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daftykinsuuuuuuuuuugh why did i click =|04:09
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: morning04:37
lotuspsychjedaftykins: hellow :p04:38
daftykinsmorning sir04:38
daftykinsugh you missed one of the lower points of the channel =|04:38
daftykinsa bloody spammer linked to child porn again =|04:38
lotuspsychjewhat happened04:38
lotuspsychjewho banned him?04:38
daftykinsi did an !ops and thankfully Flannel showed up04:39
lotuspsychjewhy they always choose ubuntu to spam lol04:39
daftykinsit's weird isn't it? ##windows i can imagine04:39
daftykinssomething genuinely hated04:39
daftykinsbut volunteers helping for free for a Linux distro, just don't get it04:40
lotuspsychjemaybe MS hired freaks to spam haha04:40
daftykinsthere are those who don't like the way the channel is run, of course04:40
lotuspsychjewe are getting power worldwide with ubuntu now04:41
lotuspsychjesome might not be happy about that04:41
daftykinsthe pretentious might have a problem with the masses using Linux yeah04:41
daftykinsi've attracted a few fans in my time that come in just trying to troll me, that's for sure04:42
daftykinsit's funny, sometimes you can spend 3 hours straight helping someone get ubuntu installed on their machine04:43
daftykinsbut a next user comes in and you call them out for being too lazy to even google their problem - and you get a fan for life :P04:44
lotuspsychjeyeah i never get that04:44
daftykinsnot sure if you have this phrase us Brit-ish types do, "no good deed goes unpunished"04:44
lotuspsychjewell at the end we have a good felling upon ourselfs thats the only thing that matters to me04:45
daftykinsmmm, puzzle solving can be ace04:46
lotuspsychjeand we learn much ourselfs04:46
daftykinsdefinitely - i mean i don't even USE ubuntu 8D04:47
lotuspsychjeoh really04:47
daftykinsdesktop anyway ;D04:47
lotuspsychjewich distro?04:47
daftykins*cough* Windows04:49
daftykinsmy ubuntu exposure is primarily servers04:50
lotuspsychjeyou game?04:50
daftykinsmostly on consoles as i have friends too poor to buy PCs :)04:51
daftykinsnah the majority of my work remains on Windows desktops so that's where my skills must stay04:51
daftykinsalthough it's a little worrying that i can still suggest reasonable solutions to Linux desktop queries people in other channels have, even when surrounded by people who use Linux desktops 24/704:52
daftykinse.g. someone installed Linux for their mother back home, wanted to setup remote access... but that mother still took her laptop out and about occasionally04:53
daftykinsso i said configure a static IP for the home wifi network via network manager04:53
daftykinsnobody else had a clue :(04:53
daftykinsi feel bad for kind of "ringing my own bell" there as we say, but it just shocked me that 24/7 Linux desktop types had no idea how to tackle that problem04:53
lotuspsychjei try a mix of windows and ubuntu, but prefer to install ubuntu as its a long term solution04:55
daftykinsthere is that, all the people i help are locked into some proprietary software or another though04:55
daftykinsand i would never put ubuntu in for anyone because i simply couldn't support it without using it myself04:55
lotuspsychjesome ppl also dont understand ubuntu04:55
lotuspsychjebut most multimedia use, have no troubles04:56
lotuspsychjemy dad is 78 and never managed to crash ubuntu desktop yet :p04:57
lotuspsychjebefore i had to come fix windows every month04:57
daftykinsi just remember back in the gnome 2 era, pre unity, when ubuntu couldn't even keep panel elements in the same places between boots04:58
daftykinsbit shocking :/04:58
lotuspsychjewe come a long way indeed04:58
lotuspsychjei remember strugling on old redhat cdroms to get my internet working04:59
lotuspsychjebut it fascinated me alot04:59
daftykinsshared internet connections behind routers with wired or wifi definitely made it way easier for the modern generations05:04
lotuspsychjeyeah true05:04
daftykinsi think the first Linux i played with i was just missing my music collection05:04
lotuspsychjeamarok :p05:04
daftykinsi think it was stick on separate disks at the time05:07
daftykinsand being too newb i would've had no idea how to mount some NTFS volume, if you even could back then05:07
lordievaderGood morning.08:51
BluesKajHiyas all11:44

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