cannehi all :) anyone had issues setting up samba unique to 14.04 ? (ie: no issues with 13.* or 12.*)05:45
Finetundrahow would one reinstall libvncserver?15:20
JohnnyComeL8lyHi, I have this error that I was able to collect from dmesg: [   17.535173] [drm:parse_device_mapping [i915]] *ERROR* General definiton block child device size is too small.15:41
JohnnyComeL8lyCould you help me to understand what it means?15:41
JohnnyComeL8lyI was also wondering if that message points to why I keep getting artifacts in my DE.15:42
JohnnyComeL8lyThe artifacts don't happen all the time, but they frequently happen over icons and text.15:43
JohnnyComeL8lyI have an Optiplex GX270  with a 865g iGPU.  (lspci entry) "VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)"16:06
JohnnyComeL8lyIs there something I haven't gotten you that you need to help me?16:07
running_walkerif I have installed  both xserver-xorg-video-radeon, and xserver-xorg-video-vesa should I remove  xorg-video-vesa???16:59
running_walkeror should I remove xorg-video-cirrus?17:00
krytarikrunning_walker: Why would you want that?17:00
running_walkerI dont know should I have all of them installed or only one?17:01
running_walkerif I want to run  xserver-xorg-video-radeon  should I remover the others or keep them?17:03
krytarikNope, not necessary.17:03
running_walkerok but how do I know that xserver-xorg-video-radeon is used and not used another?17:04
krytarikrunning_walker: By running "lshw -C video" or "lspci -k | grep -A 3 VGA", for example.17:10
running_walkerI use dual screen one is LVDS and the other is VGA17:13
running_walkerwhich is the right command17:13
krytarikThat's not about the output device, but the graphics one.17:13
JohnnyComeL8lyDid anyone see what I asked about?17:53
JohnnyComeL8lyYou'll find it @ [10:41]17:54
GranoSalisim having some problems with updating ma repositories17:56
GranoSalisafter  apt-get update i get a bunch of 404 errors17:56
JohnnyComeL8lyThat means that it can't connect to it....17:56
JohnnyComeL8lyIt being the server[s].17:57
GranoSalisits surely because of me using lubuntu13... but im kinda stuck using it till the end of the week17:57
GranoSalisi tried the US server with no luck17:57
GranoSalisas well as my countrys server17:57
wxlGranoSalis: it *IS* because of that. once end of life hits, all the normal locations in the repos disappears.17:58
JohnnyComeL8lyOh, okay, I was ignorant of that.... sorry.17:59
GranoSaliswxl: any way for me to upgrade to 15.04 from 13?17:59
wxlGranoSalis: yikes.17:59
JohnnyComeL8lyJust download the ISO, back up your files, and install the fresh 15.0418:00
wxlthat's certainly one way18:00
JohnnyComeL8lyWhat's another?18:00
GranoSalisi hope there is one18:00
wxlsadly i think that's going to be your best bet18:01
GranoSalisbecause all stores here that sell cd's and dvd's are closed and i cant find my usb drives18:01
GranoSalisseems like i have to find the usb drive18:02
JohnnyComeL8lyYa better hope you have a fast internet connection, because you'll be there a while if you don't.18:02
JohnnyComeL8lywxl: Do you know about graphics issues?18:02
wxlGranoSalis: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/upgrade18:03
GranoSaliswaiting is not that big of a problem as is not having flash installed18:03
wxlJohnnyComeL8ly: to some very small degree. what's your problem?18:03
JohnnyComeL8lyI have this error that I was able to collect from dmesg: [   17.535173] [drm:parse_device_mapping [i915]] *ERROR* General definiton block child device size is too small.18:03
JohnnyComeL8lyGranoSalis: You should be able to get the ISO without using flash.18:04
wxlWILY WEREWOLF drm:parse_device_mapping [i915]] *ERROR* General definiton block child  device size is too small.18:04
wxlwrong past18:04
wxlthat's a weird problem JohnnyComeL8ly18:04
wxldo you have any other symptoms?18:04
JohnnyComeL8lyYes, graphics get all choppy like... I'll try to get a snapshot.18:05
wxlJohnnyComeL8ly: looks like the fix is in the works but it might be some time before coming down the line to ubuntu. you may want to search for bugs and if there isn't a bug report, make one. http://patchwork.freedesktop.org/patch/45621/18:06
wxlin any case, this is *NOT* a *L*ubuntu problem, but an *U*buntu one18:06
JohnnyComeL8lyOkay, thanks.  Does it matter if I'm using VGA?18:07
wxlJohnnyComeL8ly: not totally sure, but i can't imagine it would. VGA is still pretty darn prevalent despite HDMI/DVI becoming increasingly popular.18:08
JohnnyComeL8lyWell, I'm using a Dell GX270 and all it has is a VGA.18:08
GranoSalisfailed to download repository information18:08
GranoSalisi'll have to download the new release,thanks for the help18:08
wxlright, should be fine, JohnnyComeL8ly18:09
wxlGranoSalis: you sure your internet connection is working right and don't have any firewall issues of any kind?18:09
wxlJohnnyComeL8ly: when you get the bug report done, let me know and i'll try to help triage it18:09
JohnnyComeL8lywxl: Where would I make the bug report?18:10
wxl!bugs | JohnnyComeL8ly18:10
ubottuJohnnyComeL8ly: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.18:10
krytarik!eolupgrades | GranoSalis: This would be it18:11
ubottuGranoSalis: This would be it: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades18:11
GranoSalissorry was afk18:11
wxlooh good call krytarik18:11
GranoSaliskrytarik: i'll try that,thanks18:13
krytarikGranoSalis: That'd still take a looong time though. :D18:13
JohnnyComeL8lyBetter to get a fresh ISO, I think.18:14
JohnnyComeL8lywxl: I looked through installed packages, and I can't tell which one gives me i91518:15
GranoSalisim really thinking about just going to sleep and paying a buck tomorrow  to get the ubuntu dvd from my local cd store :D18:16
JohnnyComeL8lyGranoSalis: Where are you, that you can do that?18:16
JohnnyComeL8lyDoes anyone know if they do that in the USA?18:17
GranoSaliswe dont have any pirating laws so that kind of stores are popular here18:19
JohnnyComeL8lyWell, it isn't pirating...18:20
GranoSalislinux isnt but thousands of games are18:20
GranoSalisgotta fo,again thanks for the help18:21
JohnnyComeL8lyHey, did you know my dad is Slovenian? (Not too far from Bosnia....)18:22
GranoSalisIts a nice country,i hope that i will have a chance to visit it in the near future18:23
JohnnyComeL8lyYeah, I want to do that too.18:25
wnickcanyone ever had trouble adding online accounts?18:27
wnickci can open the window but clicking "add account" does nothing18:30
wxlJohnnyComeL8ly: you figure it out?18:50
Nairolf21wxl : I'll be here for the session about LXQT22:46
wxlNairolf21: great!22:47
Nairolf21have you seen the keynote ? Is it interessting to see it ?22:47

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