ianorlinhmm meeting about 2 minutes01:58
* pleia2 nods01:58
pleia2I am still awake!01:58
elkyianorlin: yep. you want to chair. i don't particularly01:58
ianorlinwait I am still opped?01:58
elkyi noticed earlier when doing wiki stuff from last meeting, that i accidentally kept the meeting agenda item from last meeting. we really have no agenda02:00
elkyalso if i disappear during the meeting, it's because my cat is murdering me for not giving him enough plays02:01
* pleia2 sympathizes02:01
elkyi petted him earlier, then stopped. and then he attacked the hand that was on the keyboard. we had to put him in timeout02:02
elkysingle "child" kitties02:02
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ianorlinwho is here for this meeting?02:03
ianorlinok so 15.04 ubuntu vivid veret has been released since last meeting02:05
pleia2unfortunately no release parties seem to have cropped up this time around02:05
elkyi'm too far from SF to do anything02:05
ianorlinyeah it isn't the best02:06
pleia2Debian Jessie came out too, so we're co-opting our monthly Debian Dinner to do a little Jessie release party too http://bad.debian.net/pipermail/bad/2015-April/003680.html02:07
darthrobotTitle: [ANNOUNCEMENT: BAD Meeting & Jessie Release Party 7:10pm 2015-05-13 @ Henry's Hunan 110 Natoma, SF]02:07
pleia2that's right after the Ubuntu Hour on the 13th that Peter is hosting: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/3099-ubuntu-hour-san-francisco/02:07
darthrobotTitle: [Ubuntu Hour San Francisco | Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal]02:07
elkycoopting is good. means more likely people can attend and wears people out less02:08
pleia2I thought so :)02:08
elkywe might be coming along, dunno for sure yet.02:08
pleia2I have party hats02:08
ianorlinyes too far for me though02:08
elkyi saw on g+02:08
elkydid anyone hear/see anything of phillip's release party?02:09
elkysomeone said he was doing one, but i never heard after that02:09
pleia2hm, nothing in loco.u.c either02:09
pleia2well, hopefully he'll tell people about it :)02:10
ianorlinthere are no items on the agenda02:11
pleia2my closet is full, if anyone is interested in a copy of Ubuntu Unleashed 2015 or A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux, 4th Edition (also 2015), and preferably can pick it up (or pay shipping) please let me know02:11
pleia2I think that's all the updates I had02:11
ianorlin#topic any-other-business02:12
elkythis kind of was the aob02:12
pleia2yeah, I just went a-chatting because no agenda :)02:12
elkyi have to look through logs in the next fortnight or so02:12
* pleia2 will be doing OpenStack things in Vancouver next meeting time02:13
pleia2ah yes, the Ubuntu Online Summit is this week02:13
elkynhaines: welcome good sir02:13
darthrobotTitle: [UOS May 2015 04 May - 07 May 2015 | The Summit Scheduler]02:13
nhaineselky: thank you!  I am elbows deep inside Nexus 5 guts.  Bad power switch.02:13
elkynhaines: rww's nexus has connection issues too02:13
elkynhaines: which makes him sad since he had to swap to a samsung which he likes less02:14
nhaineselky: it's literally just the power switch connector.  Which is annoying.  Going to rant at T-Mobile, Google, and LG tomorrow.02:14
pleia2<3 Nexus 6 (even if it is tablet sized)02:14
nhainessabdfl is doing a Q&A tomorrow at 7am.02:14
* ianorlin knows02:14
elkynhaines: his is somewhere in the screen connection. his colleague fixed it once already but it's glitching again already02:14
nhainesHe's going to reveal vivid+1's codename because no one can do anything until there's a name.02:15
nhaineselky: does he need his power button contact?02:15
pleia2let's hope so02:15
pleia2right now we're just calling it What What :)02:15
elkypleia2: surely Whatty What02:15
pleia2elky: right! my mistake :)02:15
elkyok i think that's all now ianorlin02:16
pleia2thanks for chairing, ianorlin02:16
darthrobotMeeting ended Mon May  4 02:16:40 2015 UTC.02:16
darthrobotMinutes:        http://ihas.5cat.com/~darthrobot/ubuntu-us-ca/2015/ubuntu-us-ca.2015-05-04-02.03.moin.txt02:16
* pleia2 off to do not-computer things02:16
pleia2nhaines: good luck with your switch02:17
elkyianorlin: thanks02:17
nhainespleia2: thanks!02:17
elkynhaines: i'll ask him, he's busy right now though02:26
nhaineselky: tell him to stop getting eaten by the cat.02:27

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