elachecheHello Dro__12:22
Dro__hi elacheche , how are you today? :)12:22
elachecheAm ok thanks :)12:22
Dro__i'm fine too, thanks for asking :p12:24
elachechex) I don't ask questions when I eat my food :p12:24
Dro__ah ok, you ask answers when you eat then ! :P12:25
elachechesometimes yeah :D x)12:25
Dro__wow, that must be amazing !12:25
elachecheYou should try it sometimes :D12:26
Dro__yeah, i'm interested to learn how to ask answers :p12:26
elachecheit's easy :D → http://lmgtfy.com/12:26
Dro__elacheche, do you have any idea about monodevelop ? is it a good IDE for C# dev on ubuntu or there is a better one ? :P12:28
elachecheI know that MONO is good.. But no idea how good x) I'm not a dev :)12:29
Dro__so its the best IDE for C# ?12:30
Dro__oh sorry i forgot that you're not a dev ==> you have no idea about it :P12:31
elachecheI don't believe that I'm gonna say this, but you need to try the new VS x) and try mono then you tell me :)12:31
Dro__lé 3ad balek mizel el VS ? sayé 3amlou version ubuntu ?12:31
elachecheCross Plateform one..12:32
Dro__its ok, mawjoud ==> http://askubuntu.com/questions/616075/how-to-install-visual-studio-code-on-ubuntu12:33
Dro__let me check it ! hope it will work men ghir taksir krayem12:34
Dro__chey taksir krayem dhaher fih hel mono ta3 wethni :P12:39
Dro__bech na3mel interface wa7ad'ha taksir krayem... nchallah el VS yatla3 rake7 !12:39
elachecheWhy using c#12:40
Dro__ti mani tarbatet b jma3a te5dem b c# , donc obligé :P12:41
Dro__mahou jma3a tlawej 3al sahel , + c'est une app pour windows12:42
Dro__elacheche, 3andekchi fekra kifech trecordi mel vlc avec des effets ? :D12:49
elachecheemmm.. there is effects in vlc?12:50
Dro__ey effect t'ajouti logo wella effect 3al video ..12:51
elachechetry to add the effects then record the vide12:52
Dro__mahou n7el vdr bel vlc, w nejem n'ajouti hekka watermark wella text 3al video, ema kif na3mel record ba3d ma nal9ach l'effet eli zedtou fel video enregistrée..12:52
elachecheyou can find the record option in vlc or not?12:52
Dro__c'est ça le pb kif na3mel effect ma yetzadech l'effet fel video ba3d...12:52
Dro__fel live yatla3 mais fel recoreded video no!12:52
elachecheI see.. Didn't played with that before..12:52
Dro__ok, ltmgfy :p12:53
elachecheHappy that you learned a new thing :D :p12:53
Dro__i always learn mouch kifek.. i'm planing to learn how to ask answers in the future ! :P12:53
elachecheThen you'll teach me :;p12:54
Dro__elacheche,  you will be the teacher ! :D12:54
elachecheWily Werewol 15.10 :)14:39
Dro__elacheche, femma des ubuntu t-shirts ! :P17:23

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