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veebersthomi: Are you able to make me channel op? I'm attempting to update the topic (unless you want to just update for me.)22:16
thomithere you go22:16
thomiFWIW, you could have oped yourself, I'm pretty sure22:16
veebersoh, heh, cheers22:18
=== veebers changed the topic of #ubuntu-autopilot to: Autopilot documentation can be found here: http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/autopilot/python/1.5.0/ | latest tutorial video is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkLtbmQxXYc
veebersthomi: appears I can't, I'm unable to de-op myself :-)22:19
thomiirc fail22:19
thomi /cs deop #ubuntu-autopilot veebers22:20
thomitry that ^^22:20
veebersthomi: /cs is an unknown command22:21
thomioh right, that's a shortcut I set up22:21
veebersthe command that works but denies me is: /msg chanserv deop #ubuntu-autopilot veebers22:21
thomiI was pretty sure I didn't configure any access controls. let me see22:21
thomiveebers: try now please22:23
thomiYou didn't have +o set22:23
veebersthomi: sweet, that works. Cheers22:36
thomiveebers: you should be able to +o anyone else who you think needs that power with:22:37
thomi /cs flags #ubuntu-autopilot <nick> +o22:37
thomiSA /cs help flags for a list of flags22:37
veebersthomi: awesome, thanks for that22:51

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