hyper_chhi there, can't login to my launchpad account. it says something about cookies and http referer06:14
wgranthyper_ch: The page tells you what you need to change.06:27
hyper_chwgrant: it doesn't really help... cookies are activated for launchpad... well, they're activated for everything, just they get deleted after a while... and referer is also fine06:28
wgrantWhat is the URL that is complaining, and what exactly does it say?06:28
wgrantAnd are you completely sure you haven't got any extensions that may have changed Referer behaviour?06:28
wgranteg. NoScript06:28
hyper_chof course I run noscript06:29
hyper_chand launchpad is allowed to use js06:30
wgrantRight, but do you use NoScript's settings that give weird Referer behaviour?06:32
hyper_chactually, using notscripts in chromium06:32
wgrantI don't know anything about that.06:33
wgrantAnyway, launchpad.net does not require JS for login, but it does require cookies and a minimally invasive Referer.06:33
hyper_chwhat you mean by that?06:33
wgrantIn Firefox I run with network.http.referer.XOriginPolicy=2 and network.http.referer.trimmingPolicy=2, which sends the origin (eg. https://launchpad.net/ -- no path) and only to the site itself.06:34
wgrantThat's sufficient for almost all sites.06:34
hyper_chI don't use ff06:34
wgrantI know.06:34
wgrantBut I don't know the corresponding Chromium or NotScript settings, so I was explaining the minimum requirement.06:34
hyper_chon a gazillion other sites I have no issues loging in.... but I can't login on launchpad06:35
hyper_chand I don't even know what you mean by sends origin06:35
wgrantTry disabling NotScripts temporarily to see if that solves the problem.06:37
wgrantIt works fine with default settings, so something in your configuration is breaking it.06:37
hyper_chdefault settings aren't privacy concious06:37
hyper_chso don't even refer to those06:38
wgrantBut mine are, and they work fine.06:39
hyper_chsame results with notscripts disabled06:39
wgrantDo you have other extensions that are potentially relevant? And have you reclicked the login link, rather than just refreshing the page?06:40
hyper_chI have lots of privacy extensions06:41
wgrantI suggest you try disabling them all and reenabling it until you find which one is causing the misbehaviour, so you can work out which one you need to reconfigure.06:42
hyper_chfound it06:43
wgranthyper_ch: Which was it?06:49
hyper_chfix url links redirect06:53
hyper_chguess, I can't log into launchpad anymore06:54
wgrantOr you could just use something with a sensible Referer policy, but okay.07:18
Sweet5harkso ... with the new git support: what's the best way to mirror to launchpad?17:10
cjwatsonSweet5hark: We'll be adding proper mirroring support soonish, though no specific schedule yet.17:11
cjwatsonSweet5hark: In the meantime you could do a git clone --mirror / git push --mirror, I imagine, if you had a specific reason to be in a rush17:11
Sweet5harkwe have gerrit running at gerrit.libreoffice.org and it routinely pushes to backup locations like github for mirroring. I assume, if we could push to launchpad, we could mirror using gerrits stuff.17:13
Sweet5harkcjwatson: hang on, getting our guy in here ...17:13
cjwatsonIt's a bank holiday today, I'm only slightly around, please don't expect to have a lengthy conversation with me17:13
Sweet5harkcjwatson: shm_get is our gerrit guy. however, I didnt realize that there is a bank holiday at cjwatsons home. So maybe you two just meet tomorrow, or something?17:16
shm_getSweet5hark or something.. I'm at a conference for the next 3 days :-)17:16
cjwatsonYou may not need much from me, if all you want to do is treat git.launchpad.net as an ordinary git server17:16
cjwatsonIf you're pushing the main upstream repository, pushing it to git+ssh://git.launchpad.net/libreoffice will cause it to be set as the default, which will make pushing of per-user libreoffice repositories much quicker17:20
shm_getcjwatson our 'main' repo is core.git but it has 3 submodules...  and we have a bunch of auxiliary repos.... that being said my issue are less likely to be with git itself than with launchpad in general :-)  I have an openid on it.. but that is about it...17:23
shm_getcjwatson are repo auto-created.. or do I need to pre-seed things ?17:23
shm_getand presumably I do not want to associate them with my personal user.. but to something more generic... like a 'tdf' group or a tdf user at least...17:25
shm_getcjwatson and yes.. the whole point is to mirror our main upstream repositories....17:26
cjwatsonRepositories are auto-created on push.  You should probably push to a team-owned account, which requires a bit more fiddling in order to set it up as a default repository for a project.17:41
cjwatsonCatch me tomorrow.17:41
cjwatsonEr, "to a team-owned repository" I mean.17:42
shm_getcjwatson sadly that won't be tomorrow... next friday most likely...17:47
tewardcjwatson: any idea when PPAs will be enabled for wily?17:47
barryis it expected right now that git branches don't show up on your code.launchpad.net/~ page?17:52
tewardbarry: https://help.launchpad.net/Code/Git - "Here's a short list of bugs you don't need to tell us about: ... there is no web listing of repositories available for a given target"17:53
barryteward: oops, i missed that line17:53
barryno worries, you can always go directly to the branch page17:54
xnox$ git push lp:~ubuntu-foundations-team/cross-toolchain-base master:master18:21
xnoxfatal: remote error: You cannot set the default Git repository for '~ubuntu-foundations-team/cross-toolchain-base'.18:21
xnoxplease help with git =)18:21
xnoxah i must be an admin =(18:32
xnoxyeah \o/ got it to work18:42
=== zoktar_ is now known as zoktar
cjwatsonteward: PPAs are enabled when the distroseries works, but it usually takes a day or two to get everything set up.  Please don't nag :-)22:00
cjwatsonshm_get: np22:00
courrierHeys guys! Is it possible to submit a bug directly within the web interface? While I'm logged in, I can't find any link to submit a new bug22:14
ali1234yeah it's possible22:15
ali1234on a project page it's one the right under "Get Involved"22:16
courrierali1234: mmmmh, it's disabled "Launchpad needs to know where the user can report a bug"22:18
ali1234it depends on the project22:18
ali1234some don't use lp for bug tracking22:18
courrieroh, I see. It's for pulseaudio22:19
courrierI've seen another repositery for pulseaudio, but I couldn't submit a bug there either22:19
ali1234i highly recommend you run "ubuntu-bug pulseaudio" to report the bug22:20
courrierali1234: under Mint as well?22:21
cjwatsonhttp://www.linuxmint.com/getinvolved.php says they want bug reports at https://bugs.launchpad.net/linuxmint22:22
ali1234right, looking at that now22:22
courriergosh, spaghetti bug submission =)22:23
courriercjwatson: thanks :)22:23
ali1234well it's much easier if you don't use what essentially amounts to ubuntu with the serial numbers filed off :)22:24
ali1234i do kind of wish it was easier to report bugs against unofficial packages though22:26
ali1234for example, staging PPAs22:26
courrierali1234: is that jealousy of Ubuntu forks?22:27
courrierAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarg, "Timeout error" in launchpad, my bug submission is lost x(22:42
courrier" Trying again in a couple of minutes might work.".... ok, but still need to rewrite everything :(22:43
maprericourrier: if you are lucky clicking the back bottom of your browser might get you back right with your text22:45
mapreri(depends on the browser mood)22:45
courriermapreri: this trick no longer works with Web2.0 usually22:46
mapreriit used to work with lp, at least22:47
courriergoing back in this case returns to the bug search field before submission22:47
courrierI wish someone wrote a Firefox extension to record the very last text typed in a field before validating it22:48
maprerii'd not be happy to run such a plugin, though, for reasons.22:49
courriermapreri: privacy I assume?22:49
mapreriyou assume right.22:50
maprerieven if the text i type is already "in the browser", that's anyway more things that read it.22:50
courriermapreri: as long as it's opensource that shouldn't be an issue...22:50
maprericourrier: nothing block an opensource project to do evil things.22:51
courriermapreri: nope, but asking an opensource extension to record a field is as much dangerous as asking an opensource browser to sumbit the same field to my mind22:52

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