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mhall119AlanBell: can you check on #ubuntu-ous-plenary it seems to be invite only13:21
Unit193Channel doesn't exist.13:23
mhall119can it be created?13:24
Picimhall119: er... #ubuntu-ous-plenary != #ubuntu-uos-plenary13:25
mhall119right. sorry, uos13:25
mhall119fingers don't want to work yet today13:26
mhall119#ubuntu-uos-plenary is the one we want13:26
Unit193+cimntf :D13:26
Picimhall119: the latter already exists13:26
Piciits a forward to #ubuntu-uds-plenary13:26
mhall119hmmm, not on irssi13:27
mhall119unless it's because I already have -uds- open13:27
Unit193That's it exactly.13:28
Piciyep, you're in -uds-plenary already13:28
mhall119Pici: could we have #ubuntu-uos-plenary the channel that everybody is sent to?13:42
mhall119rather than the other wya around?13:42
Picimhall119: we could... but then I'd need to kick the 60+ people that are in there right now.   It shouldn't really make any difference anyway.13:45
Fuchstechnically there is chanserv clear for that, but I wouldn't recommend it13:46
Fuchsjust as a sidenote13:46
PiciFuchs: yeah,  I didn't necessarily mean manually, but it would be disruptive no matter how it was done.13:47
mhall119Pici: ok, let's not do that now then13:47
mhall119but maybe after mark's keynote today, can we do that then? So we'll be all set for the actual start of UOS tomorrow13:48
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MooDoohowdy all13:56
mhall119can I get op access to #ubuntu-uds-plenary to change the topic?14:16
Picimhall119: You already have full access there, just /msg chanserv op #ubuntu-uds-plenary mhall11914:17
Unit193Every ubuntu member has +o even.14:17
mhall119I couldn't +o in there14:17
MooDooit's just to busy in there at the moment, I've given up on that channel lol14:18
mhall119bah, not the uds bot is fighting me on it14:19
mhall119help please14:19
Picimhall119: you're opped14:20
Unit193Pici: I believe he means fighting for topic?14:21
mhall119Pici: I got op before with chanserv, but the uds bot re-sets the topic when I change it14:21
Unit193(I can't see what it has loaded.)14:21
Picimhall119: you just want to update it to the current event?14:23
mhall119Pici: yeah14:23
Picimhall119: let me take a look at it14:24
mhall119I tried:  Mark Shuttleworth's Pre-UOS Keynote and Q&A | Start questions with QUESTION in all caps | http://ubuntuonair.com14:24
Picimhall119: anyway, you were right14:30
mhall119thanks Pici14:31
PiciThe bot is setup to only change the topic based on the where the channel is supposed to be, so it is confused that it is in #ubuntu-UDS-plenary not #ubuntu-UOS-plenary.14:31
PiciI'll move things around after this14:31
Picidone and done15:43
Picihopefully udsbotu behaves itself this time15:48
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