Kamilionwxl: Hey, did you perhaps mean using urwid to make ubiquity available on a console?06:13
KlubuntuIs it higher system requirements for 15.04 then 14.04.2 ? And i am not sure what to use xubuntu or lubuntu. I have 1Gb ram.12:52
wxlKamilion: no, but i have no clue what urwid is, so do elucidate.13:16
Kamilionwxl: here's an urwid-based json editor written in python: http://puu.sh/hD8Cs/3e7f8d9d61.png13:18
Kamilionhttp://urwid.org/examples/index.html   basically, fancy terminal stuff.13:37
wxlKamilion: well we could certainly leverage that if need be. but no, that's not what i meant.13:41
KamilionAw. Darn.13:41
KamilionI would have liked to see a nice ubiquity interface in urwid13:41
wxlKamilion: if you want to take on the task of making such a thing with the goal of having it be lightweight, knock yourself out13:45
wxlseriously, the release team would love you and so would i13:45
Kamilioni'd honestly love to; but I can't dedicate the time at the moment13:46
Kamilionlater on once I'm actually familiar with it all, I might consider taking a stab at it13:47
Kamilionright now I'm not really too well versed in dealing with concurrency in python13:48
KamilionI'm looking at several methods of implimentation, focusing on python 3.4, but in some cases having fallbacks to 2.7 for now13:49
Kamiliondepending on how I decide to write the code, it may run unmodified on both 3.4 and 2.7.913:49
ianorlinhmm juffed doesn't have markdown or restructured text syntax highlighting13:49
Kamilionspeaking of which, is there a list of core things that still rely on python2?13:50
ianorlinapt-cache rdepends?13:51
Kamilionif I recall correctly, there was a release goal a while ago of dumping py2 from the installer image13:51
Kamilioni know it wasn't reached; but I'm curious as to it's progress; and I don't really recall where I read about it or how long ago other than that it was less than 2 years ago.13:52
Kamilionwas probably an lwn article or something13:52
Kamilionthat's talking about the touch images13:53
Kamilionah, found it13:54
wxlKamilion: there was a uos session on that but i didn't attend13:55
Kamilionwere they recorded?13:56
Kamilionassuming they'll take some time to process.14:00
Nairolf21Hi, wxl. I wonder if it would not be better to use the W3C tool for searching broken links. And, after, use Python and parse the source code in order to make some scrapping. Because it's very very too long doing this manually...17:21
wxlNairolf21: sounds reasonable17:21
Nairolf21Because, this tool is great but it doesn't return these links in a text format, for example. So, as everybody can launch this tool, they can have access to these links. But without text format, it's almost useful, because you need to launch it and it takes long time to run and inspect all links. Also, it use recursion, but doesn't work correctly. If you go out to the domain, it keeps searching links....17:27
wxlsounds like a good improvement then Nairolf21 :)17:28
Nairolf21Okay, I'll try to do that. Never parse web source page before ;)17:30
Nairolf21bye ;)17:31
ahoneybunpoke gsilva and wxl22:23
wxlgsilva: you need to talk with ahoneybun22:23
ahoneybunhey gsilva22:23
gsilvaI'm here, I'm here :)22:23
gsilvaheloo, ahoneybun22:23
wxlahoneybun is a kubuntu docs guy22:23
wxlhe can totally help with the wiki project22:23
ahoneybunI'm guessing your on the wiki.ubuntu.com pages? or just packaged up for now22:25
gsilvaOh, that's very cool! I found a possible contributor - he has spoken to you today, wxl - which also gave me a boost22:25
gsilvaon those pages mainly, yes. Then I'll (try) to take care of the Community wiki22:25
ahoneybunlinks gsilva?22:25
ahoneybungot it22:27
ahoneybungsilva: this is the current setup we have at Kubuntu: http://userbase.kde.org/Kubuntu22:27
wxlok, i'm actuallty going back to work now22:28
wxlcongrats again gsilva22:28
wxland thanks again for the help ahoneybun22:28
ahoneybunnp wxl22:28
ahoneybunreally have done nothing yet on my end though22:28
wxlahoneybun: the contact is very meaningful22:28
wxlat present gsilva is on his own for the most part22:29
ahoneybunof course22:29
wxland despite that he has persevered and made huge progress22:29
wxlhe's a natural leader22:29
wxlyou give him a little help, it goes a longw ay :)22:29
ahoneybunlike he said we should pull togehter22:29
gsilvaYou don't have a domain under wiki.ubuntu.com? We have our focus over there. Feels more appropriate, even though it can be implemented in our official website later22:29
ahoneybunwe moved it since they have a very nice wiki under MediaWiki22:30
ahoneybunthe ubuntu wiki uses the markup MoinMoin22:30
ahoneybunplus we use KDE software22:31
gsilvaUnfortunately, I'm no power-user, hence I can't implement such thing on my own. Either way, I never was too bothered of the current form, since it makes sense in my opinion. Besides, Ubuntu brings advertisement to other flavours :P22:31
ahoneybunthat is true, but KDE has a large Global name22:31
ahoneybunsame has Ubuntu22:31
ahoneybunsomeone on the team talked to the KDE people22:32
ahoneybungsilva: have any HTML and CSS knowledge?22:32
gsilvaVery short. Not on an independent level22:32
ahoneybunthis is a very nice tool someone shared with me: https://jsfiddle.net22:33
ahoneybunI wish we could all use one system so we are not so disconnected22:34
ahoneybun*other then wiki.ubuntu.com22:34
ahoneybunhere is some work on it: http://jsfiddle.net/ahoneybun/43vgd831/22:34
gsilvawe also have stuff at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommunityHelpWiki22:35
gsilvaThat's a great finding :o22:35
* ahoneybun logs in and makes changes22:36
ahoneybungsilva: I would move a few things around on that main page22:38
gsilvaahoneybun, would you mind to stick around on this channel? I wish to collaborate with you guys frequently. My idea to the wiki is to try different approaches to make it more easy to use, that contains enough information for all kinds of users and then we can prepare some things to our own teams22:38
gsilvaand ofc, exchange experiences and methodologies to work together. That would be great :)22:39
gsilvayes, that wiki will be very troublesome to fix. There a lot of dead pages22:39
ahoneybungsilva: I've already save the channel so I'll be in here very time I'm on IRC :)22:39
ahoneybun*every time22:39
gsilvaOur wiki is a bit of a mess. There are linkings to both wikis so you're constantly jumping back and forth22:40
ahoneybunyea I see that22:40
gsilvaOne either finds a way to put everything only in one place22:40
ahoneybunwe'll get it in order22:40
gsilvaand find a purpose for both Wikis22:40
gsilvaor just have the same structure in both websites22:40
ahoneybunbeen awhile since I touch MoinMoin lol22:41
ahoneybungsilva: this is your main page: http://jsfiddle.net/ahoneybun/83k52kkx/22:41
gsilvaI never used this tool, so I don't know what to look for22:42
gsilvaMoinMoin is easy to use, to be honest :P22:43
ahoneybunit's nothing till you see MediaWiki22:43
ahoneybunI started with it as well22:43
ahoneybunfirst I'll go those big blue buttons to check their links22:44
gsilvaahoneybun, thank you for your collaborations. You don't need to do that, by the way. I'm still thinking about a structure for our Wiki and use the fact that we have no release on hands to work on that22:45
ahoneybungsilva: why are Applications and Setup on one page?22:45
gsilvaYour idea of having our own dedicated Wiki is interesting, but I'm keeping it at wiki.Ubuntu.com22:45
ahoneybunoh ok22:45
gsilvaThis week was a very busy one. I also had some drawbacks on my thesis and tomorrow I have a job interview22:46
gsilvaBut when things settle down a bit again, I'll work on that for good22:46
ahoneybungsilva: I always take reference from http://docs.xubuntu.org22:46
gsilvaI also have something else on hands, but I need other's approval to go on - I'm looking at you, wxl :P22:46
gsilvaHere's thing that may be interesting to you guys, ahoneybun: https://launchpad.net/lubuntu-manual22:47
ahoneybunthis is nice as well: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGNOME22:47
ahoneybunwait is this you ? https://launchpad.net/~gustavosantaremsilva22:49
gsilvayes, I am22:49
gsilvayea, I like their Wiki22:49
ahoneybunyou gave the wrong link in the meeting22:50
ahoneybunoh I did not see the other link22:50
gsilvaahoneybun, I fixed my mistake22:50
gsilvaI also posted that :)22:50
ahoneybunyea I just read it22:50
* ahoneybun branches lp:lubuntu-manual22:51
ahoneybunI found this recently and was looking into it: https://readthedocs.org22:52
gsilvalet me know if there's something I can do to help with the Manual. Unfortunately, I've been finding troubles to do all of this by my own, so I am now hunting new contributors to help :)22:52
gsilvaThat is interesting :)22:53
ahoneybunI'm sorta working solo, I have others who work from time to time and help22:53
ahoneybunso kinda am and kinda not22:53
gsilvaRight, I know the feeling :D22:56
ahoneybunits all good though22:56
ahoneybunteam work22:56
gsilvaIndeed. Team efforts, strategic thinking and thinking ahead (are these the same!?)22:59
gsilvaEventually things pay off :)22:59
ahoneybunfor sure22:59
* ahoneybun is going to Spain for his work23:00
gsilvaSpecially when we deliver. The feeling is just amazing23:00
ahoneybunfor sure23:01
gsilvaWell, we'll be in touch. I need to get myself kind of prepared for my job interview tomorrow. Thank you for the support, ahoneybun :)23:03
ahoneybunno problem, I'm around 19:00 UTC or so23:03
gsilvaAlright, no problem. I'm usually around all day - Unemployed life sucks23:04
ahoneybunemployed life sucks a bit less23:05
gsilvaIf you're happy with what you do, then its great - from personal experience23:06
ahoneybunyea I could be in a worst place23:07
ahoneybunI'm really liking readthedocs23:27
ahoneybungsilva: ^ for later23:27
ianorlinhmm I instlaled lxqt from the mini but had a wierd thing where it booted to a white screen when sddm was supposed to start23:53
=== aaron__ is now known as ahoneybun

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