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Mirvchrisccoulson: not exactly, but maybe what you need it for can be done any way? I mean, you can certainly pass custom value types from c++ to qml and use them in signals06:10
Mirvchrisccoulson: usually the UITK people have already done it if one's wondering whether something can be done06:10
dholbachgood morning06:47
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taiebot1Will the meizu Mx4 will be launched at the UOS http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1466 :-D10:26
marc___hi all.10:45
marc___Anyone around to help a (very) newbie setup the ubuntu-sdk? I seem to be having some issues getting it working.10:46
marc___Back later.11:06
cwaynemzanetti, yo, is authenticator in a PPA somewhere too? it'd be pretty useful to have on desktop (at least as a backup) :)11:50
bfillermhall119: I registerd this blueprint for the browser convergence session - not sure if I did it right so it gets linked13:43
mhall119bfiller: is that for http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1505/meeting/22478/browser-for-convergence/ ?13:45
bfillermhall119: yes13:45
mhall119bfiller: ok, I'll add it to that meeting13:46
bfillermhall119: thanks13:47
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jcbjoe_can somebody give me the command to install ubuntu-touch on a nexus 415:02
jcbjoe_ubuntu-device-flash touch --channel=devel --bootstrap < -- im assuming i put stable where devel is15:02
brunch875 jcbjoe_: --bootstrap wipes, so be careful15:29
jcbjoe_brunch875: what command should i run to install then ?15:32
brunch875the same, but without bootstrap. On the other hand you NEED to wipe for the installation to succeed15:33
brunch875so my recommendation is to try without bootstrap and if it doesn't work, retry with bootstrap15:33
brunch875make sure to backup your data first if there's something you really can't afford losing15:34
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jcbjoe_brunch875: nope its a phone i boughto of swappa i will be getting it today .. i have a backup phone in case the nexus 4 dosen't work15:54
sturmflut-workI was over it with ondra and ogra_ last week and came to no working state, so I'll ask again: What is the proper way to (temporarily) change the kernel command line on the bq? I tried everything I could come up with using abootimg and fastboot, but in the end the kernel always booted the default cmdline.15:55
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nicomenanyone having issues creating a kit with the ubuntu sdk for 15.04?16:12
bzoltannicomen: could you describe the issue you have?16:12
nicomenbzoltan: after setting up the chroot it fails with some permission issues, I don't have the text in front of me anymore. Is there a way to run the same click thing from a terminal?16:14
nicomen14.10 worked, and it seems to be what I have on my e4.516:15
bzoltannicomen: sudo  click chroot -a armhf -f ubuntu-sdk-15.04 create16:15
nicomenah nice thanks ;)16:15
jcbjoe_what is the most stable for ubuntu-touch is is it 14.04 or 15.04 ?16:23
bzoltanjcbjoe_: 15.04 devel proposed channel16:24
nicomenis there an easy way to update the actual phone to 15.04? apt-get dist-upgrade, or use an image?16:25
jcbjoe_bzoltan: is devel proposed stable ?16:33
ogra_-proposed is never stable .... it is proposed for testing16:34
ogra_(untested daily build)16:34
bzoltanjcbjoe_: Oh man, sorry .. my eyes cheated me... I have read "recent"16:35
* bzoltan is legally blind16:35
jcbjoe_its ok bzoltan thanks ogra_16:37
jcbjoe_any of you use ubuntu-touch as a daily driver ?16:41
jcbjoe_sorry for the 21 questions .. im going to be using it as a dailiy driver and just want some feedback16:41
ogra_yes, and there are phones on sale with it16:42
ogra_(so you can assume the buyers do too)16:43
marcinellojcbjoe: yeah, it's my daily driver on Nexus 4. I have dual boot with Android but I rarely use it17:11
studio_is there an "easy way" for the bq E4.5 to boot for exp. the ut rtm-version from mmcblk0 and the ut dev-version from mmcblk1?17:13
studio_no idea?17:28
studio_ok, what about xmir on mir? when will the rootless x work on mir? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mir/Spec17:36
studio_popey, ping17:46
studio_ok, no answer is also an answer :(18:01
jkb_hi. I want to call a page from a dialog, pop it, and refocus the dialog again. is that possible?18:09
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pmcgowanjkb_, maybe ask in #ubuntu-app-devel18:14
jkb_pmcgowan, I have. But seems to be quiet at the moment. So, I tried here :-)18:16
SebsebsebbHow to see the crash files on phone18:19
popeySebsebsebb: /var/crash18:30
ogra_or via the privacy/security settings ...18:30
ogra_(the submitted ones, online)18:30
SebsebsebbI looked at this a bit before, but then get a loaf of files in there from what I remember, and then wasn't sure how to open one18:32
SebsebsebbThe submitted ones online got to have special access for that18:33
SebsebsebbWhich don't have18:33
popeySebsebsebb: what are you hoping to see?18:35
SebsebsebbSome crash error I guess, curious to see what is actually in them18:36
popeyyou can grab them from the /var/crash directory and unpack them18:37
popeyapport-unpack file.crash foo/18:37
SebsebsebbYeah that's the bit I didn't understand how to do before how to unpack18:37
popey\o/ successfully made a 500M click package18:38
popeytook freaking ages18:39
popeyreal    122m1.942s18:39
* popey attempts to upload to the store18:39
ogra_wow, what is in it ? android ?18:39
ogra_AfU :)18:39
popeyopenstreetmap offline map18:40
popeylots of pre-rendered tiles18:40
ogra_the whole world ?18:40
popeyhah, nope. one little island :S18:40
ogra_little :)18:40
popeyfairly small, yeah18:40
ogra_that eats 500M ?18:41
SebsebsebbBy the way a ubuntu phone that turns into a basic ubuntu computer when put into a monitor or keyboard by October really?18:41
popeySebsebsebb: so mark says :)18:41
Tassadarosm app on android can fit my whole country in 500mb Oo18:41
popeyyeah, trying to figure out how they do that18:41
popeyI suspect they render on the device?18:41
popeythey don't ship the pre-rendered tiles.18:42
popeyso i need to find some way to do that :)18:42
Tassadarthe re-drawing when you zoom in looks like it is vectors18:42
ogra_it surely is18:42
popeyi used maps.me18:42
popeywhich works really nicely and has an in-built downloader18:42
popeybtw that's 500M compressed, the tiles are 2.9GB uncompressed :D18:43
ogra_http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Vector_tiles ?18:43
popeyah yes, seen some of those, thanks. will investigate more18:44
popeyhttp://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Kothic_JS looks interesting18:44
ogra_sure does18:46
ogra_ah, but for nodejs18:46
Tassadarclick'd nodejs, obviously!18:46
ogra_thats easy :)18:46
extraymondAnyone know how to delete history from dash?18:46
Tassadarrm ~/.bash_history?18:47
extraymondTassadar: no such file...18:48
Tassadarprobably somewhere else in ubuntu then18:48
extraymondWill be nice if we can have that option from the drop-down menu when searching from scopes or dash though.18:50
Tassadarooh, that dash, sorry :D18:50
Tassadarmean like bash, as in in the terminal, not the GUI)18:50
extraymondXD Do you know how to do so if it's dash?18:52
TassadarI don't really use ubuntu touch18:52
extraymondThat's sad to know...18:53
extraymondThx for trying to help anyway XD18:53
Tassadarit's not really compatible with my android wear watch, that could be the excuse)18:53
popeynodejs is fine, I have other node apps as clicks18:54
ogra_in the store ?18:55
ogra_Tassadar, time to fix that ;) ... patches accepted ;)18:55
Tassadaryeah, I know, but wear is propriatery18:55
ogra_as a whole ?!?18:55
ogra_there must be APIs to talk to18:56
Tassadaronly gpl parts are available18:56
Tassadarit's basically physical manifestation of google services18:56
Tassadarit uses the google apis even to communicate with the phone, gl re-implementing that :/18:56
popeyogra_: no, ones I'm working on18:57
popeybut they work on device18:57
popeyi have a new pebble time on order18:57
popeywould be interesting to get that working with Ubuntu18:57
Tassadarnot sure how open pebble really is18:58
TassadarI know they didn't want to do windows phone support18:58
TassadarI mean, nobody really does, but still18:58
popeyI thought MS did the windows phone support then pebble backed away18:59
Tassadaror maybe that was that18:59
Tassadardunno, not really interested in it that much19:00
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marc___Hi All - Anyone around?19:17
dadexix86hi marc___19:27
marc___Hi Dadexix8619:40
marc___Got any time to help a newbie with ubuntu-sdk?19:41
dadexix86hi marc___ ehm... not really, I don't program for Ubuntu, so I didn't really set it up on my computer :)19:43
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marc___No worries. I'll figure it out. Just can't seem to get the thing working. My setup is a bit kookie so it might take a while.19:44
BOHverkillhttps://i.imgur.com/7ke6qIw.png das erste ist Ubuntu das zweite dann arch ;)20:09
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BOHverkilloh sorry false chatt :S20:14
SturmFlutpopey: Ping21:35
popeySturmFlut: yo21:35
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SturmFlutMight be interesting for some: http://sturmflut.github.io/ubuntu/bq/2015/05/04/hacking-the-bq-part-2-factory-mode/22:04
OerHeksSturmFlut, thank you, bookmarked.22:14
cylonmath2how to use google calendar?22:16
SturmFlutOh wow. You can log into an adb shell in Factory Mode, start the FM Radio (which is currently not supported by Ubuntu Touch) and then look at dmesg. 187 lines of debugging output while tuning to a single channel, and the kernel loads about five firmware files :/22:19
Becky01shuttleworth said that thered be a phone out this year that could do convergence, does that mean itll converge from day one or that ionll be ready for when the softwares ready?22:59
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