mehdi__hey guys can somebody explain to me what is snappy exactly? i dont quite get it from what the website says04:37
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dholbachgood morning06:47
leandrosansilvaHey, is it possible to have non-dockered snappy-packages? Somethig similar to ubuntu-core?10:04
ogra_i would assume the majority of snappy packages doesnt use the docker framework10:25
leandrosansilvaOh, and is there any xserver package available? I'd like to run it on a physical machine instead of a virtualized one, but using the search command I found nothing, not a way of installing it. Is there any way of converting existing .deb packages to snappy ones?11:44
jdstrandlool: hey, can you keep an eye on the 'Re: need help with freedomotic snappy app' thread in snappy-devel@. the person's system is out of date and they are on raspberry pi2. I have a feeling there might be questions regarding upgrading and/or reflashing13:36
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