mikubuntui have a disc from the hospital with cat scan images, but lubuntu is not opening automagically -- any suggestions?01:47
mikubuntui have xubuntu restricted extras package installed, are there some other codecs/drivers i might need?01:55
holsteinmikubuntu: could be, the disc has a "viewer" with it, and you are required to run it with whatever operating system they require you to run it with02:21
holsteinwhen i had one of those, i was able to look around on the disc, manally, and open the images02:22
holsteinyou can try adding the restricted extras..02:22
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/ubuntu-help/media.html  - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats02:22
mikubuntuholstein it does have some files marked 'viewer,' but of course it wouldn't launch. i think i found the file with the images, but they won't open individually either02:23
holsteinbut, it may be that its not even what we consider "restricted", but rather, just flat out requiring the bundled application02:23
holsteinmikubuntu: it wont matter what gets marked "viewer".. it'll be a matter of forcefully opening the files, other places02:23
holsteinthe labels, and suggested default applications wont have to be relevant02:24
mikubuntuis there a command line i could use to find image files and force open?02:24
holsteinmikubuntu: sure, but that wont help make things that are not designed to work, work02:25
holsteinmikubuntu: you dont need the command line.. you can simply right click and force open in another application02:25
mikubuntuany suggested app?02:26
holsteini know its not all that simple, straight forward, or constructive, but, keep in mind, lubuntu/ubuntu/linux is not doing anything to prevent those from openging02:26
mikubuntuthats part of lubuntu standard?02:26
holsteinmikubuntu: i will literally keep in mind that im promised, from the creators of the media, support for a completely different operating system, and just start trying to open in *everything"02:26
holsteinmikubuntu: lubuntu's standard is completely open.. meaning, the creators of that disc are freely able to support it, but if they dont, you can have a challenging timne02:27
holsteinwhat i typically do is drag the data in, off the disc.. then, i will start sifting through, looking for a specific file type.. an extension02:28
holstein.jpg, .png, for example... i will search around about how to open them with that specific information.. *not* searching lubuntu, but, ubuntu, and/or linux.. anything that works in ubuntu will happen in lubuntu02:29
holsteinno need to narrow the scope unnecessarily02:29
mikubuntuoh, well -- i give up. not feeling well enough to wrastle with it. i tried right clicking image file. got nothin.02:31
holsteinit'll likely require digging deeper into what the file type is.. the extension02:31
mikubuntugnna try one more thing -- image magick02:31
holsteinmikubuntu: what file type are the media?02:32
holsteinyou can feel free to share one, and i'll look at it, and let you know how i open, if i can02:32
mikubuntudon't know really02:32
holsteinmikubuntu: dont know what? are they .fpm?02:33
mikubuntuno, fpm was a slip of my keyboard hand ... lol02:33
holsteinyou can ask in #ubuntu, for example, since, opening .fpm files will be the same, since, lubuntu is uubuntu02:33
mikubuntudon't know the file type02:33
holsteinmikubuntu: you should be able to right click, in the file manager, and see details..02:33
mikubuntuholstein thx, but i'm giving up for now02:36
klubuntuIs it higher system requirements for 15.04 then 14.04.2 ? What to use xubuntu or lubuntu. I have 64bit cpu 1Gb ram.12:59

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