liuxgif a developer wants to use "libpoppler-dev" lib, however, it does not exist on our phone, how can a developer uses the lib for his development?02:32
DF__any one here??04:30
DF__any one here??06:13
dholbachgood morning06:47
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akiva-ircnotworkHey all09:02
akiva-ircnotworkI'm trying to run core apps on my desktop... keep getting this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10983265/09:03
akiva-ircnotworkits actually been happening since I installed this version of Ubuntu. (15.04) -- whats the solution?09:04
akiva-ircnotworkgrrrr... this error is really holding me up here.09:29
akiva-ircnotworkcan anyone help?09:29
dholbachzbenjamin, ^ do you know which issue akiva-ircnotwork is having?09:50
dholbachakiva-ircnotwork, is this maybe something with cmake-extras or something like that?09:50
zbenjamindholbach: akiva-ircnotwork: maybe missing intltool in the chroot?09:52
akiva-ircnotworkas in dependencies?09:52
zbenjaminakiva-ircnotwork: aa, you try to run locally?09:52
zbenjaminakiva-ircnotwork: do you locally have intltool installed?09:53
zbenjaminapt-get install intltool09:53
akiva-ircnotworkzbenjamin: I do09:53
akiva-ircnotworkand this is trying to run on target: Desktop09:53
zbenjaminakiva-ircnotwork: running  make manually (outside of qtc) creates the same error?09:53
akiva-ircnotworkzbenjamin: sec09:53
zbenjaminakiva-ircnotwork: it says "Died" i wonder if intltool crashes on your project for some reason09:54
akiva-ircnotworkzbenjamin: ah good idea09:54
zbenjaminakiva-ircnotwork: try  make VERBOSE=109:54
akiva-ircnotworkzbenjamin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10983631/09:55
zbenjaminakiva-ircnotwork: wtf?09:55
zbenjaminakiva-ircnotwork: you have no compiler installed? :D09:55
zbenjaminapt-get install build-essential09:56
akiva-ircnotworkzbenjamin: did that09:57
akiva-ircnotworkno potato09:57
akiva-ircnotworkthis is technically 15.04 final beta... wonder if that did it...09:58
akiva-ircnotworkI can build other projects, just not the core apps09:58
akiva-ircnotworkI think its this bloody intltool that is mucking me up here10:39
akiva-ircnotworkzbenjamin: ... okay I figured out the issue. Tell me if this is a bug10:59
akiva-ircnotworkThe folder I was downloading the core apps to was called "Core Apps". Having that space in that folder name, caused the error.10:59
zbenjaminakiva-ircnotwork: omg, good find. Is it intltool thats crashing?11:40
akiva-ircnotworkzbenjamin: It seems that way. I can't take credit for this though, http://askubuntu.com/questions/618047/in-15-04-ubuntu-sdk-make-is-failing-to-build-and-run-ubuntu-core-apps-for-the/618074#61807411:43
akiva-ircnotwork   flag  Died at /usr/bin/intltool-merge line 317. On that line the perl script opens a file. What could go wrong? Permissions? No. File does not exist? Why it doesn't exist? File name distorted somehow? Special characters? Maybe spaces. –11:44
zbenjaminakiva-ircnotwork: i'd file a bug there https://bugs.launchpad.net/intltool11:46
akiva-ircnotworkzbenjamin: thanks11:46
akiva-ircnotworkwill do11:46
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1451417 in intltool "intltool causes compiles to crash if parent folder names contain a space" [Undecided,New]11:55
dholbachhey jdstrand, regarding https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/click-reviewers-tools/+bug/1449368 - shall we make framework policy version ubuntu-sdk-15.04 match security policy_version 1.3?12:23
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1449368 in click-reviewers-tools (Ubuntu) "Invalid framework "ubuntu-sdk-15.04"" [High,Confirmed]12:23
dholbachjdstrand, is https://bugs.launchpad.net/developer-ubuntu-com/+bug/1451381 something we allow?13:21
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1451381 in Ubuntu App Developer site "Add tutorial on how to run a Linux command in an application" [Undecided,New]13:21
DF__hi ho13:29
dpmhey DanChapman, will you be around after the UOS plenary for a few questions on dekko translations?13:48
DanChapmandpm hey! yes will be around for a little while13:49
dpmDanChapman, cool, let's chat then, thanks!13:49
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jdstranddholbach: it is not something we allow, by design13:54
dholbachthought so13:55
jdstranddholbach: oh, reading the bug more carefully-- the bug actually says how to ship your own binary. that is of course allowed13:55
jdstranddholbach: I think the bug is weirdly phrased. it sounds like how to run system binaries, but I think it is actually, how do I execute a binary I ship in my package13:56
dholbachok... so there's nothing special required to run the package's own binaries?13:56
jdstrandnot from a security policy pov13:56
dholbachok, thanks13:56
dholbachjdstrand, did you see the earlier message about the security policy version for the sdk-15.04 framework?13:57
johnpoisonhi guys! I'm trying to play with global menus for elementary OS, so I set up dbus service for com.canonical.AppMenu.Registrar . I've installed appmenu-qt, appmenu-qt5, unity-gtk3-module , unity-gtk2-module  packages.13:58
johnpoisonbut looks like only qt apps calls methods for Registrar13:59
jdstranddholbach: no, not yet13:59
johnpoisondoes anybody have some clues?13:59
* jdstrand reads14:00
dholbachthanks jdstrand!14:00
akiva-thinkpadpopey: or balloons can you by chance move this: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1505/meeting/22455/sdk-with-autopilot-plugin/ back to the last day? I just need a bit more time to finish it.15:24
akiva-thinkpador mhall119 or dpm or ahayzen or dholbach or whoever? I need to split and get some sleep.15:26
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, I'll move it15:26
dholbachI just rejoined15:26
dholbachI don't know what you talked about15:26
akiva-thinkpadballoons: thanks. Everyone else can ignore that.15:27
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, bah, we've lost the slot. Are you really concerned about showing it tuesday?15:28
balloonsIt's ok to not be finished15:28
akiva-thinkpadballoons: yes. I'd like to get the locator finished15:29
balloonsthe schedule is full; the last slot of thursday has been filled :-(15:29
akiva-thinkpadballoons: hummmm maybe I can finish it tonight...15:29
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, I've put it back at the same time. Demo what you have, it'll be great :-)15:30
akiva-thinkpadballoons: ;_;15:30
akiva-thinkpadzbenjamin: do I have to subclass this: http://doc.qt.digia.com/qtcreator-extending/locator-ilocatorfilter.html15:31
zbenjaminakiva-thinkpad: probably :D you need to check how other plugins hook into the locator15:31
akiva-thinkpadbah... wish me luck. Do you have an example handy?15:32
akiva-thinkpadI'd like to get this done by tomorrow afternoon.15:32
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DF__do you know someting about mysql connection??15:47
DanChapmandpm hey, what did you want to ask about translations?15:58
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OrphisHas anybody any experience cross compiling a 32bit native python module in amd64 ubuntu trusty?16:57
kalikianahmmm I wonder if that's a bug… lately the messaging indicator is never blue anymore even tho the led is blinking blue and I do have calls and texts17:16
kalikianait's a bit confusing17:17
ogra_when was it blue ?17:17
ogra_mine is usually green17:17
ogra_(it actually is right now)17:17
kalikianaah, sorry, yes. I mixed it up with the led17:18
kalikiana(why is that even different?)17:18
ogra_i think simply because nobody ever touched the color settings of the led (if it has any)17:19
ogra_it isnt green on vivid ...17:19
ogra_not sure if thats a bug or wanted ... mpt might know17:19
mptWhatever has happened to Unity 7’s number badges … They’re too small to read now17:20
kalikianaI'm on r202 vivd which I think is the latest (at least I see no updates atm)17:20
mptI’m on 14.04 where it goes blue17:20
ogra_mpt, i guess kalikiana is referring to the phone :)17:21
mptOh, r202, you’re talking Ubuntu Touch?17:21
mptright :)17:21
mptI don’t know, sorry17:21
kalikianathough getting texts and calls on my laptop would also be neat ;-)17:21
kalikiananotifications that is17:21
ogra_you will !17:22
ogra_convergence FTW !17:22
ahayzenkalikiana, i've noticed the notification area goes solid white if you have notifications and grey if you don't but yeah on rtm it goes green17:25
ahayzen...not sure if that is by design or a bug though...17:25
mptIf only there was some sort of specification where we could check the expected behavior…17:27
mptHmm, the visual design link is a 40417:29
mptOk, the interaction spec says: “The Notification indicator should only be visible when new/unread notifications are present.”17:30
mptAnd its wireframe shows it as green17:31
mptAnd it refers to “Notifications UX documentation” that I don’t have access to17:32
mptAnd today’s a holiday in the UK, so kalikiana, that’s all I can tell you today. I’ll ask tomorrow.17:33
jkb_Hi. Can I call a page from a dialog, pop it again and then refocus the dialog?17:51
kalikianampt: ah, okay, thanks. let's see tomorrow then, and I'll hold off on filing anything for now17:53
pmcgowanahayzen, new design fwiw18:18
ahayzenpmcgowan, thanks :)18:18
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