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balloonselfy, I swapped the laptop over to xubuntu this past weekend :-)15:18
balloonsi didn't install the whole thing though, just a few select packages to keep it minimal. I ended up going with a single bar at the top. It's zippy and pleasant. I think it'll stick around for a bit15:21
balloonsbeen 2 years? maybe more since I've run it as a DE15:21
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elfyballoons: nice one :)15:37
elfyit's certainly different than it was a couple of years ago15:38
balloonsyes it is. I like the changes.. last time I ran xubuntu I remember liking the bottom bar, but don't now15:55
balloonsalso, it's interesting you can move the bar to the side. I don't remember that from last time/15:55
elfypretty sure you could move to the side, having it in deskbar at side is new(ish)15:56
elfyI find it hard to remember to be honest - pretty soon I'll have forgotten 15.04 too ;)15:57
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balloonselopio_, are you ready to present tomorrow ? http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1505/meeting/22453/autopilot-helpers/18:26
balloonsveebers isn't about yet to ask :-)18:27
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pvsenanballoons, hi19:10
balloonspvsenan, hello!19:12
balloonsLetozaf_, howdy to you as well19:12
Letozaf_balloons, howdy :)19:12
pvsenanballoons, How are you ?. I just moved to Sweden :)19:13
balloonsSweden? wow, quite a move!19:16
pvsenanballoons, my employer want me here so I moved. By the way is there anything left in automation so that I can write some code :)19:22
alesage_wxl ping19:22
balloonspvsenan, there's plenty of automation fun to be had19:22
balloonsjust ask Letozaf_ :-)19:22
balloonspvsenan, did you ever learn about writing qmltests?19:22
pvsenanballoons, no not yet. Is it in python ?19:23
balloonspvsenan, check out https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/quality/. There's some more goodies in there since you last saw the site I'm sure19:24
pvsenanballoons, Thanks, I'll come back after reading19:25
balloonspvsenan, lower level tests for the qml apps are written in qml as well19:25
Letozaf_balloons, pvsenan yeah lots of fun :-P19:25
balloonsthey are easier to write than AP tests, but plenty of autopilot tests to write as well.19:25
balloonspvsenan, if you want to hop in again on the autopilot side of things, anything in this list works: http://people.canonical.com/~nskaggs/core-apps-test-sponsoring.html19:26
balloonspriority wise, I would say the terminal, calculator and doc viewer teams all would love to have someone help them out19:27
balloonsI'm happy to introduce you :-)19:27
pvsenanballoons, Great.. a lot of stuff and a lot of fun19:28
balloonspvsenan, I don't think you ever worked on a core app did you?19:29
balloonsperhaps I'm getting ahead of things.. do you know what they are? :-)19:29
pvsenanballoons, no. I wrote test for disk usage analyzer and after that I didnt do anything19:30
balloonspvsenan, so the community core apps are a group of default applications for ubuntu touch. They are written entirely by the community of volunteers like yourself19:36
balloonsthey each have a development team who works on them. from the quality side, we like to help out by writing and fixing there testcases.19:36
pvsenanballoons, sounds interesting. I think I setup calendar app long time ago19:39
balloonspvsenan, indeed. Why don't you try checking out one of the apps right now and we'll make sure you can run the tests, give you a quick tour / overview19:42
pvsenanballoons, https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-for-devices/installing-ubuntu-for-devices/ for installation ?19:43
balloonspvsenan, like for instance calendar since you mentioned it19:44
balloonsbzr branch lp:ubuntu-calendar-app19:44
balloonscd tests/autopilot19:45
balloonsautopilot3 list calendar_app19:45
pvsenanballoons, I have some problem while running  List http://paste.ubuntu.com/10986353/19:51
balloonspvsenan, gotcha. So you need the meta package "ubuntu-sdk". Are you on vivid or ?19:52
pvsenanballoons, 15.0419:53
balloonspvsenan, excellent. Just install that package and you should be all set19:54
pvsenanballoons, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-sdk ? its 852 MB ?19:55
balloonspvsenan, yes.. and yea, it's going to pull in lots of stuff19:55
balloonsyou don't technically need all of it just for calendar, but it's helpful to just get everything19:56
pvsenanballoons, just started..  will be back once it is complete19:56
balloonsLetozaf_, what are you up to these days? calendar changes all work out ok?19:56
Letozaf_balloons, I am working on Docviewer app: https://code.launchpad.net/~carla-sella/ubuntu-docviewer-app/test-toc/+merge/25808219:58
Letozaf_balloons, calendar app is waiting for a reply: https://code.launchpad.net/~carla-sella/ubuntu-calendar-app/fix-dayview-default-view19:58
elopio_balloons: making the final preparations...19:59
elopio_I'll be ready19:59
balloonselopio_, awesome!20:03
balloonsLetozaf_, thanks20:04
Letozaf_balloons, yw20:04
pvsenanballoons, I am still facing issues http://paste.ubuntu.com/10986464/20:13
balloonspvsenan, let me see20:35
balloonspvsenan, ahh right20:35
balloonspvsenan, you also need address-book-service-testability20:36
balloonsand python3-dateutil if you don't have it20:36
balloonsI'm taking this from the depends listed in the debian/control file and click/manifest.json.in  in the project20:37
pvsenanballoons, ran 33 tests and 10 failed20:45
balloonspvsenan, awesome, so it ran at least :-)20:46
balloonsNow, to prevent you from losing keyboard and mouse in the future, you can use a tool called autopilot3 sandbox to run tests. autopilot3-sandbox-run -X calendar_app20:47
balloonsthis will spawn a nested xserver window and run tests inside20:47
balloonsyou already have it installed, it should "just work" a slong as you have Xephyr installed. sudo apt-get install xserver-xephyr20:48
pvsenanballoons, let me check20:48
pvsenanballoons, got error xvfb and after installing that test run started20:49
knomeballoons, does that mean we will have some test reports from you?20:49
balloonspvsenan, great. now you will find qml is much easier to write tests for. If you look at calendar app tests, you'll see 2 __init__.py files. One contains helper methods we've written, the other contains the testcase class and setup/launch stuff20:51
balloonsthe tests themselves are in tests/autopilot/calendar_app/tests/ inside individual py files. Best to look at those first and reference the other files20:51
balloonstake a look at test_add_new_event_with_default_values, in test_new_event.py. It's easy to read, and things are abstracted away nicely for re-use20:52
balloonsknome, for xubuntu you mean?20:52
knomeballoons, yes of course20:55
balloonsknome, :-) It's technically the wife's laptop now so I'm not sure she'll want to run devel or not (I sometimes make her). But I will be using it, and certainly would report issues if I find them20:57
balloonsnothing odd yet.. expect so different interaction than expected with indicators20:57
balloonsxfce has some built-in stuff, then there's re-using unity indicators20:57
balloonsit was confusing since I didn't take the xubuntu-desktop meta-package, which I'm sure has a sane default layout20:58
knomeballoons, yep..21:01
balloonsotherwise smooth sailing21:02
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