ahoneybunmhall119: make some shirts for SELF? http://teespring.com04:19
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ahoneybunballoons: around?20:17
balloonsahoneybun, perhaps20:35
ahoneybunballoons: free to join a hangout?20:35
balloonsnot at the moment, but can chat20:35
ahoneybuntrying to clear up when we will do the Kubuntu Show and Tell in a hangout20:38
balloonsahoneybun, ohh.. right, you never made a session though did you>20:39
balloonseverything is scheduled20:39
balloonsreally need a session so we can get it on the schedule20:40
ahoneybunso there is no slots right?20:40
balloonsweds or thursday we can sneak you in I think20:40
ahoneybunswitch ever would do20:41
balloonscan you register the meeting?20:42
ahoneybunballoons: ^20:54
balloonsahoneybun, awesome approved. Pick a hole in the community track and we can slot it in there: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1505/2015-05-05/display20:55
balloonsor pick a day / time you have to have and I can try and make it work20:56
ahoneybunballoons: thurs 18:00 - 18:5520:57
ahoneybunweds 19:00 ?20:59
balloonsahh, that one's easy21:00
balloonsthanks for the session :-) sorry about the confusion, this is why it's important to have the meeting proposed so we don't loose it :--) 21:01
ahoneybunsorry on my side21:01
ahoneybunballoons: kinda bad that we have the same timeslot as Kubuntu Kickoff sadly21:03
balloonswhat do you mean?21:04
ahoneybunsame timeslot 19:0021:04
balloonsohh wow21:04
balloonswelp, should move it then eh?21:04
balloonscan you do 1900 tomorrow?21:05
ahoneybunthere is a slot on tuesday same time but I think our lead cannot make that time21:05
balloonscan he make 1800 weds?21:06
balloonsbah yea.. I don't think we can help it / change things.. it's hard at this point21:07
ahoneybunif you can make it work, yes it would be very good21:07
balloonswe'll need to ask the ubuntu women if they will swap with you then21:07
ahoneybunok I'll see if I can get a hold of someone21:10
ahoneybunthanks nic21:10
balloonsahoneybun, kk.. basically swap http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1505/meeting/22475/community-1505-ubuntu-women-1510-blueprint/21:11
ahoneybunso it will work?21:11
balloonsahoneybun, have to see if belkinsa will swap21:34
ovidiu-florinhello world21:41
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ahoneybunballoons: belkinsa says we can swap:   <belkinsa> Sure, ahoneybun.22:23
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