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FlyingBhi, quick Q. Just got Kubuntu 15.04. mplayer and kaffeine lost their ability to play video files. Both display a blank screen. Using AMD drivers with a 3 monitor setup.01:10
FlyingBmplayer is even funnier, if I preview it through the task bar I can see the video playback.01:10
EtriaphI would suggest vlc01:28
EtriaphIt's the most solid playback software atm.01:28
EtriaphIf it won't play with vlc then it may be a codec issue.01:28
StravHe. Just wondering: on the announcement about plasma 5.3 in kubuntu backport repositories, it says that we now should have the new bluedevil applet available and yet, I cannot find such package (All I have is the bluedevil 2.0~rc1 package from the normal vervet repository), anyone knows where I could the the new one (I'm actually having issues with bluedevil-monolithic after resume from suspend)01:54
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valoriehyper_ch: I probably advocated for yakuake05:39
hyper_chvalorie: how do you resize that?05:41
valorievia the menu I guess05:41
valorieI never have05:41
valorieit's always "just right" and you can tab it05:42
hyper_choh, you can't dynamically.. :(05:42
valorieyakuake appears and reappears with the f12 key or some other shortcut05:42
valorieI've never seen a instance where I wanted to dynamically change the size05:43
hyper_chI do05:43
hyper_ch:) thx though05:43
valoriehyper_ch: have you filed/commented on a bug about konsole resizing?05:46
hyper_chI have$05:46
ubottuKDE bug 346636 in general "Konsole freezes when resizing" [Normal,Unconfirmed]05:46
soeegood morning06:20
nfk|laptopin kubuntu 15.04, does kmail and other PIM components need Akonadi?06:32
frogonwheelsnfk|laptop: Yeah - pretty sure it's essential.06:33
nfk|laptopthen why does trying to launch it return that there's no sqlite3 driver?06:33
frogonwheelsdo you have a sqlite3 driver for akonadi?06:34
nfk|laptopi have a fresh default installation06:34
frogonwheelsnfk|laptop: weird.  Which akonadi-backend-*  packages do you have installed?06:35
nfk|laptoponly mysql06:35
nfk|laptopbut i also tried deleting every config file i could06:35
nfk|laptopthe /home was carried over06:35
frogonwheelsnfk|laptop: sometimes it can be a pain.. but generally you should be able to get it to work.  It runs its own instance of the database by default.  (so you have akonadi-backend-mysql  installed.)06:36
nfk|laptopyeah, but it's configured to use sqlite and i can't find figure out a way to change that06:37
nfk|laptopno kcm, no obvious command, and i have deleted every file that looks like it could be related to akonadi06:37
frogonwheelsnfk|laptop: I've done it before. just trying to remember.06:38
nfk|laptopunless of course i'm missing something or by default it's hard-configured to something kubuntu does not even install by default06:38
frogonwheelsrun "akonad configuration06:38
frogonwheelsor   "Akonadi Server Configuration"06:39
frogonwheelsK menu. and search for it.06:40
nfk|laptopnothing with akonadi in it06:40
nfk|laptophow does sqlite even compare to mysql for akonadi and about 6000 emails?06:41
nfk|laptopi'd probably prefer to use sqlite over mysql as long as it's not too slow06:41
frogonwheelsnfk|laptop: nfi06:42
nfk|laptoptime to see then06:42
frogonwheelsnfk|laptop: weird about not seeing the settings.  I just typed in Akonadi into the search on the K menu06:43
nfk|laptopprobably not installed06:44
frogonwheelsnfk|laptop: ALT+F2  then type Akonadi ?06:44
nfk|laptopshould be the same thing06:44
portablejimAnybody know how to get Firefox's "Open Containing Folder" to use Dolphin instead of Gwenview?06:44
nfk|laptopand nothing is found06:44
frogonwheelsnfk|laptop: akonadiconsole ?06:44
frogonwheelsIe the package06:44
nfk|laptopportablejim, if setting gwenview to your file manager does not do it, then no idea06:45
nfk|laptopthough i would not be surprised that there's some obscure about:config setting for it but ask that in #firefox or something06:45
frogonwheelsnfk|laptop: akonadi-kde and akonadi-server06:45
portablejimnfk|laptop: It opens in gwenview instead of dolphin.06:45
nfk|laptopfrogonwheels, akonadiconsole, i'm fairly sure, is half-supported developer tool06:46
nfk|laptopit's never installed by default, at least not nowadays06:46
nfk|laptopportablejim, ah, check that dolphin is your file manager06:47
nfk|laptopneed some guidance on that?06:47
portablejimSystem Settings => Applications => File Manager => Dolphin?06:48
portablejimSo changing it to gwenview and then back fixed it.06:48
nfk|laptopthat's good to hear06:57
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wldcordeiro_Is there a way to replace the kubuntu network manager with wicd? I have a lot of issues with it dropping wifi07:53
wldcordeiro_hyper_ch: what is the package called for kde is it the network-manager? or is the some other name?08:03
hyper_chapt-cache search network | grep manager08:03
RtMFI think it has plasma in the name?08:03
hyper_chthere's the kde frontent and the actual network manager package08:03
hyper_chI think you need to remove both but not sure08:03
RtMFI think just removing network manager takes out the control applets08:04
RtMFthey always used to hard depend on it08:04
RtMFalso without the service the applets can't do much08:04
lordievaderGood morning.08:50
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aart3khi, I'm trying to upgrade to Plasma 5.3 using backports ppa, and after the update it seems that KWin is crashing09:26
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aart3kany ideas? where to check for kwin logs or sth?09:27
aart3kor maybe how to delete all kwin settings so it starts with defaults?09:27
soeeaart3k: check in .config and .kde for kwin settings you are using09:33
bipHello :P09:56
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ShishKababI've just upgraded to Kubuntu 15.04, but Akonadi is not working anymore (also the bootup splash is broken, but that's not a priority right now), so I can't use KMail anymore. Akonadi self test report: https://paste.kde.org/pctjwcogx . Apparently something went wrong with MySQL, but how do I start debugging this?10:28
ShishKababAlso window management does not go well. Sometimes areas of the screen don't get repainted when closing or switching windows, which means my system feels really broken...10:34
ShishKababAnybody here?10:40
ejayShishKebab, you can ask again coz I saw only "Also window management..." part.10:41
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ShishKababejay: I've just upgraded to Kubuntu 15.04, but Akonadi is not working anymore (also the bootup splash is broken, but that's not a priority right now), so I can't use KMail anymore. Akonadi self test report: https://paste.kde.org/pctjwcogx . Apparently something went wrong with MySQL, but how do I start debugging this?10:43
ejayShishKebab, did you updated from kubuntu14 or it was fresh installation?10:49
patrick__how do i check my hdd for errors from a kubuntu live boot from usb stick ?10:50
ShishKababejay: I've upgraded from 14.1010:50
ejayShishKebab, it look like akonadi is not fully ported yet. Did you tried this: https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=215&t=12558010:51
ejaykcmshell4 akonadi10:51
ejayoh, nevermind. I'm tired. It not an solution to your problem. ;)10:52
ejayShishKebab, did you tried to reinstall mysql?10:53
ejayin your err log, line 7410:54
patrick__how do i check my hdd for errors from a kubuntu live boot from usb stick ?10:55
ejaythen lines 345+. akonadi is not starting and maybe it is just something with mysql10:56
ejaypatrick__, you can use fsck from konsole10:57
ShishKababejay: I can try, just a minute. (By the way if you type ShishKabab with the a instead of e I'll get notified of your message ;) )10:59
ejayShishKabab, like I'd said before - I'm tired. Sry for misstyping your nick.11:00
ShishKababejay: No problem at all (tab completion might help you though.) If I remove mysql-server-5.6 dependencies will break. Is there a reinstall command?11:03
ejayShishKabab: well, I dont know. Isn't there something like -reinstall?11:04
ShishKababYes, that did the trick.11:05
ShishKababejay: Now reinstalling.11:05
ejayShishKabab: good luck :D11:05
ShishKababejay: OK,  I'll reboot now to test.11:06
ShishKababejay: Nope, didn't work.11:14
ejayShishKabab: akonadi error log is the same?11:15
ejaystill something about mysql?11:15
ShishKababejay: Yup, but just found a workaround on the Kubuntu 15.04  announcement page under known issues. I'll re-login to test :)11:17
ejayShishKabab: ok11:17
ShishKababejay: It works! The window management issue also seems to be gone for the moment.11:22
ejayShishKabab: can you share with a link to your solution?11:22
ShishKababejay: It was under known issues on http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kubuntu-15.04 . Workaround is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/akonadi/+bug/1437846/comments/11 .11:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1437846 in akonadi (Ubuntu) "akonadi mysql 5.6 crash with signal 11" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:24
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ejayShishKabab: good to know. thanks11:28
ShishKababejay: Ah, now everything starts to flicker again when I change windows, certain areas don't get updated, etc. Any idea why this is happening after I am logged in for a while? Is there any option to disable all window effects?11:28
hateballShishKabab: alt+f2 -> compositing11:29
hateballyou have various options11:29
patrick__Hi, My kubuntu 15.04 after startup ( not everytime, more like every second boot ) 15min the hdd ligh goes on, and eventually the system grinds to a halt, mouse clicks unresponsive etc. I have disabled the file indexing service and the akondi(?) server on advice given here that has not solved the problem. I am after noticing that my USB install stick reports 3 errors when "check disk for deffects" what should i do ?11:37
ShishKababhateball: Yes,  I've already disabled every individual effect, but there used to be an option somewhere to really disable compositing completely. I still seeing try do  some effects here and there.11:38
ShishKabab(And failing.)11:38
lordievaderpatrick__: Check smart?11:38
patrick__lordievader: what does that mean?11:39
lordievaderpatrick__: Most, if not all, drives nowadays come with smart. It reports the drive's health. You can read it out with 'sudo smartctl -a /dev/sdXY'.11:39
hateballShishKabab: you can try switching renderer also, see if that improves things11:39
patrick__lordievader: sudo: smartctl: command not found11:40
lordievaderpatrick__: You need to install it first ;) sudo apt-get install smartmontools11:41
patrick__lordievader: how do i run it on all disks, ie what do i use for the XY part ?11:42
lordievaderpatrick__: for item in /dev/sd[a-z]; do sudo smartctl -a $item; done11:43
ShishKababhateball: Thank you! Problem solved it seems ;)11:43
lordievader^ generates a lot of output ;)11:43
BluesKajHiyas all11:44
hateballShishKabab: Out of curiousity, what did you change to and from what?11:44
ShishKababhateball: Just turned off compositing at startup and pressed Alt+Shift+F12 to disable compositing now.11:45
hateballShishKabab: What sort of GPU+driver are you using?11:47
ShishKababhateball: [AMD/ATI] Wrestler [Radeon HD 7290] with the propietary drivers.11:48
patrick__lordievader:  I ran sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda and I got a ton of output but im guessing "..SMART Error Log Version: 1..No Errors Logged.." is the important bit ?11:49
lordievaderpatrick__: Could you patebin the output?11:49
lordievader!paste | patrick__11:49
ubottupatrick__: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:49
patrick__lordievader: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10984066/11:51
hateballShishKabab: I see. I have no experience with AMD stuff so cant say if there's a better way to fix this than disabling it entirely11:51
lordievaderpatrick__: Lots and lots of errors (22796112), back up your drive NOW.11:52
patrick__lordievader: all backed up already where do you errors in that output - sorry total noob at this11:53
MoonUnit`weird though, no bad or relocated sectors.11:53
lordievaderpatrick__: raw_read_error_rate and seek_error_rate.11:53
lordievaderMoonUnit`: I got a drive just like this. Not really reliable...11:53
patrick__lordievader: advice ?11:54
lordievaderpatrick__: Get a new drive, use this for data you are willing to loose at any given moment.11:54
patrick__lordievader: the usb stick I installed from still reports 2 errors on check disk for defect - would that have mattered ?11:56
ShishKababhateball: I'll just leave it like this right now so I can continue working... Planning to buy another netbook soon anyway. By the way, after upgrading I lost all my notes on my desktop (along with all my KDE settings such as Kate sessions and shortcut configs) and I forgot to back them up. Is there any way to recover these notes?11:56
lordievaderpatrick__: For the usbstick of for the filesystem on the hdd?11:56
valveSorry. just upgraded to 15.04. Lost the possibility to login to KDE (KDE greeter) ... what should I do to reenable that ? kde-full disappeared ...11:57
valvehints appreciated11:58
patrick__lordievader: for the usb stick, like when i go to re install again11:58
hateballShishKabab: I think they're saved as xml files in ~/somewhere so if you know any contents you could grep for them I guess11:58
lordievaderpatrick__: Hmm, if that is the case I wouldn't really trust it.11:59
BluesKajvalve, which upgrade method did you use?11:59
valvejust do-dist-upgrade11:59
patrick__ok ty :) hope I dont see you again :D12:00
valveBluesKaj: just do-dist-upgrade12:00
valveBluesKaj: after the update ... no more GNOME/KDE login possibilities (no .desktop sessions in lightdm)12:00
patrick__lordievader: actually before I do this all again, I have a second spare hdd, can I plug it into my pc and run smart and have you look at the errors for that one ?12:01
hateballShishKabab: seems to be inside ~/.kde/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc12:01
BluesKajvalve, you mean do-release-upgrade right ? If so then you were probly using the lightdm greeter, correct?12:02
ShishKababhateball: Mmm, lost everything then. Grepped the whole .kde folder. Oh well, that's what you get not making backups.12:02
valveBluesKaj: yes (as I was using before, in 14.04/14.10)12:02
hateballShishKabab: So it goes12:03
ShishKababhateball: Thanks for your time and have a nice day!12:03
valveBluesKaj: it was working as supposed. I think I just lost the sessions there (NOTE: I had kde-full before, which seems to be ... disappeared)12:03
lordievaderpatrick__: Sure ;)12:04
BluesKajvalve, drop to a tty/vt and do, sytemctl enable lightdm then reboot12:04
valveBluesKaj: It says "the unit files have no [Install] section. They are not meant to be enabled using systemctl"12:06
BluesKajvalve, ok perhaps lightdm is no longer available, I'm not sure, then change lightdm to sddm in the command.12:08
valveBluesKaj: has kde-full been dropped?12:09
BluesKajvalve, seems do12:12
valveBluesKaj: ... I think that do-dist-upgrade left a messed up KDE installation12:12
valveI've no SDDM but some packages of KDE5 for sure ...12:12
valveBluesKay: have you installed kubuntu-desktop ?12:13
natacuslordievader: hi again, changed username :) how do i run the smart check again ?12:14
lordievadernatacus: sudo smartctl -a /dev/sdX12:17
BluesKajvalve, then I don't think you actually have 15.04, unless you changed the sources list to Vivid and upgraded12:21
natacuslordievader: how does this on look (this one ran kubuntu 14.04 for 1.5 years zero issues ) https://paste.kde.org/pgg1zqvyp12:22
paulk_Kubuntu 15.04 Plasma 5.3; anybody knows how I can personalize the login screen?12:24
lordievadernatacus: Lot's better, only seek errors. But I guess that give just a performance hit.12:24
BluesKajvalve, to upgrade to 15.04 from 14.10 over the internet, the command is sudo do-release-upgrade , not sudo apt-get dist-upgrade12:26
natacuslordievader: :D okay, so today is a holiday and I honestly just want a computer that works - your advice pop into town and buy a fresh disk or wait a week for the company to buy me a fresh disk or use the one i just pasted ?12:26
lordievadernatacus: Either get a new one, or use the one you just pasted. I wouldn't trust the other disk with data you don't want to loose.12:27
natacuslordievader:  ty for the help! really cool to learn about this, simple way to put my mind at ease. So you think the bad disk was the reason for the crappy performance on my pc?12:28
lordievaderLikely yes, I mean look at the errors :P12:28
valveBluesKaj: yes yes12:41
valveBluesKaj: I've messed up writing here, sorry12:41
ejayIs it me or "Find" in Dolphin is broken?13:47
MoonUnit`ejay: on and off, sometimes it displays an error other times it works.14:08
ejayMoonUnit`: something with invalid protocol?14:10
ejaythis bug is already filed in bugtracker - it's something with f up packages14:11
alvinCan someone tell me what program I have to start to see the NetworkManager connection manager? In Gnome, that would be nm-connection-manager, but I don't know the KDE one.14:14
MoonUnit`ejay: i think so, seems to be working atm.14:14
murthyalvin: /usr/bin/kde5-nm-connection-editor14:16
murthyalvin: or just kde5-nm-connection-editor14:17
alvinThanks murthy!14:17
murthyalvin: hi, have you heard of the "ps aux" command14:17
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alvinOh, my question was wrong... I need the one to choose the connection. Not edit them.14:17
murthyalvin: oh, in that case, you need to use the widget14:18
alvinI feared as much. And that only works in plasma, right? Not i3? I was planning to use i3 until some bugs are gone from plasma5, and until the netbook view is there.14:19
alvinI see it's possible to connect from the editor. I might be able to do something with that. Or try to use kwallet together with nmtui. (btw, whatever happened to nm-tool?)14:20
murthyalvin: I am not sure about this, but I think I read somewhere the app was replaced with a widget, I have to google to check14:20
alvinThat might explain why I can't find it. Also, I've tried and 'connect' is greyed out when starting kde5-nm-connection-editor from i3.14:22
murthyalvin: I can't find anything relavent. You wait here, someone else might help you better or you can ask the fellows in #kde14:23
alvinOh, I will. My Quasselcore will try to keep me here. I need to update it though...14:23
ranveeraggarwalHello. I installed kubuntu 15.04 a couple of days back. Everything was great until a system update spawned an issue. Whenever I try logging in, instead of getting the GUI, I get the message "Starting version 219" displayed on a black screen. Is this a known issue?14:29
alvinThat's version 219 of systemd14:36
Finetundrahey guys, I can't seem to connect to vnc with krdc anymore. anyone know why that is?14:42
ranveeraggarwalalvin: how do I get back the GUI? Any clue?14:43
Finetundraranveeraggarwal: have you tried ctrl+alt+f7?14:44
ranveeraggarwalFinetundra: yes. I can access everything from Ctrl+alt+F1-6. It's the GUI part that's inaccessible. All I get is text saying 'Starting Version 219'14:46
alvinThere's no shell, is there?14:47
ranveeraggarwalalvin: nope14:47
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alvinTry systemctl restart sddm14:47
alvinsystemd is new to me. Wasn't there some error checking? Let me see14:48
geniiLooks like bug 143217114:48
ubottubug 1432171 in systemd (Ubuntu) "[udev] Shows "starting version 219" boot message even with "quiet"" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143217114:48
alvinYes, try: systemctl status sddm14:48
ranveeraggarwalalvin: on tty1?14:48
alvinYes. You'll have no choice there14:48
alvingenii: No, that's only about the message. I get it too, but then sddm starts up.14:49
ranveeraggarwalalvin: nope, doesn't work for me14:49
alvinranveeraggarwal: TTY1 doesn't work for you?14:49
alvinThat sounds bad. You'll have to reboot into single user mode if it's still called that. Do you know how?14:50
ranveeraggarwalNo tty1 works. The command that you have doesn't14:50
alvinAh, it doesn't? No output?14:50
ranveeraggarwalWait. I'll try it as user. I sudo-ed it for no reason14:51
ranveeraggarwalalvin: nope. Still doesn't work.14:53
alvinYou have something strange going on. That command should give you the reason why sddm didn't start. Ok. Try looking at the last lines of journalctl (needs sudo)14:54
Xenoth2 quick questions; I have a wireless USB mouse, the 2.4GHz kind. The back and forward buttons are reversed - that is, back is forward, and forward is back. How can I fix these? Also, it seems to automatically sleep every 10 minutes or so. Kubuntu 14.04 doesn't sense when the mouse has woken back up. Normally requires turning the mouse off then back on 2-3 times.14:54
alvinOops. nope, it doesn't need sudo. I've been sudoing it for no reason too.14:54
lordievaderSddm logs to /var/log/sddm.log ;)14:55
alvinXenoth: Is your mouse set to right/left handed? Check System Settings -> Input devices14:56
XenothIt's set to right handed. I'm right handed.14:56
ranveeraggarwalalvin: It says 'Display server stoppedc14:57
ranveeraggarwalAnd then it ran a display stop script14:57
alvinAh, great. I'll have to take a look at that logfile too. SDDM is using way to much CPU. After logging in...14:57
alvinranveeraggarwal: In that cas: graphics drivers, no? What driver do you use?14:58
alvinranveeraggarwal: I believe you'll find the reason for that in /var/log/Xorg.0.log14:58
ranveeraggarwalalvin: Ah! I think I got it. I had changed the display driver when it had prompted me to. That might be the reason. How do I switch back to fglrx using the command line?15:00
alvinsudo apt install fglrx I believe15:00
alvinThere used to be a jockey-text, but I don't know what replaced it.15:01
ranveeraggarwalI do have them installed. I just need to enable them. Online solutions use jockey-text. Couldn't find it15:03
Finetundrahow would one reinstall libvncserver?15:03
BluesKajthink jockey is no more15:04
alvinNo, it has been replaced, but I don't know by what15:04
alvinWell, there still is some graphical choose-your-driver thing.15:04
ranveeraggarwalalvin: Yeah there is. Just can't access it :/15:05
alvinHmm, it's called by 'kcmshell5 kcm_driver_manager'. Doesn't work without the proper driver ;-)15:06
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX15:06
alvinok, long shot. dpkg-reconfigure fglrx?15:06
alvinFreeNX? Is that project still alive?15:07
alvinTheir homepage is offline: http://freenx.berlios.de/15:08
ranveeraggarwalalvin: the command works. Didn't help though15:08
lordievaderranveeraggarwal: What is the output of 'lspci -k|grep -A2 VGA'?15:10
alvinranveeraggarwal: Found it: sudo ubuntu-drivers devices15:11
ranveeraggarwallordievader: It detects two compatible controllers15:11
lordievaderranveeraggarwal: Can you pastebin the output please?15:13
lordievader!paste | ranveeraggarwal15:13
ubotturanveeraggarwal: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:13
ranveeraggarwalalvin: yes that works. How do I proceed?15:13
ranveeraggarwallordievader: I'm using a mobile device because my laptop doesn't have any GUI. Can I send over an imgur link instead?15:14
alvinApparently, you use apt to install the driver. That command only lists the possibilities, although the usage hints at an autoinstall option.15:15
lordievaderranveeraggarwal: Try pastebinit instead ;)15:15
ranveeraggarwalalvin: alright. I'll try updating the given drivers.15:17
ranveeraggarwallordievader: I don't have it installed :/ and apt-get wouldn't work as I'm not connected to the internet15:18
lordievaderHeh, I guess pasting a photo is an alternative ;)15:18
alvinIf you haven't erased the package and it was previously installed, you can apt-get reinstall15:19
* alvin will now try to install ownCloud on a sparc64 server15:28
geniiHehe, sparc15:29
alvinThe machine noisy, power-hungry and a bit old too. But simply beautiful15:30
alvina 10-year old eight-core UltraSPARC T1 with 8GB memory. Should be good enough for a few users.15:31
geniialvin: Did you manage to gen some *buntu port on it? There is a port for Sparc15:34
alvinIs there? I knew there was, but this is a special architecture. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_Fire_T200015:35
alvinEdgy Eft ran on that machine. But Vivid?15:37
alvinNope. Gone: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/technical-board/2010-August/000441.html15:38
Xenothalvin: Earlier, I had the trouble with the mouse. I can fix it with xinput, but that seems temporary/not persistent. Is there a way to save the configuration?16:09
alvinNever used it. I thought your problam would be related to global hotkeys.16:09
alvinYou can run xinput scripts at KDE startup, but in plasma5 that feature is currently broken.16:10
XenothHmm, I already have an xset command in there. I'll just add one for xinput. Any ideas on how to keep the mouse awake?16:11
alvinWithout teaching a monkey to wiggle it?16:12
alvinDepends on the mouse. It took me a year to find out that I didn't have to reconnect my bluetooth mouse every time it went to sleep by giving the code 0000 when pairing16:13
XenothWell, I haven't rebooted since I've plugged this mouse in. Perhaps there's a UDev rule or something.16:16
jmaderohow do I get my gtk theme to apply to gtk software in Kubuntu?16:40
ranveeraggarwalalvin, lordievader: Just got it to work. I used an old Ethernet cable, re-installed fglrx and used the command you (alvin) mentioned earlier. Worked like a charm :) Thanks!16:40
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natacusHi, Tried downloading the 1504 iso and installing it to mem stick via pendrivelinux program - keeps tellming found two errors on the disk when i run check disk for defects - is ths normal ?16:55
sithlord48natacus:  no that is not normal16:59
sithlord48have you used the usb start up creator program that comes with ubuntu/linux?16:59
natacussithlord48: i dont have a linux machine atm17:00
sithlord48natacus: your doing this ? http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows17:01
sithlord48in that case idk if errors are to be expected or not.. what errors do you get ?17:02
sithlord48natacus:  you can also try Unetbootin for windows . i have used this from linux before and it has always worked well for me  http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/17:04
noaXesshey all..17:05
noaXesssomeone already upgraded from 14.10 to 15.04 successfully w/o big problems?17:05
sithlord48i upgraded several machines from 14.04 to 10.14 to 15.04 no issues.. one had slugish plasma (intel video)17:05
noaXess:sithlord48 what type of machines? also notebooks?17:11
sithlord48noaXess:  i have desktops and laptops. my netbook i did a fresh install on because it always just get wiped its a testing machine17:12
sithlord48amd / amd gpu and intel/ intel gpu17:12
noaXesssithlord48: okey.. thanks.. have a asus laptop with intel and nvidia grafics17:27
lordievaderranveeraggarwal: Good to hear :)17:27
sithlord48noaXess: i have heard there might be issues with some nvidia cards and plasma 5 . you might want to try a live disc first.17:27
noaXesssithlord48: right.. have also a second hd.. maybe i clone first my primary and then test the update17:28
noaXesssithlord48: right.. have also a second hd.. maybe i clone first my primary and then test the upgrade17:28
sithlord48not a bad idea17:28
noaXessups.. sorry... wanted post twice17:28
ranveeraggarwallordievader: Plasma 5 is really beautiful. It would have been a shame if there were no GUI :D17:31
lordievaderranveeraggarwal: I like my tmux just fine ;)17:31
* lordievader is a terminal nut17:31
* sithlord48 says most sith perfer the terminal 17:33
jmaderoanyone know how to enable GTK support within KDE - I have 5 DE's installed, in 4 of them my GTK software look the same, in KDE it looks different17:40
sithlord48its already enabled. you can set the theme in system settings17:40
jmaderosithlord48: so I thought so also ;) in settings though it is set17:40
jmaderoand it's not showing right17:40
jmaderoI use a dark theme - yet my GTK software (like LibreOffice0 is showing light17:40
jmaderoin Enlightenment, Gnome, Cinnamon and Unity it shows right17:40
sithlord48gtk apps should match your kde color theme . might not be 100 working on plasma 517:41
jmaderosithlord48: the weird thing is I thought it was working last week, then I did a clean install and it broke again :)17:42
sithlord48not sure the only gtk app i use is firefox and trans gui neither of them honor the color scheme here on plasma 5. was good with kde417:43
jmaderosithlord48: fair enough - so I guess in the alternative, can I get a dark theme that will apply to things like pidgin and LibreOffice17:43
* jmadero can't stand light themes17:44
sithlord48myabe with gnome config ? or what ever gtk settings you would normally use ? that theme has to come from somewhere right17:44
jmaderoI usually use gnome-tweak-tool17:44
sithlord48and im guessing if its correct in the other DEs... then its already be set17:45
jmaderookay well not a big deal - I only use KDE about 5% of the time, so light theme is fine17:46
jmaderosithlord48: thanks17:46
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mkanyicyHi guys17:47
jmaderohi mkanyicy17:47
mkanyicyIm on kubuntu and my system shows that I have 1 cpu on htop but i dual boot with linux mint and htop shows 2 cpu's17:47
mkanyicyis this known?17:48
Naphatulcan i change it from kmix so when i change application volume, it doesn't touch the global volume level?17:51
Naphatuli know this is a PA option just wondering if i should dig into it17:51
EtriaphAnyone else having an issue with Update Notifier remaining in the notifications tray suggesting there are updates, after the update completes?18:25
Etriaph15.04 w/5.318:26
noaXesstring to boot 15.10 live on my laptop asus laptop n76vz (http://www.asus.com/Notebooks_Ultrabooks/N76VZ/) and i get this: http://i.imgur.com/QlytVLL.jpg.. any hint or any bios change i have to mae for 15.10?18:30
soeenoaXess: there is not 15.1018:31
noaXesssorry.. 15.04 ;)18:31
genii!wily | soee18:31
ubottusoee: Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) will be the 23rd release of Ubuntu. Discussion in #ubuntu+118:31
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acz32does anyone know if there's a window setting where i can set certain applications to always open with focus, even if i'm on a different workspace than the newly opened application?19:15
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minniuxany luck creating an encrypted root partition through kubuntu installer? once I choose "physical disk for encryption" it doesn't proceed with formatting or passphrase options..so there's no way to set the '/' mount point and proceed with the installation20:30
minniuxand that was from the latest kubuntu 15.04's livecd20:32
minniuxany ideas?20:33
kibou@acz32 you can define window settings for specific windownames or programs. just right click the title-bar and pick the option20:33
hyper_chminniux: use the mini install cd20:33
kibou@minniux i installed mine yesterday with encrypted LVM without any hassle20:34
hyper_chkibou: if you don't customize it to your needs....20:34
hyper_chotherwise use the mini install cd20:34
minniux@kibou I was using the manual partitioning, not the guided install20:35
kibouyeah :/ never used that in kubuntu. sorry20:36
minniux@hyper_ch it worth a try, although I didn't really want to download everything during install time20:36
hyper_chit works... that's how I got my encrypted raid120:36
minniux@hyper_ch seems i got no other options..will use it, thanks for the suggestion :)20:37
kibouyou could drop to the cli and set it up manualy..20:39
minniux@kibou will try that if couldn't do it with the net install..thanks for helping :)20:40
kibou@minniux word. :)20:41
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Fleckhttps://www.kubuntuforums.net/showthread.php?67535-File-dialogs-aren-t-working-quot-URL-cannot-be-listed-trash-quot <<<< same problem here, help! Can't reinstall, need solution! :D22:47
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