sil2100I see CI Train spreadsheet error reports in my inbox08:11
sil2100We might have a problem...08:11
sil2100Anyway, time to open the gates officially08:22
=== sil2100 changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Need a silo or CI Train support? ping trainguards | Need help with something else? ping cihelp | Train Dashboard: http://bit.ly/1mDv1FS | QA Signoffs: http://bit.ly/1qMAKYd | Known Issues: low on vivid silos. Spreadsheet again having issues
sil2100Yeah, just got a fatal error on the spreadsheet, damn it08:23
sil2100The funny part the problems started in the middle of the weekend!08:23
sil2100So actually when no one was really using the spreadsheet, so all the theories about too many users accessing at once has been made invalid08:24
Mirvyeah, I already thought it's probably not that08:24
imgbot=== IMAGE RTM 271 building (started: 20150504-08:45) ===08:45
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imgbot=== IMAGE RTM 271 DONE (finished: 20150504-10:20) ===10:20
imgbot=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/rtm/271.changes ===10:20
Mirvogra_: ^ can we get a proper changes file?10:46
sil2100Indeed, something is b0rken10:59
sil2100ogra_: ^10:59
ogra_imgbot, status 27111:04
imgbotStatus: succeeded, Started: 2015-05-04 08:41:26 UTC, Finished: 2015-05-04 09:32:37 UTC11:04
imgbotBuild URL: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cdimage/+livefs/ubuntu-rtm/14.09/ubuntu-touch/+build/2610111:04
imgbotChangelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/rtm/271.changes11:04
ogra_Mirv, that will take a bit ... i need to fiddle with the scripts to use the LP build url of the manifest (cdimage flushed all old images/manifests because they got to old to keep)11:07
sil2100ogra_: your scripts are bash-based, right?11:07
ogra_well, shell based ... not bash :)11:07
sil2100Yeah, sorry, old habits of using those terms interexchanably ;)11:08
ogra_the scripts are in the respective dir with the .changes files ...11:09
ogra_(compare-manifests and compare-manifests-rtm)11:09
sil2100Damn, some workers are drilling next to my flat, hard to concentrate11:50
sil2100brb, lunch11:50
ogra_Mirv, http://paste.ubuntu.com/10984182/ ... should be it12:20
Mirvogra_: thanks! ooh, updated translations for my Bq upcoming!12:21
ogra_yeah :)12:21
Mirvthe store categories have been a bit annoying but I read they were translated recently12:21
Mirvtalking about Bq, I just turned the display on and u8 lockscreen is there but touch is not working12:24
Mirvoh, it was probably running apport and it crashed12:24
rvrCI Train dashboard broken again?12:25
rvr"A server error occurred. The page will reload."12:25
Mirvrvr: the spreadsheet, yes, causing some troubles12:25
rvrIt doesn't let me sign off a silo12:27
rvrAh, good, finally12:32
rvrkenvandine: ping13:24
kenvandinervr, pong13:25
rvrkenvandine: Good morning13:25
kenvandinegood morning13:25
rvrkenvandine: I'm with the lists updates hotfix13:25
rvrkenvandine: I was wondering whether the bug still applies13:26
kenvandinewhich bug?13:26
rvrkenvandine: I mean, the test case (umetronome) ... http://launchpad.net/bugs/144958213:26
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1449582 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu RTM) "lists updates depending on frameworks newer than the device ones" [Critical,In progress]13:26
kenvandineyes it does13:26
kenvandinewell it did friday :)13:26
rvrkenvandine: Ok, checking13:27
kenvandinervr, it's an important fix to land, it's going to affect lots of rtm users13:27
kenvandineas packages get updated in the store13:27
kenvandineso far we only found one that caused the problem13:28
kenvandinebut the bottom line is the update plugin was using the wrong url for the store and not filtering arch or framework13:28
kenvandineit was using the old dev api, before any of that existed13:28
sil2100tvoss: could you add landing description to the request?13:31
tvosssil2100, sure13:31
sil2100tvoss: thanks :)13:31
sil2100tvoss: sadly, the landing will have to wait a bit since we currently have no vivid silos13:31
sil2100We'll increase the number of silos shortly though13:32
tvosssil2100, fixed13:32
cwaynesil2100, heya13:54
sil2100cwayne: hi!13:55
cwaynesil2100, hey so, since we agreed that updating any scope that's in the store should go through QA, I was wondering how to best accomplish that? do we just add it to the spreadsheet with a link to the click?13:56
sil2100cwayne: which scope would you want to update? Generally that's what we would love to start happening, yes13:57
sil2100Usually an e-mail or an entry in the spreadsheet as with clicks would be sufficient13:57
cwaynesil2100, twitter-trending, believe it fixes a crasher in today-scope.  very very low-risk as well :D13:58
sil2100Famous last words ;) !13:58
sil2100Yeah, let's give it to QA I suppose, they might decide it doesn't need much QA anyway13:58
cwayneright,t hat's fine, I just want to start doing updates more properly :)13:59
cwaynewell, I mean they did go through qa during the custom update, but still, more proper I suppose :)13:59
cwayneis there something weird going on with the spreadsheet?14:25
cwaynei keep getting some popup saying there's a fatal error14:25
sil2100cwayne: yeah, as per topic, spreadsheet is brokenish again14:28
cwaynederp, sorry14:29
sil2100jibel, robru: I need to jump out now to the vet with my two lizards, I'm pretty sure I'll be back before the meeting but it all depends on traffic/queue14:35
rvrkenvandine: Approving ubuntu-rtm silo 514:44
kenvandinervr, thx!14:45
kenvandinervr, don't forget to mark silo 5 as qa verified on the spreadsheet14:59
rvrkenvandine: I did, but the spreadsheet is broken :P15:03
kenvandinervr, ok, thanks!15:03
* kenvandine grumbles about the spreadsheet15:03
rvrIt presented "Granted" to me... just re-granted15:03
kenvandinecool, thx15:04
rsalvetisil2100: yeah, spreadsheet is kind of broken15:11
ogra_kind of ...15:11
om26er_rsalveti, Hi! powerd package install is failing with: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10985054/15:29
om26er_re: silo 1615:29
ogra_om26er_, sudo umount /usr/share/powerd/device_configs/config-default.xml ... then try installing it again15:32
ogra_(make sure to reboot afterards to have it properly mounted again)15:33
rsalvetiwe have the instructions in the wiki page15:33
jibelom26er_, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Process/Merges/TestPlans/Powerd15:33
rsalvetiyeah, that one15:34
jibelom26er_, you must install the packge from recovery15:34
om26er_jibel, ogra_ aah, didn't see the TestPlan, was expecting installing instruction in the spreadsheet :)15:34
om26er_ogra_, that seemed to have worked.15:34
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rsalvetispreadsheet giving tons of erros15:35
ogra_yeap ...15:35
ogra_see topic15:36
sil2100As always, not much we can do15:43
sil2100But the replacement is closer every day!15:43
ogra_send google a bill for the work on the replacement is what we should do :P15:43
sil2100Google doesn't care ;)15:43
sil2100We filled in formal complaints and bug-reports and they just send those back without doing anything15:44
sil2100I'll know more about the ETA after todays integration meeting possibly15:44
jibelrvr, you passed rtm/silo 5 right?15:48
jibelits status reverted to needs sign off15:48
rvrjibel: Yes, 4 and 515:50
jibelrvr, ack, I delete the card15:51
sil2100Argh, ok, publishing then15:51
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om26errsalveti, I am not able to find the unlock script do you know where it exists ?16:41
ogra_om26er, plars should be able to tell you16:41
om26erI need that to verify "See if the lab-specific screen unlock logic still works:"16:41
* ogra_ isnt sure ... i think it used to be shipped in the unit8 tree16:41
plarsom26er: it lives in unity8-autopilot16:42
om26erplars, hmm, how do I call it ?16:43
plarsom26er: iirc, it's meant to be called from the host side, so you'll want to start with adb pull /usr/share/unity8/unlock-device16:45
plarschmod +x on it16:45
plarsthen run it, I think it can take args for the serial and a wait command16:45
om26erplars, if I have passcode set, does it still unlock ?16:59
plarsom26er: if you look at it, it's just a dbus call that's happening. Should work fine.17:02
plarsadb shell "gdbus call --session --dest com.canonical.UnityGreeter --object-path / --method com.canonical.UnityGreeter.HideGreeter && echo Greeter unlocked" 2>&117:02
plarsom26er: the reason we use the script from unity8, is because that is their "official" way of doing it. If at any point in the future it changes, it just requires them to update that script and keep the calling mechanism the same, rather than coordinating to fix everyone using it17:03
om26erplars, after a few attempts it fails.17:16
om26er"I: Unlock attempt 5 failed, script output: 'error: closed'17:17
plarsom26er: that seems odd, do you see anything happening on the screen? How about if you try to run the gdbus command manually?17:22
om26erplars, error: closed17:23
om26erplars, isn't that expected ? If the screen is locked with passcode adb is not supposed to work.17:26
plarsom26er: ah, you aren't running with developer mode enabled?17:26
om26erplars, no17:26
plarsom26er: certainly you will want that, if you want this to work in any sensible way17:26
om26erplars, ok, lemme reflash :)17:26
rsalvetiom26er: hm, yeah, that might have changed, plars would know the details17:29
om26errsalveti, while running the last test here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Process/Merges/TestPlans/Powerd17:50
om26errsalveti, "active" stays in the last till the screen is on. It goes away after screen turns off. Is that expected ?17:50
* rsalveti checking17:52
rsalvetiom26er: guess that active one you have with screen on/off is from unity17:52
om26errsalveti, right, so it needs a bit more clarity on how the fix can be verified17:53
rsalvetilet me check here17:53
rsalvetiom26er: yeah, it's unity, you need to test this without any app opened17:55
rsalvetilet me change the wiki page17:56
rsalvetiom26er: did it work now?18:03
om26errsalveti, no, I am not fully sure about the steps. Did you update the wiki ?18:03
om26eraah, ok. I see your point now.18:03
rsalvetiom26er: yeah, just run the same test but make sure you close all the opened apps before testing it18:03
om26errsalveti, thanks. I was able to verify the fix now.18:04
rsalvetiom26er: great18:04
om26errsalveti, you need to update the test plan to point at how to unlock the screen. The current TestCase is wrong :)18:07
om26ertrainguards: can you please land silo 16 ?18:08
om26ergiven the spreadsheet is broken.18:08
rsalvetiI can land it18:08
sil2100om26er: ACK18:26
sil2100rsalveti: oh, thanks ;)18:26
sil2100We're in a meeting now o/18:26
infinityrobru: ubuntu{,-rtm}/landing{31-40} adjusted to match the older ones.18:41
robruinfinity: thanks!18:41
om26erbfiller, Hi!18:52
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robruexcellent, everybody who touched silo rtm 3 is gone.19:13
robrualright! 10 new ubuntu silos online, plus one free from before. who wants one?19:24
robrubzoltan: zbenjamin: silo 1619:26
robrubfiller: brand new silo 33 is yours19:28
robruricmm: rsalveti: silo 34 for you19:30
rsalvetirobru: that might be the one we just landed19:31
robrursalveti: awesome19:31
rsalvetican't see it in the spreadsheet19:31
robrursalveti: lol, awesome. well I assigned it from somewhere, now it vanished19:35
robrursalveti: indeed that merge is merged19:37
pmcgowanrsalveti, silo 4 rtm seems to have the wrong status20:07
rsalvetipmcgowan: hm, also another one that probably landed already20:09
rsalvetipart of this ci spreadsheet mess  that was caused when it was reverted to a previous revision20:10
rsalvetirobru: mind cleaning up rtm 4?20:10
robrursalveti: oh, that one too? ok20:11
pmcgowanrsalveti, can we fix silo 3 as well? sees stuck20:12
rsalvetilet me see what is going on there20:14
robrupmcgowan: rtm 3? yeah it's in an inconsistent state, I need info on that before I can publish it20:14
robrursalveti: pmcgowan: it seems the PPA has unity-scopes-api but the silo is not configured to have that or not, not sure if that package should be published or not.20:15
rsalvetirobru: another issue with the spreadsheet?20:15
rsalvetisince both were built via the ci train20:15
robrursalveti: not as far as I can tell. if the spreadsheet loses data that's one thing, but in this case the silo config itself is inconsistent. could only happen if somebody reconfigured the silo20:15
rsalvetithey were not copied, so built via ci train, which probably means it was configured like that before20:16
robrursalveti: yeah, so at one point somebody configured the silo to have both, and then later reconfigured to remove unity-scopes-api. but it's not clear to me if that was on purpose or by mistake. so there's this unity-scopes-api package that I'm not sure if it should be published or not.20:16
robrursalveti: I sent an email to pstolowski about that since he isn't on IRC20:16
rsalvetigot it20:17
rsalvetipmcgowan: ^, so we'd need his input/feedback here20:17
pmcgowanrsalveti, ok lets wait then thanks20:17
pmcgowanthanks robru20:17
robrupmcgowan: you're welcome20:18
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infinityIs someone on top of mangling CI bits to know what wily is?23:45
robruinfinity: the train is mostly fine. the necessary cowbuilder chroot will spring into existence the first time a wily build is run. just some spreadsheet bits need to be updated to offer wily as an option. is it ready to go?23:54
infinityrobru: Not quite, but getting there.23:55
robruinfinity: no worries, I put a bunch of effort into eliminating cases of distro-name hard-coding in ci train. so when it's ready the train should just spring to life.23:55

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