Etriaphvalorie: Nomination received.01:43
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valorieEtriaph: I figured I better get that done before I leave for a week05:00
valorieprobably no IRC until I return from CT05:00
EtriaphProbably a good idea :D05:00
EtriaphTaking a vacation?05:00
valoriegoing to see my youngest graduate from college05:01
valoriedidn't get to see them at all last year, so the visit is long overdue05:01
EtriaphAre you driving or flying cross country?05:02
valorieoh, flying05:05
valorieI wish I had time to drive, but not this year05:05
valorienot while my husband is off hiking for six months05:06
valorieperhaps when he decides, (and I know he will) to hike the Appalachian Trail05:07
MirvRiddell: too late for me at the time of your ping05:30
soeegood morning06:52
lordievaderHey soee 07:01
sitterpatch parser is broken again07:07
ovidiu-florinwe ship with python-svn version 1.7.8. Latest is
ovidiu-florinif I can't find it here: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports/+packages?field.name_filter=python&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=vivid it means we don't have it packaged?07:33
ovidiu-florinor should I look somewere else?07:33
ovidiu-florinalso http://packages.ubuntu.com/vivid/amd64/python-svn/filelist only adds the libs for python 2.7, they are also for python 307:35
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sitterwe do not maintain python-svn07:41
viphello there09:25
vipany english native speaker here? I need the word for describing somebody, who issues commercial invoice09:25
soeevip try #english09:41
RiddellI can't think of a word it's probably just a finance or billing dept in most places09:49
soeegood morning sgclark11:26
sitterapparentely I missed UOS11:54
sitterRiddell: you should have rang to remind me :P11:54
sitteralthough I was actually already in bed, hadn't had too much sleep the night before11:54
sgclarkme either11:55
sittersgclark: the hard hours of CI folk, eh? ^511:55
sgclarkmost everything we went over is in the trello board11:55
sgclarksitter: yah omg11:55
sgclarksitter: btw how is docker working for you since the switch to systemd, I can no longer get anything to work11:56
sittersgclark: we are running LTS on our servers11:59
sitterthough I haven't noticed any problems on my workspace either11:59
sittersgclark: why are you not running 14.04 for the host?11:59
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sgclarkbecause it was my local machine lol12:00
sitterah xD12:00
sgclarkgonna have to sort out systemd eventually anyway, will keep trying12:00
sitteryeah, it doesn't actually start my docker on boot, and I can't be bothered to figure out why xD12:01
ScottKovidiu-florin: pysvn is team maintained in Debian.  We can probably get it updated there and it'll sync into Ubuntu (but not today, I'm about to leave).12:03
BluesKajHowdy folks12:14
Riddell"Myriam Schweingruber (myriam) renewed their own membership in the Kubuntu Members (kubuntu-members) team until 2016-05-12" yay Mamarok still loves us!12:35
seaLnethe lwn subscription keeps them coming back ;-)12:39
MamarokRiddell: very unlikely I will ever stop loving you folks :)12:46
Mamarokremember: I use Kubuntu since its existence12:47
RiddellSick_Rimmit: ovidiu-florin 151 views, not bad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFwAAjutC_013:31
Riddellmparillo: maybe a wire post with that video embedded and linked? ↑13:32
DarkwingSorry I missed the session last night, was it recorded anywhere? 13:34
RiddellDarkwing: kickoff meeting at http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1505/meeting/22508/kubuntu-kickoff/ but that video will be super boring it's just us going over the trello items, you'd be better off just looking at the 15.10 trello board13:37
Riddelland plasma 5 demo at http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1505/meeting/22517/plasma-5-demo/13:37
DarkwingLol okay. 13:37
DarkwingI'm sticking with Kubuntu 15.04 for its hidpi support. 13:39
DarkwingAs far as I understand the uniformed scaling (fonts and icons) this is a X11 issue more than a qt/plasma/KDE one. 13:40
RiddellDarkwing: Plasma 5.3 has some hidpi support, next august applications and plasma releases will be perfect or at least so david says13:44
DarkwingAs long as we keep in mind that there are varying levels for scale. 13:45
DarkwingGnome messed up with the "just double everything" 13:45
Riddellqt is much better than that13:45
DarkwingUnity is honestly currently the best with support. 13:46
DarkwingBut, it's bloody ugly compared to kde13:46
shadeslayerRiddell: till i get a 4K display13:52
shadeslayerand then everything will be screwed again :p13:52
mparilloRiddell: On it. Good work Sick_Rimmit and ovidiu-florin.14:22
geniiI'm curious if this new thing of holding videoconference meetings with the public invited to watch will become a regular thing.14:34
sitterhm? it's been a thing for years14:36
geniisitter: Yesterday was the first I became aware of it, then. I like the idea, helps people to understand what's being done by who, what kind of constraints they are under like workload or school, etc, and puts faces to the names.14:38
* ricktimmis Doh! must of left Sick_Rimmit logged in at home14:39
sitterghost him!14:39
* sitter never actually ghosted an actually connected client14:40
sittergenii: we just didn't do it as we had mumble calls on a different schedule14:40
* genii makes more coffee and contemplates14:41
ricktimmisThis is my new shiny install of 15.04 Vivid, for my work machine, I traded in my Plasma 5 Tech Preview14:42
* ricktimmis is happy boy!!14:42
sitterkubotu: order tea14:45
* kubotu gives sitter a nice hot cup of tea.14:45
sitterkubotu: not that kind14:45
* sitter smacks kubotu14:45
sitterhttp://i.imgur.com/92Esu5Y.jpg ovidiu-florinception that is ^^14:47
ovidiu-florinRiddell: 273 views now :D16:18
ovidiu-florinRiddell: I'll write a post for my blog this evening, maybe it can be used for wire16:18
geniiI hope whoever is supposed to "find out what the hell snappy is"  is watching the uos feed :)16:34
BluesKajgenii, yeah, I found the explanation understandable, but how it's going to be implemented is confusing16:37
geniiYes, not like PPA16:38
BluesKajor a repos16:40
BluesKaja proper repository that is16:40
Riddellhi ranveeraggarwal, ready to learn some packaging?16:41
ranveeraggarwalRiddell: sure16:42
Riddellranveeraggarwal: ssh ubuntu@ec2-54-166-50-80.compute-1.amazonaws.com16:42
Riddellranveeraggarwal:  in mnt16:42
Riddellmake a directory called current16:43
Riddelland another one called new16:43
Riddellranveeraggarwal: in ~/mnt16:43
Riddell(which is just the large hard disk you get along with an ec2)16:43
ranveeraggarwalRiddell: done16:44
Riddellranveeraggarwal: in current  use  apt-get source packagekit16:44
Riddellto download the current stuff16:44
Riddelland check on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/packagekit-qt that it really is the latest16:44
Riddellranveeraggarwal: now just to complicate life I see Debian has a newer version and we have diverged from them somewhat https://packages.debian.org/src:packagekit16:45
Riddellfor simplicity we'll ignore it for now16:45
Riddellbut maybe it we get problems we'll need to merge in debian's changes16:45
Riddellranveeraggarwal: in the new/ directory download the latest upstream tar16:45
ranveeraggarwalI see. Debian indeed has newer versions of both packagekit and packagekit-qt16:46
Riddellranveeraggarwal: but there's changes in ubuntu so we can't just take the debian version alas16:47
Riddellranveeraggarwal: with tar you can miss out the J compression method, it'll work it out when uncompressing these days16:48
Riddellranveeraggarwal: rename the tar file to follow the same pattern as the one in the current/ directory16:48
ranveeraggarwalRiddell: What pattern?16:50
Riddellranveeraggarwal: I should have explained, you'll see in the current/ directory the current source "package" which is made up of 3 files, .orig.tar, debian.tar and .dsc16:50
Riddellthe .orig.tar is the upstream source16:50
Riddellthe debian.tar has the files that describe how to make the package16:50
Riddelland the .dsc is some metadata with checksums etc16:50
Riddellpackagekit_0.8.17.orig.tar.xz is the pattern needed for the name16:51
Riddelllowercase underscore .orig16:51
ranveeraggarwalokay, got it16:51
Riddelljust a rename from upstream's naming format for the file16:51
Riddellranveeraggarwal: mv the PackageKit-1.0.6.tar.xz file not the directory16:52
Riddelltoo late! :)16:52
ranveeraggarwalAh! My bad16:52
Riddelloh now you messed up :)16:52
Riddellrm -r and start again16:52
ranveeraggarwalRiddell: Is is fine now?16:55
Riddellranveeraggarwal: lovely, now inside that source directory copy the debian/ directory from the current package16:55
Riddellthat debian.tar contains a debian/ directory with some files that get extracted into the source16:56
Riddellso uncompress it and mv the debian/ directory into the sources16:56
Riddellthis is a pretty complex package :(16:57
Riddellcd into the sources16:57
Riddellranveeraggarwal: which editor do you like?16:57
ranveeraggarwalRiddell: I generally use sublime text, but I'm fine vim16:57
Riddellyep we have that installed16:58
Riddellexport EDITOR=vim16:58
Riddelland run  dch -i  and it'll open an editor with a changelog template to add16:58
Riddellranveeraggarwal: change the version number on the first line to the right one16:59
Riddellwith -0ubuntu1 on the end16:59
Riddelladd a 1 line description of what's changed16:59
Riddelland fix the name and e-mail16:59
Riddellranveeraggarwal:  1.0.0 -> 1.0.617:00
Riddelluh oh what happened!?17:00
ranveeraggarwalI think I pressed a wrong key. Just undo-ed it17:01
Riddellphew :)17:01
Riddellfix name and e-mail17:01
ranveeraggarwalDo I put mine in there?17:01
Riddelllovely save and quit17:02
Riddellranveeraggarwal: check that debian/changelog has updated17:03
Riddelllooks good17:03
Riddellhave a look in debian/ and see what's in there17:03
Riddellso aye, a complex package17:04
Riddellthe .install files list the files that will go into each .deb that gets made17:04
Riddellrules is a makefile to describe how to compile the package17:04
ranveeraggarwalSo is there someplace I can gt to know what all those files do?17:04
Riddelland control is the list of .debs that get made17:05
Riddelllots of places, none of them great17:05
Riddellhttps://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/maint-guide/dreq.en.html for example17:05
Riddellthe patches/ directory will contain patches that we add to the upstream source17:05
Riddellany questions?17:06
ranveeraggarwalWell, I get the high level overview, I'll explore the debian/ folder deeper later17:07
ranveeraggarwalRiddell: What's next?17:08
Riddellwe need to work out what patches are still useful17:08
Riddellwe use a tool called quilt to manage the patches17:09
Riddelllook in patches/ to see what's there17:09
Riddelland from the top source directory run  quilt push to see if the first one applies17:09
Riddellyay, 1 down :)17:10
Riddelldo it again17:10
Riddelloh well17:10
Riddellit couldn't last17:10
Riddelllet me have a look17:10
ranveeraggarwalRiddell: What exactly is happening there? Where are we pushing the patches to?17:10
Riddellranveeraggarwal: they're patches to the source from the upstream tar17:11
Riddelle.g. this one wants to edit the /etc/packagekit.conf file17:11
Riddellbut it doesn't seem to exist in this new version17:11
Riddellquilt push just applies them to the source17:11
ranveeraggarwalOh, so that means, that patch got lost somewhere in between v0.8.17 and v1.0.6. Is that so?17:12
Riddellthe file that patch applies to got lost17:12
Riddellso for now lets just remove the patch17:12
Riddelledit debian/patches/series and comment out the line with the patch name in it17:13
ranveeraggarwalDo I just put a `//` in front of defaults.diff?17:14
Riddellranveeraggarwal: a #17:14
Riddellranveeraggarwal: quilt push17:14
Riddelloh live is cruel17:15
Riddellthis is why patches are evil17:15
Riddellranveeraggarwal: ok so I forced it to apply then I edited the file based on installing the current one and working out what the patch it supposed to do17:20
Riddellranveeraggarwal: this is only for a PPA and not the real archive or I'd take more care but hopefully I got it right17:20
Riddellranveeraggarwal: ok  quilt push again17:20
Riddell"Patch debian/patches/01_changelog-url.patch can be reverse-applied" so that's gone upstream17:21
Riddellranveeraggarwal: comment it out in the series file17:21
Riddellpush push17:22
Riddellranveeraggarwal: another upstreamed, comment it out17:22
Riddellranveeraggarwal: another upstreamed, comment it out17:23
Riddellranveeraggarwal: yep looks like that got upstream although not exactly the same so comment that out too17:24
Riddellcomment it out17:25
Riddellgroovy comment that out too17:26
ranveeraggarwalDamn that latency. I need to get a better internet connection17:26
ranveeraggarwalLooks like it worked out :)17:26
Riddellthe ec2 is in the US, they can probably be set up somewhere closer to you17:27
Riddellranveeraggarwal: ok let's see if it compiles17:27
Riddelldebuild -j2  is the magic command to make the package17:27
Riddell-j2 because we have 2 cores on this machine17:27
Riddellneeds some build-depends packages installed17:28
Riddellthe command to work out what they are is  /usr/lib/pbuilder/pbuilder-sat<tab>17:28
Riddellit has a silly long name17:28
Riddelluse sudo i think17:28
ranveeraggarwalWhat does this do?17:29
Riddellranveeraggarwal: all packages will need other stuff installed to be compiled, those are listed in debian/control 17:30
Riddelland this just installs that list of packages17:30
Riddellgroovy, debuild -j2 again17:31
ranveeraggarwalRiddell: ah! Alright17:31
Riddellranveeraggarwal:  groovy, debuild -j2 again17:32
ranveeraggarwalThe previous command still executing here17:33
Riddellranveeraggarwal: no it's done17:33
ranveeraggarwalRiddell: I think it's taking time to std-out to my terminal 17:34
Riddellranveeraggarwal: has the connection dropped?  can you type stuff in the terminal?17:34
ranveeraggarwalRiddell: Yes, that's it. I'm on a relatively slower internet this week. So even though the process has completed, it's still throwing all its verbose out17:35
Riddellranveeraggarwal: just start a new konsole and ssh in again   ubuntu@ec2-54-166-50-80.compute-1.amazonaws.com17:35
ranveeraggarwalRiddell: Yep, that was the issue, it seems :)17:36
Riddellgroovy, it's compiling17:37
Riddellranveeraggarwal: looks like it all compiled17:38
Riddellnot it's trying to move the files into place for each of the .deb17:38
Riddellwhich is done by the comment dh_install17:38
ranveeraggarwalIt shows some error17:39
Riddelldh_install: cp -a debian/tmp/etc/PackageKit/events/ debian/packagekit//etc/PackageKit/ returne│···················································································································17:39
Riddelld exit code 117:39
Riddelldh_install: cp -a debian/tmp/etc/PackageKit/events/ debian/packagekit//etc/PackageKit/ returned exit code 117:39
Riddellso it's trying to move the etc/PackageKit/events/ directory into place for the packagekit .deb17:40
Riddellbut that directory doesn't exist any more17:40
Riddellso edit debian/packagekit.install and remove the line that lists it17:40
Riddell3rd line17:40
ranveeraggarwalWhat do I put in place of it?17:41
ranveeraggarwalAlright, simply remove17:41
Riddelljust remove17:41
Riddellnow run   dh_install --list-missing17:41
Riddellto see where it breaks now17:41
ranveeraggarwalRiddell: Do I remove that line too?17:42
ranveeraggarwalRiddell: What now?17:44
Riddellranveeraggarwal: did you remove the next one?17:44
Riddellif so run dh_install --list-missing again17:44
ranveeraggarwalSame issue17:45
Riddellyou're getting the hang of this :)17:45
ranveeraggarwalRiddell: Sort of :)17:46
ranveeraggarwalRiddell : <>/pk-debuginfo-install isn't present in the .install file17:48
Riddellranveeraggarwal: "debian/packagekit-tools" it's copying into that other .deb17:49
Riddellso open packagekit-tools.install and edit there17:49
ranveeraggarwalRiddell: What's the issue now?17:55
Riddellranveeraggarwal: lovely, so now we have the opposite problem, new files and we need to work out which .deb to put them instal17:56
Riddellranveeraggarwal: looking at the newer version from debian those files both go into debian/packagekit.install17:56
Riddellso add them there17:57
ranveeraggarwalRiddell: Success!17:58
Riddellranveeraggarwal: debuild -nc17:58
Riddellwill carry on the build  with  no-clear so it doesn't all compile again17:58
Riddellyou don't really need the -j2 here, that's only useful for the compile stage which has already been done17:59
ranveeraggarwalRiddell: Oh alright17:59
Riddellhmm some scary warnings about unresolvable symbole there17:59
Riddellit's done!18:00
Riddellso you should now have a bunch of .deb packages in the directory above ..18:00
ranveeraggarwalRiddell: Yep!18:00
Riddellon your launchpad page https://launchpad.net/~ranveeraggarwal  click create a PPA18:01
Riddelland fill in the form18:01
Riddellthen we can upload this to the PPA18:01
ranveeraggarwalRiddell: Done18:02
Riddellranveeraggarwal: do you have gpg keys?18:02
ranveeraggarwalRiddell: Nope, what are those?18:02
Riddellgpg keys are ecryption keys for pgp encryption and signing18:03
Riddellpackages needs to be signed so that launchpad knows they come from you when you upload them18:03
ranveeraggarwalOh, so do I create one on my local machine?18:04
Riddellranveeraggarwal: yep18:05
Riddellgpg --gen-key18:05
Riddelland follow the defaults18:05
Riddelllike I just did on the ec2 server18:05
ranveeraggarwalAlright, key generated. What to do now?18:10
Riddellsee step 12 https://help.launchpad.net/YourAccount/ImportingYourPGPKey#Importing_your_key_into_Launchpad_with_gpg18:11
Riddelljust above that18:11
Riddellthat'll send it to the keyserver18:11
Riddellit will have made files in ~/.gnupg and just like ssh there's a public part you can spread around and a private part you can never let anyone access18:12
Riddellso don't put it on this shared ec2 for example18:12
Riddellranveeraggarwal: I need to leave shortly so I've made the source package with  debuild -S  and signed it from my computer with  debsign -kjriddell@ubuntu.com -r ubuntu@ec2-54-166-50-80.compute-1.amazonaws.com:mnt/new/packagekit_1.0.6-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.04~ppa1_source.changes18:16
Riddelland uploaded it to my ppa with   dput -u ppa:jr/ppa packagekit_1.0.6-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.04~ppa1_source.changes18:16
Riddellyou can try and do the same 18:17
ranveeraggarwalRiddell: Alright, I'm mostly done. Just waiting for the Email verification18:18
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sick_rimmitEllo me lovelies :-)18:33
ranveeraggarwalRiddell: I signed it, but it says it has already been uploaded to ppa18:37
ahoneybunsick_rimmit: rick?18:47
sick_rimmitahoneybun: Hey18:48
sick_rimmitahoneybun: Yes thats me18:48
ahoneybunpretty crazy yesterday lol18:48
EtriaphScottK: I was having the issue with Dolphin regarding places, and I'm trying to install kde-baseapps from vivid-proposed, but it doesn't seem to be one of the packages I can update.18:54
EtriaphScottK: Riddell sent me a link to it suggesting that I try out the proposed package, just looking for some direction18:54
BluesKajdolphin places doen't accept added folders either network or others ..so far at least18:55
EtriaphBluesKaj: Someone has fixed this upstream, the bug on bko is resolved18:56
sick_rimmitahoneybun: Hey it was fun, and I think we made a jolly good show of it :-)18:56
Etriaphsick_rimmit: ahoneybun, I would love to see some use cases for productivity put forward as some interactive web seminars.18:57
sick_rimmitEtriaph: Funny you should mention that, I'm just working on the very medium for said thing18:58
Etriaphsick_rimmit: Excellent.  Any chance I can put forward a couple of topics I think would draw people to the community?18:58
sick_rimmitEtriaph: Absolutely!! That would be Ace! - Can you hold them on ice for a few days, whilst I get all the stuff setup, then you'll have a place to post them.19:00
Etriaphsick_rimmit: Yup, just let me know when you're ready.  :D19:01
EtriaphBluesKaj: https://bugs.launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts/+bug/1422469 is the bug I was talking about (lp version)19:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1422469 in kio (Ubuntu Wily) "Dolphin won't keep the folder shortcuts on Kubuntu 15.04 with Plasma 5." [Medium,Confirmed]19:01
sick_rimmitEtriaph: Perfect, I will announce here, there and everywhere. But I will make sure you know19:02
EtriaphBluesKaj: There's a patch, but I can't get it in proposed.19:02
Etriaphsick_rimmit: I'll query my email if you don't mind.19:02
sick_rimmitEtriaph: Sure, I will post it the mailing list19:03
Etriaphsick_rimmit: Or if you're tossing it in kubuntu-devel list I'll wait on that.19:03
EtriaphPerfect :D19:03
BluesKajEtriaph, thanks, think I'll wait ...proposed is bit dangerous 19:03
EtriaphBluesKaj: Yes, which is why I haven't updated anything, but kde-baseapps was supposed to have an update in there (according to the notes on the bug) but doesn't, just a bit confused based on ScottK's note19:04
BluesKajEtriaph, np, I'm on early days here on 15,10 Wily and my backup OS is 15.04 on a different HDD, so there' no big hurry 19:06
yofelEtriaph: vivid proposed has kde-baseapps 4:14.12.3-0ubuntu3.1, what do you have?19:06
Etriaphyofel: Nothing as far as I can see from the updates available.19:07
yofelmirror might be out of date then19:07
Etriaphkde-baseapps isn't included19:07
EtriaphAh, OK19:07
EtriaphHey soee19:40
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ovidiu-florinsick_rimmit: are you here?19:58
ovidiu-florinRiddell: are you here?19:58
debfxSput: is there a particular reason why quassel exchanges its build date in the handshake?20:08
EtriaphRiddell is away until next week sometime.20:09
EtriaphSo is valorie20:09
sick_rimmitovidiu-florin: Yes, just back from Fish n Chip shop20:11
aaron__o/ prth20:18
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=== ahoneyun is now known as ahoneybun
prthahoneybun, \o20:20
Sputdebfx: I think purely for the core info dialog20:24
EtriaphWho manages Kubuntu Wire?20:25
Etriaphhttp://wire.kubuntu.org/?p=319&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter left a comment regarding no annotation for ahoneybun being in the video.20:26
ahoneybunthanks Etriaph20:27
Etriaphahoneybun: Going to try to get them to change it though if I can find who manages it :D20:27
* ahoneybun thinks Riddell20:27
ahoneybunat least have access20:28
EtriaphMarco Parillo?20:28
EtriaphHe posted it I think20:28
yofelmparillo: ^20:29
Etriaphmparillo: http://wire.kubuntu.org/?p=319&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter can you update this with ahoneybun added to the list of presenters in the video?20:29
debfxSput: are you strongly attached to that feature? :)  embedding the build timestamp it makes it impossible to create reproducible builds20:29
yofelhow about making that local-build-only? Unless you compile yourself that's really not of much value20:31
sick_rimmitmparillo: If you do edit it could you change my name to Rick Timmis - my realname20:31
Sputdebfx: not necessarily20:32
Sputdebfx: however changing this in the current protocol might be annoying20:32
debfxSput: for compatibility new clients could just send a dummy date20:34
ovidiu-florinsick_rimmit: I'm searching for a verb in english20:43
sick_rimmitovidiu-florin: Hi20:43
ovidiu-florinhow do you call what you did yesterday at the session?20:43
sick_rimmitovidiu-florin: I was the "Show Host"20:44
ovidiu-florincan you put that in a verb?20:44
sick_rimmitovidiu-florin: In US they call this the Anchor20:44
BluesKajpresenter ?20:44
ovidiu-florinthe session was (verb) by Rick20:44
sick_rimmitthe session was hosted by Rick20:45
EtriaphWho would be the best person to talk to regarding xdg issues?20:45
ovidiu-florinthat work makes me think that only Rick was part of that presentation20:45
Etriaph(Trying to support a user on the mailing list)20:45
sick_rimmitOK try this20:45
sick_rimmitPlasma 5 demo Hangout hosted by Rick, with co presenters Aaron and Ovidiu20:46
sick_rimmitOr ...20:46
sick_rimmithosted by kubuntu members Aaron, Ovidiu, and Rick20:47
ovidiu-florinsick_rimmit: this is my sentence: "The session was (verb) by Rick, who made sure we keep on track and don't exceed our allocated time frame."20:48
sick_rimmitAh ok...20:48
ovidiu-florinI think that's the verb I'm looking for20:49
sick_rimmitThe noun is Chairman20:49
sick_rimmitthe verb is Chaired20:49
ovidiu-florinok, thank you20:49
sick_rimmitAdjective Chairing20:49
mparilloI will add ahoneybun and change to  Rick Timmis 20:50
ahoneybunthanks mparillo20:50
EtriaphChaired is past-tense, can it be a verb?20:50
sick_rimmitmparillo: Oh thank you thats excellent20:50
ovidiu-florinwhat are you talking about?20:50
sick_rimmitOr you could say20:50
sick_rimmitNah.. leave it, indeed the written piece is referring the the past, so the tense is correct20:51
EtriaphFun with grammar :D20:51
ovidiu-florinI'll ask for your feedback in a moment20:53
mparilloahoneybun: Do you prefer your nick?20:53
ahoneybunum... name would be more professional maybe 'Aaron Honeycutt (ahoneybun)" ?20:54
mparilloDone. Sorry to have omitted you.20:55
ahoneybunmparillo: its no problem :)20:55
sick_rimmitovidiu-florin: Your GMT+2 right ?20:55
ovidiu-florinsometimes I'm +320:55
ovidiu-florinI'm confused about that20:55
sick_rimmitahoneybun: What time are you relative to GMT please ?20:56
ahoneybunum not sure20:56
ahoneybunI'm in New York timezone20:56
sick_rimmitOK what about UTC20:56
ovidiu-florinUTC+3 now20:56
ovidiu-florinsick_rimmit: I meant UTC, I have no idea about GMT20:56
sick_rimmitGreat, I like UTC, or Swatch @beats20:57
sick_rimmitThere's a surprise coming to you boys in a few minutes20:58
ovidiu-florinwhere and from where?20:58
* ahoneybun is scared21:00
ovidiu-florinI'm searching for a featured image for my blog post, any recomendations?21:00
ahoneybunmaybe the 15.04 mascot logo?21:01
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: 21:01
ovidiu-florinwe have one???//21:01
ovidiu-florinfor kubuntu?21:02
ahoneybunwell not at the moment21:02
ahoneybunI have some svg files for the new mascot21:02
ahoneybunI can change the color to blue maybe21:02
Riddellhi ovidiu-florin21:03
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: can you show it to me? like it is now21:03
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: I sent you a link to my gdrive that has the files21:04
ahoneybunyou can give me the size you need as well if you wish21:06
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: ^21:06
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: no21:08
sick_rimmitovidiu-florin: ahoneybun You ready :-)21:10
* ovidiu-florin is terrified21:10
ahoneybunsick_rimmit: never are21:10
* ovidiu-florin is listening to his horrible english from the presentation from yesterday21:11
sick_rimmitovidiu-florin: You're being very silly, your English is excellent, better than some English folks21:13
ovidiu-florinyeah... I've said: "here is the elements".....21:13
ovidiu-florinI was thinking of list of elements....21:13
ovidiu-florinbut the wrong thing came out21:13
* Etriaph is a very good writer, if you're looking for someone to proofread21:14
ovidiu-florinEtriaph: yes21:14
ovidiu-florinin a monent21:14
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: nerves, not bad english21:15
ovidiu-florinRiddell sick_rimmit Etriaph ahoneybun proofread please: http://ovidiu.geekaliens.com/en/2015/05/07/plasma-5-and-kf5-demo-at-uos-2015/21:18
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: https://imgur.com/ypWB62j21:19
Etriaphovidiu-florin: "didn't exceed"21:19
Etriaph3rd para21:19
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: that looks like a devil, I don't like it, sorry21:19
sick_rimmitovidiu-florin: The session was chaired by Rick, who made sure we kept on track and don’t exceed  <-  Change don't for didn't ( means did not )21:20
ovidiu-florinEtriaph: thanks21:20
sick_rimmitSorry I didn't see Etriaph already got that21:21
ovidiu-florinjust changed that, not published yet21:21
Etriaph"After that I’ve started talking about what is KDE" should be "After describing what KDE is"21:21
ovidiu-florinEtriaph: I dissagree21:22
Etriaph"a bit of how it is organized" -> "a bit about how it is organized"21:22
ovidiu-florinI'm reffering to the fact that after the introduction I've started my presentation21:22
Etriaphovidiu-florin: It's gramatically incorrect, I'm adjusting it :D21:22
ovidiu-florin<Etriaph> "After that I’ve started talking about what is KDE" should be "After describing what KDE is", the 2 reffer to two different times21:23
sick_rimmitovidiu-florin: ahoneybun Check your G+21:23
Etriaph"After that I’ve started talking about what is KDE, what it consists of, a bit of how it is organized and the migration from KDE SC 4 to KDE Frameworks 5." -> "After that, we discussed what KDE is, what it consists of and a bit about how it is organized followed by the migration from KDE SC 4 to KDE Frameworks 5"21:23
EtriaphThat's how I would have phrased that paragraph.21:24
ovidiu-florinsick_rimmit: when is that? it show's me that it will be 2 hours ago21:25
ovidiu-florinEtriaph: I agree, but it wasn't a discussion, it was a presentation21:25
sick_rimmitAh no 21:25
sick_rimmitIt's set for June 3rd21:25
sick_rimmitMore G+ stuff coming your way21:26
ovidiu-florinsick_rimmit: are you reffering to : https://plus.google.com/events/cvh050dbgcdjrhbdn3g0us999bc21:26
Etriaphovidiu-florin: Change the we to I, but the rest of the sentence is still the best grammatical format.21:26
ahoneybunI see nothing on G+21:26
sick_rimmitCheck out who just added you to the circle21:27
sick_rimmitAh no https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/112102796730023795852/112102796730023795852/posts21:27
ovidiu-florinEtriaph: how about: "After that, I talked about what KDE is, what it consists of and a bit about how it is organized followed by the migration from KDE SC 4 to KDE Frameworks 5"?21:27
ahoneybunI see21:28
Etriaph"After the presentation, I had a short chat with Rick with respect to planning some screencasts and to go more in depth with these applications as a continuation of my Screencast series (of which I’ll talk about in a future blog post)."21:28
Etriaphovidiu-florin: Yup, that works21:28
ovidiu-florinsick_rimmit: I love it :D21:28
EtriaphOops, omit the "and" after "screencasts"21:28
EtriaphOr.. no "I had a short chat with Rick regarding additional screencasts to dig deeper into these applications as a continuation of my Screencast series"21:30
sick_rimmit\o/ Woo Hoo 21:31
sick_rimmitGlad you like it ovidiu-florin21:31
ScottKEtriaph: See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/EnableProposed and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/PerformingSRUVerification21:31
=== aaron__ is now known as ahoneyun
ovidiu-florinsick_rimmit: I can't do 3rd of june21:33
ovidiu-florinI'm traveling21:33
=== ahoneyun is now known as ahoneybun
ovidiu-florinI'll be back on the 8th21:34
ahoneybunI'll be here21:34
sick_rimmitovidiu-florin: Can you do 10th June ?21:34
EtriaphScottK: I enabled it, there was no update for kde-baseapps21:34
EtriaphScottK: I enabled it in Muon Discover, fyi21:35
ovidiu-florinEtriaph: anything else?21:35
ahoneybunsick_rimmit: ^21:35
Etriaphovidiu-florin: FYI, the rest is excellent.21:35
ovidiu-florinthank you21:35
ScottKEtriaph: It exists:  kde-baseapps | 4:14.12.3-0ubuntu3.1 | vivid-proposed/universe | source, all21:36
ovidiu-florinEtriaph ahoneybun sick_rimmit, now, let's translate it into romanian :D:D21:36
sick_rimmitahoneybun: Can you make 10 June 21:36
EtriaphScottK: OK, let me try this again.21:36
ovidiu-florinsick_rimmit: on which youtube channel will this be hosted?21:36
ahoneybunsick_rimmit: +121:36
sick_rimmitIt has its own21:37
ovidiu-florinsick_rimmit: link please21:37
ahoneybunsick_rimmit: I do have control of the Kubuntu Promo account on G+21:40
EtriaphScottK:  kde-baseapps : Depends: konqueror (>= 4:14.12.3-0ubuntu3.1) but it is not going to be installed21:40
ScottKWhat happens if you try to install konqueror directly?21:41
Etriaphovidiu-florin: You lost me at Romanian21:41
EtriaphScottK: I tried installing it with kde-baseapps21:41
ScottKI know.  Try installing it by itself.21:41
Etriaphsudo apt-get install konqueror/vivid-proposed kde-baseapps/vivid-proposed21:41
EtriaphOK, one sec.21:41
ovidiu-florinsick_rimmit: if the account is not created yet, please let me create it21:42
ahoneybunwait you made a IRC channel too sick_rimmit?21:43
sick_rimmitovidiu-florin: All done21:43
sick_rimmitYes come say hi21:43
EtriaphScottK: OK, seems to have installed, let me see how it goes.21:43
EtriaphThat was interesting.21:50
EtriaphDuring the install plasma crashed.21:50
debfxSput: I've posted https://github.com/quassel/quassel/pull/12721:51
debfxlooks like it's very controversial ^^21:51
SputI wonder if this should maybe a compile-time option exclusively for Debian21:52
Sput(or maybe just a Debian patch)21:54
=== aaron__ is now known as ahoneybun
EtriaphScottK: Now on 4:15.04.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.04~ppa1 for kde-base-apps21:57
Etriapherr... kde-baseapps21:57
ScottKThat's not the right version.21:57
ScottKEtriaph: You need to remove the PPA packages.21:58
debfxreproducible builds is not something only Debian is interested in21:58
ScottKThat's why you can't upgrade to proposes.21:59
ScottKSput: reproducible builds is a really good idea.  Eventually, I think it'll be a foundational security concept.21:59
EtriaphScottK: So I have to remove everything that the proposed repo intends to provide?22:01
* Etriaph hasn't done any formal testing with Ubuntu before.22:01
* ahoneybun is going into Ubuntu Membership Board member mode22:03
ScottKEtriaph: The PPAs have a newer version than is in Ubuntu proper, so an update to the proposed packages is considered a downgrade on your system.  That's why it wasn't working before.22:49
ScottKPPAs and the proposed repos serve different purposes.22:49
EtriaphScottK: Ah, OK22:49
EtriaphSo this is something better tested in a VM?22:49
EtriaphScottK: I would assume there's potential for system instability if I downgraded to those packages?22:53
ScottKThere are no guarantees, but I think it'd be low risk.22:53
EtriaphScottK: How do I mass downgrade to the proposed?22:54
EtriaphScottK: I'm assuming there are deps for kde-baseapps22:54
ScottKThere's a ppa-purge command.22:54
ScottKYou have to install the package though.22:55
EtriaphI have it.22:55
EtriaphScottK: What am I purging?22:55
ScottKAnything that was installed via a PPA.22:55
EtriaphSo including anything from vivid-backports, vivid-updates?22:57
EtriaphScottK: OK, kde-baseapps is at 4:14.12.3-0ubuntu3.123:16
ScottKNo, won't make stuff from vivid-backports or updates go away.  Those aren't PPAs.23:17
ScottKOK.  Now you should be able to test.23:17
EtriaphI did, still not working.23:17
EtriaphDrag & Drop + Manually adding an entry, no Place is saved23:17
ScottKDid you restart your KDE session?23:17
EtriaphUh, nope, give me 2 secs.23:17
EtriaphScottK: Nope, no change.23:20
EtriaphScottK: How do I blow away all of Dolphin's config, start fresh?23:20
ScottKLook in ~/.kde23:20
EtriaphSetting it up again takes minutes for me.23:20
EtriaphNothing in .config or .local?23:20
ScottKNot for KDE4 (which I think Dolphin still is)23:21
EtriaphYup, removed ~/.kde/share/apps/dolphin and ~/.kde/share/config/dolphinrc23:22
EtriaphStill no change.23:22
EtriaphIt can't seem to save ~/.local/share/user-places.xbel; but it reads places saved in other applications, Krita for example23:23
EtriaphI've "worked around" this issue by creating global places in Krita23:23
EtriaphBut I would consider this to be a major feature of Dolphin as many people enjoy contextual file browsing, which is why I've been working hard to report it, and stay on top of the process.23:25
EtriaphScottK: ^ and sorry if my inexperience testing these kinds of bugs has been a hassle.  :D23:26
ScottKNo problem.  Glad to have someone testing.23:26
=== aaron__ is now known as ahoneybun

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