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ubottudaftykins called the ops in #ubuntu (Ghostier child porn.)04:08
ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu (please tban ghostier forever = child porn)04:09
phunyguygood grief.04:11
elkyi wish i could say this was a first04:11
phunyguynow you got stevendale coming in (at least with a solid nickname) asking why there aren't any amd64+mac images.04:11
elkyit's also a reminder to not open links from irc while at work04:11
phunyguythis isn't a new thing.04:12
tonyyarussoThanks Flannel for being faster than me.  Comment the living daylights out of that on BT....04:17
WhatisubuntuWThe +1 topic still says Vivid is in development08:18
ubottuRiddell called the ops in #ubuntu-meeting ()12:01
k1l_is it done? i dont see anything there12:03
k1l_ok, dholbach is on it12:05
Unit193self-confidence1 (~124@97e19112.skybroadband.com)12:05
bazhang<geirha> AlexEagle8128: yes, format it to vfat, and next time, don't use dd for the iso12:38
bazhangmy understanding is that the iso is hybrid12:38
k1l_it is12:47
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Piciokay then14:34
ubottuUbuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) will be the 23rd release of Ubuntu. Discussion in #ubuntu+114:35
tonyyarussoWerewolf?  Seriously?  We couldn't find a real animal that starts with W?17:44
PiciNeither Jackalopes or Unicorns are real either17:46
tonyyarussoFair point17:47
bazhangjpds to the rescue20:26
jpdsNot really.20:26
bazhangwith dafty there, pretty much20:26
jpdsIt'd cost them, what, <£10 ?20:26
k1l<phix> k1l: right, I will ask that in #ubuntu-offtopic21:54
k1lgot a huge list in bantracker, better keep an eye on him21:54
geniiHe/she not even in -ot right now21:55

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