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knightwisegood morning everyone05:42
knightwisemorning peeps06:48
knightwisegood morning SWAT06:49
zmoylan-pibank holiday monday...06:49
WhishkeyKingWoke Up . suddenly realised = I've no plans today. What's a geek to do ?06:53
knightwiseWhishkeyKing: good question. Go outside ? take a walk ?06:54
WhishkeyKingcoffe shop ? all good ideas. I dont want vampires from the election-crappolo anyway .. http://i.imgur.com/1K5Jhyd.png06:56
WhishkeyKing**coffee .. sorry did I swear, sorry 'bout that.06:57
SWATknightwise: good morning06:58
WhishkeyKingknightwise: wat was your last podcast about ? I enjoyed the starwars one. v. much06:59
knightwisethanx WhishkeyKing tyhe last one was about the death of leonard nimoy07:05
knightwisewe will be starting with season 3 next week07:05
WhishkeyKingRight back from the Co-op shop.07:14
WhishkeyKingand ... and .. I simply cannot wait for the nice young Lady to do the stickers for reduced bread, today.07:14
* WhishkeyKing Is facing an onslaught of advanced procrastination.07:15
WhishkeyKingManaged to get 400g of Strawberries for 50p though - so It's all good.07:16
WhishkeyKingMy keyboard mapping is a mess - How do solve this ?07:47
WhishkeyKingpounds sign is #07:48
WhishkeyKingquote sign is @07:48
knightwiseapple keyboard ,07:48
WhishkeyKingand'at' sign is "07:48
WhishkeyKingno compaq standard isssue keyboard.07:48
WhishkeyKingOh I found out what the problem/s was with "my Life" , today ... It's StarWars day - figures.07:50
shaunoif @ and " are switched, it usually means you're using a US keymap on a UK keyboard, or vice versa07:50
WhishkeyKingriight but what gives in terms of changing it ?07:52
zmoylan-pichange the country option usually07:56
WhishkeyKingRuight, but how do I do that action ?07:57
zmoylan-piin xubuntu start -> all settings -> keyboard -> layout07:58
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:09
brobostigonmorning dutchie08:13
WhishkeyKingWhat am I supposed to do now, brainz ? http://imgur.com/MbpAuKD08:30
zmoylan-pichange the keyboard layout to uk or what ever layout you have08:31
WhishkeyKinggot it -It's UK, extended WinKeys , that's a plus for today , then . http://imgur.com/MbpAuKD08:37
zmoylan-pi\o/ hurumble08:38
* zmoylan-pi goes back to banging head against perl...08:40
WhishkeyKingTime to play some Dark forces. (I got the pack) http://www.gog.com/game/star_wars_dark_forces09:03
knightwisejust reinstalled windows 8.1 on my surface pro. Had been running ubuntu on it for a while but the wifi performance was horrible09:04
knightwiseresorted to running elementary in a fullscreen vm .. :) Works too :p09:04
WhishkeyKingknightwise, I like elementry - I just don't like the LLC09:36
knightwisellc ?09:38
knightwisethe terminal you mean ?09:38
WhishkeyKingNo the company.09:38
knightwiseah ,09:39
knightwiseElementary is kinda light .. kinda good looking ..09:39
knightwiseso I like it because its pretty clean09:39
knightwiseI run in as fullscreen vms on my mac an my windows machines09:39
WhishkeyKingYeah, it works well alright - Just mentioning the fin. support scheme they have : http://community.badvoltage.org/t/elementaryos-payments-vs-donations/1042109:40
WhishkeyKingBut I guess you don't donate, that much.09:40
knightwiseNope :) I advocate :)09:41
WhishkeyKingKind of passe discussion, thou.09:41
knightwiseI think I do my thing for the open source king and country with the blog and the podcast09:41
WhishkeyKingYou do.                           and you do it well ! \o/09:41
knightwiselol :) thanx dude09:42
WhishkeyKingWhat the situation over there about the Lugs ? I'll be over in June - would love to have a coffee with ya.09:42
knightwiseit reminds me I need to get cracking on season three next week.09:42
knightwiseI still have pretty busy week for the company , but once that is done i'm going back behind the mike09:43
WhishkeyKingI'll give you my twitter handle via PM.09:43
knightwisesure :) shoot09:43
WhishkeyKingknightwise, Ok done that.09:45
knightwisethere :) Done :)09:49
* penguin42 Bank Holiday yawns11:43
* zmoylan-pi hands penguin42 a baseball and a baseball mitt so he can pass time in great escape manner11:46
penguin42haha, no I can't complain about a BH11:47
shaunoI can.  I forgot what shift I was on, and showed up 2 hours early :(11:47
* penguin42 has been on holiday for the last week, so it's back to work for me tomorrow - so I'll have to suffer the -4hour bed lag11:48
* brobostigon will be walking down to his local in abit after lunch, enjoy abit of the sun.11:49
* WhishkeyKing puts the Great Escape baseball and baseball mitt game into to the Ubuntu Touch games pile.12:06
penguin42would work as a breakout game12:08
zmoylan-pibut does help to pass time12:09
MooDoohello all13:55
MooDooSo W = Wily Werewolf14:30
MooDoothat's Ubuntu W14:31
shaunothey can't call it Wily :/  that's almost 2 years of diddledan not letting it go14:31
MooDooToo late, it's Wily lol14:31
diddledanoh dear oh dear14:32
diddledanmy wily won't work~!14:32
diddledanor "I broke my wily"14:32
penguin42will it have extended support?14:32
diddledanthe next LTS should be 16.04 IIRC14:33
penguin42I know that14:33
diddledanso I caught a virus on my wily. I was unprotected.14:34
shaunoso wily's only good for 9 months14:34
MooDoojust the same as anyother release14:34
diddledanthere's an endless number of puns here14:34
moreatiXcellent Xenartha next year? http://www.animalstown.com/animals/x/xenarthra/xenarthra.php14:35
shaunonot sure that'd work :p14:36
shaunoif 'linux for humans' is xenophobic, it'll just end up hating aliens.  which isn't very nerdy.14:36
diddledanit'll be used for the new independence day14:36
penguin42shauno: Yeh, we'd have to be careful to stop using the phrase 'internationalisation' and make sure we always use 'localisation' in case it offends those not from this earth14:38
zmoylan-pithey'll take an alien mothership down with pulse audio or systemd? :-P14:39
shaunobut .. but .. this is a local distro, for /local/ humans14:39
shaunoI dunno, at least I can spell localization without pausing to doubt myself mid-way14:40
penguin42I'm glad you can :-)14:44
WhishkeyKingHi Knightmare, I 'll PM you.17:40
dutchiehi daftykins20:57
daftykinsgood evening!20:57
daftykinsmy what a wet day it was here :(20:58
dutchieonly started in the evening for me20:58
dutchiewas lovely until after tea time20:58
daftykinsoh my press ups are still amusing, get to about 14 then just collapse XD21:03
daftykinshmm think i'm gonna go to the lounge \o21:05
popeyevening slackers21:15
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ali1234anyone know of software for a DECT modem?22:17
ali1234it's like a voice modem basically, but different commands eg pairing22:18
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