silverliongood morning05:51
dholbachgood morning06:47
silverliondholbach: good morning07:22
dholbachhey silverlion07:22
* silverlion is looking forward to the uos starting tomorrow07:25
dholbachyes, me too :)07:25
silverlioni've handed in a whole week of vacation from my RL-Job to be able to attend as much as possible07:26
silverliondholbach: I'm crazy, right ;) ?07:29
dholbachin a good way ;-)07:29
dholbachno, you're not :)07:32
silverliono/ everybody10:26
dpmhi all10:33
dpm(from a very slow connection...)10:33
silverlionaloha dpm10:33
dpmhey silverlion :)10:34
dpmdholbach, around?10:38
* silverlion is getting ready for the uos10:40
dpmcool :)10:42
dholbachhey dpm10:44
dpmhey :)10:44
silverlionwb dholbach10:46
dpmdholbach, I'll be on the road again in about 30 mins, but I'll be back with enough time to host sabdfl's session, but right now I'm in a pretty poor connecton. Could you perhaps help me spreading the word in the Ubuntu social media channels, etc?10:49
dholbachyep, will do!10:49
* dpm hugs dholbach10:50
dholbachdpm, I'll point to ubuntuonair.com right?10:50
* silverlion will try to attend too10:50
silverlionso if any help is needed just ping me10:50
dpmdholbach, we've got the event in ubuntuonair's G+ account, but probably the ubuntuonair.com page is best if we want to point people to a place where they can ask their questions10:51
dpmthanks silverlion!10:51
dpmdholbach, so long story short, yes, pointing to ubuntuonair.com might be the best thing10:52
dholbachrock and roll10:52
* silverlion goes looking for vacancies @ canonical10:53
dpmmhall119, for some reason I can't join #ubuntu-uos-plenary - is it set up or is it something wrong at my end? Some folks seem to be in the #ubuntu-uds-plenary13:19
dpmchannel instead13:19
nigelbdpm: there's a channel forward.13:20
nigelbfrom uos to uds13:20
nigelbperhaps your client isn't honoring the forward but knows there's a forward and is blocking you from entering?13:20
mhall119nigelb: I get the same, invite only13:21
dpmthanks nigelb :)13:21
nigelbmhall119: I've just tested my theory with webchat.13:22
nigelbI didn't realize it was UDS time.13:23
nigelbI've been fixing some tech debt on my blog and have to edit all my old posts. Been fun reading the UDS-M posts :)13:23
mhall119nigelb: pre-UOS keynote in ~30 minutes13:23
elfybizarre - I get told -uos- is invite only when I'm already in -uds-13:35
mhall119elfy: me too13:35
mhall119it's evidently a redirect, from -uos to -uds, but it seems to give that error13:36
mhall119not sure if it's just if you have the -uds open already or not13:36
elfyseems that way here13:37
mhall119elfy: what client do you use?13:39
dholbachcan somebody in the irc team maybe help with that?13:40
dholbachor set it up another way?13:40
elfywould it not just be quicker to change the name of the channel at ubuntu on air?13:42
elfyis anyone actually in ubuntu-uos-plenary?13:42
mhall119I don't think so13:42
dholbachelfy, I think the people who use the website are actually fine13:44
elfyif I connect with the webchat - it redirects to -uds as well13:45
elfynot important I guess in that case13:46
mhall119I've talked to the IRC team, we'll leave it as-is for now but try and fix it after mark's keynote13:48
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silverlionwhat's the irc chan for the keynote13:51
silverlionthanks elfy13:55
MooDoohowdy all13:56
elfywelcome :)13:56
elfyhi MooDoo13:56
silverlionlet's hear what mark has to tell us ;)13:56
MooDooyeah just waiting for the stream to start, lets do hope it's not wobbly walrus lol13:57
dholbachafter "wobbly windows" "wobbly walrus", why not? :)13:58
MooDoolol :D13:58
silverliondoes anyone have a link for the stream?13:58
silverlioncan't find one13:58
MooDooI didn't like the new name Wily Werewolf at first but i'm alright nooooooooooow! :)14:30
dholbachall right my friends - see you all tomorrow at UOS! :-)15:53
pleia2hehe, werewolf16:48
elfythey can be a bit snappy you know ...16:49
balloonsugh, elfy I just read your comeback pun17:34
elfyballoons: what can I say17:37
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balloonsbelkinsa, can we move http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1505/meeting/22475/community-1505-ubuntu-women-1510-blueprint/ back an hour to 1900 utc, to swap with plasma 5 demo?21:23
=== mhall119|afk is now known as mhall119
belkinsaSure, balloons.22:23

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