blrwgrant: can BRANCH_TYPE_VOCABULARY in productseries return a more generic message?01:13
blri.e. "Link to a branch already on Launchpad" (removing the explicit mention of Bazaar)01:13
wgrantblr: The form needs a bit of a redesign, I think, but we can't make the optimal changes until later on (eg. once we have Git mirroring).01:34
wgrantIt's all a bit weird, since you can (and, during migration, want to) have defaults for both Git and Bazaar.01:34
wgrantSo we can't just add an additional radio button for Git.01:34
wgrantWe need to have a Git section and a Bazaar section.01:34
wgrantAnd the Git section can't currently allow an import.01:35
blrwgrant: is there some voodoo required for importing yui styles for a given yui widget?02:21
blrwgrant: assuming I need to customise those styles in style.css?02:32
blrwould prefer to overriding specific styles rather than copying them entirely into styles.css02:33
blrwgrant: nvm, figured it out, appears everything under components is built02:51
wgrantblr: Which widget are you using?03:02
blrwgrant: tabview03:03
blrwhich doesn't appear to be used anywhere03:03
wgrantIndeed, I think it is not.03:03
wgrantWhere are you applying it?03:03
blrwgrant: making bzr/git instructions more compact03:04
blra tab for each - think it will work, but need to tidy up the styles, the yui defaults are not particularly nice.03:04
wgrantblr: Hmmmm.03:04
wgrantblr: Except for Person:+branches, we should probably have separate pages for bzr and git listings, since only one's going to be active at a time.03:05
blrcontext here is push instructions on +setbranch03:05
wgrantAnd when there are separate pages there are obvious places for both sets of instructions.03:05
wgrantAh, right.03:05
wgrantWorth a try for that, indeed.03:05
blrbut right, better if we don't generally have to have both!03:05
blrwgrant: was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to add a new sprite btw, thanks03:06
blrblack magic.03:06
wgrantYeah, it's pretty well integrated.03:06
wgrantSo well integrated that I haven't bothered to look at how exactly it works.03:07
blrthe git logo is still recognisable at 14x14 thankfully03:07
wgrantWhere are you using it?03:07
blron the tabs e.g. | (logo) git | (logo) bzr |03:08
blrI'll include a screenshot in the bmp03:08
wgrantblr: Ah, hm, that looks great, except I've just realised it's not so simple, of course.05:32
wgrantblr: There is no concept of a series-default git repository, because a series is a single branch, while the git repository is target-global.05:33
wgrantWe probably need to rethink the setup UI before we can do anything even vaguely sensible.05:34
blrwgrant: argh, ok :(06:16
blrwgrant: I've set it back to wip, perhaps some of it can be re-used later.06:24
wgrantblr: I suspect we'll want to convert that into a project-wide default code setting page, which does what works for most projects (sets the project default for git, and the development series default for bzr).06:27
wgrantSo it can definitely be reused.06:27
blrwgrant: not sure how things were left with cjwatson re: remaining UI tasks - any suggestions for tomorrow?06:29
blrthink I generally have a better grasp on the frontend now06:29
wgrantblr: I don't know where Colin got up to with the repo listings, if anywhere.06:31
wgrantNobody knows exactly how they should be done.06:31
wgrantIt's mostly a matter of experimenting at this point06:32
blrhopefully I'll have a window to catch up with him in the morning06:32
wgrant(catching up is much easier if you can arrange to have your IRC client always connected, too)06:36
cjwatsonmorning> fwiw I'm off today, bank holiday08:12
blrcjwatson: ping me if you're about please :)20:24
blrinteresting to see people asking for webhooks on that reddit thread.20:39
blrcjwatson: for the UI work, are you finding it sufficient to use factories, or are you running turnip in dev as well?21:35
cjwatsonblr: factories for unit testing, a dev turnip instance for in-browser experimentation21:59
blrcjwatson: are you running turnip in a container?22:00
cjwatsonblr: have done in the past, right now I'm using a juju-deployed instance22:01
cjwatsoneither works22:01
cjwatsonwell, that's deploying to a container22:01
cjwatsonso "yes"22:01
blrhah right22:01
cjwatsoneasiest is to set git.launchpad.dev to the appropriate IP address in /etc/hosts in your host system, the individual containers fall back to that by way of (I guess) dnsmasq22:01

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