sneleahoneybun: do you know who implemented breeze theme for libreoffice?00:00
ahoneybunsnele: thank you for filling though00:00
ahoneybunit was on the bug against it somewher00:01
ahoneybunI know was asked to approve it lol00:01
ahoneybunRiddell: you know this personhttp://www.google-melange.com/gci/task/view/google/gci2014/5892590742274048 ?00:04
sneleah ubuntu font is far better for my eyes than oxygen00:46
Etriaphsnele: Confirmed your bug.00:46
Etriaphsnele: Oxygen is good for titles and such, it looks nice at high px.00:46
EtriaphI use it for my H1 and Title in Writer templates.00:47
sneleEtriaph: well i tried to use oxygen-sans on this fresh 15.04 install but they are very hard on my eyes (very thin and bricky) 00:49
EtriaphYa, as a system font it's too brittle, loses cohesion.00:50
sneleheh I am going to submit report "make ubuntu font default again" :)00:51
EtriaphI think the font just needs to be tuned for lower screen resolution.00:52
sneleEtriaph: yeah, in plain words, I would like to make it more fat :)00:58
snelewell nice that I had finally time to test plasma 5, few bugs already reported :)01:00
snelegood night guys&girls01:01
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: this is quite nice https://ubuntustudio.org/tour/01:36
StravHe. Just wondering: on the announcement about plasma 5.3 in kubuntu backport repositories, it says that we now should have the new bluedevil applet available and yet, I cannot find such package (All I have is the bluedevil 2.0~rc1 package from the normal vervet repository), anyone knows where I could the the new one (I'm actually having issues with bluedevil-monolithic after resume from suspend)01:57
Stravbtw, I don't see any bluez5 package either.02:03
soeegood morning06:20
mgraesslinRiddell: ping07:04
mgraesslinsitter: might it be that Kubuntu ships debug builds of kwin enabled by default?  see https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=346959 - it crashes in a Q_ASSERT which should not be hit in a release build07:19
ubottuKDE bug 346959 in general "Kwin Crash" [Crash,Resolved: duplicate]07:19
mgraesslinand we currently get hundreds of them07:19
sittermgraesslin: yes07:20
sitterotherwise one couldn't trace the crashes07:20
mgraesslinsitter: that's a change to how it used to be in the past? We didn't use to hit that assert07:22
sittermgraesslin: we've always built RelWithDebInfo, so supposedly the crash probably would indeed be the result of a change07:24
sitter*code change07:24
mgraesslinhmm, maybe RelWithDebInfo did compile out Q_ASSERT?07:24
sittermgraesslin: nah, I always got phonon assert reports ^^07:25
mgraesslinok, then we hit the assert condition somewhere07:25
* sitter checks build logs07:25
sitter-DNDEBUG -DQT_NO_DEBUG -07:27
sittermgraesslin: perhaps it is a build difference after all07:27
sittermgraesslin: for some reason we now use QT_NO_DEBUG which should make asserts print-only, BUT looking at the ::fatal code it does not use assert but instead aborts whenever it gets into qt_message_fatal ignoring the define altogether07:35
mgraesslinI'm happy to have found an issue ;-)07:36
sitterwell, I suppose someone changed it intentionally, I just wasn't aware it was changed :P07:37
mgraesslinas an upstream I would be interested in getting less duplicates ;-)07:37
mgraesslinwe will have to either investigate  the bug now (after happily having it ignored for 8? years) or remove the assert07:38
sitterwell, we can patch the fatal away like Thomas suggested07:38
sitterthat would shut it up in the meantime anyway07:38
Riddellhi mgraesslin 08:03
mgraesslinRiddell: I wanted to ping you about what I then discussed with sitter (see backlog)08:03
Riddellmgraesslin: I don't see it in backlog, what day and what's the topic?08:04
mgraesslinRiddell: https://paste.kde.org/pav3am1mm08:04
Riddellmgraesslin: hmm, I'll ask shadeslayer if anything changed as he put together the kf5 build scripts08:11
sitterRiddell: pinguuuuuuuuuu08:41
Riddellhi sitter 08:41
sitterRiddell: did you actually put SRUs into vivid_archive git?08:42
Riddellsitter: I like to think so, what are you looking at?08:42
sitterRiddell: sruing dolphin loosing bookmarks08:44
Riddellsitter: did I SRU that? got a bug number?08:47
sitterRiddell: no, I am preping it for SRU and was wondering if you actually put the SRU changes in the archive branch or not08:47
* sitter actually assigined bug to wrong package :@08:48
Riddellsitter: oh right, yeah I think I have08:50
lordievaderGood morning.08:50
sitterbug 142246908:54
ubottubug 1422469 in One Hundred Papercuts "Dolphin won't keep the folder shortcuts on Kubuntu 15.04 with Plasma 5." [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/142246908:54
sittermadness that one, madness08:54
sitterRiddell: do we actually have a separate upload pocket for wanking wanker yet?08:55
Riddellsitter: not that I've heard08:55
sittergoody, less work \o/08:55
sitterRiddell: kde4libs stil lives in bzr?09:01
Riddellsitter: yeah I think so09:07
sitterexcept it is also in git09:14
sitterwith a wrong branch name09:14
sitterRiddell: so, what to do with it?09:16
Riddellsitter: work out which one is currently used and kill the other?09:16
sitterbzr > git09:17
RiddellI always said so, glad you agree :)09:17
sitterI am not sure memory consumption victory is a good thing09:18
sitterVcs-Git: git://anonscm.debian.org/pkg-kde/kde-sc/kde4libs.git09:21
sitterRiddell: I wonder if we should version glue the patched versions somehow09:24
sitterkde4libs breaks/replaces kf5kio<<patchedversion && kf5kio breaks/replaces kde4libs<<patchedversion && dolphin breaks/replaces kf5kio<<patchedversion & kde4libs<<patchedversion09:24
Riddellsounds faffy09:31
Riddellkubotu: newversion calligra 2.9.409:31
sitterRiddell: yes, I generally call it packaging :(09:32
sitterpatch parser is broken for some reason09:38
sitterlast syslog line on qa.kubuntu is from june 2409:40
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: only the header is nice and maybe the navigation bar, but the content arangement is terrible09:49
sitterScottK, Riddell: bug 1422469 ready for some SRU love09:49
ubottubug 1422469 in One Hundred Papercuts "Dolphin won't keep the folder shortcuts on Kubuntu 15.04 with Plasma 5." [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/142246909:50
Riddellsitter: wow a tripple-patcher.  thanks much :)09:52
Riddellsitter: I've set a reminder in my calender for 1 week's time as I always do to check up on the status then09:53
=== Riddelll is now known as Riddell
sitterRiddell: k. I think I repaired the patch-parser cron, alas no way to know for sure with this crap :P11:01
Riddellsitter: why is there no way to know for sure?11:10
Riddellhola vip 11:10
* Riddell blogs http://jriddell.org/2015/05/04/voted-snp-in-edinburgh-south/11:10
sitterRiddell: because cron logging on qa.kubuntu is busted, in fact syslog is busted, don't ask me how but it hasn't logged for like a year11:10
sitteralso cron is crap to test anyway, so there's that11:11
vipRiddell: oh, you're from scotland?11:11
Riddellvip: catalunyan/scottish :)11:13
vipRiddell: i've been to scotland twice, my fav country (glasgow, edinburgh, around)11:14
Riddellthanks :)11:14
vipRiddell: been to spain once too, but not exactly, fuerteventura11:17
Riddelllike going to Paris and only visiting Eurodisney  :)11:22
vip"been to spain, never left hotel"11:22
* vip left11:22
=== turgay_ is now known as turgay
sitter"only" visitng eurodisney11:29
Riddellsitter: or LA and not visiting disneyland...11:36
BluesKajHiyas all11:44
=== rdieter_work is now known as rdieter
sitterRiddell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10984057/11:49
sitterfun story11:49
sitterthis patch is pissing me off as upstream phonon maintainer as upstream dragon maintainer and as k-n-h maintainer11:50
sitteroh and as qapt co-maintainer as well11:50
sittergood thing that was run by upstream11:50
Sho_Monday <311:51
Riddellsitter: hmm that patch should be gone11:53
Riddellis it still around?11:53
sitteryou added it april 111:54
Riddellright but I should have then removed it11:54
sitternot in git you didnt11:54
Riddellsitter: sorry about that, remove it now from kubuntu_vivid_backports11:56
ScottKsitter: Could you (or did you) look for legacy code paths that might break when you fix dolphin?  http://codesearch.debian.net/ comes to mind as a resource to do so.12:06
sitterah, I did not know codesearch.debian was a thing12:08
sitteruh uh12:09
sitterScottK: lancelot will need adjustment as well12:09
ScottKsitter: Handy thing, isn't it.12:10
sitterlancelot wasn't ported anyway12:10
sitterso all should be good12:10
sitterScottK: indeed12:10
ScottKI'm confused.  Does lancelot need to be patched or not?12:11
sitterScottK: it does not12:11
ScottKAnything else?12:11
* sitter forgot that debian has ancientversions :P12:11
sitterScottK: kdenlive needs adjustments though12:15
sitternot blocking though IMHO, it attempts to automatically add its projects folder to the places list12:16
ScottKOK.  Let me know when you have that up and when you're through checking stuff.12:16
RiddellScottK: sru love for bug 145142412:44
ubottubug 1451424 in ksnakeduel (Ubuntu W-series) ".desktop file still calls ktron" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145142412:44
soeeon g+ there is post with 25min length Kubutnu 15.04 review video12:47
ScottKRiddell: Done.  Took care of kfilemetadata-kf5, libqapt, and muon while I was there.12:58
Riddellooh thanks ScottK :)12:58
RiddellScottK: hmm something funny going on with that ksnakeduel package, sorry I'll fix that up13:03
ScottKRiddell: Also, there's several Kubuntu packages waiting verification: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/pending-sru.html13:03
Riddellyep I've a few in my todo today13:04
ScottKquassel is probably the most important.13:05
ScottKJust released modemmanager-qt and policykit-113:06
ScottKRiddell: ksnakeduel accepted again.13:18
sitterwe still hav ethe old version of kdenlive13:23
* sitter makes up random patch \o/13:23
Riddell /top13:30
sitterwho wants the honors of having their name in the reviewed-by field? http://paste.ubuntu.com/10984526/13:39
RiddellSput: do you have a test case I can use to verify bug 1448911 ? (I may have asked you this before)13:41
ubottubug 1448911 in quassel (Ubuntu W-series) "Execute initDbSession() on DB reconnects" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144891113:41
sitterRiddell: revu plz http://paste.ubuntu.com/10984526/13:44
Riddellsitter: KStandardDirs().localxdgdatadir() returns ~/.local or ~/.local/share ?13:45
Riddellwith share says http://standards.freedesktop.org/basedir-spec/basedir-spec-latest.html13:49
Riddellsitter: looks fine then for my ack if you can't wait for upstream to ack it13:50
sitteralways with share13:51
sitterScottK: any objections to holding back the kdenlive upload until upstream approves the patch and moving ahead on the other stuff?13:51
sitterkdenlive's regression is of the almost not noticable kind13:52
ScottKYeah, but we sort of promise zero regression in -updates.13:52
ScottKI'd rather do them all together.  The waiting on upstream part I'll leave to your discretion.13:53
Riddell"Cannot join to channel #quassel-dev (You must be invited)"  Sput the elitest :)13:53
sitterah well let's just land it14:13
Riddellsitter: no bluedevil packages in kubuntu-ci any more? I don't know how to verify bug 144892914:16
ubottubug 1448929 in libqapt (Ubuntu W-series) "fix apt states" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144892914:16
sitteryou can thank the touch team for that :P14:17
sitterRiddell: I'll verify with one of my other broken systems14:18
Riddellthanks sitter 14:18
sitterthe bluedevil verification is noop anyway as far as the ui is concerned, more of a debugging measure that is14:18
sitterRiddell: that just reminded me that we need to port software-properties to polkit ...14:19
sitteror you know, rewrite software-properties in some muon scope14:19
Riddellsitter: meh the gtk side also needs rewritten14:20
sitterRiddell: no, gtk side is already ported14:22
sitterin fact I wrote the polkit support thing14:22
sitterI just never ported our UI to it becasue I think the landing took so long that I moved on to other projects or something14:22
sitteror python just annoyed me too much14:22
sitterone of the two14:22
sitteror both14:22
SputRiddell: the dev channel is completely dead anyway; you'll reach all the relevant people best in #quassel directly14:23
SputRiddell: if you have a test case for the timezone issue (the previous fix), you can extend this for the latter one by just restarting your psql database while quassel is running and see if timezones are still working14:23
RiddellSput: does this work on the monolithian quassel or only on the split one?14:26
SputRiddell: the monolithic one doesn't use psql, so both issues are not present there14:27
SputI can't think of a more obvious way of testing this, short of adding a debug message and parsing output :/14:27
Sput(or trace the commands sent to psql, if there's an easy way to do this)14:29
sitterthat muon changes dialog is really very shitty14:30
sittermakes me wanna rip out my eyes14:30
sitterRiddell: qapt verified working14:32
* sitter wonders why docker-lxc-1.6 is held14:32
Riddellam I alive?14:48
Riddellphew, silly screen session14:50
ScottKAt least wily is short to type.14:51
RiddellScottK: ooh?14:52
shadeslayerneato :D14:52
Riddell"skilled at gaining an advantage, especially deceitfully." says google.  mmm.14:53
yofelhm, I was almost right guessing it would be a wolf ^^14:53
ScottKsitter: Isn't Kf5 supposed to have stable ABI and doesn't the kio change break that?14:56
=== blaze is now known as Guest71256
sitterScottK: kfileplacessharedbookmarks wasn't part of the ABI15:12
sitterwas purely used internally to sort of attempt to sync the dom trees of the legacy file with the new file15:13
sitterwhich is where form what I understand is the problem, you'd have two things (kdelibs4 and kio5) attempt to sync up the trees and then get in each others way as they are not aware of one anothers attempt to sync15:14
ScottKsitter: OK.  Accepted.15:19
Darkwingwily werewolf? 15:35
Riddelllike the Coyote but only when the moon is out15:36
RiddellScottK: bug 1448911 verified15:58
ubottubug 1448911 in quassel (Ubuntu W-series) "Execute initDbSession() on DB reconnects" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144891115:58
Riddellalso bug 118278415:59
ubottubug 1182784 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Utopic) "Kubuntu: Switzerland keyboard setup fails" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118278415:59
ScottKRiddell: For quassel, I pinged the security team.  I think they'll copy it to -security from -proposed.16:02
RiddellScottK: bug 1434052 good with me too16:06
ubottubug 1434052 in kwallet-kf5 (Ubuntu Vivid) "kwallet wants to migrate empty kwallet4" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143405216:06
ScottKK.  I'll look at them in a bit.16:07
Riddellbug 1449472 is easy to test but I can't just now as I have next-staging installed16:08
ubottubug 1449472 in kfilemetadata-kf5 (Ubuntu W-series) "officeextractor should depend on catdoc" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144947216:08
Riddell!testers | bug 1449472 ↑16:08
ubottubug 1449472 ↑: testers is Help is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, Quintasan, lordievader, shrini, tester56, parad1se, mamarley, alket, SourBlues, sgclark, neo31, vip for information16:08
Riddellalso bug 1449583 for any useful testers16:09
ubottubug 1449583 in muon (Ubuntu W-series) "notifications won't stop popping" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144958316:09
BluesKajRiddell, catdoc is installed here 16:11
RiddellBluesKaj: can you write on that bug what you did?16:16
Riddellwaa, ktp moving into main means I need to add lots of breaks/replaces to kde-l10n :(16:29
BluesKajRiddell, all i did was check muon 16:50
=== tazz_ is now known as tazz
soeehey, Riddell what about teh apps ? :)17:38
Riddellsoee: I uploaded kde-l10n today then uploaded again to fix overlaps which is the last bit17:42
Riddellsoee: do you think they're good enough to go into backports?17:42
lordievaderRiddell: How do I go about getting W-series? To test bug 1449472?17:42
ubottubug 1449472 in kfilemetadata-kf5 (Ubuntu W-series) "officeextractor should depend on catdoc" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144947217:42
soeeRiddell: all the kio stuff works ? i see reds in raport17:43
soeeRiddell: this 2 packages are marked to remove: libktpotrprivate8 libmarblewidget2017:43
soeefirst one is fine i thnk17:43
soeewhat about second ?17:43
soeehmm second to as there is libmarblewidget2117:44
soeeso for both we have newer one17:44
soeekdelibs not in ppa ?17:45
Riddelllordievader: w-series doesn't exist yet17:56
Riddelllordievader: just test on vivid is good17:56
Riddellsoee: second is fine too as libmarblewidget21 is there17:56
soeeRiddell: ok, upgrading17:57
Riddellsoee: kdelibs is there https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/next-stage2/+packages?field.name_filter=kde4libs&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=17:57
lordievaderRiddell: Roger, rodger.18:05
soeeRiddell: 2 errors related top locales18:07
Riddellsoee: pastebin?18:08
soeeRiddell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10985792/18:08
Riddellgrr, kdenlive18:08
Riddellwell spotted18:08
soeeRiddell: ~ 60% updating, ended up with http://paste.ubuntu.com/10985799/18:10
Riddellsoee: dpkg --install --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/kde-l10n-engb_4%3a15.04.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.04~ppa2_all.deb /var/cache/apt/archives/kde-l10n-pl_4%3a15.04.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.04~ppa2_all.deb   and pastebin output?18:10
soeeRiddell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10985811/18:12
lordievaderRiddell: Apt want's to downgrade libkf5filemetadata-bin if I run 'apt-get install -s libkf5filemetadata-bin/vivid-proposed', is this supposed to happen?18:14
Riddellsoee: apt -f install  should tidy it up18:14
Riddelllordievader: do you have next-staging enabled?18:15
Riddelllordievader: probably you have some ppa like that enabled18:15
lordievaderI have the backports enabled.18:15
lordievaderGrepping for next-staging doesn't return anything.18:15
lordievaderAh, yes the package comes from the backports.18:17
Riddelllordievader: if it doesn't do anything scary you can downgrade but it might want to mess with your packages18:20
lordievaderRiddell: Catdoc is installed by the way.18:21
Riddelllordievader: if that's using the version from vivid-proposed please report that on the bug18:23
EtriaphG'day folks.18:23
lordievaderRiddell: Err no, it is the one of the backports.18:23
Riddellhola hi Etriaph 18:24
Riddelllordievader: leave it then, someone else can test it18:24
Riddellmaybe Etriaph :)18:24
EtriaphSomething crazy going on today?18:25
Riddellsome wily madness18:26
EtriaphAnything I can do to assist?18:27
soeeRiddell: -f install finished fine, will reboot18:27
RiddellEtriaph: if you're using vivid you can verify the fix in bug 1449472 from vivid-proposed18:27
ubottubug 1449472 in kfilemetadata-kf5 (Ubuntu W-series) "officeextractor should depend on catdoc" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144947218:27
EtriaphI have both installed.18:28
EtriaphHow would you like me to test other than that?18:30
soeeback :)18:30
soeeRiddell: when trying to run kdenlive: Segmentation fault (core dumped)18:31
Etriaphsoee: kdenlive running for me.18:32
soeeEtriaph: 15.04 ?18:32
Etriaphsoee: Yup18:33
soeeEtriaph: yes but this app version is 15.04 from next-stagin2 ?18:37
EtriaphUmm, 15.04 with the 5.3 PPA18:38
EtriaphNothing beyond that.18:38
soeeyeah so you are on old kdenlive :)18:40
soeeprevious version also worked for me18:41
EtriaphAh, OK.18:42
ahoneybunthe core concept is nice though ovidiu-florin18:47
ahoneybunRiddell: I was just looking at the HTML source for docs.kubuntu.org and it is exported as all one line lol18:56
Riddellahoneybun: that's meinproc's doing, the application that turns the docbook into html18:57
ahoneybunI was going to try out some CSS magic on it18:58
=== je4d_ is now known as je4d
Riddellahoneybun: html tidy is your friend19:00
ahoneybunno clue about that19:00
ahoneybunhttps://infohound.net/tidy/ ?19:01
Riddellapt install tidy19:04
Riddellnot that I've used it for a decade, maybe it's out of date19:04
ahoneybunI'll try anyway19:04
ahoneybunbetter then by hand19:04
ahoneybunnow to read the man19:05
=== mhall119 is now known as mhall119|afk
EtriaphIs there anyway to install all of the KF5 development packages at once?19:22
Etriaphs/anyway/any way19:22
* ahoneybun grabs some soda and gets to work on the CSS19:23
Riddellwe don't have meta packages for them currently19:23
Riddellit's a todo item if you fancy taking it up :)19:23
EtriaphRiddell: Uh, perhaps, trying to get deps right now for basket.  I don't know how to setup packaging fyi, but will attempt to learn if it would assist anyone19:24
EtriaphRiddell: Although, you know what, I will if there's a list of packages to be included and a description of how to perform that work.  That way I can install the meta-package when available, and learn what packages I need at the same time :D19:27
EtriaphCan someone tell me if this is still relevant: http://askubuntu.com/questions/33413/how-to-create-a-meta-package-that-automatically-installs-other-packages19:29
ScottKequivs isn't really meant for that, but there's no use of equivs that isn't a gross hack anyway.19:31
ScottKIt's as relevant as it ever was.19:31
EtriaphScottK: Thanks.  :)  Now to find a list of packages.19:32
ScottKEtriaph: You can also use dpkg --set-selections to do the same thing in a less hacky and probably easier manner.19:32
ScottKSee man dpkg19:32
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=== aaron is now known as ahoneybun
* ovidiu-florin just took down a concrete wall with his dad :D19:46
* ovidiu-florin is feeling strong and tired19:46
* Riddell looks impressed at ovidiu-florin's biceps19:47
ovidiu-florinwhy do I see 2 calibre in discover?19:48
Riddellit has multiple backends?19:48
ovidiu-florinI installed one19:49
ovidiu-florinand both apear as installed19:49
ovidiu-florinalso this happened: https://bugs.launchpad.net/calibre/+bug/1451043/comments/219:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1451043 in calibre "Crash when Adding Ebook" [Undecided,Invalid]19:49
ovidiu-florinis that guy nuts?19:49
ovidiu-florinAh, I've figured it out, one calibre is the ebook viewer and one is the ebook manager19:51
ovidiu-florinand they are codependent, I think19:51
ovidiu-florinI should be able to get the viewer without the manager though19:51
* ovidiu-florin is lazy to check the dependencies19:51
EtriaphRiddell: Going to create the package, sorted out how to do it (I think); do you keep a list of development packages I'd have to add, and should we include -dbg in that list?19:52
RiddellEtriaph: I'm not sure what you mean by development packages?19:54
Riddelldpkg: error processing archive /var/cache/apt/archives/kde-l10n-sr_4%3a15.04.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.04~ppa3_all.deb (--unpack): trying to overwrite '/usr/share/locale/sr/LC_SCRIPTS/ki18n5/trapnakron.pmapc', which is also in package libkf5i18n-data 5.9.0-0ubuntu119:54
EtriaphRiddell: lib*kf5-dev19:54
RiddellEtriaph: the build-depends are different for every application, you need to look in the CMakeLists.txt file to see what it requests and test it with pbuilder19:55
ahoneybunRiddell: what do you think ? http://imgur.com/vM6Y9Re19:57
Riddellahoneybun: looking nice19:58
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: is that also intended to be printed?19:58
ovidiu-florinor an eBook?19:58
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: not at the moment but I was thinking about it19:58
ahoneybunnot sure how hard it would be though19:58
ahoneybunI'm trying to move that darn Next link oveer19:59
ovidiu-florinmove what?20:00
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: you could use a generator for that20:00
ovidiu-florinthere are projects out there for this20:00
ahoneybunthe next link20:01
ahoneybunon the top and bottom there are 2 links to the next page20:01
ahoneybunI'm trying to move them to the right20:01
ovidiu-florinfloat right20:01
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: the problem is I'm designing this as I go as I don't know that are my limits with CSS20:02
ahoneybun(low knowledge)20:02
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: trying to find what to link that to20:02
ahoneybunwhat div holds it20:02
EtriaphRiddell: OK, you said you had a TODO item to create meta packages for this, is it possible to see the TODO online anywhere?20:02
ahoneybunEtriaph: https://trello.com/kubuntu20:02
Riddellspecifically I was thinking of this one https://trello.com/c/tQ32mxu6/25-sort-out-kde-meta-packages20:04
kubotu[15.04 :: Done :: Sort out KDE meta packages ++ ]20:04
Riddellbut I see it's marked as done so maybe we need a new one20:04
RiddellEtriaph: we have a meeting on wednesday to discuss the todo items for 15.1020:04
ovidiu-florinhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/calibre/+bug/1451043 only happens on the packaged version we ship. on the downloaded version from the site, this does not happen.20:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1451043 in calibre "Crash when Adding Ebook" [Undecided,Invalid]20:04
ovidiu-florinRiddell: ^20:04
ovidiu-florinRiddell: how did it turn out with the meeting for 15.10?20:05
ovidiu-florinI haven't gotten to read all my huge mail threads yet20:05
Riddellovidiu-florin: scheduled for wednesday evening http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1505/meeting/22508/kubuntu-kickoff/20:06
ovidiu-florinthat reminds me, ahoneybun is our presentation scheduled?20:07
EtriaphOK, quick reboot.20:08
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: is the time on the epad good?20:08
* ovidiu-florin checkes20:08
ovidiu-florinyes, that's ok with me20:09
ovidiu-florinhow about rick?20:09
ovidiu-florinSick_Rimmit: ^20:09
ovidiu-florinRiddell: so the kickoff meeting will be public and live?20:11
Riddellovidiu-florin: sure, as always20:11
ovidiu-florinwhat timezone is that time shown there?20:12
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: want to wait till we hear from rick as he is the lead?20:12
Riddellovidiu-florin: UTC20:13
Riddellahoneybun: um UOS is starting tomorrow20:13
Riddellor today depending on your definition20:13
RiddellSick_Rimmit: ↑20:13
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: any idea about what is going on on the right side here: http://imgur.com/FAbC5Ii20:13
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: Sick_Rimmit voted that 19:30 is ok for him. So I don't know if 19 qualifies as ok for him20:13
ovidiu-florinI'll try and call him now20:13
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: yes, you messed up something. Can I see the code?20:15
ahoneybunsince there are 2 community roundtables going on thurs I might take it off to be in them20:16
ahoneybunwhat is "PLENARY" Riddell?20:17
ovidiu-florinSick_Rimmit: will be here in a moment20:17
ahoneybun19:00 - 20:00 UTC is PLENARY atm ovidiu-florin20:17
ahoneybunon thurs20:17
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: please add your whole code here: https://jsfiddle.net/20:17
Riddellahoneybun: group session for all attendees20:18
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: what's that?20:18
ahoneybunRiddell: so no sessions?20:18
Riddellsgclark: copying applications to backports!20:18
Riddellahoneybun: there's a big talk relevant to the whole of ubuntu is the idea20:18
sgclarkRiddell: thank you so much for your help :) I am drowning..20:18
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: what should it be doing?20:19
ahoneybunI don't think Kate/my computer can handle the HTML from the site lol20:20
Riddellsgclark: use a canoe :)20:20
* ricktimmis appears Poof!20:20
Riddellhi ricktimmis, have you scheduled your uos session?20:21
ricktimmisThat's what I am here for20:21
Riddellwell better hurry up, it starts tomorrow!20:21
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: omg I love that thing20:21
Riddellricktimmis: have you made a spec and registered it on summit.u.c ?20:21
ricktimmisI know nothing20:21
ricktimmisI have a diary entry for a Hangout on Thursday20:22
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: so what are out available times now for UOS?20:22
ricktimmisovidiu-florin: just called me, so I think that is what we are about to discuss20:22
ovidiu-florinricktimmis: yes20:23
Riddellricktimmis: you need to make one https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+addspec20:23
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: I'm trying to read this thing20:23
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: which one?20:23
Riddellricktimmis: and then here http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1505/create_meeting/20:23
ahoneybunthe Summit20:23
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: weds 19 -20 UTC I think could have a spot20:24
ovidiu-florinok, before or after kickoff?20:25
ahoneybunthe way they are layed out it is hard to tell20:26
ahoneybunthere is not like 19:00 - 19:15; 19:15 - 19:30 style20:27
ovidiu-florinI'm having a hard time understanding20:27
ahoneybunpart of my problem with the css was the padding on the div20:27
ahoneybunlook here ovidiu-florin http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1505/2015-05-06/20:27
ovidiu-florinthere are several rooms where the presentations are taking place?20:27
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: I'm there20:27
ahoneybunseems like after20:28
ovidiu-florinahoneybun ricktimmis Riddell let's have a hangout ahnd settle this? ok?20:28
* Riddell is too tired for a hangout, applications 15.04 will be the death of me!20:29
EtriaphWhich paste do you folks use?20:46
EtriaphLooking for some advice: https://paste.kde.org/pzjm7qajz20:47
EtriaphWill the experimental libraries affect audio stability in any way?20:48
RiddellEtriaph: it's in libphonon4qt5experimental4 20:49
_Groo_hi all20:49
_Groo_Riddell: hey Riddell 20:49
_Groo_Riddell: can you answer me a question? 20:49
EtriaphYup, I see the package, just wondering if having that library will at all cause any issues with desktop stability.20:49
RiddellEtriaph: no20:50
Riddell_Groo_: depends on the question20:50
_Groo_Riddell: when i installed vivid fresh (kf5 5.2), bluetooth kcm was MIA, then i installed 5.3, still MIA, now im at CI, still MIA20:50
_Groo_yes i can see it with kcmshell4 --list20:50
_Groo_but wheres the new bluetooth stack?20:50
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: check this out http://imgur.com/vM6Y9Re20:50
Riddell_Groo_: we can't package it because there's no bluez5 packages in ubuntu, it's a big failure of the ubuntu touch team20:51
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: https://jsfiddle.net/czg6w14r/3/#&togetherjs=gcVFff4wti20:51
_Groo_Riddell: but just to confirm, vivid was shipped without a bluetooth kcm?20:51
Riddell_Groo_: with an old/broken one yes, it's one of the notable failures in 15.0420:52
_Groo_Riddell: k, tks20:52
_Groo_Riddell: any ETA for bluez5?20:52
_Groo_Riddell: or its a nono till next release?20:52
Riddell_Groo_: I don't think it'll get into vivid alas, it was due in there but ubuntu touch team kept it out :(20:53
_Groo_Riddell: so, its there any ppa i can test? like ninjas, next or something?20:54
Riddellahoneybun: now it needs approved by someone before it can be scheduled20:55
RiddellI've no idea who the someone is20:55
ovidiu-florinvalorie: ping21:09
EtriaphInteresting bug: https://paste.kde.org/pgkbpq94521:15
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EtriaphCmake didn't like a folder named C++21:15
* ovidiu-florin is off to ZZZZzzzzz.....21:41
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* Riddell publishes http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-applications-15.0421:55
* genii digests21:56
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: we can take weds 180022:24
ahoneybunRiddell: valorie this looks very good https://read-the-docs.readthedocs.org/en/latest/22:30
ahoneybunreally like this: https://readthedocs.com/pricing/22:31
valorieupgrade today was very strange - upgraded, or not upgraded? https://paste.kde.org/p89tjek9v23:01
valorieahoneybun: why does that look good?23:01
ahoneybunexport to HTML cleanly, locaization, open source, links into LP, themeing23:02
ahoneybunand pdf, ebook23:02
ahoneybunvalorie: http://imgur.com/F8AzA1Q23:19
valorieahoneybun: well, we should be able to do all those things from the KDE wiki23:46
valorieexcept the theming, which we can do on our own server23:46
valorieI didn't realize read-the-docs was open source, since they don't mention it23:47
valorieI would appreciate a comment from some kubuntu devel on today's update - https://paste.kde.org/p89tjek9v23:48
valoriedon't actually want to restart to see.....23:48
valoriestill reading up here, while I wait23:48
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