bluesabreelfy: http://markshuttleworth.com/archives/146610:58
elfybluesabre: yea - just saw comment in the community channel re that time 11:00
elfyfingers crossed for wibbly wobbly whino :p11:01
Unit193Oh, I figured Ubuntu development just stopped.11:05
bluesabreguess that means I'll have work to do when I get home tonight11:05
bluesabrehey Unit19311:05
Unit193bluesabre: 1. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/wily 2. You should be able to sync gui and notes plugin soon.14:33
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Unit193Verve too, bluesabre.14:53
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Unit193https://release.debian.org/transitions/html/xfce4.12.html Xfce 4.12 transition tracker for Debian.20:46
* micahg hopes Xfce 4.14 lands before X20:53
Unit193Heh, good luck with that?21:01
Unit193http://wiki.xfce.org/releng/4.14/roadmap (FWIW)21:02
micahgno dates21:03
bluesabrenot sure about which patch Corsac was mentioning... :)21:37
bluesabreUnit193: awesome21:37
bluesabreI'll update branches today (add vivid/make trunk wily)21:38
bluesabrebut first, going to get food, bbabl21:38
Unit193bluesabre: libxfcegui4.21:40
bluesabreah, gotcha21:40
bluesabrefigured the old plugins would just be dropped in debian21:40
bluesabreI feel like Corsac had potentially mentioned the same21:41
bluesabrebut maybe not21:41
slickymasterknome, you around or already 'on the road'?21:44
knomeno, i'm not around21:45
slickymasterhere's the thing, do I have the permissions to create the branch for wily?21:46
slickymasterI'm not seeing where I can set the branch up ?!21:47
knomei can handle that though21:47
knomeit's not the most intuitive things to do21:47
slickymasteryou could let me as I never done it before21:47
knomethen i got to figure out that :P21:47
slickymasterI'll need the branch before registring the new series, right?21:48
slickymasterfigured that much21:48
slickymasterbut I'm not grasping where can I set up the new branch though21:48
knomejust a sec21:48
* Unit193 waits for full instructions from knome.21:49
knomeUnit193, no.21:49
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knomeslickymaster, i think you just have to pull then push21:50
knomeslickymaster, bzr branch lp:xubuntu-docs21:50
knomeslickymaster, bzr push lp:~ubuntu-core-doc/xubuntu-docs/wily21:50
slickymasterjust that?21:50
knomethat's the first part21:50
knomethen you need to register the new series at https://launchpad.net/xubuntu-docs/+addseries21:51
slickymasteryou mean the "Register a series" option21:51
knomeafter that, you need to change the development focus to that new branch/series at https://launchpad.net/xubuntu-docs/+edit21:51
knometo your question: yes21:51
slickymasteranother question knome, when pushing bzr push lp:~ubuntu-core-doc/xubuntu-docs/wily I can at the same time bump version number in changelog, can't I?21:53
slickymasteranyhting left, other than those ^^^?21:53
knomethen you of course need a commit too21:53
knomei don't think so, but do that first and i'll tell you if there is..21:53
slickymasteroki, thanks knome 21:53
knomedo you think we can disable utopic translation updates already?21:54
knomewhat about trusty, do we still intend to do translation releases for that?21:54
slickymasterthat would depend on ant potential progress that would/could happen21:55
slickymasterwhich I don't see as something likely21:55
knomeok, i'll disable the automatic updates then21:55
knomesame for vivid?21:55
slickymasterfor vivid yes21:56
slickymasterI mean, if something out of the blue would happen it would probably be with utopic21:56
knomeso want to keep those?21:56
slickymasterI'd disable only for vivid, for the time being knome 21:57
slickymasteram I accessing it wrongly?21:57
knomei also disabled trusty21:57
knomebut am keeping utopic21:57
slickymasterok, thanks21:57
knomedoes that make sense btw?21:57
slickymasterlol, wich one is the LTS? u or t?21:58
slickymasterhmm, why disabling trusty then knome?21:58
knomebecause you said so!21:58
slickymasterbecause I was mixing the versions :P21:59
slickymasterI meant the other way around then21:59
knomenow i've disabled vivid and utopid and enabled trusty21:59
knome"Translations are imported with every update from branch lp:xubuntu-docs/trusty, and exported daily to branch lp:xubuntu-docs/trusty."21:59
slickymasteryeah, that was what I intended21:59
knomeso where are we with the branch/series creation?22:00
Unit193Not there yet: bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-doc/xubuntu-docs/wily/".22:00
slickymasterhaven't started yet, was talking to you knome:P22:00
slickymasterUnit193 ^^22:00
Unit193I'll of course wait until later, but I also see a branch option in +setbranch22:04
Unit193Hrm, looks like x-d-s stopped using tags at utopic..22:06
knomeUnit193, yeah, the branch needs to exist..22:07
slickymasterall done22:12
slickymasterwant to check knome, Unit193 22:12
knomelooks good to me22:13
Unit193slickymaster: Set to "Mature"?22:14
slickymasterI set it to Development Unit193 22:15
Unit193Sorry, meant vivid.22:15
slickymasterthat wasn't me22:15
slickymasterdid you knome ^^^?22:15
knomeUnit193, done.22:15
Unit193Danke, knome.22:15
knomeslickymaster, he meant vivid should be mature22:15
knomebecause it's released22:16
slickymasteryes, and I agree with that22:16
Unit193knome: I asked about the process, because technically I can do the same to artwork and default-settings.  Though, default settings targets trunk, so wily wouldn't be created.22:19
knomeUnit193, i don't know if they use to do the same thing, but if yes... then that's it22:19
slickymasterknome, as I'm at it, going to also update the xubuntu-index-start page22:19
slickymasterbut you could do something for me, please22:20
knomeslickymaster, tell me22:20
slickymasterwhich is to enable the automatic translations for this series22:20
slickymasteras you're at that22:20
slickymasterit's the early bird22:20
slickymasterjust saying so none of us forget that at it falls into oblivion through all the cycle22:21
slickymasterbut if you think it's too early, no problem22:22
knomei requested a one-time import for the templates and translation files22:22
knomeand have set up automatic import for those22:22
knomebut not automatic export back to branch (yet) because we really don't need that now22:22
slickymasterthanks knome 22:23
knomethat ought to be updated in some time22:23
knomeit still says vivid is the suggested target22:23
slickymasterand I want to start to address the ubiquity translations issue next week22:23
slickymasterbut I'll be naging you about it before doing it22:24
knomethen it has to be wednesday or later next week22:24
slickymasterlater next week, after your vacation22:25
knomewednesday is fine, i'm about on the afternoon or sth once i've got up from the bed22:25
knomewe're landing at 00:30am wed, so depending how long it takes to get the luggage out and the taxi home, i *might* even boot up some machine then22:26
knome(local time, that is, so 21:30UTC tuesday)22:26
slickymasterwell, there won't be no jet lag22:28
knomegreat, now the page updated22:31
knomenow wily is the translation focus22:31
knomegosh, i need a new, super tiny wallet22:32
slickymasterwhat for? to carry less money?22:33
slickymasterthat's odd knome 22:50
slickymasterI'm getting this when trying to edit the changelog22:51
slickymasterdch -e22:51
slickymasterparsechangelog/debian: warning:     debian/changelog(l8): found start of entry where expected more change data or trailer22:51
slickymasterLINE: xubuntu-docs (15.04.2) vivid; urgency=medium22:51
slickymasterparsechangelog/debian: warning:     debian/changelog(l8): found eof where expected more change data or trailer22:51
slickymasterdch: fatal error at line 667:22:51
slickymasterNo maintainer in changelog!22:51
knomeask Unit193 22:51
slickymasterI think I know what the problem is22:52
slickymasterlack of empty lines at start and end of the file22:52
Unit193There's only one space.22:53
Unit193slickymaster: Also, that's not released, don't call it wily.  Call it UNRELEASED.22:53
slickymasterok Unit193 22:54
slickymasterthought it was another issue tbh22:55
Unit193knome, ochosi, bluesabre: https://code.launchpad.net/xubuntu-default-settings - https://code.launchpad.net/xubuntu-artwork22:55
Unit193knome: Can you add a series for utopic?  https://code.launchpad.net/xubuntu-docs/22:56
slickymasterUnit193, do you want me to add the utopic series?23:07
Unit193Would be good for someone to, I believe.23:07
slickymasterUnit193, done. Please ckeck to confirm23:17
Unit193slickymaster: Yep!  Danke.23:18
slickymastersure, np23:18

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