pleia2going to start copying over some sections so it's more clear what we have left to do01:00
pleia2ahoneybun: remember to add your name to the doc :)01:00
ahoneybunthanks pleia201:10
* pleia2 gets to summary writing01:19
pleia2k, only 6 more to go01:23
pleia2I'll do planet ones :)01:25
* pleia2 stays out of in the press01:25
pleia2actually, I'll do in the press and canonical01:25
* ahoneybun has no idea what topic he is in, he just finds a summary to write and goes to town01:28
ahoneybunI count 2 left01:33
pleia2yeah, looks like just dholbach's01:36
ahoneybunflip a coin?01:38
pleia2I can finish up01:39
pleia2thanks for your help :)01:39
ahoneybunpleia2: I've been reading a few articles about dealing with long flights lol01:41
ahoneybunmost of them say to charge your devices and download movies, shows, and music lol01:41
pleia2ahoneybun: what airline are you taking?01:42
pleia2ah, 3 star, yeah definitely load up some entertainment :)01:43
ahoneybunthat bad huh01:43
pleia2the interenet tells me they do have in flight entertainment, which is better than US domestic carriers, but your pickings will be quite slim01:44
ahoneybunthe internet tells me they have no damn wi-fi01:44
pleia2USAirways has no entertainment, American has shared movie for everyone on several screens throughout the cabin01:44
pleia2alas, most trans-atlantic flights lack wifi01:44
pleia2Delta is deploying it, Lufthansa has it in many planes, but it's tough over the oceans01:44
ahoneybunyea damn government keeping the good tech to them selfs01:44
pleia2it's just expensive and not very good because satellites :)01:45
ahoneybunI was looking for the cheapest flight so what can I expect01:45
pleia2I read a lot on planes01:45
ahoneybunI have a few books I need to read01:46
ahoneybunjust can't get myselft to do because of YouTube01:47
pleia2see? no youtube on plane! read books!01:47
ahoneybunyea I have this really good book on religion,01:48
ahoneybunjust has pretty big words and concepts01:48
pleia2alright, UWN sent off to editors01:49
pleia2I'll try to do a closer editorial review tomorrow, my eyes are tired now01:49
ahoneybunof course01:50
ahoneybunwhat is the difference in time pleia201:51
pleia2here or in spain?01:51
pleia2it's almost 7pm here01:51
ahoneybunit is 6+ to be in spain01:51
ahoneybunoh 3 hours01:51
ahoneybunalmost 10 here01:51
* pleia2 nods01:52
ahoneybunnight pleia201:53
pleia2night :)01:54
* pleia2 prep for loco team meeting \o/01:54
ahoneybunmhall119: pleia2 if anyone has a svg of the vervet mascot to share I would be very thankful04:07
mhall119ahoneybun: have you contacted canonical marketing?12:38
MooDoohowdy all13:56
pleia2I emailed the guys at canonical who helped me last time, fingers crossed they're still there17:04
PaulW2Ueditorial review done17:58
pleia2great, thanks17:59
ahoneybunmhall119: no clue there email, but I have found a orange png file from the installer18:46
mhall119ahoneybun: if that's high enough resolution for you, great18:47
pleia2yeah, the installer is where I grab the png from, but difficult to resize nicely18:47
mhall119ahoneybun: otherwise, I can get you Rupinder's email, she's the one I usually go to for things like that18:47
pleia2I sent an email to Tom Macfarlane and John Lea18:48
ahoneybunmhall119: that would be great to have either way, would be better to have the svg for making a shirt design18:48
ahoneybunI just saw that email pleia2, thanks for CCing me18:52
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ahoneybunpleia2: around?21:08
pleia2ahoneybun: hey21:27
ahoneybunare you doing the Ubuntu Women Session?21:27
ahoneybunor taking  a part in it?21:27
pleia2ahoneybun: no, I haven't been involved with the project in quite some time21:27
ahoneybunoh ok21:27
pleia2I thin belkinsa is running it21:28
ahoneybunyea they are21:29
ahoneybunI'm trying to see if they will switch timeslots with the Plasma 5 Demo21:30
pleia2ah :)21:30
pleia2I don't think she's announced on list yet, so probably still possible21:30
pleia2if it works with her schedule21:30
ahoneybunok cool21:33
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