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mgedminhuh my chromium is refusing to save passwords09:54
hyoukaHi people09:55
hyoukaMy ask, how install gnome calendar in ubnutu 15.0409:56
towoAnd it seems like nm-openvpn is borked in the 3.16/staging ppa10:47
lindolhi all13:37
vw72How is Canonical's direction of replacing .deb with snappy packages impact UbuntuGnome? Will UG follow the new packaging or will it continue to use .debs?14:40
thellHi. I'm seeing systemd-journald[65]: Failed to join audit multicast group: Operation not permitted in dmesg output and wondered if someone running 15.04 w/systemd would do a dmesg | grep multicast for me?16:19
slava___I recently upgraded to 15.04 from 14.10 and it appears that ubuntugnome now can't drive my secondary 4k monitor at full resolution (Dell Lattitude 7440, using display port through the dock)17:49
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dtigueI was using the Music app for gnome and in the message/notification area I right clicked on the music apps icon and clicked 'remove', now when I use the program the icon is not there anymore, how do I get it back??23:41
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