ahayzenHey, I'm trying to port the music-app to Ubuntu.Components 1.2 which includes a new MainView (appears as MainView12) however when I run autopilot it comes back with "ValueError: More than one custom proxy class matches this object: Matching classes are: <class 'music_app.MainView12'>,<class 'ubuntuuitoolkit._custom_proxy_objects._mainview.MainView'>." ... what is the best way around this? Settings validate_dbus_object() to return False13:37
ahayzenworks but then it won't use my helper if I understand the code correctly :/13:37
balloonsafternoon ahayzen13:39
ahayzenballoons, this is the mp i'm working on https://code.launchpad.net/~ahayzen/music-app/refactor-bump-framework-1504/+merge/258126 (ignore the jenkins failures as that is failing due to it trying to run 15.04 framework on a 14.10 machine) and it will 'pass' locally as it has the return False in it but is this really the right way of doing it?13:45
balloonsahayzen, lol, what a hack to disbale validation heh. It's interesting <class 'music_app.MainView12'> exists13:47
ahayzenwell i made it :)13:47
ahayzenMainView12 that is13:47
balloonsI guess I should look at the full branch13:48
ahayzenit doesn't work as it can't find the type if you leave it as MainView so I set my helper to MainView12 but then you hit the duplication issue lol13:49
ahayzenhmmm and it partially works by not requesting by type and only by objectName as timp suggested yesterday...13:50
ahayzenballoons, doing this seems to 'work' http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10984596/ but then is that still using my helper?13:52
ahayzenseems to be :) balloons i think i solved my own issue :)13:54
balloonsahayzen, ahh right.. I didn't get a chance to open the code just yet, but indeed13:56
ahayzenballoons, is that the right way to go do you think? by only specifying the objectName ?13:56
balloonsthe versioning issues requiring versioned classnames should be squashed, afaik13:56
balloonson the select's, can't you just select the MainView type, no objectname13:57
ahayzenlet me try...13:57
ahayzen"autopilot.exceptions.StateNotFoundError: Object not found with name 'MainView'."13:57
balloonsand selecting MainView1213:58
ahayzenthen under vis it appears as MainView12 .. hence why i went down that route...13:58
ahayzenballoons, and having a MainView12 helper? or a MainView helper?13:58
balloonsa MainView helper. But it sounds like that bug is still around13:58
ahayzen"NameError: name 'MainView12' is not defined"13:59
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1341671 in Autopilot Qt Support "Versioned QML classes are not recognized by their public type name" [High,Confirmed]13:59
ahayzenand then if the helper is MainView12 you get that duplicate one I said at the start13:59
ahayzenyeah seems to be ^^ bug and the ones linked14:00
balloonsseems elopio_ would say, do it as you did in the paste14:00
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1350532 in Autopilot "validate_dbus_object can cause more than one class in the cpo cache" [Undecided,New]14:00
balloonsuse objectname to select it14:00
ahayzenok i'll do that for now then :) thanks balloons14:00
balloonsahayzen, however thanks for the heads up on those bugs.. Time to ask veebers and company nicely to take them on :-)14:01
balloonsI thought they had been fixed!14:01
* ahayzen now tries to figure out the best way to please PEP814:02

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