Kilosmorning all. we got power cut all day for maintenance05:44
dholbachgood morning06:47
Kiloshi dholbach  06:48
* Kilos happy, canonical gave approval for my africa site06:48
dholbachhi Kilos06:48
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MooDoohowdy all13:56
Kiloshi MooDoo  and others13:56
MooDoohowdy Kilos watching the keynote?13:57
Kiloswhats that?13:57
Kilosi was without power most of the day13:57
MooDoomark shuttleworths pre uos keynote13:57
MooDoostarts in about 3/4 mins13:57
Kilosaw no, i cant do live stuff13:58
MooDoowon't be long till it's available on youtube i'm sure.13:58
Kilosi just told za, hopefully someone has time to watch and fill me in13:59
Kilosty MooDoo  13:59
MooDooyw :)14:00
KilosMooDoo  do you know how long it will be?14:01
Kilosus 3g users pay dear14:01
MooDoono idea but ah yes that could be expensive, i'm sure there will be lots of posts as and when its down14:02
Kiloscool ty14:04
Kiloshi genii  wb14:05
* genii makes more coffee and passes the mugs around14:05
Kiloshee hee i been waiting all day for that. you make good cyber coffee14:06
Kiloswe have an ibid bot that makes ours14:07
geniiKilos: It's always been my habit to sort of be an online barista :)14:07
Kilosi like :D14:07
MooDooWily Werewolf is ubuntu +114:29
elachecheYe :D14:30
MooDooI didn't like it but I'm alright nooooooow lol14:32
elachechehahaha :)14:36
geniiI was hoping for Wascally Wabbit, but oh well14:45
mhall119werewolf will lead to some fun wallpaper and t-shirt designs though15:23
elachecheI agree :)15:23
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* genii makes more coffee19:26
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ahoneybunbelkinsa: can you swap timeslots with you Ubuntu Women blueprint (Plasma 5 Demo) http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1505/2015-05-06/display21:36
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belkinsaSure, ahoneybun.22:23
ahoneybunthank you very much belkinsa22:23
belkinsaNot a problem.22:23
belkinsaahoneybun, should I move it for you?22:26
ahoneybunbelkinsa: yes please, did not know you had the power22:26
belkinsaI'm a track lead for both tracks22:27
ahoneybunoh cool22:28
belkinsaWell, looks like we have no LoCo show and tells.22:28
wxlbelkinsa: who's leads for show and tell?22:28
belkinsame, balloons, and Alan whatever-his-last-name is22:29
wxlcuz i'd like to move our lxqt session farther out if we can22:29
wxlgilir needs more time22:29
belkinsaThis one?22:29
wxl-> nil22:30
belkinsaOr this http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1505/meeting/22422/lxqt-next-generation-of-lubuntu/22:30
wxlyes, that one22:30
belkinsaLooks like this session is in the wrong slot: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1505/meeting/22434/canonical-landscape-demonstration/ but I'm not sure if I want to move it myself.22:31
wxllots of great sessions22:31
wxli'm going to have trouble this year figuring out what to do22:31
belkinsaahoneybun, swaping yours with wxl's.22:32
wxlwhich which?22:32
belkinsahttp://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1505/meeting/22422/lxqt-next-generation-of-lubuntu/ with http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1505/meeting/22517/plasma-5-demo/22:33
ahoneybunthats what i thought22:33
belkinsaThey were in the time slot22:33
belkinsaWorks for you guys?22:33
ahoneybunyes very well22:34
ahoneybunthank you again belkinsa22:34
belkinsaNot a problem, then I will place the Ubuntu Women on back.22:34
wxlnow mine doesn't have a date22:34
belkinsaBecause I need to move it to a later date22:34
wxlwell then i'll wait for that to verify its okness :)22:35
belkinsaIt's that cloud demo22:35
belkinsaWant to do it 18:00..18:55 the last day?22:36
belkinsaDone: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1505/meeting/22422/lxqt-next-generation-of-lubuntu/ It's under community but that's okay22:37
wxloikie dokie thx22:37
belkinsaNot a problem22:37
ahoneybunoh no22:37
ahoneybun18:00 UTC is 2:00 here22:37
belkinsaMove again?22:37
ahoneybunI'll be at work. I'll 22:37
ahoneybunfigure something out22:38
ahoneybunthat time works best for the other 2 people22:38
ahoneybunI'll work it from my end22:38
wxlnow i've disappeared again22:38
belkinsaLet them do the demo.22:38
ahoneybunI'll see if I can take the day off22:39
wxloh i'm under cloud hgahahahah22:41
belkinsaI moved it to the last day, if that's fine for you wxl.22:41
wxlsure belkinsa thx22:41
belkinsaNot a problem22:41
ahoneybunwxl: your session is lubuntu related yes?22:48
wxlahoneybun: yep22:48
ahoneybuncan you shot me a link?22:49
wxlahoneybun: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1505/meeting/22422/lxqt-next-generation-of-lubuntu/22:50
ahoneybunsadly will not make it22:50
ahoneybunsince it is 18:0022:51
wxlwell there's always the youtubes22:51
wxlso is the plasma 5 thing going to be anything dramatically new to people keeping up on development?22:52
wxlahoneybun: ↑22:53
ahoneybunit will be things redone from Plasma 4 - 522:54
ahoneybunlots of things are rewritten in Qt5 and QML22:54
wxlso no surprises to people who had the plasma 5 iso from a couple cycles ago?22:57
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