OvenWerkszequence: is there a correct way to copy our seeds from ubuntustudio.vivid to ubuntustudio.wily?14:57
DalekSecOvenWerks: It'll be done for you.15:11
OvenWerksDalekSec: Thankyou, sounds great. That is why I have never been involved before.15:12
zequenceOvenWerks: Yeah, we don't mess with the seed branch other than edit it15:40
zequenceI think cjwatson used to go through all the metas and update them to point to the new seed as well15:40
zequenceHe's been doing other things for a while15:40
zequenceI'm putting together some sort of list we should go through for each release15:41
zequenceMaking sure the config for the meta is correct is on it already15:41
zequenceI don't think W is open for business yet though. Haven't seen any annoncements15:43
OvenWerkshas a name though...15:44
zequenceThey usually announce it. They need to set up the build tools first, etc15:45
OvenWerksSo when ISOs start rolling everything is set, got it.15:48
zequenceThey might have some problems with compilers, other things. Don't think they've had a lot of time since release to work on it.15:49
zequenceThere's probably no archive to upload to yet either15:49
zequenceWe can of course work on our branches in the mean time15:50
DalekSecYeah, nothing to upload to yet.  I'm inpatient.15:50
DalekSec-release topic will say, right now it only says Archive: Go For Beer15:51
DalekSecToolchain, then rest will follow15:51
zequenceWonder how big the audience is for the keynote15:53
zequenceI'm in the IRC channel, and it's pretty empty15:53
DalekSecWas busy.15:54
zequenceAh, it's not live15:56
zequenceI'm kind of slow sometimes15:57
zequenceI'm soon off to pick up my ubuntu phone16:01
zequenceI've taken a quick look at the phone19:32
zequenceThe system looks very much the same under neath19:32
zequenceThe repos are all derived, and smaller. Filtered.19:32
zequenceYou can find jackd, but no regular window applications from what I can see19:33
zequenceThe version is not a regular Ubuntu release either19:34
zequenceI guess I need to find out a bit more about how this all works. What will happen when you add repos, or install GTK or QT apps19:35
OvenWerkszequence: one has to remember the smaller memory footprint too. Both for RAM and non-volitile storage.22:15
* OvenWerks feels funny about call a chunk of memory a "disk" or "hard drive".22:15
DalekSecOvenWerks: You will have to update all the -artwork and -settings bzr branches though.22:17
OvenWerksDalekSec: I don't think we call them by a version outside of changelog.22:18
OvenWerksmaybe I am missing something...22:19
* OvenWerks doesn't do the uploads22:19

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