cmaloneyWe'll be starting the meeting in about 5 minutes00:54
cmaloneyhttp://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-us-mi/915/detail/ <- Meeting notes00:57
jrwrenLucid EOL announce.00:59
jrwrenFirst meeting in a post Lucid world :)00:59
cmaloneyLet's get started00:59
cmaloneySo the first item is we're also in a post-penguicon release party world01:02
cmaloneyI'm hoping to get the photos up online soon now.01:04
cmaloneyBut suffice to say it was quite awesome to see everyone out there.01:04
cmaloneyNot sure if there's anything else coming up event-wise so if somoene has something please post it to the mailing list01:05
cmaloneyThat's all I have for now01:08
cmaloneyanyone have anything else?01:08
cmaloneyWill hold the floor open until around 10pm01:09
cmaloneybut if not hope you have a great May. :)01:09
jrwrentomorrow morning: http://ubuntuonair.com01:10
cmaloneyoh, right01:12
cmaloneyUbuntu Online summit approacheth tomorrow01:12
jrwreni'm counting down.12:01
rick_h_heh same here12:01
rick_h_window open with countdown timer12:01
rick_h_here's hoping for wraskally wabbit12:02
cmaloneydoubtful as warner would have a fit12:03
jrwrenthe youtube window or http://itsalmo.st/#markskeynote ? :)12:04
jrwrenoh man, wraskally wabbitt would be hilarious12:04
cmaloneyToo bad Youtube broke my Logitech Squeezebox plugin. I wouldn't mind listening in via the Squeezebox.13:17
cmaloneyHuh, apparently I can use it.13:18
rick_h_cmaloney: cool, I saw something squeezebox related the other day and thought of you with it.13:19
cmaloneySomething along the lines of "There's still people using this?"13:19
rick_h_damn, I wish I could remember what it was. It sounded cool13:20
jrwrenI get angry thinking about the sad state of music players.13:21
jrwrenspotify and pandora on a mobile device is the exact opposite of what I want :(13:21
cmaloneyjrwren: Try being the owner of a Squeezebox. :)13:21
jrwrencmaloney: isn't it all unicorns and rainbows, because it works?13:22
rick_h_cmaloney: oh, it was the new synology that lmorchard picked up and tweeted about13:22
cmaloneyrick_h_: Ah, cool13:22
cmaloneyYeah, they have SB Server support in there.13:22
jrwrenwill squeezeslave run on raspberrypi ?13:22
jrwrenoh, squeezelite13:22
cmaloneyjrwren: squeezelite will, but you'll want a new DAC13:22
rick_h_cmaloney: right, he got that ds214play and it does squeezebox support and streaming for your media/etc13:22
cmaloneyrick_h_: nice!13:22
jrwrencmaloney: run it through a TV? :)13:23
jrwrendamn shame about rpi dac13:23
jrwrenI wonder if beagleboneblack has a better DAC13:23
jrwrenor odroid C113:23
cmaloneyjrwren: It's not insurmountable, but by the time you get everything in place it's almost as much as a used SB13:23
cmaloneyNot sure on the BBB DAC, but it doesn't have an audio jack13:23
cmaloneyso you'd need to run through cape or HDMI13:23
jrwrencmaloney: oh. I wasn't sure.13:24
jrwrencmaloney: its downstairs from me :)13:24
cmaloneyBBB serves different purpose than RPi13:24
cmaloneyBBB is a microcontroller computer13:24
jrwrenno it isn't.13:24
cmaloneyRPi is the rebirth of the Sinclair ZX series13:24
jrwrenits an ARM processor just like rpi.13:24
jrwrenonly diff is community13:24
cmaloneyjrwren: Different design goals13:25
jrwrenno analog out on odroid c1 either ;(13:25
jrwreni wonder how hard it would be to use GPIO for that :)13:26
brouschSurely there's a USB dongle for that13:33
jrwrenof course, but like cmaloney said, then the price gets to about the same as other options.13:34
jrwrenWAY too much $$13:38
cmaloneyRight. You can find a used SB radio from $150-$200 at that rate13:40
cmaloneyor an old laptop. :)13:40
jrwrenDAC ICs aren't cheap eh?13:40
cmaloneyGood ones aren't terribly cheap.13:40
cmaloneyI think it's also the volume they're producing13:40
cmaloneyeg: price might come down if there was sufficient demand13:41
jrwrenthat is a card. I'm thinking, buy a DAC IC and wire it up yourself.13:41
jrwrenICs are usually cheap.13:41
cmaloneyThat's an option. :)13:41
jrwrenall the 16bit DAC i'm finding are $20 range.13:41
cmaloneyNot sure if this is indicitive.13:42
ColonelPanic001my listing request for WSU's ubuntu mirror has been "pending review" for over a month now :(13:43
cmaloneyColonelPanic001: You need to do something to change that13:44
jrwrenyup, and that is 24bit, right?13:44
cmaloneybelieve so13:44
* cmaloney knows not a whit about burr brown DACs outside of they're _the_ brand name for DACs.13:45
jrwrenColonelPanic001: I dont' know what Merit is like these days. 12 years ago they shut us down running mirrors pretty quick.13:45
ColonelPanic001cmaloney: I alreayd just complained in IRC, what more can I do?13:45
cmaloneyColonelPanic001: Your work here is done13:45
jrwrenColonelPanic001: also, wsu mirrors in the past had a 5 concurrent user limit which made it rather useless as an official mirror13:45
cmaloney(honestly I have NFC what else needs to happen)13:45
ColonelPanic001jrwren: hm. We've had this one a while (and it's not something I'm doing on my own, it was handed to me when _stink_ left us), haven't heard complaints yet...13:45
ColonelPanic001jrwren: pft, that is pathetic. Shouldn't be the case now.13:46
cmaloneyblame _stink_13:46
jrwrenhehe, maybe it is the same one.13:46
ColonelPanic001we did change machines not long ago, right before _stink_ left, maybe the old machines were set up stupid like that13:46
ColonelPanic001it was dumb - seperate machines for internal and external. The internal one you had to log into with your university creds. Can't have just anyone using CPAN!13:47
_stink_no limits13:47
ColonelPanic001I have no idea who thought that wasn't an incredibly stupid idea13:47
cmaloneyColonelPanic001:  That's ridiculous13:47
ColonelPanic001it was13:47
ColonelPanic001no idea13:47
ColonelPanic001it is no longer like that13:47
cmaloneyProbably the same folks who think putting paper in the printers is somehow depleting university resources.13:47
cmaloneyinstead of having students put any ol' thing in there to fuck the printers up.13:48
ColonelPanic001fwiw, the only limit I know of offhand on it now is apache's maxclients is 256.13:48
cmaloneybecause replacing a fuser every other month == better.13:48
ColonelPanic001and I think it just has a 1GB card in there, rather than 10G like our ineternet connection (iirc)13:48
cmaloney(not bitter)13:48
ColonelPanic001well now to be fair, printing is stupid13:48
ColonelPanic001and people that print a lot should be punished13:48
cmaloneyThis was the 1990s when printing was awesome. :)13:48
cmaloneyand people would print out newsletters with kanji / chinese on them.13:49
ColonelPanic001it was never awesome, just more needed13:49
ColonelPanic001I had some weird font thing when I printed a Bruce Schneier paper not long ago. Some char was coming up as a Tux13:49
ColonelPanic001best printer problem ever13:49
cmaloneyso someone would put in their resume paper and get boat-loads of Asian characters.13:49
jrwrenPrint is dead.13:49
ColonelPanic001iirc, it was a variable in a math thing, some greek char, too. So, technically, it still was sound.13:49
cmaloneyproblem then was they would re-use that page until it was a sea of black.13:50
ColonelPanic001jrwren: please come tell my coworker that prints stacks of her email, routinely13:50
ColonelPanic001I literally went to a meeting where she brought her email, printed.13:50
cmaloneyAnyone who prints email needs to be "re-educated"13:50
cmaloneyColonelPanic001: Gah13:51
ColonelPanic001I agree13:51
ColonelPanic001her cube is overflowing with paper13:51
ColonelPanic001it's amazing, in its own wya13:51
jrwrenpeople still do that?13:51
cmaloneyThat's how you know she's a hard worker13:51
ColonelPanic001she does13:51
cmaloneypaper = productivity.13:51
jrwreni thought it was weird when people did that 15yrs ago.13:51
ColonelPanic001it was.13:51
cmaloneyjrwren: ++13:51
rick_h_psh, everyone know LoC is the true measure of productivity13:52
cmaloneyrick_h_: that13:52
cmaloneyrick_h_: is13:52
cmaloneyrick_h_: so13:52
jrwrenwhen printing is free (at office at last job) , I'd print a paper from ACM and read it while I took a long restroom break at the office.13:52
cmaloneyrick_h_: true13:52
ColonelPanic001yeah, the only printing I usually do is long-form stuff to read that's in PDF, because reading PDFs on screens blows13:52
cmaloneyjrwren: That's before you had a tablet, right? :)13:52
cmaloneyColonelPanic001: To a certain degree13:53
cmaloneyI use the tablet for my PDF reading13:53
ColonelPanic001I have no tablet13:53
ColonelPanic001well, no, I have one of the original Kindle Fires13:53
jrwrencmaloney: I don't want to bring a tablet to the restroom, so no. :p13:53
ColonelPanic001where PDFs still suck13:53
cmaloneyjrwren: They wash off. ;)13:54
jrwreni'm surprised by how little I use tablets. They are supposed to be this great thing and I barely use them.13:54
ColonelPanic001meh, they have all the power of a laptop, without the nice keyboard, and my phone can be used for read-only for most things13:54
ColonelPanic001my cheap phone acts like a tablet I can put in my pocket, basicaly13:55
ColonelPanic001larger screen is nice. Pocket-sized for carrying around at all times is nicer13:55
cmaloneyYeah, same here13:55
cmaloneythough reading on the phone is problematic for anything that doesn't reflow13:56
cmaloneyso that gets used for eBooks / ePub13:56
jrwrenluckily ebooks reflow13:56
cmaloneyPDFs don't.13:56
cmaloneyand I print my read / review to PDFs.13:56
ColonelPanic001yeah, reading a PDF on a large kindle or something would be nice, but not hundreds of dollars nice13:57
cmaloneyArticles on the web that I want to read later.13:57
jrwrenoh man, it would be reasonably easy to write a browser plugin that is print to epub.13:57
jrwrenany good?13:57
cmaloneyJust searched.13:57
cmaloney :)13:57
jrwrensomething new to try :)13:58
cmaloneyApparently it doesn't do well with a lot of images13:58
cmaloneywhich is expected.13:58
jrwrennot really.13:58
jrwrenepub is html+css13:58
jrwrenimage should be fine.13:58
cmaloneyWell, it doesn't put the images in there.14:02
jrwrensomeone wrote a poor plugin :p14:03
ColonelPanic001Yeoman Rand died :\14:04
cmaloneyYeah, sad14:05
rick_h_https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IfgX-k7Hag the boss-man speaketh14:05
jrwrenno wicked wolverine :(14:29
rick_h_what is it?14:29
rick_h_wily werewolf?14:30
brouschwacky wallabe14:31
cmaloneydescent dropbear14:31
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brouschWill Canonical shut down all operations and liquidate after Z?15:20
rick_h_brousch: that's my retirement plan15:21
cmaloneybrousch: Not after aantsy aardvark15:21
cmaloneyuntil after15:21
cmaloneyGod, Carly Fiorina is running for president15:59
jrwrenformer HP CEO16:49
jrwrenmany techies feel that she ruined the company.16:49
ColonelPanic001sounds perfect then16:50
jrwreni don't know why these CEOs bother. Has a CEO ever been elected president?16:56
jrwrenso stupid they cannot learn from history. If Perot couldn't do it, you can't either :p16:57
cmaloneyjrwren: hah17:05
greg-gcmaloney: jrwren ColonelPanic001 : http://carlyfiorina.org/17:15
greg-gtrust me17:15
jrwren20,000 or 30,000 smileys.17:16
greg-gif you go to the bottom:17:16
greg-gThat's 30,000 people she laid off. People with families. And what does she say she would have done differently?17:16
greg-g"I would have done them all faster."17:17
greg-g—Carly Fiorina17:17
jrwrenwhoa... if I read that right, microsoft just announced an openstack competitor. You can run your own azure in your own DC17:17
rick_h_jrwren: yea, pretty much17:17
rick_h_ok, here we go https://plus.google.com/collection/451AQ18:38
cmaloneyit's almost like the blog you always wanted. :)18:40
rick_h_heh guess so18:40
rick_h_so split my world up into 4 collections. Now folks can follow the rick they want to and I'll definitely start posting more18:40
cmaloneyNice. :)18:48
cmaloneyI did a little as well. Going to start using them more.18:48
cmaloneyNever liked the circles for posting.18:49
cmaloneyseems legit.20:38
cmaloneyFrom an address with sigaint.org20:39
cmaloneyWhich apparently is an onion remailing service.20:39
cmaloneyYeah, no.20:39
greg-gwhy wouldn't someone doing bitcoin wallet escrow NOT send recruiting emails via a remailer?20:40
greg-gall seems legit to me ;)20:40
cmaloneyI don't think there's a non-preopsition word in there that doesn't raise a red flag.20:41
greg-gI'm actually surprised you got a remailer message through your spam filter20:41
cmaloneyIt has a SPF record20:42
cmaloneyso it worked.20:42
cmaloneyLooks like I'll have to put in a special rule to block that domain20:42

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