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GunnDawghow can you show hidden files in programs where you "BROWSE" for a directory? ALT + . doesnt work in those windows00:29
GunnDawglike this: http://i.imgur.com/NYcjIKe.png00:32
GunnDawghow can I show hidden files in that "Browse fo Folder" window00:32
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cjwelbornGunnDawg: It depends on the software. Usually it's right-click → show hidden files. But that only works if whoever built the dialog included it. KDE-dialogs do though.02:30
cjwelbornGunnDawg: I mean, not everyone uses the KDE dialogs, and not everyone includes a 'show hidden files' feature.02:30
cjwelbornThis is why I like KDE, they go for consistency across applications. Otherwise, all the apps look different and have different options/shortcuts. Linux is very divided.02:34
DarthFrogGood evening folks.03:07
DarthFrogIn 15.04, where is the Desktop folder?  It's not using my ~/Desktop from 14.10.03:08
EtriaphOh, it may not be the same default..03:09
EtriaphSystem Settings -> Locations -> Desktop path03:09
DarthFrogIf it were, it'd be showing me my 14.10 desktop.03:09
EtriaphI don't remember changing mine and it defaulted to ~/Desktop for me03:09
DarthFrogThanks.  I have a look at it.03:10
DarthFrogI'm having no luck finding Locations in System Settings. :-(03:12
DarthFrogSearch finds no Locations, no Desktop Path.03:14
GunnDawgI've seen it before but for whatever reason I cant find it now. Where is the option to remove the up and down arrow at the bottom of a scroll bar so that it sjust a down arrow?03:32
GunnDawgfound it, nvm03:40
yahyaamy applications don't have root privileges, can anyone help me to configure this in kubuntu 15.04???03:42
GunnDawgyahyaa: are you launching them with sudo?03:42
yahyaawell no i just click the icon and it opens up03:43
yahyaalike for instance i have php installed also but I like to use sublime text to edit my php files but it wont allow sublime text to save to the root folder, it say access denied!03:44
GunnDawgyou need to create the file and save the file using sudo03:44
yahyaaI don't understand, if i create the file in sublime text how would i save it using sudo in the sublime text gui03:47
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XKsI just applied some updates yesterday on kubuntu (security updates) and I today I am unable to boot into gui. sddm seams to be running but blank screen. I can go to the terminal but I am not sure what to do.04:00
madetiXKs: try removing the $HOME/.config folder but you will lose all your settings, like desktop configuration, apps configuration etc.04:06
madetiso you may want to wait for somebody more experienced04:06
madetibut that worked for me, I did have the same problem once04:07
XKs.config will just loose how desktop looks correct?04:07
XKsnot applications installed and etc...04:07
XKswhat about shortcuts on desktop?04:07
phoenixzWith 15.04, yakuake, mysql console suddenly does no longer allow CTRL + arrow left or arrow right to jump over words.. This did work before.. I use this a lot to avoid wasting time with left left left left... So how can I fix this behaviour?04:08
Etriaphyahyaa: #sublimetext04:08
madetiXKs: you will lose app configs like, for kate settings but not kate itself04:09
XKslooking for it :)04:09
GunnDawgspeaking of KATE. Why is the font size like 5 when I run KATE04:09
EtriaphGunnDawg: Well, you can adjust that, but it's odd that it started out that small.04:10
GunnDawgWhich font setting would adjust KATES font size?04:10
EtriaphKate's settings04:11
EtriaphConfigure Kate -> Fonts & Colors I think04:11
GunnDawgthere we are, ok it wasnt 5 it was 9, but still too dang small04:11
XKsnope still blank screen on boot up...04:11
madetiXKs: removed .config folder with -Rf ?04:12
XKsrenaming won't work I guess? :)04:13
XKsI renamed it to .configold04:13
XKsblack screen btw not even logon screen.04:13
madetiXKs: renaming is fine, try removing(or renaming) .cache (in homr folder)04:16
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XKsno luck04:18
madetiXKs: not even login screen?04:20
XKswhen I reboot from terminal it shows starting 219 message (tried systemctl enable sddm.service -f) instruction with no luck.04:21
madetiXKs: try this- restore the config folder (.configold)04:22
madetihope u have it :)04:22
XKsI do :)04:22
GunnDawghow does one turn on HTML or CSS syntax hilighting? I selected HTML via Tools > Hilighting >  Markup but it doesnt seem to work04:25
GunnDawgin KATE04:26
madetiXKs: weird, that worked for me, maybe someone from #plasma can help04:28
hyper_chGunnDawg: save the file as .html or .css04:29
GunnDawghyper_ch: I've done that04:30
GunnDawghyper_ch: it may be working. works with CSS. I guess HTML doesnt have much in the way of syntax colors04:31
hyper_chGunnDawg: http://images.sjau.ch/img/ef009be6.png04:31
GunnDawghyper_ch: I dont see PHP on the list though. Does KATE not support PHP hilighting?04:31
XKsfixed it... darn it! should have tried reinstalling drivers under root in command line... weird that security updates would cause issues there...04:32
XKsactually not that weird :)04:32
GunnDawghyper_ch: so it does have PHP hilighting then?04:32
XKsThanks for your time though madeti. Greatly appreciated!04:32
hyper_chit makes it automagically for me04:32
hyper_chI just oepened a php file04:32
hyper_chalso notice that nice code-mapping bar ;)04:32
GunnDawghyper_ch: yeah I'm not getting PHP hilighting. in the bottom left where yours says HTML (php) mine just says UTF-804:33
madetiXKs: you're welcome, I do hope I didnt aggravate the problem :P04:33
hyper_chI just opened a .php file04:33
XKsnope :)04:34
madetihey you fixed it, nice :)04:34
XKsnot at all. :)  Thanks again! Have a good day/night!04:34
GunnDawghyper_ch: odd. I cannot get the PHP (HTML) to show up in the bottom right with proper PHP hilighting, just says UTF-804:36
hyper_chGunnDawg: what if you select there .php?04:38
GunnDawghyper_ch: under hilighting?04:38
hyper_chno, bottem right04:39
hyper_chwhere it says php04:39
GunnDawgI only see the name of the file and UTF-804:39
GunnDawgfilename.php UTF-8 is all that is there04:39
hyper_chthen you're doing it wrong :)04:40
GunnDawghyper_ch: http://i.imgur.com/uIXVtB6.png04:40
hyper_chmake a new file, save it as .php and then see04:40
GunnDawghyper_ch: done that04:41
hyper_chand there'splenty of highlighting04:41
hyper_chso no idea what you mean04:41
GunnDawgthats not proper PHP syntax hilighting04:41
GunnDawgI dont believe04:41
hyper_chnow I'm curious what proper php syntax highlighting is for you04:41
GunnDawgthats a bit diverted from the issue at hand. Is all hilighting the same?04:42
hyper_chno idea what you mean by is all highlighting the same04:43
GunnDawghmm, not sure how to better word it04:43
GunnDawgI thought it was pretty clear04:43
GunnDawgwhy do they have options to select the different language types for hilighting?04:44
hyper_chtest them out04:45
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GunnDawghyper_ch: oh christ I appologize. I had a huge brain fart the past 5mins04:47
GunnDawgyoure right and things are working as they should, sorry04:47
phoenixzWith 15.04, yakuake, mysql console suddenly does no longer allow CTRL + arrow left or arrow right to jump over words.. This did work before.. I use this a lot to avoid wasting time with left left left left... So how can I fix this behaviour?05:32
gunndawgif I'm trying to create a new "Link to Location" to make a trash icon on my folder view widget what would the url be?06:19
hateballgunndawg: trash:/06:21
soeegood morning06:52
gunndawgThis might be nit picky but using the folder view widget after you click on a folder that folder in the widget box (folder view) stays hilighted/selected until you click a blank space in the widget window it self. Any way around this?07:09
luc4Hello! Anyone experiencing problems with audio on 15.04? I see here that I can get audio only selecting headphones, but I can't have audio only on headphones.07:27
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gunndawgis there a widgets channel where I can ask a "Folder View" widget question at?07:40
meshlogicHello, I just installed Kubuntu 15.04. The GUI looks beautiful, but I want it dark, so I set desktop theme to Breeze Dark. All plasma went dark, but the main Panel keeps light and its icons disappeared. Please how can I set the panel backgroudn to be dark as well? Thank you07:55
meshlogicDoes it mean the Breeze Dark theme is broken when doesn't change the panel background color to dark, but only change icons to white? I even tried to upgrade to KDE 5.3, but the problem remains.08:12
Naphatulis there a known bug with baloo? it's using 100% of one of my cores all the time08:43
hateballNaphatul: Is this a fresh install or a recent upgrade?08:44
hateballIt'll take a while to index everything you've got, initially08:45
Naphatulfresh install of 15.0408:45
Naphatulah no not recent08:45
Naphatulbut not an upgrade08:45
Naphatulinstalled it a few weeks ago and no significant file changes08:45
Naphatuli think it might be getting stuck on a file or something, since once i kill it, it goes away for a while08:48
RtMFNaphatul: baloo and before it, um...wtfever it was called...has always *been* a bit of a known bug08:48
RtMFfor the time being, disable/remove it, but its probably worth looking to see what its up to too -- either strace it, or look at things like fuser/lsof/etc., or...maybe we get lucky and it has good logs?08:49
* RtMF hasn't fought with it lately b/c there's no point on her netbook08:49
lolmausAfter upgrading to 15.04, some of system tray icons are missing, e. g. Skype and Dropbox, though corresponding apps are running. How do i get them back?10:07
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hateballlolmaus: http://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2014/06/where-are-my-systray-icons/ I guess, not using skype nor dropbox10:16
lolmaushateball: what a drag! :(10:29
hateballlolmaus: well it's not exactly new, app devs have had plenty of time to fix their stuff10:30
MoonUnit`from what i can see libappindicator was created by canonical for unity, so shouldn't they be patching code for their debs?10:50
lolmausIs there a canonical guide for setting up SSH Agent in Kubuntu?12:06
BluesKajHowdy folks12:14
cesar_bom dia a todos!!!13:09
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Guest97429sou novo no grupo e no kubuntu e gostaria de uma ajuda...13:10
BluesKaj!pt | Guest9742913:10
ubottuGuest97429: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.13:10
Guest97429estou me certificando em cisco (ccna) e estou com problemas para executar o packettrace no kubuntu 15.04...13:11
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u__hi, when do i know that muon is dead? the cursor keeps spinning, but % stays the same.14:07
u__muon is the software updater by the way :)14:07
BluesKajI'm using muon without a problem, make sure your source mirrors are ok, u__14:10
u__i installed today in the morning with an image from yesterday BluesKaj, i get network traffic. i wonder if it is the full disk encryption + home dir encryption that makes problems14:14
BluesKaju__, , the best method to update your software then is to use apt-get update and upgrade in the konsole14:15
BluesKaju__, not sure about encryption's effects on apps ..no experience with it14:16
u__thanks BluesKaj i will reboot and try to update via konsole14:18
amariHi, does the Intel driver support openGL3.1 compositing?14:21
JunkHunkhello does anybody know how to fix this? http://www.pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=8782514:22
JunkHunkI get that annoying funnel icon instead of the icon I designed for that folder!!!14:22
JunkHunkI tried both placing the icon in /usr/share/icons and  ~/.local/share/icons same results14:23
JunkHunkthe funnel14:23
JunkHunkit only happens for downloads dropbox and images folders14:24
BluesKajamari, yes , it does on my laptop14:25
amariBluesKaj: thanks. I wasn't sure if opengl3.1 was already supported in intel opensource graphics14:26
BluesKajamari, using the i915 driver ? it should by default14:26
amariBluesKaj: How do I check? :D14:27
BluesKajamari, lspci -knn | egrep -A 3 'VGA|3D'14:28
amarithat's it, i915 :)14:29
BluesKajthen OpenGL3.1 is good to go14:29
amariBluesKaj: I asked in the main ubuntu channel, I'll ask here again: Is there any way to install language packages from the terminal? I mean, configure the languages in the terminal the same it is done by the GUI in ubuntu Unity.14:29
BluesKajamari, sorry I have no experience with language packages14:30
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BluesKajgreenik, ??15:00
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zztoplesshi everyone, just wondering if anyone has encountered, in Kubuntu 15.04, the issue where upon restarting all settings seem to be lost (reverting to default)...?16:40
hyper_chwhat do you mean by all settings?16:41
zztoplesswell it's a fresh install, so there's not a huge amount, but one example is my monitor/screen settings.  I run two monitors an everytime i restart it defaults a mirroed setup (in monitor settings I just drag 'monitor 1' across and it reveals 'monitor 0', hit apply and it's fine again)16:44
hyper_chzztopless: that works for me... however, I set the desktop to show folder and my main external monitor always reverted after reboot to that default thingy16:45
zztoplessalso shortcuts ceated in 'places' in Dolphin don't survive a restart of dolphin, let alone a system restart.  I also lose any favourites added to the start menu when restarting16:46
hyper_chwell, Kubuntu Team 5.3 Beta PPA fixes that16:47
hyper_chzztopless: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34517416:47
zztoplesshmm, not on folder view currently (usually would be just haven't got around to setting that up yet since the upgrade)16:47
ubottuKDE bug 345174 in general "[kdelibs] [kdebase-dolphin] Added folders to left panel "Places" disappear" [Minor,Resolved: fixed]16:47
hyper_chas said, kubuntu team 5.3 beta or backport ppa16:48
hyper_chnot sure which one already has the fix16:48
muntrueHello everyone, could someone assist me with a VPN connection. I set everything up but when I click the connect button nothing happens16:50
BluesKajhyper_ch, it's the launchpad kubuntu-backports ppa for plasma 5.316:50
zztoplessmight give 5.3 beta a whirl anyway, I use 15 to do some development, but everything is saved on external drives and it's not that critical anyway16:51
hyper_chisn't that what I said sort of?16:51
hyper_chmuntrue: I use openvpn16:51
hyper_chbut I don't use the network manager to manage them16:51
hyper_chbut to them by config file in /etc/openvpn/16:51
BluesKajzztopless, https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports16:52
muntruehyper_ch still, network manager should work right? or is it just buggy?16:52
hyper_chnever used network manager for that16:52
hyper_chit's just way easyer to put a config file into /etc/openvpn/ for me16:52
hyper_chI currently have 4 concurrent vpn connections there16:52
BluesKajmuntrue, which vpn server ?16:53
zztoplessthanks BluesKaj & hyper_ch16:53
muntrueBluesKaj its a VPN server at my office, I am just using the standard network manager to try and conenct to it but the button does nothing, not even an error16:53
muntruehyper_ch im still getting familliar with the linux filesystem, i still need a lot of gui help =]16:53
BluesKajmuntrue, openvpn ?16:54
muntrueBluesKaj im having a hard time working without a gui16:54
hyper_chyeah, guis are hard to work with.... config files are much better16:54
hyper_chso, I'm going home now16:55
BluesKajmuntrue, you'll need to find out which vpn protocol your office vpn server uses in order to connect to it16:55
crawler9Hello, is there anyone who'd be able to help me get audio over HDMI working?16:55
BluesKajhyper_ch, nothing wwrong with guis that work16:55
muntrueBluesKaj as far as I know everything is configured correctly, its the same settings I use on a Mac and Windows machine16:55
muntrueBluesKaj its just that when I click the connect button, absolutely nothing seems to happen16:56
crawler9(I'm starting from scratch, so nothing I've tried will cause issues... just freshly installed Kubuntu 14.04 + updated via Muon)16:56
BluesKajmuntrue, vpn client/application are you using?16:56
sithlord48crawler9: what video card?16:57
muntrueBluesKaj just the build in Network Manager in Kubuntu16:57
sithlord48crawler9: if you are using radeion driver you need to boot with the option radieon.audio=116:57
crawler9NVIDIA 980m SLI. Intel Onboard Graphics are not available in this laptop.16:57
BluesKajmuntrue, build ?16:58
sithlord48crawler9:  check system settings multimedia audio devices. move the hdmo to the top of the list hit apply16:58
muntrueBluesKaj 14.0416:58
BluesKaj!vpn | muntrue16:58
ubottumuntrue: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN16:58
sithlord48crawler9:  its device preferance for the last part16:58
crawler9brb phone interview17:01
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crawler9Sorry about that, sithlord48. I had no idea when over the course of 3 days they'd call me. Anyway, video out over HDMI doesn't even seem to be functional at this point (fresh install), so is it appropriate to install a binary NVIDIA driver or is there something else I should try first?17:09
sithlord48crawler9:  idk i have not used nvidia on linux in a long time17:10
sithlord48crawler9:  you can maybe look for the feature matrix for the nvidia driver and see what is currently supported for your cards generation17:11
sithlord48crawler9:  you may need the properitary driver to use that im not sure .17:11
crawler9How would I go about finding that? Is that something already present in my system (attached to whatever driver I'm using) or something I need to seek out on the internet?17:12
sithlord48crawler9: http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/FeatureMatrix/17:12
crawler9sithlord48: My cards should fall under NV110... so unless I'm reading wrong, it looks like it should just work lol17:16
crawler9Is there a way to confirm the nouveau driver is loaded?17:17
sithlord48crawler9:  lsmod | grep nouveau17:18
crawler9Appears to be, but no video out. Guess I'll move to proprietary.17:19
sithlord48do you have a laptop ?17:20
sithlord48i only ask because sometimes there is a hardware button to turn on that ext video out17:20
sithlord48i think on mine ints FN + F317:20
crawler9There is a button, but it seems to have no effect in Kubuntu.17:20
crawler9Actually, pressing it randomly types "p"17:21
sithlord48check docs for your laptop to see how its susposed to work17:21
crawler9I know in Windows it uses a special hotkey program and rotates between single monitor, mirror screen, and extend screen.17:22
crawler9The docs don't say anything about Linux.s17:23
sithlord48did u enable that screen in system settings?17:23
sithlord48system settings -> display17:23
crawler9I don't see a place to do so. Only the one screen is shown.17:23
crawler9(Built in screen)17:24
sithlord48and your hdmi screen is pluged in and turned in correct ?17:24
crawler9It is. I know with the proprietary drivers, I got video out before my refresh, but then I ended up with other issues that made HDMI audio functionality even more complicated.17:24
sithlord48no not sure what to advise you to try next honestly17:25
crawler9(Multiple HDMI/DVI connections that all claim to be unplugged, but working video).17:25
sithlord48it could be a know issue with your laptop or just something stupidly overlooked..17:25
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crawler9Dang. Okay. I have one more (less than ideal) option that might work, but otherwise I might have to go back to Windows. :(... HDMI audio is important as I basically use this computer as a media PC to watch a lot of stuff on TV. Thanks for trying to help me, sithlord48. I appreciate it.17:26
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u__i have this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ecryptfs-utils/+bug/1447282 :)17:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1447282 in ecryptfs-utils "Does not use encrypted swap when using GPT partitioning + encrypted home directory (ecryptfs)" [Undecided,New]17:27
hyper_chI don't use swap at all :) no need to waste more space on my precious ssd ;)17:27
crawler9Same here17:27
sithlord48crawler9:  yeah nividia on linux can be hit or miss. try the properitary driver before you go back maybe it iwll work ":D17:27
hyper_chI got /var/log as tempfs also17:28
sithlord48i use swap on my low memory machines or ones i plan to hybernate.17:28
u__here the laptop has only 4 GB need swap for developing17:28
sithlord48how is that a bug. ? swap is not in your home folder17:28
OerHeksu__, interesting answer #12, encrypted swap size differ from unencrypted ..17:29
hyper_ch16gb ram on my notebook17:29
sithlord48hyper_ch:  swap if you want to hybernate17:29
u__8 GB on big laptop is enough for swapless use17:30
hyper_chI don't believe in hibernation17:30
sithlord48im not sure if it needed for suspend to ram17:30
u__i love suspend to ram17:30
u__nope not needed17:30
hyper_chif you have other useful folders to als tmpfs, let me know17:31
hyper_chstuff like /var/log and /var/tmp produce lots of writes I assume... so no need to wear-level my ssd there17:31
u__at work our 50mbit gateway is dead ... 6 mbits for sucking images out of the webz17:33
hyper_chyou should work at work and not suck images17:34
u__i have to docker it17:34
hyper_chpeople still use docker?17:34
u__just started ;)17:35
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u__are we late ?17:35
BluesKaju__, late for ?17:35
hyper_chI still can't see what it's good for... same goes for facebook and twitter and a lot of other stuff.... I keep missing every hype17:36
u__BluesKaj: catching the docker hype17:36
u__we have hardware but no manpower so maybe docker helps for easy deploying and managing resources on demand17:37
BluesKaju__, like cairo ?17:37
u__no idea17:37
BluesKajthe bot doesn't seem to have it's info up to date17:39
crawler9sithlord48: Video out is working fine, and I tried the device preferences and moved HDA NVidia Digital Stero (HDMI) to the top and hit apply. Upon clicking Test, no audio comes out.17:42
Niknickhi, i just upgrade my ubuntu to 15.04 and now i logged in to my new and shiny 5.2 desktop. how can i reset all kde configuration settings? isn't moving .kde away still the proper approach?17:42
sithlord48crawler9:  yeah don't worry about that try another soruce and check volumes17:42
crawler9I don't see any place that says mute or low volume level, volume is up on my TV as well, and I've tried a few different types of audio, including YouTube and the audio file included in Amarok. No sound.17:47
BluesKajcrawler9, which audio card?17:49
crawler9I believe the HDMI audio is connected to my NVIDIA 980m, but my main audio is from a soundblaster card I believe. Any place I can look that up to be certain via terminal?17:51
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BluesKajcrawler9, aplay -l17:53
BluesKajcrawler9, look in alsamixer in the terminal to make sure automute is not enabled17:57
BluesKajcrawler9, also do you have speakers connected to the pc at the analog outputs ?17:59
drwcrawler9: when debugging audio issues, I tend to prefer pavucontrol over kmix...seems to be more accurate17:59
drwalsamixer is good too17:59
BluesKajdrw we'll get to pavucontrol eventually , trying to establish what kind of setup he has18:01
crawler9Only built in speakers. This is a laptop.18:01
crawler9I don't see anything related to automute in alsamixer18:01
BluesKajok , do the laptop speakers work ok ?18:02
crawler9Generally, yes, they work fine. Right now, I have no audio, but that's because I have "HDA NVidia Digital Stereo (HDMI)" preferred over "Built-in Audio Analog Stero" in the KDE Audio and Video Settings Control Module for all audio stream types.18:03
BluesKajcrawler9, you can set the hdmi output as your second choice in the list in sytem settings>multimedia>device preference18:06
crawler9Just did that, BluesKaj.18:08
crawler9Hi ColtonDRG, I see you've joined me here. To answer your questions, audio is not coming out of the TV under any circumstances. With HDMI prioritized, no audio comes from the built in speakers either. Internal speakers work fine when they have priority.18:09
ColtonDRGThat sounds like the wrong video card is prioritized, or maybe the TV is configured incorrectly.18:10
ColtonDRGWait, to internal speakers work when HDMI is detatched?18:10
crawler9I think that may be the case. I just took another look at my aplay -l output (https://paste.kde.org/pxqg9gnaq) and my diplay settings page. My display is listed as HDMI-0 and  in my aplay output,  HDMI-0 shows 0/1 subdevices.18:12
EvilRoeyvalorie:  heya18:12
ColtonDRGcrawler9: Yeah... It's probably because both graphics cards have an audio card, but the system doesn't know which one to use.18:13
EvilRoeyvalorie:  where can I copy my settings into from .kde/share/config/*?  You mentioned ~/.config, but when I put my files there, settings don't seem to take hold once I re-start.18:13
ColtonDRGcrawler9: I don't remember exactly where it is in KDE, but somewhere in the KDE Sound Control Panel, there is a list of audio cards and you can enable/disable them.18:16
BluesKajcrawler9, usually the graphics card will get the digital feed from the soundcard if the pck/spdif output is designated in pavucontrol as the secondary output or car1 , card 0 is the primary which in your case is the analog out18:16
crawler9So I should install pavucontrol? That's pulse, isn't it?18:20
daftHi, how can i change my kubuntu session logout time?18:22
BluesKajcrawler9, yes it's part of pulseaudio18:22
tsimpsondaft: you mean the time before it locks your session?18:25
BluesKajcrawler9,  just checked my laptop , the spdif in alsmixer should also be unmuted, use the M key if there's MM in the spdif box that's the digital feed to the hdmi output , you'll nneed to select that in pavucontrol when you want to send the audio via hdmi to your tv18:25
crawler9BluesKaj in pavucontrol, what I see under output devices are Speakers, analog output, and Headphones (unplugged).18:26
dafttsimpson Yep..18:26
tsimpsondaft: ok, you can change that from System Settings. just go to Desktop Behaviour -> Screen Locking18:27
BluesKajcrawler9, choose the conguration tab in pavuctl to choose the hdmi output18:27
crawler9I don't see anything with MM on it in alsamixer18:28
daftA right thank you18:28
crawler9On the configuration page, I see HDA NVidia wit 4 profiles. 2 of "Digital Stereo (HDMI) Output (unplugged)" and 2 of "Digial Surround 5.1 (HDMI) Output (unplugged)"18:30
BluesKajcrawler9, do you see a spdif box in alsamixer?18:30
crawler9Choosing any of those devices in pavucontrol throws an error to the terminal I used to launch it- "(pavucontrol:41##): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_device_grab_remove: assertion 'GDK_IS_DEVICE (device)' failed" over and over. I see two S/PDIF boxes, both say zero and neither can be turned up.18:32
BluesKajok the digital stereo hdmi or the 5.1 hdmi should work18:32
BluesKajthe spdif boxes are controlled by the pcm volume ctl18:33
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crawler9No audio out with any of those selected18:35
BluesKajpcm is a standard digital audio output for audio device digital inputs on amps and audio receivers or DACs18:35
BluesKajdo you have the pcm vol ctl turned up in alsamixer18:37
crawler9It's at 10018:38
sick_rimmitHello. Anyone know why Kmail see's the mail in my Inbox subfolders, but won't show the mail in the Inbox itself. Its an IMAP Server I'm connected to ?18:39
BluesKajok what about the device preference in system settings>multimedia ?18:39
crawler9BluesKaj: I now see 2 x HDA NVidia Digital STero (HDMI) and 2 x HDA NVidia Digial Surround 5.1 (HDMI). Both Surround devices are grayed out as if they aren't plugged in. One Stereo device is also grayed out. The other is the one that was there from the start.18:41
hyper_chsick_rimmit: try #kontact but you have to be really patient there18:43
sick_rimmithyper_ch: Oh sorry, I am using Kontact, I was speaking about the Kmail component18:44
crawler9BluesKaj, do you have any idea why I'm getting the "Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_device_grab_remove: assertion 'GDK_IS_DEVICE (device)' failed18:45
crawler9" error in pavucontrol?18:45
BluesKajcrawler9, looks like the intel hda driver isn't loading, sudo nodprobe snd-hda-intel , then you need to reboot18:45
crawler9Will do, be back soon.18:46
crawler9That's supposed to be modprobe, right?18:46
BluesKajer sudo modprobe , crawler918:46
crawler9Already, just put that in, no output. Be right back18:46
BluesKajno output is good , the driver loaded properly18:47
crawler9Back, I don't see anything different18:51
BluesKajin multimedia ?18:53
BluesKajwhich graphics driver for your nvidia card crawler9 ?18:54
crawler9NVIDIA Proprietary 349.1618:55
BluesKajmust be a fancy gpu to use that driver on alaptop18:56
crawler92 x NVIDIA 980m. Top of the line GPUs when I bought the laptop.18:57
BluesKajcrawler9, so you're not using the recommended driver in driver manager/18:57
crawler9It says I am. "Using NVIDIA binary driver - version 349.16 from nvidia 349 (Recommended Driver)18:58
drwthat gpu might not be supported in older versions18:59
BluesKajthen the only thing I can see to do is check pavucontrol to make sure the same outputs are chosen there and in the device prefernces in multimedia18:59
crawler9They are. "Digital Stero (HDMI) Output (unplugged)" in both.19:01
crawler9Yes, two of the same.19:01
BluesKajbut the hdmis are greyed out in device preferences19:04
crawler9Correct. Except for one. Which seems to route audio to nowhere.19:04
crawler9Yes, all show unplugged in pavucontrol, one shows plugged in but seems to route audio nowhere in System Settings - Device Preferences19:05
BluesKajone last thing , would you mind posting a screenshot of alsamixer in imagebin or some such ?19:11
rattkinganyone here know how to get ssh-agent working with kwallet on plasma 5? this all worked on startup with kde 419:18
crawler9BluesKaj: Also have one more sound card selectable- "Card:  HDA NVidia" "Chip:  Nvidia GPU 71 HDMI/DP" which has two available options: "S/PDIF" and "SPDIF 1"... both of which are set to 00 and not muted.19:18
rattkingI added the script to autostart already19:19
BluesKajcrawler9, yes the spdif output is what you want ...btw the screenshot doesn't showup on my browser19:21
acz32does anyone know if digikam can be used to manage photos on an external USB hard drive that is not always on. when i tried to import from that drive it copied photos to my hard drive, but i want to manage them in place19:22
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crawler9Odd... here's another copy: http://ibin.co/20wDJoOf9Y9K19:25
BluesKajcrawler9, spdif is the digital std output on most soundcards ..spdif stands for sony philips digtal interface19:25
drwacz32: when you 1st run digiKam, the setup wizard prompts you for the photo location. It says there that removable media, remote filesystems are supported19:25
lakitui'm having troulbe getting effects to work. i have two different amd cards, & when i set desktopeffects to opengl with xinerama on, my computer freezes. it works with xinerama off19:25
lakitusetting the compositing to xrender 'works', but without the desired effects19:26
crawler9I know. I actually have a SPDIF port too.19:26
lakituit works in the sense it doesn't crash my system19:26
acz32drw: but i selected a local directory because i have local photos. but i also want to manage the photos on removable media.19:27
acz32it doesn't seem like i can add more than one path for photo locations19:28
drwyeah, don't think you can19:28
acz32so it sounds like one one path is supported, you can't do both local and remote/external19:30
BluesKajcrawler9, do you have an audio system connected to your tv, like a stereo receiver or amplifier?19:31
drwacz32: look at Collections in digiKam's settings19:31
MoonUnit`2nd time i tried arch, 2nd time realized why i prefer k/ubuntu19:31
crawler9BluesKaj, no, my TV uses its internal speakers only.19:31
drwacz32: I was wrong, just can select only one at initial setup, but looks like you can add more later19:32
acz32drw: you're right. awesome19:33
acz32thank you19:33
drwyep, np19:33
BluesKajcrawler9, I'm out of ideas, and it's odd because the spdif output should connect through your gpu hdmi output19:36
BluesKajI'm assuming you've tried the hdmi outputs on both gpus19:37
crawler9There's only one physcial HDMI port.19:37
crawler9I've tried all the options I could find in software now.19:38
drwthe laptop might not have the audio routed through the GPU's...I know in a desktop, you would need a cable to pass it through19:39
crawler9I know it works in Windows- the HDMI cable carries audio and video to my TV.19:39
drwok, that's a good sign then19:40
drwI have no ideas either19:40
BluesKajdrw my nvidia card passes the  dvi/hdmi directly from the spdif out on the soundcard19:40
crawler9Same HDMI port on both the TV and laptop, same cable, same TV, and same port, so I'm certain the equipment is all good.19:40
crawler9I said port twice, sorry. I'm getting sleepy.19:41
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drwBluesKaj: ok19:41
crawler9It appears my actual SPDIF port is functioning more as a line-out port. I don't have a spdif cable to test it properly, but I just plugged headphones into it and hit test on "Built in Audio Analog Stereo" and audio came out of both my headphones and my internal speakers on the laptop.19:43
crawler9Thanks for trying to help me even if we weren't able to solve whatever the issue is.19:46
BluesKajcrawler9, in alsmixer on the soundblaster mute one of the spdif boxes on the right19:51
BluesKajfar right that is , one is default and the other must be optional19:52
crawler9The one marked S/PDIF Def?19:53
BluesKajtry either one19:55
BluesKajor both rather :)19:56
crawler9Didn't seem to make a difference19:57
BluesKajnot at the same time of course19:57
crawler9I tried every combination using all 4 SPDIF settings.19:57
BluesKajok one more thing crawler9 , add this to the  bottom of  /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf and save the file , options snd-hda-intel index=0 , the you'll need to reboot , this might work20:00
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rattkingso it seems like ksshaskpass is not remembering my ssh password even if I tick 'remember'20:05
crawler9No cigar.20:06
BluesKajyou can try the output selections just to make sure20:07
crawler9I already gave it a try, and tried out all the SPDIF settings again too. No luck, unfortunately.20:07
BluesKajthe soundblaster isn't passing the spdif signmal to the gpu hdmi out for some reason, but I can't figure out why20:08
crawler9It seems odd to me that it  would under any circumstance... should SPDIF be specifically for the SPDIF port? That seems like an odd way to work under the hood.20:09
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BluesKajbloody linux audio, it's a real dog's breakfast20:10
crawler9Does DVI output audio? I have a port for that too... if so, I might try to get a DVI cable in the next few days as an alternative, since HDMI is kinda flopping.20:11
EtriaphHey folks, does anyone know how to solve Chrome not using the KDE file dialog (but using the GTK file dialog) in 15.04?20:12
EtriaphTrying to help a user on the mailing list.20:12
BluesKajyes DVI carries audio on my setup20:12
crawler9Cool, guess that's my next hope. lol. Thanks again BluesKaj. Sorry to take so much of your time.20:14
BluesKajnp, audio has been my hobby for many yrs , and I enjoy trying solve problems on linux ...it's just too bad i haven't come up with thae answer , there is one I'm sure,20:16
crawler9Man, trying to convert from Linux has been no easy task. I tried liked 3 flavors of Ubuntu 15.04 and none of them worked properly (invisible mouse regardless of what I tried), Fedora won't boot on my machine, and now 14.04 is nearly perfect except occasionally when I boot, my mouse and keyboard don't work and the HDMI audio out doesn't work.20:17
crawler9from Windows [to Linux]*20:17
BluesKajlinux audio is a weak link in the chain I'm afraid , one of the few though20:18
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woifehi all20:20
crawler9I'm gonna reinstall Kubuntu from scratch in case I've screwed anything else up trying to get audio working, then just live with everything else the way it is until I get my hands on DVI cable. Have a good day.20:21
woifemy kubuntu system is missing a keyboard configuration. i would like to use german/austria, but it is not there in the system settings dialog20:21
woifedoes anyone know where I can add/modify keyboard layout in kubuntu?20:21
woife(actually, it only provides german/switzerland, so I guess german/germany is missing too)20:22
BluesKajcrawler9, ok good luck20:23
crawler9Take care20:23
gebjgdwoife: doch20:23
woifegebjgd: you mean you have those keyboard layouts?20:24
gebjgdwoife: Eingabegeräte -> Tastatur -> Belegungen -> Belegungen einrichten -> Hacken20:25
woifeYes, this is where i looked for it. i also clicked Add and scrolled through the list20:26
gebjgdwoife: just choose ger and deutsch then in the variante, you can change it20:27
woifegebjgd: that was what I was looking for! thanks a lot, I could configure it know the way I want :)20:28
gebjgdwoife: you re welcome20:28
EtriaphAnyone have any experience with xdg-open?20:47
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rattkingis case anyone is interested.. my ksshaskpass issues were solved by using the backports ppa.21:41
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ToastMy desktop has stopped working on my main user account leaving only a terminal window and whatever programs I had open last session, but no K menu. My dual monitors have become mirrored rather than separate. Any idea how I can start debugging this? I'm running 15.04 and it was working fine for a while after the upgrade and just seems to have broken today.22:20
ToastWhen I go into system settings, I get the following error: "System Settings was unable to find any views, and hence has nothing to display".22:36
skomorokhAnyone know where to enable sytem-wide pulse audio in 15.04? /etc/init/pulseaudio.conf isn't there anymore....23:08
skomorokh/etc/dbus-1/system.d/pulseaudio-system.conf is there and mentions a pulse user and system-wide as being an option, but doesn't let me know where to flip the switch23:09
k3vinDoes anybody know how to get grouping desktop back in kubuntu 15.04?23:41
k3vin...or has it been totally removed in plasma 5?23:41
gunndawgdo both of these commands do the same thing?23:45
gunndawgsudo chown root:root /path/to/application23:45
gunndawgsudo chmod 700 /path/to/application23:46
gunndawgnevermind, it just asigns the owner and chmod 700 to it, should have kept reading23:47
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