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ScottKBTW, don't accept the other k* ones.  There's more needed before those are ready.13:00
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bdmurrayslangasek: Could you have a look at this old MP? https://code.launchpad.net/~laney/ubuntu-archive-tools/edit-acl-crash/+merge/23547114:01
slangasekbdmurray: looking.  btw what do you think about my follow-up on the other MP?14:35
bdmurrayslangasek: Going to look at that again today14:36
infinityRiddell: Around?15:04
infinityScottK: Or you?15:04
infinityScottK: kubunt-active and kubuntu-plasma5.  Are those seeds dead now, can I not branch them for wily, or are one or both still needed?15:05
ScottKBoth dead.15:05
cjwatsonoh good.15:06
tumbleweedI'm assuming last week of october for release (distro-info-data)15:07
ScottKtumbleweed: Can you go ahead and put a release called simply X in after that?15:13
infinityScottK: I have pending patches to fix distro-info's braindeadery.  Just need to clean them up a bit.15:15
tumbleweedScottK: that would remove the "out of date" warnings. Of course that's probably what you're trying to achieve, but they are ther efor a reason :P15:15
infinitytumbleweed: I'll get you patches "soon" to actually do sane things.15:16
infinitytumbleweed: As for release, I haven't written the schedule yet, but Oct 29 will do as a preliminary guess until I give you a better date.15:17
infinity(Oct 22 seems more likely)15:17
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tumbleweedyeah, 4th week seems more common15:18
ScottKMake it the 29th though as better to be a week late than a week early.15:18
infinitytumbleweed: It's also almost exactly a year after utopic release.15:18
infinityAnyhow, after I'm done with some opening faff, I'll go hunting conference schedules and such and set a proper date.15:19
infinityI'd also like to know why vim builds in sid but not in vivid. :/15:20
tumbleweed0.27 uploaded to sid, I'll do SRUs a bit later15:20
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bdmurrayslangasek: I've commented on your comment about my merge proposal regarding the phased-updater.16:04
tjaaltoninfinity: how about mesa-lts-vivid out of the queue today?-)17:01
infinitytjaalton: Seems likely.  I'm a bit headless chickeny with wily opening, but we'll see where I get.17:02
ogra_did the werewolf get you ?17:03
bdmurraymitya57: that's interesting because in my trusty w/o proposed chroot the notify-osd autopkgtest fails17:05
bdmurraymitya57: I released the Trusty SRU but the Utopic part was never verified.17:35
xnoxinfinity: can a 'll' be an alias for 'l' codename?17:41
infinityxnox: -EPARSE17:44
xnoxinfinity: the new code name is "wily", i think "willy" should also be an accepted upload suite....17:45
ogra_like frank you mean ?17:46
infinityxnox: Pretty sure those words mean very different things. :P17:47
xnoxinfinity: .... a wily willy ?! =) it's so wrong.17:49
xnoxinfinity: is 15.10 a valid upload target?17:50
infinityxnox: Nope.17:50
ogra_devel is17:50
* xnox will use devel from now on....17:50
infinitydevel won't work very well until it's open.17:50
infinityAnd once it's open, the name works too.17:50
mitya57bdmurray: the fixes for Trusty and Utopic were identical, but I will now comment on the bug asking to test on Utopic18:18
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wxlinfinity: ok, time to turn dailies on now that we're officially wily? :)20:54
infinitywxl: No, but in the next couple of days.20:54
wxlinfinity: great thx :)20:54
bdmurrayinfinity: Does bug 1363519 need any more information?21:12
ubot93bug 1363519 in live-build (Ubuntu Trusty) "start-stop-daemon fails debsums check" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136351921:12
infinitybdmurray: No, it's a live-build bug, I just didn't know that when it was first reported.21:14
infinitybdmurray: We'll get it fixed up for wily and trusty.21:15
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cjwatsonwxl: please, we have a checklist, there's no need to poke us about something that's 50-odd items deep in it.22:03
wxlcjwatson: i've never seen such a checklist before and at least last release i saw dailies turned on sooner, so just checking.22:04
cjwatsonlast release we had a name sooner!22:04
cjwatsonthat blocks everything.22:05
wxlas i said, never seen said checklist, so i act out of ignorance22:05
cjwatsonnow you have.22:05
bdmurrayinfinity: I notice wily is frozen, in what other cases would a release be frozen? I ask as sru-report is broken trying to get wily data.23:36
infinitybdmurray: ... how could it possibly break in that case?  vivid was frozen for a month before it released.23:37
infinitybdmurray: It's much more likely to break because wily has no files on the mirrors yet.23:37
infinity(Which is in progress, it's a slow publisher run)23:37
infinitybdmurray: Anyhow, I think it's a mistake for sru-report to even be looking at frozen series', since a stable series will never be in that state.23:39
infinitybdmurray: Unless someone derives value from looking at the stable series on sru-report during release week, but I never have, since we have update_excuses for that.23:39
bdmurrayinfinity: Okay, right now it only ignores "Active Development" it was failing trying to find excuses information.23:40
infinitybdmurray: Yeah, instead of an ignore list, you probably want an inclusive list that just looks at supported and current, or whatever those two are.23:41
infinitywgrant: What are those two keys in API speak?23:41
wgrantinfinity: distro_series.status in ('Current Stable Release', 'Supported')23:43
infinitybdmurray: Looks like status=Supported and status= ... What william said.23:43
bdmurrayinfinity: okay, I'll have an mp in a minute or two23:45
bdmurrayinfinity: https://code.launchpad.net/~brian-murray/ubuntu-archive-tools/series-status/+merge/25821723:59

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