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WhishkeyKingmhall119, ping10:12
WhatIsUbuntuWWhy can't I join #ubuntu-uos-plenary?10:17
WhatIsUbuntuWthat's the channel that the site says to be in10:17
WhishkeyKingthis is the channel ( off Ubuntu on air).10:26
WhishkeyKingmhall119, ping11:01
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copy_pastehi donniezazen_12:01
donniezazen_copy_paste: hi12:01
copy_pastecopy_paste: hi12:01
copy_pastejoking :P12:01
copy_pastei'm not a bot12:01
donniezazen_lol okay12:01
copy_pastelol okay12:01
copy_pastejk again :P12:01
trtrhtrhdrhtHello, does any one know sth about release date of MX4 with ubuntu?12:05
copy_paste!seen mark12:06
udsbotuI have no seen command12:06
copy_pastetrtrhtrhdrht: you can ask mark12:06
trtrhtrhdrht<copy_paste> how can I do that?12:08
copy_pastetrtrhtrhdrht: prefix your question with QUESTION:12:12
WhatIsUbuntuWcopy_paste:no, not first12:13
WhatIsUbuntuWAlso, it's weird... for some reason even though the page says to join #ubuntu-uos-plenary12:13
WhatIsUbuntuWthat channel is invite-only...12:13
copy_pasteQUESTION: are there any plans for a Bq tablet? trtrhtrhdrht (like this)12:15
trtrhtrhdrht<copy_paste> thanks!:) But where and when I need to put that?12:16
copy_paste1h 43 min left12:16
copy_pasteprobably when it's live (1h 43 min left)12:17
NisstrXshould we start asking questions now?12:17
copy_pasteare you on http://ubuntuonair.com/ ?12:17
trtrhtrhdrhtSorry, I'm almost 50 years old and still learning:)12:17
copy_pasteclick on the video to see the time left until it starts (it has a countdown timer)12:18
copy_paste1h 40m left, where is Mark? :>>12:19
WhishkeyKingmhall119, ping12:25
copy_paste1h 32m left12:27
copy_paste!seen popcorn12:28
udsbotuI have no seen command12:28
WhishkeyKingcopy_paste, He's probably checking his inbox : http://www.markshuttleworth.com/contact-details12:28
WhishkeyKingdholbach, ping12:29
dholbachWhishkeyKing, pong12:29
WhishkeyKingdholbach, Who's doing the intro with Mark ? is it mhall119 ?12:30
dholbachWhishkeyKing, I think it's going to be dpm12:32
dholbachWhishkeyKing, why?12:32
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llkUbuntu W, Wicked Wabbit?12:34
copy_pastewoolly wammoth12:34
copy_pastehi NickCasual12:35
WhishkeyKingdholbach, Who's dpm ?12:36
dholbachDavid Planella12:37
WhishkeyKingoh ok12:37
WhishkeyKingdholbach, Where is he ?12:38
dholbachhe'll be here in a bit12:40
ventricalGood morning to all from Windsor, Canada12:43
WhishkeyKingventrical, appy SatrWars day from Gbritain, my continental cousin :)12:44
WhishkeyKing**StarWars day.12:44
elfyhello ventrical :)12:44
ventricalBravo for Starwars!:)12:44
ventricalhi efly12:44
WhishkeyKingelfy, are you on the bad-voltage discourse too ?12:44
ventrical@elfy..whats your best guesstimate for name'W'  I say Whimsical Wallaby :)12:45
WhishkeyKingventrical, That is 'discourse', exactamon ... http://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/what-do-people-think-15-10s-code-name-will-be/2116/1912:47
elfyventrical: you know what I want :p12:48
ventricalyes elfy ...  I know ....  it's in the banner :)12:48
elfywho do you think named the +1 area12:48
ventricalU did ?12:49
ventricalI though it was effenbird12:49
ventrical@elfy ..btw .. where has effenberg been?12:51
elfyno idea - not seen him for ages anywhere12:51
ventrical  We talked last year .. cariboo was going to close the UDV forum .. but he showed up .. he asked if I wanted to be team captain of the group.. etc..12:52
ventricalbut I haven't seem him for a while since then..12:53
elfyyea - that was last time I saw him around12:53
nerd7473Wonder how mark Shuttleworth feels about ubuntu being a success12:54
ventricalso .. the video confrence will start ina about an hour nas pa?12:54
ventricalMark wants to get  200 million users (as of about 3 years ago .. and I am not sure he accomplished that..12:55
apurvam I late, or early?12:57
ventricalearly man12:57
apurvhow long till it begins?12:58
blackout241 hour12:59
apurvalright, thanks :)12:59
ventricalI might have to leave early myself as I have a ladnscaping commitment ... if it rains I saty .. if I get the call I miss the confrence ;(12:59
apurvthat doesn't sounds good13:00
ventricalgot to pay the bills eh .. :)13:00
apurvactually it's my first time here, and I'm looking forward to it13:00
apurvyeah, right13:00
ventricalpray for rain :)13:01
apurvlet's hope it's that way13:01
apurvso you're employed?13:01
ventricalall over ..13:01
ventricalit's more volunteer work13:02
ventricalI work at a grass strip airfield13:02
apurvI'm a student13:02
ventricalI'm always a student :)13:03
apurvcomputer science, first year13:03
apurvactually we all are, just a matter of perspective13:03
ventricalFinished mine in 199213:03
ventricalI live in bilingual Canada13:04
apurvI mean what's that?13:04
HearthCoreI consider myself a student of life. And music. Aggressive Music.13:04
apurvI'm from India13:05
apurvHey, HearthCore13:05
HearthCoreHello from Germany, then :)13:05
ventricalHi Germany , Hi India..13:05
WhishkeyKingI'm from Britain.13:05
ventricalhome of my forefathers ... :)13:06
WhishkeyKingI could fly a drone and tap on Mark Front door :)13:06
apurvwhy would you do something like that?13:07
WhishkeyKingDeploying - Who here is in the commonwealth, here?, Topic.13:07
apurvNo idea13:08
WhishkeyKingIndia is in it !13:08
ventricalNo ... India is independent now ..13:08
WhishkeyKingstill in the commonwealth of nations.13:09
WhishkeyKinghi dpm !13:09
ventricalahhh .. yes..13:09
apurvyeah, India is in commonwealth13:09
ventricalcanada too13:10
ventricalwe used to be dominion13:10
ventricalwe still have QEII on all monetary trade13:10
WhishkeyKingso Britain, but I wish it wasn't the CEO of the thing.13:11
WhishkeyKingventrical, She looks older on yours, I notice.13:11
WhishkeyKing*So's Britain ...13:11
ventricalyes.... since we live across the Atlantic .. we can get away with it :)13:11
WhishkeyKingventrical, Loads of persons have moved to Canada ..Billy Bragg for one !13:12
dpmhey WhishkeyKing :)13:12
WhishkeyKingdpm, Aloha, I've a message for you as a Question:13:13
ventricalwe get  al ot of refugees and immigrants from US. It's the safest place to be13:13
WhishkeyKingdpm, If you look on the actual youtube page : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IfgX-k7Hag13:14
WhishkeyKingdpm, ... there's a QUESTION in capitals in the comments - It is extremely important to the badvoltage community if this was asked at the end with Mark on the Q&A.13:15
WhishkeyKingdpm, Also include the paragraph under the reason as this is equally important to the question.13:15
WhishkeyKingdpm, The Entreat is just a expediator, and not important.13:16
dpmWhishkeyKing, I'll collect the question for later,  but you should be able to ask Mark directly yourself :)13:16
WhishkeyKingdpm, I don't need to ! THE question (soz for caps) is already there in the youtube comment >< that's the point !13:17
WhishkeyKingdpm, You just need to direct Mark to that page to see the QUESTION.13:18
WhishkeyKingdpm, please, thank-you.13:18
ventricalI seen that question and I think the current economy problems are global .. so it's not really topical.. me thinks..13:19
WhishkeyKingdpm, tell me when you get that (basically?) ?13:20
WhishkeyKingventrical, Do you listen to bad voltage ? If you don't - have a listen , The topic is discussed in the 1st twenty minutes - Which is perfect for between now and the UOS.13:25
WhishkeyKingventrical, Here it is -> http://audio.lugradio.org/badvoltage/Bad%20Voltage%201x38.mp313:25
ventricalok.. thanks..13:25
ventricalyeah.... pay me for fixing bugs !!!13:26
ventricalI'll quit all my jobs to work for Canaonical:)13:27
WhishkeyKingAre you on Bsource ? http://bit.ly/Bsource , or was that sarky ?13:27
* WhishkeyKing blinks13:28
ventricalBAd Voltage13:28
ventricalthay are talking about  fixing bugs .. and how to find a developer to fix bugs for them .. etc..13:28
WhishkeyKingok well click that link afterwards and you'll learn about Bsource.13:28
WhishkeyKingyeah, that's the one , you're there. :)13:29
WhishkeyKingsil2100, is that stu ?13:31
WhishkeyKing@sil stuart Langridge >?13:31
sil2100WhishkeyKing: no, but yes, we do have similar nicknames13:32
sil2100I think he just uses 'sil'13:32
WhishkeyKingoh right .. a pseudonym error ..13:33
WhishkeyKingWe should do a google hangout for the plenary session to get people reaction in the community.13:34
apurvwhat's a plenary session?13:35
WhishkeyKingyour in it .13:35
leousaa session that fullfills you ;)13:35
apurvokay :P13:35
WhishkeyKingA kinda introduction to the Ubuntu Open Summit.13:35
ventricalplenary = unlimited , unrestricted13:36
apurvso are you guys using ubuntu?13:37
WhishkeyKingA version of it .13:38
apurvwhich flavour?13:38
ventricalI would not be able to do this using Windows .. err.. or it would be very slow at least..13:38
tsdgeos_web#ubuntu-uos-plenary is invite only.13:38
elfytsdgeos_web: seems so13:38
ventricalI am using Lunity currently .. 14.0413:38
tsdgeosah no, it's a redirect, it's only that the web client is not smart enough13:38
WhishkeyKingventrical, What do you think of the podcast, so far ?13:38
tsdgeos470 #ubuntu-uos-plenary #ubuntu-uds-plenary Forwarding to another channel is what quassel says13:39
elfytsdgeos: well I get the invite warning if I try and join the channel while in here13:39
ventricalreallyl great .. I have the sound muted on the other link.. it looks like I will be staying for the conference13:39
tsdgeos_webyeah i guess it doesn't really know how to handle redirections in channels13:39
tsdgeos_weboh well13:39
tsdgeos_webcould we worse13:39
WhishkeyKingventrical, If only I could experience what you're doing for the first time again - Boy, t'was exciting , back then.13:40
WhishkeyKing20 minutes to-go ...13:40
ventrical@whiskeyking  .. what do you mean .. I have been doing computers since 196413:41
dpmeveryone ready for the keynote? :-)13:41
WhishkeyKingventrical, Just meant those videos/podcasts.13:41
roelantcan't wait13:41
ventricalahhh .. yeah .. I'm listening to those guys ...now13:41
zyixcJust waiting for snappy personal anouncement ;p13:41
ventrical18 minutes13:42
apurvyeah, can't wait :D13:42
WhishkeyKingI hope he's had too much wine or something ;)13:42
WhishkeyKingCome on Mark, liven -up.13:43
apurvI'm also listening to them, 11 minutes13:43
ventrical@whiskey  as I am listening to podcast it kind of goes against the opensource concept .. at least the "ubuntu" concept...13:43
apurvwhy can't Mark be a bit earlier? :P13:43
ventrical@wiskeyking .. I can't wait to meet the 'Rocket Man" himself .. hehehe .. yes this is exciting..13:44
WhishkeyKingMAY THE 4th BE WITH YOU .. young rebels.13:45
HearthCoreSeems like the YT stream is defunct for me. for whatever reason.13:45
apurvhow much time is left? My countdown timer disappeared in air :P13:45
HearthCoreYea, exactly that. 8 minutes or smth13:46
copy_paste15 min probably13:46
ventricalI got 'Starting Soon"13:46
roelantmee too13:46
apurvmine says "please stand by"13:46
ventricalwe want Rocket man , we want Rocket man .. :) jk mark..13:46
WhatIsUbuntuW"Please stand by." here too13:47
WhishkeyKingGold leader standing by : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxH6YErAIgA13:47
copy_pastebroadcast is sarting soon here :/13:47
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roelantnog even geduld.13:47
NisstrXUbuntu is becoming popular here everyday. greetings from Egypt.13:47
copy_pastehi Egypt13:48
beunoit'll start on time. they're just preparing and making sure everything works13:48
WhishkeyKingroelant, I'm part of the Y-wing division13:48
apurvthat's really good to know13:48
roelantI'm part of nothing :S13:49
WhatIsUbuntuWIs this Mark person in this chat room?13:49
apurvwhat does that mean?13:49
Tinchehello everyone13:50
WhatIsUbuntuWTinche:nobody's here13:50
copy_pastewhere is mark??13:50
ventricallurking :)13:50
NisstrXUbuntu has the potential of competing  with apple on the pro market. If we just would provide ready hardware solutions.13:50
copy_pastesnappy install popcorn13:51
apurvHi Tinche :)13:51
apurvhow much time is left?13:52
copy_paste7 min13:52
WhatIsUbuntuWexcept that the timer on the video is gone13:52
apurvso close...13:52
* WhishkeyKing goes and checks for wine callamache in the fridge. BRB13:53
HearthCoreNisstrX, You mean.. if everything worked perfectly everytime anywhere. Yea, but so would all other distributions or OSes.13:53
elfyhi rickspencer3 :)13:53
GarheadeHello everyone13:54
rickspencer3hi elfy, roelant, Garheade13:54
rickspencer3copy_paste, hello, and nice nick ;)13:54
pittihey rickspencer313:54
copy_pastecopy_paste, hello, and nice nick ;)13:54
rickspencer3o/ pitti13:54
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copy_pastethanks :>13:54
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baizonis the stream live?13:55
ElcrapocrewSo ... are we expecting any big announcement today?13:55
baizoni got a "please wait" message13:55
pittibaizon: still 5 mins to go13:55
pittipatience :)13:55
baizonok, thanks pitti13:55
rickspencer3baizon, 5 more minutes until they start, and then it usually takes a few minutes for the streams to catch up with everyone13:55
baizonjust thought my youtube is broken or something :)13:55
copy_paste4 more LONG minutes AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaa13:55
cut_and_pastethe identity of Ubuntu W13:55
WhishkeyKingIf you need the loo. I suggest you go now.13:55
copy_pastehi cut_and_paste :))13:55
MooDoohowdy all13:55
pittiI for one am very eager to know what the wobbly walrus will really be called like :)13:55
cut_and_pasteWhy do all the places say to go into a channel that's set as invite-only?13:55
HearthCoreIf I wasnt forced to work on windows, because you know.. was dumb and bought a not linux working sound interface and am too greedy to buy another one, I would probably rock Arch. Regardless, next hardware that'll come into my home will be of the Ubuntu kind. Phone. Probably. Getting tired of this iPhone zero customization backup shitty brick-of-a-phone.13:55
ApisDoes it still say "Please Stand By" on your screens?13:56
leousau mean Wobbly Whale?13:56
HearthCoreApis: It does for me. In German. Creepy.13:56
pittiwartier warthog!13:56
cut_and_paste...why "wartier"?13:56
ventricalyes it says please stand by13:56
cut_and_pasteIt could just be "Warty"13:56
pittibecause we already had "warty warthog" :)13:56
cut_and_pasteWe did?13:56
NisstrXdoes for me in Egypt13:56
apurvyes @Apis13:56
ApisWartiest Warthog13:57
pittithat was our very first release in 2004!13:57
cut_and_paste...but we're only up to W now...13:57
cut_and_pastewait, what?13:57
WhishkeyKing64 people watching .. good audience.13:57
rickspencer3I'm hoping for "warty warthog"13:57
cut_and_paste...you started at W?13:57
* pitti sends cut_and_paste to a history lesson :)13:57
rickspencer3it would be funny, but I fear it would break the launchpad team :)13:57
dholbachrickspencer3, me too! :)13:57
* cut_and_paste burns the textbook13:57
ogra_we only started later to move alphabetically13:57
Elcrapocrewwhat about wascuwy wabbit13:57
apurvthe time?13:57
* HearthCore sets his pot of popcorn. *ding* ready. Yummy.13:57
Apis@WK   very few people use IRC now-a-days, says nothing about # of people watching video13:58
* WhishkeyKing hands out popcorn ...13:58
HearthCoredpm timing out. OH OES.13:58
cut_and_pasteExcept that the video has a chatbox embedded under it13:58
cut_and_pasteit's not just people who happened to join the channel13:58
ventrical@whishkey king .. thanks for popcorn man ..:)13:58
HearthCoreventrical, your auto complete is busted. FIX IT.13:58
Mirvcut_and_paste: the first three were not alphabetical (warty, hoary, breezy), after that it's been alphabetical starting with dapper, edgy, feisty...13:58
roelantlets gogogogo13:58
copy_paste60 sec left13:59
MirvI still have my warty pressed installation + live CD :)13:59
ApisWonky Wombat13:59
HearthCoreLook at how many incoming we got now.13:59
pittiMirv: so have I -- all up to precise I think13:59
tsdgeos_webit's funny irc reports 105 users and youtube 6613:59
roelantcount down!13:59
cut_and_pasteThere are bots and stuff in here13:59
ventricaldon't see it busted here..13:59
ApisWonton Weasel13:59
rickspencer3tsdgeos_web, Youtube stats are always wrong for the first couple of hours for some reason14:00
HearthCoretsdgeos_web, Youtube is always lagging behind with the viewer count.. same on VoDs. Updates a few times a day or smth14:00
NisstrXmaybe they did not all click the video14:00
cut_and_pastethe time is 5 PM14:00
cut_and_pasteit should have started...14:00
copy_pasteis it on? do you guys see something?14:00
HearthCorerickspencer3, haha. :D14:00
cut_and_pasteIt's late... It's now 5:00:3514:00
HearthCorePatience people. Youtube is working hard to catch us all up.14:00
faganOh hi rickspencer3 :D14:00
cut_and_paste...all 73 of us?14:00
rickspencer3hiya fagan14:00
rickspencer3nice to see you14:00
mhall119tsdgeos_web: some of us don't start watching the video until it starts, but we're on IRC already14:01
Tinchedidrocks o/14:01
* asac hits reload14:01
didrockshey Tinche, rickspencer3! :)14:01
beisnerhi all14:01
rickspencer3wow, like old times14:01
didrocksTinche: nice to see you one IRC, thanks again for all your work on Ubuntu Make :)14:01
faganI still pop my head up every once in a while rickspencer3 but just finishing a business admin course so might be a little more visible :D14:01
rickspencer3fagan, I see you on Reddit a lot ;)14:01
* HearthCore hits reload a bazillion times to see if it does anything other than give the servers more to work on. Not that one person matters..14:01
* Mirv stubbornly doesn't click refresh but trusts youtube14:01
faganHahah yeah im a bit insane on reddit14:01
jo-erlendI've been inactive for a good while. Nice to see so many familiar "faces" :)14:01
rickspencer3HearthCore, it will come, it usually takes about 2 or 3 minutes for the stream to catch up14:02
cut_and_paste...so they should have brought the stream up 2-3 minutes ago!14:02
faganIm glad its late because im watching the jimquisition :D14:02
rickspencer3cut_and_paste, if only it were that easy :)14:02
HearthCorerickspencer3, I know. I'm just kidding. Didn't reload, not even once since i've stumbled onto the page.14:02
roelantmaybe mark is a bit late14:02
cut_and_pasteI mean, this isn't a livestream of a physical conference, is it?14:02
cut_and_pasteIt's livestream-only, AIUI14:02
mhall119cut_and_paste: it's a live stream involving people on opposite sides of the planet14:02
beunothere is a 2-3 minute lag between the live and the stream bit14:03
HearthCoreI'm hyped to see #ProductionValue.14:03
beunoI'm guessing, so yourube can do buffering14:03
ventricalnuthing yet14:03
NisstrXdid it start?14:03
ventricalI got nothing14:03
ApisNothing here either14:03
dsfsdgsdgdsgHello all14:03
softlinkShoot, am i missing this?14:03
* rickspencer3 twiddle fingers nervously14:03
cut_and_pasteBut my point is, the timing (2PM UTC) is for a purely online event14:03
rickspencer3yeah, there's dpm14:03
ventricalhere we go!!!!14:03
tsdgeos_webrefresh yeah14:03
* ogra_ sees dpm14:03
tsdgeos_webyoutube not smart enough14:03
HearthCoreALL ABROAD THE WhishkeyKing TRAIN.14:03
cut_and_pasteThere's no reason they shouldn't start the stream ahead of time so it actually starts at 2PM UTC14:03
DX099It's live14:03
* HearthCore choo chooo14:03
ventricalHi Mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!14:03
baizonyay :D14:03
ventricalFrom Singapore14:04
rickspencer3man, this guys is incredible14:04
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mhall119cut_and_paste: no technical reason, no, but coordinating people doesn't work as fast as coordinating computers14:04
chihchunit's still "Please stand by" on ubuntuonair.com14:04
chihchunbut https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IfgX-k7Hag works14:04
baizonchihchun: refresh14:04
rickspencer3très bien!14:04
dholbachyou might have to reload the page14:04
cut_and_paste...just coordinate it in advance!14:04
Rafael_Nerihi all14:04
Mirvoh all those moire patterns with mark's shirt14:04
HearthCoreShhh.. I'm trying to listen here.14:04
SenpaiWarty Whartog!14:05
WhishkeyKingGoing well, so far, Mark ... :)14:05
ogra_oink oink ...14:05
baizon<3 :)14:05
dsgsdgdsWhen I try to play youtube, I'm getting orror14:05
dholbachQUESTION: What's the feedback on Snappy you've heard up until now?14:05
* pitti still remembers the suspense we had with going public with warty warthog beta :)14:05
WhishkeyKingscreen gone to slides.14:05
faganoh some production quality, fun14:06
ventricalhe's talking about convergnece now..14:06
baizondholbach: wait until Q&A14:06
* mhall119 hopes the W name is The Return of the Warty Warthog14:06
cut_and_pasteQUESTION: For those who are only here to find this out, WHAT is Ubuntu WW called??14:06
NisstrXMicrosoft followed Ubuntu14:06
=== cut_and_paste is now known as WhatIsUbuntuWW
dsgsdgdsQUESTION: Could you tell us what is approximate date of relase MX4 with Ubuntu? Before may ends? And second: How long you will support Nexus 4?14:06
dholbachmhall119, and we'll figure out how well our tools will cope with that :-P14:06
NisstrXApple followed Ubuntu software center14:06
dholbachmhall119, it's going to be like having umlauts in the release name :)14:06
mhall119dholbach: true, though how many of our current tools were around then?14:07
balloonshowdy! I figured out the proper IRC channel :-)14:07
dholbachmhall119, I hope Launchpad will complain :)14:07
elfyballoons: hi there :)14:07
rickspencer3\o/ for open platform!14:07
WhishkeyKingskype - good call Mark.14:07
faganWonderful Warthog is going to be its name ill put my money on it14:08
TenLeftFingersQUESTION: Any plans to make launchpad mobile friendly in terms of UI now that we have a phone? :)14:08
ogra_dholbach, at least the default wallpaper filename would finally match again14:08
NisstrXWe should provide Hardware that have the same Design DNA of ubuntu14:08
faganOr maybe mark will be gangster and do wootang wombat14:08
mhall119is wootang an adjective?14:09
mkdevQUESTION: Is there any guarantee for backward compatibility (ABI/API) in Ubuntu SDK/platform? I didn't find any documentation what are preferred APIs for long term stability.14:09
WhatIsUbuntuWWQUESTION: For those who are only here to find this out, WHAT is Ubuntu WW called??14:09
mhall119mkdev: anything that's on developer.ubuntu.com should be supported long-term14:09
NisstrX Microsoft copied Ubuntu ideas14:09
mhall119WhatIsUbuntuWW: please don't repeat questions, they will be answered in the order they come in14:10
Tincheeveryone copies everyone here :)14:10
thetoxicarcadetheir keynote is now, too14:10
WhatIsUbuntuWWmhall119:is someone/something keeping track of them?14:10
mhall119WhatIsUbuntuWW: yes14:10
DX099a bit too much auto-celebration here...14:10
WhishkeyKinggreat he' back ... good oh !14:10
faganI know what it will be, it will be called Ubuntu Where's Wally14:10
WhatIsUbuntuWWSo why are they being ignored?14:10
mhall119WhatIsUbuntuWW: the reason we have you start them with QUESTION is because we get a highlight on them to keep track14:10
mhall119WhatIsUbuntuWW: mark is still talking14:10
d2kx15.10 is actually "Wonderful Waifu"14:11
WhatIsUbuntuWWBut the whole point is that it's time sensitive14:11
mhall119WhatIsUbuntuWW: it can wait another 45 minutes14:11
WhishkeyKingseminal .. good point Mark14:11
dsgsdgdsQUESTION: Could you tell us what is approximate date of relase MX4 with Ubuntu? Before may ends? And second: How long you will support Nexus 4?14:11
thetoxicarcadewill Ubuntu integrate any successful car interfaces, as an internet of things question.14:11
NisstrXWhat is the marketing plan for Ubuntu? As this is it's weak point.14:12
mhall119please start questions with QUESTION in all caps14:12
WhatIsUbuntuWWActually, no... Some of us need to leave, and came here (and specifically planned out a few minutes at this time) because it was said that that announcement would happen at 1400 UTC at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/146614:12
mhall119that way we can keep track of them14:12
copy_pasteQUESTION: Are there any plans for an Ubuntu stick? (like Chromecast of Matchstick)14:12
faganI agree with mark on this one, its sad that there is so much opposition to Ubuntu now.14:12
SnepaiQUESTION: What do you think about HoloLens?14:12
mhall119WhatIsUbuntuWW: it's an hour long session, it'll be announced sometime this hour14:12
mkdevmhall119: not found any guarantees that how many releases there is ABI stability.14:12
WhishkeyKingcopy_paste That's a good question.14:12
mhall119WhatIsUbuntuWW: if you can't stick around for all if it, you'll hear about it elsewhere I'm sure, also this video will be available to re-watch14:12
d2kxmeizu phone?14:12
dholbachgo go go go go!14:12
ventricalyeah .. new ubuntu device to be released :)14:12
HearthCoreSo.. What I talked about earlier. Yes. I will buy that one. Started saving like a few months ago.14:12
copy_pasteWhishkeyKing: thanks :P14:12
taiebot\o/ mm14:12
rickspencer3pocket PC experience is *real* on Ubuntu!14:12
=== running-rabbit is now known as kelvin_
ogra_back to the edge !14:12
DX099mhall119: maybe change head title to make it more obvious?14:13
vilayeeeha !14:13
NisstrXgreat announcement14:13
WhishkeyKingMarks a WINNER that's the difference.14:13
mhall119mkdev: we haven't made any guarantees, because we don't know yet how long we'll be able to support things with the changes happening in devices14:13
skaymhall119: change topic of the channel with instructions on how to ask questions14:13
mhall119mkdev: we will make our best effort to support them all indefinitely14:13
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: Have you ever had conversations with either Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Steve Ballmer, Linus Torvalds, Richard Stallman, Tim Cook, or Satya Nadella?  What did you talk about?14:14
ventricalclean firmware!!!14:15
WhishkeyKingOh, he likes his .libs14:15
WhatIsUbuntuWWQUESTION: Why did you engage in false advertising, saying at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1466 that it'd be revealed at 1400 UTC, only to make us spend an hour that we don't have, watching up to a whole hour of talking to find out what WW stands for this time?14:15
ventricalhere comes the 'snappy' thingy:)14:15
faganQUESTION: Specifically when it comes to gaming with convergence as a goal do you see devices that would have a dock that would add more graphics capability, more disk space...etc?14:15
thetoxicarcadehas steam been enthused about Ubuntu's recent changes?14:16
ogra_why wouldnt they14:16
dm8tbrWhatIsUbuntuWW: it's currently 1415 UTC. what is your problem?14:16
ventricalsnappy  .. yeah !14:16
beunowoooooo snappy14:16
NisstrXsnappy ubuntu is a great idea14:16
karnibeuno: :)14:16
mhall119WhatIsUbuntuWW: it's an hour, we almost always do hour-long broadcasts, sorry it doesn't work out for you but it's not false advertising at all14:17
copy_pastesnappy install sandwich14:17
baizoni agree, snappy is a very good idea14:17
mhall119nor is this critical information, so please just be patient14:17
jo-erlendfagan, you won't need a "dock", but only a cable. There will be docks as well for permanent use, but they're not required. Many hardware vendors are after that, so it doesn't rely on Ubuntu.14:17
baizonalso Ubuntu can be then a RR :)14:17
WhatIsUbuntuWWQUESTION: Where will the WW name be announced, other than in this stream? Some of us need to go and only planned out a couple minutes to find out what it'll be called14:17
copy_pastesudo snappy install sandwich14:17
pittiFTR, debs can't overwrite each other's files (unless they declare that)14:17
jo-erlendWhatIsUbuntuWW, please.14:17
mkdevmhall119: I understand. However, I think it is good idea if there is more guidance on preferred APIs and guarentees that if I wrote application example on Qt5/C++, that doesn't break on next release. Platform should have some primary, "platform native", long term APIs with ABI stability.14:17
d2kxare you serious? go read any random site in an hour to find out14:17
karnicopy_paste: you need to switch to the terminal ;) (j/k)14:17
DX099QUESTION:You mentionned Free and Clean firmware for many devices. Are they also going to be Open Source? Are you going to try and convince manufacturers or do you have a solid reverse-engineering team on the tracks?14:17
d2kxif you dont want to listen14:18
ogra_pitti, haha ... tell that to the meintainer scripts14:18
=== mhall119 changed the topic of #ubuntu-uds-plenary to: Mark Shuttleworth's Pre-UOS Keynote and Q&A | Start questions with QUESTION in all caps | http://ubuntuonair.com
d2kxreally excited about snappy actually14:18
WhishkeyKingcome on guys - Keep it together !14:18
mkdevQUESTION: Is there planned any certifications on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS? Such as the Common Criteria or Carrier Grade Linux.14:18
faganI played around with docker there a few days ago, was actually very easy14:18
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #ubuntu-uds-plenary to: Currently no events are active in this room - http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1505/plenary/ - http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2015/05/04/%23ubuntu-uds-plenary.html
DX099pitti: This. I don't quite get what he meant. Properly written debs will refuse to install if another debs file are at risk of being overwritten14:18
thetoxicarcadehave my previous questions been noted or should I redo them?14:19
mhall119thetoxicarcade: previous questions are being collected and will be answered once mark is done with his keynote14:19
karniall questions started with capital QUESTION: are tracked14:19
baizonDX099: see Kubuntu 14.10 -> 15.04. this broke much stuff.14:19
who_meQUESTION: Does this mean that I can run multiple versions of snap "packaged" applications at the same time? Can I indeed roll them back? Do all snap packaged applications benefit from this? (i.e LibreOffice, Mono Develop, Qt Designer, etc)14:19
dpmwe're already queueing up the questions, so remember to prepend with QUESTION, thanks!14:20
DX099baizon: blame broken upgrade scripts or bad deb writing practice, not the deb packaging system itself14:20
copy_pasteQUESTION: are there any plans to add Ubuntu hardware partneres to Canonical's Store? shop.ubuntu.com (i'll like to see bq phone or system76 PCs in there)14:20
* WhishkeyKing ... would just like to say he's really enjoying this and it's giving me the fuzzies.14:20
baizonDX099: yes but you dont have a proper rollback option with deb14:21
ogra_DX099, but the packaging system allows it ... thats the flaw in it14:21
WhatIsUbuntuWW..no rollback? can't you just apt-get remove?14:21
pittiogra_: sure, but so can the snap build scripts :)14:21
ogra_pitti, not the ones going through the store14:21
faganQUESTION: Since snappy will be tested in 15.10, is there a chance that 15.10 or 16.04 gets into the full release or will it be timed with Unity8 and do a massive changeover of everything14:21
baizonWhatIsUbuntuWW: can i rollback from 15.04 to 14:10 ?14:21
mhall119WhatIsUbuntuWW: that's not the same as rollback14:21
WhatIsUbuntuWWIt's not?14:21
WhatIsUbuntuWWWhy is that?14:21
jo-erlendWhatIsUbuntuWW, that's not rolling back. There are other solutions, like ones in OpenSuSE, where btrfs is used for rollback. But it's not a packaging thing really.14:22
baizonWhatIsUbuntuWW: that is remove, not rollback, you dont have an apt-get rollback option14:22
WhatIsUbuntuWWCan't you just apt-get install package:version or something like that?14:22
who_meQUESTION: How do you feel now that Microsoft has basically validated Canonical's approach in regards to convergence?14:22
DX099ogra_: if your force it to behave like that, then yes. Because final word is always admin's14:22
dpmwelcome Claire! :)14:22
Unit193WhatIsUbuntuWW: apt-get install foo=3.2.1 requires it to still be online though.14:22
WhatIsUbuntuWW...so just keep old debs around14:23
jo-erlendWhatIsUbuntuWW, Debs have dependencies, so when you install a new package, it might pull newer dependencies, which must then also be downgraded before you can downgrade your main package, etc. Snaps are self-contained.14:23
HearthCoreCLEAR THE ROOM. uhmm let claire into the room.. Oh, okay.14:23
DX099Unit193: there are online archives for that14:23
mhall119WhatIsUbuntuWW: it's possible in theory with deb, but in practice it's extremely difficult14:23
* WhishkeyKing gets out of the way for Clare14:23
AdmV0rl0ndid I miss the keynote?14:24
thetoxicarcadeQUESTION: does Linux have any voice user interfaces of note - think Jarvis.14:24
ventrical@elfy,mark and all..sniffle... looks like I have to go to work at the airfield. Elfy .. please let grahammechanical know I was hanging out here. I really wanted to stay the whole confrence. It looks like mark has somthing for everybody once again.14:24
mhall119AdmV0rl0n: it's happening right now14:24
who_meQUESTION: Will other projects be able to package or re-distribute the Ubuntu frameworks?14:24
DX099that juju thing looks yummy though14:24
who_meQUESTION: Will the Ubuntu frameworks be snaps?14:24
elfycya ventrical14:24
AdmV0rl0nI'm not seeing anything on the stream... says 'stand by'..14:25
DX099AdmV0rl0n: refresh14:25
mhall119ventrical: it's  being recorded so you can watch it later14:25
WhatIsUbuntuWWsomeone ping me when he gets to WW14:25
mhall119AdmV0rl0n: try refreshing14:25
ventrical@mark  You are a blessing  to the world of Ubuntu14:25
HearthCoreping WhatIsUbuntuWW14:25
mhall119you're a mean person HearthCore14:26
ventrical@mhall119  Thanks for holding the fort:)  thansk for everything.14:26
mhall119ventrical: always happy to do it :)14:26
baizonhmm, is there a page like packages.ubuntu.com for the snappy packages?14:26
HearthCoreI indeed am a sinister person.14:26
mhall119baizon: not yet, it's being worked on14:26
WhatIsUbuntuWW...someone ping me when he gets to WW.14:26
WhatIsUbuntuWWand not before.14:26
baizonthx mhall11914:26
WhishkeyKingdpm, Could you look at that youtube comment now ... and ask my question first ? Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IfgX-k7Hag&lc=z12iyhvxgtf3wtg2g23ffzroxveqyxcqs0414:26
mhall119Ubuntu MATE \o/14:27
faganI love looking at clouds but I can never collaborate with them (I thought it was funny)14:27
rickspencer3\o/ for Mate, nice shout out14:27
mhall119Community Council \o/14:27
ventrical@elfy   Please ask the question of Mark... will Ubuntuforums.org ever be part of the .iso releases"  Thank you.14:28
faganleeds fc represent14:28
baizonso ubuntu 15.10 will get a snappy option, like 15.04 got systemd? :D14:28
mhall119ventrical: how would the forums be on the ISO?14:28
zyixcwell he didnt say that explicitly, right?14:28
dpmhere it comes....14:28
ventricalthe forum link!14:28
elfymhall119: I suspect he's talking about slideshow14:28
dholbachif you have any questions for Mark, make sure you prefix them with QUESTION:14:28
mhall119elfy: ah, ok14:28
* rickspencer3 braces14:28
ventricalyes .. the slode show14:28
ventricals;ide !!14:29
ogra_dpm, stop spoiling .. we're minutes behind !14:29
HearthCoreping WhatIsUbuntuWW14:29
ventricalslide !!14:29
d2kxWhatIsUbuntuWW ping14:29
mhall119ventrical: keep trying14:29
karniWhishkeyKing ping14:29
vilaWhatIsUbuntuWW: ping14:29
karniWhatIsUbuntuWW: pnig14:29
balloonswilery werewolf14:29
baizonhaha :D14:29
LevanI missed it what was this all about ?14:29
karniWhishkeyKing: ignore my ping hehe14:29
diwicwily werewolf14:29
d2kxWily Werewolf14:29
WhatIsUbuntuWW...werewolf? seriously? :-/14:29
jo-erlendhaha :)14:29
dholbachgo go go14:29
rickspencer3oooh, another mythical creature name14:29
faganOooh awesome name14:29
HearthCorego dpm!14:29
rickspencer3we've had good luck with those14:29
* pitti howls14:29
ventricalahhhhhhhhhhh  werewolf !!!!!!14:29
rsalveti\o\ |o| /o/14:29
leousahahaha werewolf14:29
viladeath to vampires ;)14:29
gQuigsQUESTION:  how long will Canonical support the BQ Aqaurius or other devices? (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices#Working_with_ubuntu-device-flash)14:29
leousaloving it14:29
* Mirv wants to upgrade to wily today! ping archive admins14:29
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #ubuntu-uds-plenary to: Mark Shuttleworth's Pre-UOS Keynote and Q&A - http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1505/plenary/ - http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2015/05/04/%23ubuntu-uds-plenary.html
WhatIsUbuntuWWQUESTION: Was was the reason behind the name, and will you write an alliterative blog post as usual?14:30
kissielunicorns and werewolves14:30
akiva-thinkpadNoooo, I wanted Wobbly Windows14:30
d2kxactual animal name doesnt matter anyway, it was always "trusty", "utopic", "vivid" to me, so it's "wily" now :P14:30
ventricalI'm off to see the wizard :)14:30
WhishkeyKingWilly Werewolf14:30
rickspencer3WhishkeyKing, "Wily" maybe?14:30
WhatIsUbuntuWWQUESTION: What was the reason behind the name, and will you write an alliterative blog post as usual?14:30
baizonQUESTION: will ubuntu 15.10 get a snappy option / derivate?14:30
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #ubuntu-uds-plenary to: Mark Shuttleworth's Pre-UOS Keynote and Q&A - Start questions with QUESTION in all caps - http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1505/plenary/ - http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2015/05/04/%23ubuntu-uds-plenary.html
dholbachpitti, time to update https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/w-series :)14:30
=== liquid is now known as Guest44428
sergiusens                    like to see bq phone or system76 PCs in there)14:30
mhall119there are a lot of questions, so if you have one you want to ask you need to ask it now, or it's not likely to be answered before we run out of time14:30
WhishkeyKingdpm, Can you ask my quaetion from the youtube page PLEASE.14:31
pittidholbach: I'd love to, but -EPERM -- I guess wgrant or cjwatson can14:31
mhall119WhishkeyKing: did you ask it in here14:31
dholbachah ok14:31
mf|lapQuestion: To encourage more enterprise/business use of Ubuntu / Linux would you consider giving development time to adding Group Policy integration (Control of the operating system from a Microsoft environment) to the next release of Ubuntu. I am aware there are third party paid tools however I believe this would shorten the gap and the jump for IT Sys Admins to use Linux more in14:31
mf|laptheir environment and allow Linux to gain a larger market share.14:31
herbert_QUESTION: any printer manufacturers working with snappy?14:31
akiva-thinkpadWhishkeyKing: nope. you need to put it into "QUESTION" form14:31
jo-erlendQUESTION: if someone comes up with an idea for phone hardware that's specifically useful for converged phones, would you be willing to give Ubuntu Edge another go? :)14:31
baizonQUESTION: could snappy make a Rolling Release possible?14:31
WhatIsUbuntuWWThe URL was updated to https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/wily14:32
WhatIsUbuntuWWstill says "w-series", though14:32
ogra_baizon, it already is one :)14:32
mhall119baizon: snappy makes a rolling release moot14:32
WhishkeyKingmhall119, I can't it's too complicated I asked in on the youtube page  I CANNOT  let the whole badvoltage community fail because of protocol with IRC .14:32
merlijn_Question: How do you see Juju and thing like Kubernetes working together? Aren't they more or less in the same space?14:32
ogra_baizon, the cool thing is that all layers can roll independently14:32
baizonfor real?14:32
Mirvhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/wily/ \o/ it's there :)14:32
mhall119WhishkeyKing: we ask that you ask your questions in here, starting with all caps14:32
AnonTempQUESTION any news on bluez5 and when it will be included in ubuntu? Also, how do you intend to port and maintain these packages to snappy?14:32
Mirvthanks pitti or whoever clicked the button :)14:32
baizonomg, so when it will be integrated into ubuntu!?14:32
WhishkeyKingoh crap.14:32
WhishkeyKingnow I missed my place.14:33
jo-erlendmhall119, I'm not sure snappy makes rolling releases moot. You'd still want to have shared libs, right? So some snaps might be completely independent, but others would still like to rely on system support, as I understand it?14:33
pblakezsnappy with samba is where I want to be let me drag my clients with me with the desktop (comment)14:33
* rickspencer3 backs away slowly14:33
pmcgowanmerry men?14:33
faganrickspencer3: not so fast :D14:34
WhishkeyKingok THIS IS NOT A FLOOD14:34
WhishkeyKingQUESTION:  Although incentivised-bounties are not yet at a position to affirm high-value-users with 'net-worth' at fixing critical errors in the Ubuntu systeme ;14:34
WhishkeyKinguntil perhaps the next decade: Does Mark even consider14:34
WhishkeyKing there to be any synergy at all with helping people in places like the14:34
WhishkeyKingIndian sub-continent having a taste of financial-incentivised CODING with the long-term cumulative effect that various (not just bounty-source)14:34
WhishkeyKing[ https://www.bountysource.com/search?query=ubuntu ]14:34
WhishkeyKingprojects can redeem from kickstarting or being a Patreon of Unity-abiding projects ?14:34
WhishkeyKing(PLEASE read this out also)14:34
WhishkeyKingReason: Although Ubuntu didn't succeed at this (kickstartr) ; it was suggested at Le-Web one year  that this type of  "participation-financement"  induced a new sense of collaboration that stayed longer in the dyscourse-discussion as Ubuntu-ists had voted with their wallets & coins.14:34
coolbeansQUESTION any change of ubuntu on reapberry pi?14:34
WhishkeyKingHowever, as MrSuttleworth isn't a coder much himself, would the founder at least give another consideration to those that can, but need the dynamism of bounties to help ?14:34
WhishkeyKingEntreat: This would save a_lot of time and effort if this was answered in this session please.14:34
ogra_WhishkeyKing, lol ... mark is quite a coder14:34
dholbachWhishkeyKing, Mark wrote big parts of Launchpad14:34
faganCool story14:35
KasparSWEQUESTION: Will Canonical give the desktop and desktop applications/features more love this new cycle? Supporting server and enterprise side is good, but the desktop users feel left out.14:36
hamslaai+1 KasparSWE14:36
baizonKasparSWE: there is a unity 8 (next). You can test it out. It will be released with 16.0414:36
akiva-thinkpadFact: Bill Gates likes to talk about robotics in bathrooms14:37
ogra_beef in your pocket ... rrrright14:37
hamslaaiQUESTION: Will Unity 8 be the default LTS desktop for 16.04?14:37
baizonhamslaai: yes, if it gets stable?14:37
karniakiva-thinkpad: haha14:37
KasparSWEbaizon: I understand that future will be bright (some distant future), but compared to Elementary/Ozon guys, Ubuntu desktop looks outdated14:38
jo-erlendIt would've been cool if you could connect two Ubuntu computers and transfer certain software to the other, like background services and stuff, in effect increasing the hardware capabilities themselves. So you could have a dock that would include more CPUs and RAM, in addition to storage, screens, etc.14:38
skaymhall119: I'm having trouble hearing the questions, could you type in here to repeat the question that is being asked/answered?14:39
karnijo-erlend: this needs hardware support and I believe one of the bigger companies is working on that (was it Intel? AMD? can't remember :( )14:39
scellowkeynote started ?14:39
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: On the phone, are you more interested long term on implimenting BTRFS, F2FS, EXT4, or something else?14:39
akiva-thinkpadscellow: yes14:39
jo-erlendkarni, not necessarily. We could have live migrated apps running on LXD, then communicate over network.14:40
LevanQUESTION - Mark babe, will we get online app store for ubuntu phones, something like Google play? if yes when ??14:40
scellowakiva-thinkpad: where can i see a live stream ?14:40
baizonKasparSWE: i cant agree on that. Unity 7 is stable, what is important for many users (LTS). Unity Next is the next step in which you can chose it if you like to use it. I personally stick with unity 7 until 8 is "stable"14:40
ogra_akiva-thinkpad, F2FS is surely something we'll look at14:40
akiva-thinkpadscellow: http://ubuntuonair.com/14:40
ogra_akiva-thinkpad, today everything is ext414:40
scellowakiva-thinkpad: thanks a lot14:40
taiebotquestion: Are we going to see big names of apps coming to Ubuntu touch likes whats app, netflix, iplayer etc. If we cannot get them on the phone how is it going to reach mass market?14:40
jo-erlendogra_, I've been a little surprised btrfs isn't used.14:40
karnijo-erlend: I meant accessing second machine resources from apps running on another. Sorry, I guess that didn't answer your question exactly :)14:40
akiva-thinkpadogra_: does btrfs, being a feature filesystem, have any features that ubuntu-touch would be interested in?14:41
ogra_jo-erlend, we are bound to android kernel sources due to the binary drivers ...14:41
WhishkeyKingOh that question was already asked on community QnA14:41
jo-erlendogra_, ah! I didn't think about that.14:41
ogra_some are still at 3.4 ... you dont really want to use btrfs on that14:41
DX099@mark, thanks for answering, but applications are a bit of a different ecosystem than vendor firmware. I'm only so much convinced by the open platform argument.14:41
WhishkeyKingLibre-Office for Ubuntu Touch Triaged14:41
jo-erlendogra_, I knew there had to to be some reasonable explanation :)14:41
dcwilliams_VADo you see snappy eventually being used for package management and working in concert with LXD for cloud workloads?14:42
ogra_jo-erlend, :)14:42
ogra_dcwilliams_VA, you need to prefix with QUESTION to have it picked up14:42
karniwow, that'd be huge14:43
WhishkeyKingdpm, running out of time for my question. now.14:43
justCarakasQUESTION: what is your favourite click app ?14:44
shineyhawkzWhat would be your view on game developers moving towards linux ?14:44
dholbachplease prefix your questions with QUESTION:14:44
d2kxQUESTION: any forthcoming updates for Ubuntu Snappy on the Raspberry Pi 2? Huge opportunity, because popular platform + Raspbian leaves a lot to be desired14:44
LevanQUESTION - since Ubuntu Brainstorm has been axed what is the new place to share ideas ?14:45
WhishkeyKingFact. Edge could happen !14:45
faganLevan: mailing lists :)14:45
mhall119Levan: bzr :)14:45
jo-erlendthen you should contact me! I have an idea I think would be radically awesome and create some real buzz.14:45
sergiusensmhall119: or git ;-)14:45
mhall119yes, that too now14:45
pfsmorigoQUESTION: What do you think about Wayland?14:46
dcwilliams_VAQUESTION: Do you see snappy eventually being used for package management and working in concert with LXD for cloud workloads14:46
nerd7473How do you feel about ubuntu 15.04 versus older versions that run upstart?14:46
WhishkeyKingdpm, Is this QnA going to End at the top of the hour ?14:47
beunodcwilliams_VA, absolutely yes14:47
mhall119"How do you feel" questions are pretty vague, can you be more specific?14:47
faganJuju still has to be my favorite name for a project14:47
Levanthanks guys for the information14:47
skayfagan: and mojo that does juju automation14:47
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: Can you grow a curly mustache for the next UOS?14:47
dpmWhishkeyKing, please use the channel to ask the questions as everyone else, it makes it difficult to track questions in other places, thanks!14:47
WhishkeyKingHa Ha14:48
ogra_akiva-thinkpad, +114:48
dpmthere are lots of them!14:48
nerd7473How has ubuntu 15.04 effected the Linux community do you think?14:48
WhishkeyKingdpm .. ~I have .. 15 minutes ago. !!!!!!!!!! TWICE.14:48
merlijn_yes, that makes sense :)14:49
LevanQUESTION what is the best os, ofcourse second to windows 98 ?14:49
faganLevan: Windows ME obviously14:50
WhishkeyKingLevan, Oh please leave it out.14:50
SnepaiWindows Vista*14:50
who_meQUESTION: Will other projects be able to package and re-distribute the Ubuntu frameworks? Will the Ubuntu frameworks be snaps?14:50
Levanfagan omg ofcourse you are correct. WhishkeyKing ???14:50
akiva-thinkpadbad question14:50
akiva-thinkpaddesktop is being spent on so much14:50
AdamKlobQUESTION: does this summit uses Ubuntu packaged software only? Can I just apt-get some software and do my own summit from my own room?14:51
akiva-thinkpadits just that unity7 is not being worked on14:51
pinportalWhen ubuntu will make a real change on unity design? It is the same since 2011...14:51
baizonakiva-thinkpad: yeah why should it?14:51
rickspencer3a lot of sessions on desktop starting tomorrow14:51
ogra_akiva-thinkpad, and thats not really true either ... there is a lot of fixing work in unity7 still14:51
sergiusensakiva-thinkpad: unity7 is being worked on14:51
akiva-thinkpadwell yah14:51
cameronwhitingDarn, I'm 14 minutes behind and it seems I didn't label stuff right.14:51
WhishkeyKingwe're wasting time now.14:51
ogra_ask the desktop team :)14:51
akiva-thinkpadunity7 is still being worked on14:51
baizonakiva-thinkpad: thats like saying, "why isnt microsoft wokring on windows xp?"14:52
akiva-thinkpadbut unity8 is receiving so much attention.14:52
dholbachAdamKlob, you can get the source of summit.u.c by running      bzr branch lp:summit14:52
akiva-thinkpadbaizon: lol14:52
jo-erlendpinportal, the old version that's currently used on Ubuntu Desktop won't be radically changed. The new version that's being worked on is in Ubuntu Desktop Next. That's where you'll find the innovation.14:52
faganSad I cant hang around for sessions tomorrow since my tests are starting, just have 3 of them but still going to take up a load of time14:52
baizonakiva-thinkpad: unity 7 is stable, and gets small fixes, the next thing is unity 814:52
baizonso why work on both?14:52
jo-erlendNice to have that official.14:53
mhall119damn 204814:53
mkdevI think it is great that there isn't radical change on UI.14:53
akiva-thinkpadI did not ask that. is there another akiva here?14:53
baizoni hope unity 8 will be default on 16.0414:53
mhall119nobody show him Machines vs. Machines14:53
justCarakasI asked that :p14:53
d2kxgood answer. super excited about unity 8, but unity 7 "just works" at the moment and for those who have problems with unity8+mir, it is nice to be able to use the next LTS14:53
rickspencer3ogra_, he needs your app!14:53
mhall119there is a terminal!14:53
justCarakasakiva-thinkpad:  it was me who asked that :p14:53
akiva-thinkpadjustCarakas: lol!14:53
ogra_rickspencer3, yep !14:54
faganAll I need is drivers for either Nvidia or AMD graphics so I can play my games14:54
rickspencer3get that list! burn it down! ;)14:54
faganshout out to /r/linux_gaming14:54
pmcgowanogra_, fix it yet?14:54
baizonfagan: then complain to nvdia and amd14:54
akiva-thinkpadjustCarakas: maybe dpm thinks were the same person14:54
zbenjaminHmm Qt is already working so Quassel should already do as IRC client14:54
ogra_pmcgowan, for company accounts ? nope, will work on this week :)14:54
pinportalDont you think that Unity really needs a new design? It is the same since 2011...    --14:54
faganbaizon: well AMD are already doing it, the new driver landed in 4.1 for their new cards14:54
akiva-thinkpadzbenjamin: well... they are using kde libs14:54
akiva-thinkpadnot exactly qt14:55
zbenjaminakiva-thinkpad: no there is a pure Qt version14:55
baizonfagan: yes the xorg-amdgpu14:55
zbenjaminakiva-thinkpad: kde is optional14:55
WhishkeyKingdpm, If my6 question isn't asked IQUIT14:55
akiva-thinkpadzbenjamin: oh :O14:55
justCarakasakiva-thinkpad: that is driving the convergence story a bit too far IMHO14:55
zbenjaminakiva-thinkpad: :D14:55
akiva-thinkpadjustCarakas: lol!14:55
akiva-thinkpadpopey was right! Canonical moved to rolling release!14:55
zbenjaminakiva-thinkpad: you can get it from quassel-irc.org and compile the client with qt514:55
baizonvery good14:55
ogra_rollin rollin rollin ... rawhiiiide ...14:55
d2kxsnappy is love, snappy is life14:55
zbenjaminakiva-thinkpad: no idea why whe have no qt5 version in the archives14:56
justCarakasthanks for the correction :) dpm14:56
vilaogra_: :-D14:56
baizonthx :)14:56
mhall119WhishkeyKing: dude, there are a lot of questions and you didn't ask it in the right place at first14:56
akiva-thinkpadzbenjamin: when I looked at it, I do actually remember the qt version.14:56
jo-erlendakiva-thinkpad, there will be both a rolling version and a stable one.14:56
dsgsdgdsQUESTION: Nice image on wall :)14:56
zbenjaminakiva-thinkpad: i think the kde parts are just for the osd notifications14:56
pblakezi have all my infrastructure on debian, snappy is very enticing why would I go there rather than coreos14:56
jo-erlendakiva-thinkpad, this is also explained in the Snappy documentation pages on developer.ubuntu.com.14:57
akiva-thinkpadjo-erlend: thanks!14:57
akiva-thinkpadyeah I've heard that volunteering and being paid can create weird community social problems14:59
jo-erlendThat's really sad. I completely support projects like Synergy, which releases free software but charges for binary packages. Packaging is a great candidate for generating income. So I'm in line with Free Software Foundation on that one. :)15:00
WhishkeyKingthanks for the answer, Mark , cheers . WATCH THIS SPACE.15:00
skayjo-erlend: yeah, I pay for synergy too and when I can I donate to some software foundations like software conservency too15:01
ogra_but you need to leave the coffee you trunerd into code somewhere ... so pissing contests are totally valid !15:01
ogra_(and the beer)15:01
baizoni love systemd :)15:01
baizon2x faster boot and shutdown15:01
sergiusenssnappy uses systemd too, but it's fully abstracted ;-)15:02
akiva-thinkpadI was very proud that ubuntu chose to support systemD15:02
scellowQUESTION: Do you plan to make it easier for 'newbie' developpers to actually develop something for ubuntu, just like how M$ did with C# and .NET (WinForms, WPF)15:02
baizoni saw the difference with green "OK" :D15:02
rickspencer3thanks to sabdfl!15:02
taiebottaiebot is exciting to see big apps coming to UT. would love to see BBC iplayer15:02
dholbachthanks a lot Mark and dpm - thanks everyone!15:02
baizonscellow: there are videos / howtos15:02
asacthanks all! cu tomorrow!15:02
faganthanks sabdfl15:02
karnithank you, sabdfl15:02
ogra_dpm, ubuntu has a ceo ?15:03
scellowbaizon: there are not, it's actually a pain to create something15:03
rsalvetithanks! :-)15:03
ogra_thanks sabdfl15:03
faganHave a good week guys :D15:03
mhall119thanks sabfl!15:03
baizonscellow: well i did create an app within 24h xD15:03
who_meThanks guys15:03
baizonyou just need python :)15:03
scellowYou are not a newbie then15:03
d2kxbye, senpai mark!15:03
WhishkeyKingBYE o/15:03
mhall119thanks dpm for hosting and fielding the questions15:03
baizongg, thx for the stream15:03
jonmelamutthanks all15:03
akiva-thinkpadthanks bye!15:03
Snepaigg wp15:03
scellowyou did not asked my question..15:04
dpmthanks everyone!15:04
skayscellow: they ran out of time. are you familiar with the work of #openhatch?15:04
akiva-thinkpadballoons: any chance you can push my demo back to the last day? I thought I was presenting on the 7th?15:04
nhainesdpm: thank you.  :)15:04
scellowskay: No, what it is ?15:05
dpmthank you everyone! o/15:05
skayscellow: it is an organization that tries to make it easy for new people to find projects to contribute to, and also it has guidelines for project maintainers to make their projects easy for new people to contribute to15:05
skayscellow: http://openhatch.org/15:06
skayscellow: I've volunteered to help with some http://campus.openhatch.org/ events and met some of hte organizers15:06
sabdflhello all15:07
sabdflthanks for your questions15:07
akiva-thinkpadnice name ~15:07
skayscellow: http://opensource-events.com/ has advice for making projects ready for new contributors15:07
akiva-thinkpadsabdfl: = MS15:07
skayI wonder how Canonical decides which orgs to pay back to. he mentioned mozilla for firefox. I wonder if they do anything with the PSF?15:08
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akiva-thinkpadskay: who is the psf?15:08
skayakiva-thinkpad: Python Software Foundation15:08
sabdflwhere we can attribute income to a specific project, we do15:08
scellowskay: Oh i see, but that's not what i asked15:08
akiva-thinkpadsabdfl: For the phone, are you interested in BTRFS or F2FS? Can you give any reasons why?15:09
skaysabdfl: I'm not certain if the PSF is a fiscal sponsor for some projects. I am familiar with NumFocus, which is a fiscal sponsor for some projects I use, like scipy, ipython, etc.15:10
skayI guess it would be tricky to find the sponsor of some open source projects... hence my curiosity about umbrella types of orgs like the PSF and others15:10
akiva-thinkpadI wonder if the PSF regrets how they managed python315:11
akiva-thinkpadintentionally breaking backwards compatability... seems dubious.15:11
skayakiva-thinkpad: there are ways to write code that can work in either mainline15:12
skayI think they got better at helping people with advice for that than they did at the start15:12
akiva-thinkpadskay: they intentionally broke print though ~15:12
mkdevI got feeling that Ubuntu is moving more and more continuously changeing platform. I don't mind that but I like that there is some interfaces that guaranteed to keep stable in long term.15:13
akiva-thinkpadskay: actually one thing I am surprised about, is since learning some qt, I find myself doing more quick scripting in c++ now than in python.15:13
skayakiva-thinkpad: oh that is really interesting. could you tell me more?15:13
akiva-thinkpadskay: QString is awesome15:13
skayakiva-thinkpad: and do you have a repl for c++ ?15:14
akiva-thinkpadskay: QSTringlist is also awesome15:14
akiva-thinkpadskay: repl?15:14
* akiva-thinkpad learns something new15:14
skayakiva-thinkpad: read eval print loop, something that gives you a prompt?15:14
akiva-thinkpadskay: yah with QMessage, you can do stuff like that.15:15
akiva-thinkpador is it QDialogue... hmmmm15:15
akiva-thinkpadI can't remember the specific class15:15
skayakiva-thinkpad: I am not a c++ programmer so I don't know much and didn't realize you could do script-like things with it15:15
mkdev..this continuous updating of the software is crazy.15:15
akiva-thinkpadskay: with Qt15:15
akiva-thinkpadskay: with just std, I would not advise it.15:16
akiva-thinkpadQt though just does strings and stringlists beautifully.15:16
skayso, I wasn't sure how to ask this question during the q&a but maybe if I talk it out a snappy person could help15:17
akiva-thinkpadskay: the other thing I find is that c++ is actually easier to read as a script than python, just given that every function has its return type stated at the beginning.15:17
akiva-thinkpadskay: #ubuntu-snappy maybe?15:18
ogra_only #snappy15:18
ogra_(not #ubuntu- )15:18
akiva-thinkpadogra_: what about #ubuntu-packaging?15:18
ogra_does that exist ?15:18
skaythere is this idea of reproducible research and different approaches, and some of hte people I know who work on a vm environment for projects look to have reproducible builds, versioned, etc. so they were wondering if it would be good to switch to snappy, ultimately15:19
* ogra_ never heard of it :) 15:19
akiva-thinkpadogra_: yes, its pretty full actually15:19
skaylooks like #snappy is it15:19
akiva-thinkpadskay: have you tried picking up the ubuntu-sdk? Qt and QML is a lot of fun. You can also use Golang if that is your forte15:20
ogra_or just inline javascript15:20
ogra_for 90% of what a phone app needs that is enough ...15:21
Picifyi, I need to reconfigure some things so that the bot knows what to do, so I'll be swapping this channel with #ubuntu-uos-plenary in about 10 minutes.  Apologies in advance for the turbulence15:21
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skayakiva-thinkpad: I haven't. I'm usually focused on web services or automation, and for free time I want to work with beaglebone stuff to talk to web services (we have an rfid entry system at my hackerspace that works with a sensor hooked up to a beaglebone that talks to a webservice to know if the person is a member)15:23
akiva-thinkpadskay: oh neat15:23
ogra_that would manke a wonderful snap package :)15:23
skayit would be cool15:23
skayand I want to add nfc to it, so I ordered some readers that should come today15:24
skaythe web side of it is https://github.com/hef/ps1auth the other side of it is in golang15:24
skayworking on the board is soaking up my freetime so I haven't worked on it yet. argargarg15:25
skayvolunteering is complicated15:26
skayon non-floss things too15:26
PiciFYI I'm going to be clearing out this channel, it is being replaced with #ubuntu-uos-plenary. (you were forwarded to #ubuntu-UDS-plenary wheny you joined).15:41
PiciSorry for the turbulence.15:41
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