dobeyis there any way to have the launchpad builders configured to have apt output verbose messages on dependency failures? "is not going to be installed" is not a particularly useful error message in itself :-/17:07
cjwatsondobey: unfortunately not AFAIK18:36
cjwatsonI think this should be fixed in apt itself personally18:36
dobeysure. i just didn't know if it had a way to do that already or not18:36
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mwhudsonis there any kind of planning for git-based recipe builds yet?21:53
blrmwhudson: not work we've moved on to yet, but would certainly appreciate any thoughts you might have on recipes.22:00
mwhudsonblr: heh22:00
mwhudsonblr: i want it, and a pony22:00
mwhudsonno actual thought applied yet22:00
blrafter the UI work I suspect that will be the next thing to tackle22:00
mwhudsonblr: to be specific, i want to built tip-of-tree packages of go22:08
mwhudsonbut that's about all i really _want_ :)22:08
mapreri(and a pony)22:09
blrwell, that certainly sounds reasonably - we'll sign you up for dogfooding it when we get on to it. Thanks for volunteering heh :)22:09
blrreasonable even.22:09
mwhudsoni guess lp could assume the use of gbp, but i don't really understand gbp22:09
mwhudson(and i'm not sure anyone does, from what i hear)22:09
mwhudsonmapreri: maybe the pony should be implied22:09
* mapreri does understand gbp22:09
mwhudsonmapreri: heh22:21
mwhudsonwell maybe you can help then22:22
mwhudsonfor the case where upstream is in git and you are building snapshots, it seems lots of what gbp does is not required22:22
cjwatsonmwhudson: I'd sort of like to start by taking the existing recipe format and seeing what doesn't work23:17
cjwatsonmwhudson: and hopefully the answer is not much23:17
mwhudsonfair enough23:18
cjwatsonI don't want to assume gbp because I'm a git-dpm partisan :-) but I think neither is directly relevant to recipes23:18
cjwatsondoesn't really matter what the patch format is or whatever, we just need to merge or subtreeify something corresponding to the packaging23:19
mwhudsoncjwatson: right, i guess git-dpm or gbp or whatever comes in more for maintaining the thing that gets merged or subtreeified23:34

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