1441704: check_ntpmon.py tries to divide by 0 if there is no peer in sync <ntp (Juju Charms Collection):Fix Committed by paulgear> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1441704>12:43
lazyPowerI'll deploy + validate this later and get feedback on it. Thanks for confirming intent12:44
blahdeblahlazyPower: Short backstory: I wrote the Nagios check for NTP because we couldn't find any existing ones that actually were useful, plus I wanted something to work on to improve my python.12:45
blahdeblahlazyPower: And axino is pretty good finding bugs in my python, so I've been fixing them and adding tests for them as we find new issues when we deploy it.12:46
blahdeblahlazyPower: The diff is a bit bleh to read; you may find it easier to just read the upstream code (I've just updated the link to it in the MP) and take my word for it that it's a verbatim copy of upstream. :-)12:47
* blahdeblah ejects for the evening12:47
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