nicklas_hello, anyone knows why ubuntu extras repos isnt available for (*)buntu 15.04?00:21
Unit193nicklas_: Because it only really caused issues and wasn't really used.00:35
nicklas_Unit193: so it wont come back/show, come for 15.04 at all? i dont need to wait for it?00:36
Unit193Nope, just remove it.  Partner is the useful repo.00:37
nicklas_ok cool00:38
nicklas_ive been waiting for it to show up on sources list generator, so i can start working on my fresh 15.04 install00:39
nicklas_Unit193: thanks alot for your answer, saved me alot of unneccesary waiting00:39
Unit193Hah, sure thing.00:39
nicklas_bedtime, babaj00:45
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packetprophettrying to install xubutu 1512:50
packetprophetwhen i go to install it it hangs on the circly thing that spins12:50
packetprophetand i stop hearing the dvd rom12:50
packetpropheti ran the disk checker with no errors12:50
packetpropheti deisabled secure boot12:50
packetprophetinstalling wih uefi12:50
packetprophetenabled the cpm12:50
packetprophetin bios12:50
packetprophetmachine is currently windows 8.1 if that matters12:51
packetpropheton an asus laptop412:51
packetprophetalso turned fastboot off12:51
GridCubefor some reason after upgrading to 15.04 xfdesktop wasnt loading with the system, launching it from a terminal seems to have fixed the issue, but i dont know if that will be the case after a reboot :P we weill have to see15:14
krytarikGridCube: Clear saved sessions.15:18
Finetundrahow would one reinstall libvncserver?15:20
GridCubesudo apt-get install libvncsercer --reinstall ?15:20
FinetundraE: Unable to locate package libvncserver15:21
GridCube!find libvncserver15:21
ubottuFound: libvncserver-config, libvncserver-dev, libvncserver0, libvncserver0-dbg15:21
GridCube!info libvncserver015:22
ubottulibvncserver0 (source: libvncserver): API to write one's own vnc server. In component main, is optional. Version 0.9.9+dfsg-6.1 (vivid), package size 123 kB, installed size 384 kB15:22
Finetundrawhat is the prupose of adding that useless 0?15:22
GridCubei dont know im not a developer15:22
GridCubeits is what ever the devs want it to be15:23
Finetundrayou've got a point15:23
GridCubeim actually more like a blob, but thanks15:24
Finetundragonna reboot15:24
FinetundraGridCube: it seems to have worked so oyu have my thanks15:31
lwizardlwhere are the settings to change the keyboard bindings for extra buttons on keyboards. such as media controls, etc17:11
Luminoushow do I configure the settings regarding when the computer turns off/hibernates/logs out when not in use?17:19
krytarikContraband_Onion: Using different nicks doesn't help. :)17:22
krytarikAlso, hi.17:23
Contraband_Onionwell, it helped me to answer a question I had17:24
Contraband_Onionabout whether or not I was logged in17:24
Luminousso, do you know how to change when the computer logs out?17:26
dreamonhello there. coming from gnome, mate, cinnamon.. but now I installed xfce. It worked fine. (one day) today I tried to reboot and only mousepointer is left and a little dot in the left upper corner.17:26
krytarikLuminous: You mean lock the screen? What version are using then?17:27
krytarikdreamon: How does the Guest session work?17:30
dreamonIt try..17:31
AldebaranExplain how to get into tty. click Alt+Ctrl+F1 there is a black screen!17:31
Luminouskrytarik: Yes, the lock screen. Version 14.04.2 LTS17:32
krytarikLuminous: Alright, then try "Settings Manager → Light Locker Settings".17:33
Luminouskrytarik: thanks.17:34
dreamonkrytarik, guest works fine17:38
krytarikdreamon: Try clearing any saved sessions - "Settings Manager → Session and Startup → Session → Clear saved sessions".17:40
dreamonkrytarik, how can I do.. I have no kind of menus, bars, no terminal during xfce session.17:41
krytarikHeh, alright. :D17:41
krytarikdreamon: Then log out, switch to a tty with Ctrl+Alt+F1, log in there, "rm ~/.cache/sessions/*", log out, switch back to login screen with Ctrl+Alt+F7.17:43
dreamonkrytarik, No sorry. still the same.18:07
dreamonafter starting xfce .. went to tty1 and saw, there some xfce parts running..18:08
krytarikdreamon: Try resetting the display config using the same way: "~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/displays.xml".18:09
dreamonkrytarik, delete anything inside ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/* ??18:15
dreamonthere is no displays.xml18:16
krytarikOh well then.18:16
krytarikdreamon: Do you see any relevant error messages in "~/.xsession-errors"?18:19
dreamonkrytarik, its a short list .. no errors18:21
dreamoncan I reset xfce, I have nothing special to loos. I only configured yesterday first time. Was so happy with it. next da I rebooted an, got this problem ..18:22
krytarikdreamon: That'd be what you referred to just before - I'd just move it though.18:25
dreamonkrytarik, sorry. english is not my main language.. what does it mean "I'd just move it though"18:34
krytarikdreamon: Not delete, just rename or move it someplace else.18:38
dreamonwhich folder? "~/.config/xfce4 ?18:40
dreamonkrytarik, Ok, renamed ~/.cache/xfce4 .. now it works!!18:51
krytarikdreamon: Nice. :)18:53
dreamonkrytarik, Thank you very much18:54
dreamonkrytarik, Is it possible to find a easy theme to install. I think xfce imports some stuff out of gnome.. is this right?19:03
krytarikdreamon: It's GTK+ theme + Xfwm4 theme.19:14
dreamonwhere can I change it, and see what does it change? I rebooted 100 times..19:15
KW4HKanyone know if mint-x theme work with xubuntu 15.04?19:18
KW4HKdreamon: have you tried settings -> appearance?19:19
dreamonKW4HK, yes I did. therefore I have a black background and kannt set it back.. strange thing19:25
lieberhello guys! I wrote a screensaver/blank inhibitor and tested on my xfce 4.12, seems perfectly fine. If anyone could give it a shot and send me some feedback, I would be pleased, thank you very much -- https://github.com/liebermd/blank-inhibitor19:38
brainwashlieber: advertising..19:39
brainwashKW4HK: it only takes some seconds to test if the theme works, no need to ask if anyone tested a specific theme19:41
Aldebaranhow to open the console in 15.04 ???19:46
brainwashAldebaran: how did you open it in previous releases?19:46
baizonAldebaran: i dont understand this question?19:46
Aldebaranhow to get into tty1-6 ?19:48
AldebaranI have there a black screen19:48
bazhangctrol alt f1, f7 to get back19:50
AldebaranI have there a black screen jast19:51
bazhangwhich one19:51
baizonAldebaran: ctrl +F1 and then press a key19:52
baizonAldebaran: then a login text should appear19:52
bazhangwhy not use a regular terminal19:52
brainwashbazhang: why not focus on his actual problem?19:53
brainwashtty's not being spawned19:53
Aldebaranblack screen there and nothing happens19:54
brainwashAldebaran: did you tweak any systemd related config files?19:56
Aldebarannot the carriage of any invitation or greeting or login19:57
brainwashwhat does the command "journalctl -u getty@tty1.service" return?19:57
AldebaranNo configuration files I did not touch, it can be associated with a video driver19:58
brainwashmmh, did it work initially after upgrading to 15.04? and did you install a driver for your graphics card?20:04
bazhangapologies brainwash20:05
Aldebaranso I installed the driver separately from the repository, system set to zero20:06
Aldebarandont update20:06
brainwashdid it work properly before installing the driver?20:07
Aldebarandont upgrade20:07
brainwashyou said that "it can be associated with a video driver"20:08
AldebaranI unchecked, the native driver was bad and I immediately put the other20:08
brainwashand the other one triggers the black screen?20:09
AldebaranWhat about the driver I just assumed ...20:09
Aldebaranshould be checked, check it now!20:10
brainwashbut it's likely that the driver is the cause20:10
brainwashaccording to journalctl, tty1 was spawned and it appeared to be functional20:10
brainwashbut it was not visible (black screen)20:11
brainwash-> video issue20:11
AldebaranI goin check it20:12
Aldebaran5 sec20:12
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AldebaranYes, the whole thing turned into a video driver for AMD\ATI20:27
brainwashAldebaran: did you manage to fix it?20:28
AldebaranNow I try to boot from fglrx-update version of the driver20:30
AldebaranUnfortunately no, I could not fix the problem, sitting without TTY20:35

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