Kilosmorning all. have a good day. see you tonight at 1800 or whenever power comes on05:42
KilosMaaz  watch them05:45
MaazOK Kilos I'll keep an eye on them for you05:45
Kiloshoe gaan dit Jacques_Stry  05:45
Jacques_StryGoed en met Oom?05:45
Kilosnet koud, anders goed dankie05:45
Jacques_StryBegin stadig maar seker aan stap na winter05:46
barrydkMore almal05:47
Kiloshi barrydk  05:48
barrydkMore Kilos05:49
Kilosim going of now, if they striking again ill come back at 905:50
Jacques_StryMore barrydk 05:50
barrydkMore Jacques_Stry06:14
Jacques_StryNot going off?06:43
Kilosmaybe striking06:43
Kiloshopefully not just slow getting here06:43
Jacques_StryI'm off to a meeting, gonna be AFK for an hour or two06:47
* Padroni waves06:58
Kilosmorning Padroni  06:58
Padronihow are you?06:58
Kilosgood ty and you?06:59
PadroniI'm good06:59
Padroniinstalled 15.04 the weekend06:59
Padronithen it broke06:59
Padroniback on 14.0406:59
inetprogood mornings07:03
Kilosmorning inetpro  looks like a good day for you07:04
Kilosjust looked at the most expensive graphics cards in za07:08
Kilos38k for one card07:08
barrydkI know where they can put that card in07:10
Kilosyeah mine was 300 bucks i think07:10
Kiloshi TinuvaMac  07:10
TinuvaMacmorning Kilos07:10
PadroniAnyone watch American Odessey07:32
* Jacques_Stry waves09:41
elachecheO/ Jacques_Stry 09:55
=== MaNI3 is now known as MaNI
Kilosafternoon pieter2627  captine  kulelu88  inetpro  ThatGraemeGuy  and others13:22
pieter2627hi Kilos, hoe gaan dit met oom?13:23
Kilosgoed dankie seun net moeg na n dag sonder krag13:23
Kilosen jy?13:23
pieter2627goed dankie13:24
* pieter2627 now knows why the channel has been so silent today13:24
Kiloswhen im not here you guys must rock man13:24
pieter2627maybe we do since rocks don't say much :p13:25
Kiloshi SDCDev  13:29
Kilosyou having fun on the beach13:29
elachecheHey Kilos :)13:55
Kiloshi elacheche  13:56
ThatGraemeGuyLinux 4.0 released, interesting that there's some effort in the live-patching arena13:58
Kilosmark shuttleworths pre uos keynote13:59
Kilospieter2627  ^^ gaan kyk en hoor wat se mark14:00
pieter2627Kilos: ja, weet oom hoe lank gaan dit wees?14:00
Kilosseker nie meer as n huur nie. ek vra gou14:01
Kilospieter2627  daai ouens se geen idea nie maar dit kan miskien later op youtube wees14:04
Kilosek sal jou inlig sodra ek meer hoor14:05
pieter2627ek kyk maar nou14:06
pieter2627Wily Werewolf is the next mascot14:30
Kilosi wonder if i didnt propose that14:35
Kiloswell ask pro to go check14:35
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inetproKilos: you said Wily Weasel15:11
inetprouhh and then you said Yowling Yak for 16.`0 ???15:11
Kilosoh well you cant win them all15:12
Kilospower off again tomorrow15:13
kulelu88how do I change my text colour in xchat?17:01
kulelu88grey is crap17:01
inetpronot sure superfly will like this latest news17:11
inetprohosting Git repositories directly on Launchpad http://blog.launchpad.net/general/git-code-hosting-beta17:11
Kilosit wont bother him too much. he does things his own way regardles17:13
MaNIkulelu88, Preferences option in settings menu, color tab17:16
MaNIbut also nobody should use xchat anymore but hexchat17:16
pieter2627kulelu88: If you still want to improve my nikola Dockerfile, then you can find it at http://bin.snyman.info/8qgys17:37
Kilospieter2627  no wag ons17:38
Kilospost it in trello too17:38
Kilosi think trello pokes the pro. everything else he ignores17:39
pieter2627Kilos: did on this card https://trello.com/c/8MQ0EC0K/88-fix-niggles-on-ubuntu-africa-site17:58
Kilosgood man17:59
magespawngood evening17:59
Kiloshe hides in case he has to work17:59
Kiloshi magespawn  17:59
pieter2627hi magespawn 17:59
pieter2627Kilos: in which case :p18:00
magespawnwho hides?18:00
Kiloshey bang as hy gesig wys sal hy moet werk18:00
Kilospro of course18:00
magespawnhe does a fair amount already18:01
magespawnspea of ....18:01
magespawnspeak too18:01
* pieter2627 will be afk for a while18:01
Kilosyeah, he lurks but watches everything18:01
inetpropieter2627: what is a while?18:02
* inetpro not feeling very productive this evening18:02
Kiloswhats new18:03
Kilosyou ired inetpro  ?18:04
Kilosrest man18:05
* inetpro is not tired18:05
* inetpro is moeg!18:05
Kilosuh oh18:05
Kilosrus man18:05
inetproto early to go sleep18:06
Kilosgo watch marks keynote18:06
inetprotoo as well18:06
inetprono data for video here18:06
Kilosai! join the family18:06
Kilosi killed my budget with youtube-dl18:11
pieter2627inetpro: 15 min18:17
* pieter2627 just realised it should have been awhile18:17
Kilosis that how long it was pieter2627  18:18
Kiloswhat is that in data terms18:18
pieter2627Kilos: 15min and 2sec since he asked :) in data terms?18:20
Kiloskenya died18:21
pieter2627the loco?18:21
Kilosmaybe a server or something with their irc18:21
pieter2627oh, i found someone that is currently in Zambia, but will move back to Germany. Can he be invited to the africa team, or just try to get contact with the zambia peeps thru him?18:26
Kilosyes please18:26
kulelu88pieter2627: you don't need so many RUNs18:27
Kilosi have another guy the that is in france but was in one of the countries when they built their loco18:27
* pieter2627 is facing a logical dilemma - condition OR condition = "yes please" - now trying to find yes for which one ?:)18:28
Kilosyes please get him to join ubuntu-africa18:29
Kilosshow him the site18:29
kulelu88pieter2627: how are you using superflys domain?18:29
Kilospieter2627  he can joint the mailing list as well from the site18:30
Squirm'lo all18:30
kulelu88eeuww kde18:30
pieter2627kulelu88: it is in the header. which would you join?18:30
Kiloskde rocks18:30
SquirmHaven't looked through the list - Don't use KDE18:30
pieter2627hi Squirm18:30
kulelu88pieter2627: you can use 1 RUN with all your statements18:30
Squirmbut might be interesting to a select group of people18:30
Kiloshi Squirm  18:30
kulelu88It's artificial though. if you understand it better with multiple RUNs, it makes no difference18:31
kulelu88somebody should tell superfly to fix his form on the bin page. an injection could flood it18:33
pieter2627kulelu88: i mainly did it to have layers for testing - downloads take time on my end - the pip ones might also be good as one (have to check)18:34
inetprokulelu88: how did you figure that?18:40
inetprokulelu88: I mean superfly's bin page issue18:41
kulelu88inetpro: I'm basing it on assumption that a bot could easily inject hundreds of scripts per hour18:42
kulelu88there's no anti-bot measures18:42
inetproah, I see what you mean18:42
magespawnwhat page?18:42
kulelu88pieter2627: the way I split my docker build is to separate the pip-level stuff from the ubuntu-level stuff18:44
inetpromaybe he has a clever trickery setting some kind of a limit in the back end18:44
kulelu88so I would normally put Nikola into its own dockerfile18:45
Kilosinetpro  may i go and sleep now?18:49
Kilosdont ask why18:50
inetproKilos: you don't need my permission sir18:52
inetprosleep well oom Kilos18:52
Kilossince when?18:52
pieter2627kulelu88: that seems logical (or do you mean separate files) - to you know if the `upgrade` option adds anything special to the `install` command of pip?18:52
Kilost sir pro18:52
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:53
pieter2627nag oom18:53
kulelu88you're using pip3 for py3?18:54
kulelu88pieter2627: 18:54
kulelu88for clarity on the --upgrade, that would be more of a python question I think18:55
pieter2627inetpro: why is the `upgrade` option part of the install command for nikola on the build-instructions page?18:57
inetpropieter2627: I took that from superfly's origina instructions19:01
* inetpro searching for a reason19:02
magespawnthe default install of nikola was not the most recent version19:04
kulelu88oh I know19:04
kulelu88--upgrade forces the latest build of nikola possibly19:04
kulelu88superfly probably likes the bleeding edge19:04
magespawndepending on the version of ubuntu you are running19:04
kulelu88pip install nikola may give the ubuntu/debian stable version19:05
magespawnthe version in the repos for 14.04 had to upgraded to work 19:05
pieter2627also just found this https://pip.pypa.io/en/stable/user_guide.html#id1919:05
inetpromagespawn is correct, at the time when we started we were all using 14.04 with an old version of nikola in the repositories19:07
pieter2627uhm ok, thanks guys.19:08
pieter2627will see again tomorrow19:09
magespawngood night all20:28

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