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bzoltanMirv:  the version separation MR is still having problems  ... feels a but strange https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/generic-deb-autopilot-runner-vivid-mako/2285/console06:55
Mirvbzoltan: looks like a job for cihelp07:14
Mirvnetwork problems07:14
Mirvbzoltan: oh, that was probably during the break that was announced07:15
Mirvbzoltan: once again it's rebuilding07:16
bzoltanMirv:  thanks07:54
bzoltanMirv: Do you think if it is possible that the UITK packages built by CI/Jenkins are incompatible with the fresh image with the overlay PPA?08:08
Mirvbzoltan: no, I don't know if MP:s are built using overlay PPA:s correctly or not08:10
bzoltanMirv: ok...do you know which channel has the standard vivid image without the overlay ppa?08:11
bzoltanMirv:   or maybe I just need to purge the PPA on the device08:12
ogra_bzoltan, there is no such thing08:12
bzoltanogra_:  Good to know.. so CI/jenkins builds against a rootfs what is equivalent with the vivid+overlay?08:13
ogra_yes, indeed, since that is what we work with08:13
ogra_dropping the overlay PPA would mean going backwards in time ... to release day08:13
ogra_we shouldnt have called it overlay :) it is an extension of the archive in this case08:14
bzoltanogra_:  I see. Thanks for the clarification... in this case my build artifects are to blame :) if something does not work after I install them08:15
Mirvbzoltan: oh yes, the CI/jenkins definitely uses the latest image which include overlay, that's ture08:16
sil2100^ ignore that ;)08:28
tsdgeosjibel: i was told that silo 39 would automagically appear in https://trello.com/b/AE3swczu/qa-testing-requests-for-questions-ping-eu-jibel-us-jfunk-or-ubuntu-qa-on-ubuntu-ci-eng because it's set as "QA needs to sign off" in the CI train spreadsheet, but maybe i missed something?09:20
tsdgeosis there something i need to do?09:20
sil2100tsdgeos: it should, but maybe the bot has some trouble today09:54
tsdgeosok :/09:55
sil2100jibel: maybe the yesterday's switch of the bot got things broken?09:55
jibelsil2100, no I didn't push it into production.10:14
jibelsil2100, brendand_ disabled it because we cannot login to LP from the instance it is running on10:15
sil2100jibel: oh? What happened? Firewall changes?10:15
jibelsil2100, it seems to be an issue in wadllib on precise10:16
jibeltsdgeos, ^^ as soon as the bot is back the card will be created10:18
sil2100ogra_: hey! We seem to be missing the .changes file for 192 :)10:18
ogra_oops, will fix10:18
ogra_imgbot, status 192 vivid10:23
imgbotStatus: succeeded, Started: 2015-05-07 02:03:11 UTC, Finished: 2015-05-07 02:55:51 UTC10:24
imgbotBuild URL: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cdimage/+livefs/ubuntu/vivid/ubuntu-touch/+build/2620010:24
imgbotChangelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/192.changes10:24
ogra_fixed :)10:24
sil2100Thanks :)10:31
davmor2sil2100: ogra_  says fixed, what that actually means is until you look away from the screen or need to use it ;)10:36
pete-woodstrainguards: hi guys. could I get wily silo 34 reconfigured please? I've added a new MR for cmake-extras10:44
sil2100pete-woods: on it10:47
pete-woodssil2100: thanks!10:47
sil2100pete-woods: should be done, yw!10:49
cjwatsonjibel: that seems a little improbable - e.g. snakefruit is a very heavy user of launchpadlib and is on precise10:51
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didrocksfginther: hey, again the i386 machine is broken, I tried to reuse the snapshot revert job to bring it up again, but seems it didn't want to start the jenkins slave job (ps-trusty-desktop-revert-snapshot-daily/1182/console). This job started successfully multiple times yesterday, not sure what happened…11:00
pete-woodsrandom question, but does anyone know what LP is actually up to when packages are built, but not published in a PPA?11:03
pete-woodsare we waiting on some sort of cron timer or something like that?11:04
didrockspete-woods: from what I know, there is a cron timer going over all ppas and doing the actual archive publication11:04
didrocks(and so, the time depends on how many ppas need to publish new binary packages, a little bit similar than the archive itself)11:05
pete-woodsI guess there's also a fair amount of if you git the start of a "tick" you wait a long time11:05
pete-woodsbut if you are near the end, then great11:05
didrocksyeah, depends if you are lucky or not :)11:05
didrocksthat's one of the reason the train (if that part didn't change) is actually checking the archive file itself to say "published"11:05
pete-woodsright, that explains that then :)11:06
cjwatsonIndeed.  The publisher takes non-zero time.11:06
cjwatsonAnd there are a lot of PPAs.11:06
* sil2100 off to prepare lunch11:20
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davmor2sil2100, john-mcaleely: krillin vivid device tarball is good12:28
davmor2cwayne: did you update the vivid krillin custom tarball at all?12:28
john-mcaleelydavmor2, o/12:28
sil2100john-mcaleely: you can push!12:29
davmor2sil2100: there were a couple of issues highlighted but they already exist in the default image, mms/3g fails if there is no password in the apn config and the video issue that jhodapp is getting the blame for even if it is qtmedia :D12:31
davmor2sil2100: these won't block this landing but would block ota4 just as a heads up12:32
jhodappdavmor2, ha...confirmed that it is qtmultimedia...I found the build number that introduced that regression so now I'm trying to figure out what broke it12:32
davmor2sil2100: see told you he'd blame qt, I still say it's all jhodapp 's fault cause it's multimedia and leave it at that ;)12:33
jhodappdavmor2, no comment12:33
davmor2jhodapp: nice work thought on a plus side :)12:33
davmor2though even12:33
jhodappdavmor2, thanks :)12:34
sil2100hah ;)12:36
sil2100Blame Mirv !12:36
cwaynedavmor2, i built the proposed one at the same time as the other one yesterday12:37
davmor2cwayne: so the one in vivid is good then cool, I'll test that after an emulator and mako sanity run12:38
cwaynedavmor2, sil2100: btw ogra_ brought to my attention some missing translations from the new custom we pushed the other day :/  I have a fix ready in case it's critical12:38
sil2100cwayne: uh, missing translations in RTM?12:39
cwaynesil2100, yeah :/12:39
sil2100cwayne: are those missing for all languages?12:40
cwaynesil2100, 1 string, yeah12:42
jhodappsil2100, I am blaming Mirv :)12:42
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jhodappMirv, ping12:45
Mirvjhodapp: pong12:46
jhodappMirv, hey, the last qtmultimedia upload on krillin vivid image #193 broke playback of ubuntu touch camera recorded videos12:47
jhodappMirv, what was that update for?12:47
Mirvjhodapp: don't ask me, I wasn't involved ;) rsalveti's landing12:48
jhodappMirv, ok :)12:49
Mirvso a fix to bug #143356312:49
ubot5bug 1433563 in Canonical System Image "QAudioRecorder recording hangs" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143356312:49
jhodappMirv, oh right12:49
jhodappMirv, I'll talk to him thanks12:49
jhodapprsalveti, let me know when you're online12:50
Mirvit moves one line around https://code.launchpad.net/~rsalveti/kubuntu-packaging/qgstreamercapturesession_avoid_race_eos/+merge/25688112:50
rsalvetijhodapp: Mirv: just krillin?12:51
jhodapprsalveti, yeah12:51
rsalvetithat was required to fix audio recording12:51
rsalvetidoesn't make any sense12:52
rsalvetito be device specific12:52
jhodapprsalveti, yeah, but it seems to have broken video playback12:52
rsalvetibut that code is only executed in the end of the pipeline12:52
rsalvetior when pausing12:52
rsalvetidid we really validate that reverting that package fixes it?12:52
jhodapprsalveti, I traced it using gdb and then confirmed by finding the build number12:52
jhodapprsalveti, not yet, about to do that12:52
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rsalvetieasy to rebuild that package and change that line12:53
jhodapprsalveti, ok...I'm on krillin image 192 right now and it doesn't display this broken behavior...so I'm going to upgrade just this package next12:54
rsalvetiimgbot: map 19012:56
rsalvetiimgbot: map 190 vivid12:56
rsalvetiimgbot, map 190 vivid12:56
imgbotmako ubuntu version: 190 maps to krillin version: 203"12:56
imgbotmako ubuntu version: 190 maps to generic_x86 version: 192"12:56
rsalvetiimgbot, map 180 vivid12:56
imgbotmako ubuntu version: 180 maps to krillin version: 193"12:56
imgbotmako ubuntu version: 180 maps to generic_x86 version: 182"12:56
rsalvetiimgbot, map 179 vivid12:57
imgbotmako ubuntu version: 179 maps to krillin version: 193"12:57
imgbotmako ubuntu version: 179 maps to generic_x86 version: 182"12:57
rsalvetiimgbot, map 178 vivid12:57
imgbotmako ubuntu version: 178 maps to krillin version: 191"12:57
imgbotmako ubuntu version: 178 maps to generic_x86 version: 180"12:57
rsalvetino 192 for krillin haha12:57
* davmor2 takes away rsalveti 's right to abuse the bot12:57
jhodapprsalveti, hmm, it downloaded and installed a 19212:58
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rsalvetijhodapp: that probably means we had a device tarball update13:06
rsalvetiwhich would cause the version bump13:06
jhodapprsalveti, hmm, ok...so it's not your qtmultimedia update but it is something in that build #13:06
rsalvetithat would be my guess13:07
jhodapprsalveti, just upgraded the packages for qtmultimedia and it still plays13:07
jhodapprsalveti, yeah looking at your change there's no way it could be that13:07
rsalvetiso we need to understand what changed at the device tarball side13:07
jhodapprsalveti, the bug is in a different part of qtmultimedia...it's not creating the QSGVideoNode instance13:07
jhodapprsalveti, yeah, where do you see those changes?13:08
rsalvetijhodapp: would need to track barajas13:08
rsalvetijhodapp: john-mcaleely might be able to help you13:08
jhodappjohn-mcaleely, ping13:09
john-mcaleelyjhodapp, pong13:09
jhodappjohn-mcaleely, trying to track the device tarball changes for krillin build #19313:10
jhodappjohn-mcaleely, how/where can I see what changed?13:10
john-mcaleely#193 on which channel?13:10
jhodappjohn-mcaleely, vivid-proposed13:11
john-mcaleelyjhodapp, Description: ubuntu=20150507,device=20150326-f0c5ba5,custom=20150507,version=20513:12
john-mcaleelynot 19213:12
jhodappjohn-mcaleely, not 192?13:13
john-mcaleely192 is not latest in ubuntu-touch/vivid-proposed13:14
john-mcaleelyfor krillin13:14
jhodappjohn-mcaleely, right, trying to trace a bug13:14
john-mcaleelyaha, ok13:14
john-mcaleelyjhodapp, that device tarball is13:15
john-mcaleelyDescription: ubuntu=20150421,device=20150326-f0c5ba5,custom=20150421,version=19213:15
jhodappjohn-mcaleely, what's the version after that?13:16
jhodappjohn-mcaleely, can I see that too?13:16
john-mcaleelyjhodapp, http://people.canonical.com/~jhm/barajas/master/device_krillin.build13:16
john-mcaleelyshows that is the current device tarball13:16
john-mcaleelythere's one I'm *about* to publish13:17
john-mcaleelybut it's not live13:17
jhodappjohn-mcaleely, the latest has no description inline13:17
jhodappjust a hash13:17
ogra_there should be a matching .changes file in the same dir ...13:18
jhodappogra_, don't see one for latest13:18
john-mcaleelyjhodapp, the hash matches13:18
john-mcaleelyjhodapp, (otp)13:19
ogra_that is the one matching the build id13:19
jhodappoh I get it13:20
ogra_5f3d334 Disabling CONFIG_VT_CONSOLE_SLEEP to avoid the flood of vt-switch events from logind13:20
ogra_perhaps this ?13:20
jhodappno nothing in there looks suspicious13:20
ogra_(assuming you look for rge black video issue)13:20
rsalvetiI think it's just easier to bisect the barajas tree13:20
jhodappyeah, playing recorded videos13:20
ogra_rsalveti, why nops, how do you know dropping that option doesnt perhaps disable other CONSOLE options in the config ?13:21
fginthersil2100, so with the phone images staying on vivid, is there a plan to keep the pre-merge CI on vivid as well? Or should trunks move to wily and we should create SRU branches for vivid?13:21
ogra_(perhaps one that affcts the codecs)13:22
jhodappogra_, well the issue is qtmultimedia isn't creating the QSGVideoNode instance13:22
jhodappogra_, that much I know already13:22
sil2100fginther: hey, so I don't have any definite guidelines from higher-ups and I don't want to enforce my own policies13:22
rsalvetiogra_: because I did that change :-)13:23
ogra_heh, ok13:23
rsalvetiand that is also on RTM13:23
ogra_what was ppl_agent again ?13:23
fginthersil2100, heh :-).  I've been poking steve about this, but his apparently been busy with other things13:23
sil2100fginther: so for now let's leave CI on vivid until we have a clear understanding ;)13:23
jhodapprsalveti, why do you think the culprit might be in the device tarball for this bug?13:23
rsalvetijhodapp: because there is no rootfs update for 19213:23
sil2100fginther: yeah, he mentioned that we still need to figure it out13:23
rsalvetiwhen we get a version bump like this, it is either device tarball or custom tarball updates13:24
rsalvetisince we don't have a custom in there13:24
jhodapprsalveti, right but 192 works fine13:24
rsalvetiimgbot, map 178 vivid13:24
jhodapprsalveti, it's 193 that is broken13:24
rsalvetiimgbot, map 179 vivid13:24
imgbotmako ubuntu version: 178 maps to krillin version: 191"13:24
imgbotmako ubuntu version: 178 maps to generic_x86 version: 180"13:24
imgbotmako ubuntu version: 179 maps to krillin version: 193"13:24
imgbotmako ubuntu version: 179 maps to generic_x86 version: 182"13:24
rsalvetioh, 192 is fine?13:24
rsalvetibut you updated the package and still worked right?13:25
rsalvetithere is no changelog for 17913:25
rsalvetijust 18013:25
jhodapprsalveti, yeah, it's 18013:25
ogra_so 179 was a device or custom tarball13:25
rsalvetiright, which is why I was thinking it was an issue with the device tarball13:26
jhodapprsalveti, let me try upgrading the rest of the packages from the 180 diff and see if any of those break it...if not then yes I agree it's device or custom13:26
rsalveticool, alright13:26
ogra_rsalveti, 180 was a custom tarball13:27
ogra_well, 179 i mean13:27
ogra_actually ... 180 was custom and rootfs at the same time13:28
ogra_179: version_detail": "ubuntu=20150409,device=20150326-f0c5ba5,custom=20150409,version=179"13:28
ogra_180: "version_detail": "ubuntu=20150410,device=20150326-f0c5ba5,custom=20150410,version=180"13:28
ogra_device didnt change at all13:28
rsalvetido we get any denials?13:29
kenvandinervr, you're the last to comment on the card for vivid silo 15, it's still under testing, not blocked but nobody is assigned?13:30
kenvandinervr, did it get forgotten? :-p13:30
rvrkenvandine: It's confusing... That's actually a trick to calculate how much time does it take to test silos.13:30
john-mcaleelyjhodapp, sorry13:31
john-mcaleelyjhodapp, did you find what you needed?13:31
rvrkenvandine: The QA team was busy doing other things these days13:31
rsalvetiogra_: jhodapp: if we get denials it could be related with custom13:31
john-mcaleelyor still seeking?13:31
kenvandinervr, ok, just making sure it's not forgotten. that wasn't clear13:32
jhodappjohn-mcaleely, still trying to narrow down what caused the bug...I'm good for now but will probably have another question soon13:32
jhodapprsalveti, apparmor denials?13:32
ogra_john-mcaleely, i think we're fine ... device didnt change around the time the issue started13:32
rsalvetijhodapp: yes13:32
jhodapprsalveti, let me check that next13:32
john-mcaleelyah, right. ok13:32
john-mcaleelyI'm slightly off the hook then13:33
jhodappjohn-mcaleely, for now ;p13:33
john-mcaleelysil2100, so, I got distracted. is now a good time still for the new vivid krillin tarball?13:33
jhodapprsalveti, nope, none of those packages cause the regression13:39
jhodapprsalveti, if I download the device and custom tarballs for 193, how do can I manually flash those?13:40
rsalvetijhodapp: there is a device argument in ubuntu device flash13:51
jhodapprsalveti, alright13:51
rsalvetithere is also one for custom13:52
rsalvetijust flash without --wipe/bootstrap13:52
jhodapprsalveti, awesome thanks13:52
rsalvetithen you can easily test and validate your environment13:52
jhodapprsalveti, indeed13:53
fginthersil2100, slangasek, we really need an answer on how to handle this vivid-wily transition. It's blocking other wily work and may lead to confusion for the upstream teams as well until we have a clear direction. I'm happy to discuss alternative approaches.14:02
sil2100fginther: +114:02
fgintherdidrocks, the i386 node is working again. I had to fix a larger problem of a full disk :-(14:18
john-mcaleelysil2100, davmor2 krillin-vivid tarball pushed14:22
sil2100john-mcaleely: \o/ thanks :)14:23
davmor2john-mcaleely: \o/14:23
renatuhey guys since, jenkis is not in a good shape (most of autopilots tests fail to run due some wrong configuration or network errors) can we disable the autopilots on jenkins and just keep the output debian files? This will save us a lot of time14:54
robrucihelp ^14:55
fgintherrenatu, can you point to a specific example so that I know which tests you are referring to?14:57
charlestrainguards, could I get silos for spreadsheet rows 61 and 62? I added these to the spreadsheet earlier but looks like the silo request fell in the bitbucket14:57
charleseg, no request ids for those rows14:58
robrucharles: 16 and 3515:00
Ursinharenatu: opa :) we're investigating the networking issues now (things got bad after the rack move yesterday), if you point us to the failing jobs we can have a look15:01
charlesrobru, thanks :)15:01
robrucharles: you're welcome15:01
sil2100robru: you woke up for the meeting? :)15:02
alan_gtrainguards Silo 021 testing done. You can publish.15:02
sil2100alan_g: ACK!15:03
robrusil2100: well it's not like I can read meeting cancellation emails while I sleep!15:03
sil2100robru: don't publis silo 2115:03
sil2100alan_g: hm, why is it set to not needing QA sign-off?15:03
alan_gbecause camako set that. (He says only needed for RTM)15:04
renatufgimenez, Ursinha, ok let me try a new build, I will ping you if still falling. Thanks15:04
sil2100alan_g: it's a big landing, right? Anything that's not a 100%-risk-free change shouldn't land without QA sign-off15:04
sil2100alan_g: no, we require sign-off for vivid since 2 months ;) Since we'll be switching our stable branch to vivid in the next weeks15:05
sil2100alan_g: only landings to wily currently don't need QA15:05
sil2100But wily is more like hm, a playground right now15:05
alan_gsil2100: ack15:05
sil2100alan_g: anyway, no harm done :)15:05
sil2100alan_g: if anything, the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/citrain/LandingProcess docs are up-to-date with current policies15:06
robrualesage: Mirv: slangasek: https://code.launchpad.net/~robru/phablet-tools/fix-overlay-pinning/+merge/258514 can you guys take a look at this one-liner?15:27
sil2100robru: looks goodish, but just in case I wouldn't put the pin priority that high ;) But that's just cosmetics15:30
robrusil2100: yeah I wasn't sure what a good number would be. needs to be at least 1002 to beat the overlay ppa pin, but then i thought maybe some space inbetween would be prudent15:31
alesagerobru, just taking it for a spin15:41
robrualesage: thanks15:41
robrualesage: so you should expect a mix of overlay PPA packages and silo ppa packages, perhaps similar to http://paste.ubuntu.com/11011081/15:43
didrocksfginther: argh, anything I can do to help preventing this?15:43
didrocksfginther: and thanks!15:43
fgintherdidrocks, the host system is just missing some active monitoring. It was a different VM that had become out of control and was consuming too much disk15:44
didrocksfginther: ah ok, not those vm's faults then! Good to know and that explains why I couldn't restart it myself :)15:45
alan_gsil2100: just checking my understanding: the policy you referred me to says QA sign-off for /1/ "TRAINCON-0" and /2/ "For all landings to the ubuntu-rtm branch". Is it wrong?15:46
sil2100alan_g: hah! Ok, you found one place where it's not modified ;) The landing instructions in the first section have it explained15:46
sil2100alan_g: thanks for mentioning, let me change that, this part was always managed by QA15:47
alan_gsil2100: yw :)15:48
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robrujibel: http://people.canonical.com/~platform/citrain/?C=M;O=A raw json with mp lists16:15
dobeytrainguards: can i get a reconfig for ubuntu/landing-022 please? had to do a merge and resubmit for one MP to resolve a conflict16:20
robrudobey: you have permission to reconfigure as long as you're not adding a new project16:21
dobeyrobru: how do i reconfigure then? i don't see a link for that on the dashboard or in the spreadsheet16:22
robrudobey: "Landing Tools" menu in the spreadsheet. just click the right row first.16:23
dobey"This app needs authorization to run"16:24
dobeyoh, i have to log in again in google, ok16:25
dobeyi guess it didn't work16:29
dobeycihelp: are the silo PPAs being cross-compiled for arm?17:11
ogra_nothing is cross compiled in the official infra17:13
ogra_it is always native17:13
ogra_there are virtualized armhf PPAs though ... i dont think the silos are vitrual17:14
robrudobey: silos are definitely devirt, that's a security requirement for publishing in ubuntu archive.17:16
robrudobey: also silos >30 are new, are you seeing a problem there? hopefully they weren't misconfigured when they were created.17:16
dobeythis error doesn't make any sense then; and i'm not sure why it's happening. and i don't have a wily on arm anywhere to really test it17:16
dobeyrobru: this is in 2217:16
robrudobey: definitely devirt then17:17
robrudobey: hmm, that is tricky. the only way I know to fix those is to have it installed on a device and poke at it with apt. time to do-release-upgrade on a phone? ;-)17:18
dobeyyeah; the error makes sense to me only in the context of cross-build though; and a new version of ubuntuone-credentials was even released last night into wily without any problems :-/17:18
dobeyrobru: yeah, i guess i'll have to debootstrap a chroot on a phone to see17:19
dobeyalso, debootstrap is a weird name for a tool that actually bootstraps something :P17:19
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robrudobey: heh17:21
robrudobey: oh, the ubuntuone-credentials was only published 4 hours ago, maybe this is a transient error due to running the build before the package fully published? might be worth trying the build one more time before mucking with debootstrap17:21
dobeyoh, is publishing to the ports archive that slow?17:22
robrudobey: well I'm not sure exactly at what time your build was started.17:23
dobeyrobru: very recently; and i've already tried to rebuild once17:24
robrudobey: oh if you already rebuilt it then I dunno, sorry. yeah try debootstrap17:24
dobeyyeah, and looking at ports server, the packages are already there; and these are coming from ftpmaster.internal anyway (though maybe ftpmaster.internal is behind?)17:29
jhodappimgbot, map 181 vivid17:30
imgbotmako ubuntu version: 181 maps to krillin version: 195"17:30
imgbotmako ubuntu version: 181 maps to generic_x86 version: 184"17:30
dobeywell, at least making a wily chroot isn't too bad; i already had a vivid chroot, so just copying it and then tweaking sources.list and doing dist-upgrade works well enough to get a chroot fairly quickly17:34
dobeyrobru: so fun. in a wily chroot on my nexus4, i added the landing-022 ppa, and did apt-get build-dep unity-scope-click, and it's installing everything just fine :-/17:44
dobeyso trying to build again :-/17:45
dobeybah, it's still failing :(17:54
robrudobey: sorry, that's gone beyond my skill level. maybe infinity or cjwatson can give some more insight into that.17:56
dobeyyeah, or wgrant when he shows up17:57
dobeywould be nice if the lp builders were configured to output verbose apt error messages for these things17:57
cjwatsonogra_: even virtualised PPAs aren't cross-compiled18:23
ogra_cjwatson, thats what i said18:24
ogra_(i think)18:24
cjwatsonogra_: you implied that virtualisation or not was somehow relevant to dobey's question; it isn't, neither virt nor devirt are cross-compiled18:24
cjwatsondobey: heh, the problem is you can't really get apt to be very verbose in a useful way without considerable logic18:25
cjwatsondobey: easiest way is to build a chdist instance locally with the appropriate sources.list and play with that18:26
dobeycjwatson: chdist would be different from my existing wily chroot somehow?18:26
cjwatsonyes, you can easily set one up for a different architecture etc.18:27
cjwatsoncan't seem to get it to go wrong here though18:27
dobeywell i've got the chroot on my phone, so it's armhf already. but i can't get it to fail there either :-/18:28
dobeyso i don't know what else to do at this point18:30
cjwatsonI'm continuing to investigate in between evening stuff18:31
dobeycjwatson: ok, thanks18:31
cjwatsondobey: it seems OK here too, retrying18:43
dobeyi've rebuilt (via ci train dash) 3 times now with the same failure18:44
cjwatsondobey: looking at recent archive changes, there's a pretty good chance that this was due to arch skew in -proposed with https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/glib-networking/2.45.1-1, which only just built ~50 minutes ago18:44
cjwatsonprior to that there were several hours where it was skewed on amd64 vs. armhf18:44
dobeyoh, is -proposed being pulled in here too?18:45
cjwatsondid your chroot include that?18:45
cjwatsonanyway, it's building now18:45
cjwatsonand is past the previous failure18:45
dobeyah, ok. no, i don't have -proposed in my chroot18:45
dobeyi thought the PPA builders didn't have proposed enabled18:46
cjwatsonthis isn't a property of the builders18:46
cjwatsonit's a property of the PPA18:46
cjwatsonand all the silos are configured with -proposed enabled by default, because otherwise there is no way to execute library transitions involving silos18:46
dobeyok. well now i know that the silos are configured that way :)18:46
cjwatsonit can be turned off temporarily if need be, but usually better not to18:47
dobeythanks again18:47
cjwatsondobey: here's the chdist procedure: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11013254/18:48
cjwatsonyou can then play around fairly arbitrarily with apt-get's resolver; you just can't actually install any packages, so say no to its prompt18:48
robrucjwatson: thanks for following that up, so i guess i was right originally, just needed time before rebuilding? How can i check that in the future?19:45
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fgintherslangasek, another ping on the vivid to wily transition question. I see that some projects (like lp:indicator-sound) have already moved to wily and have created 15.04 SRU branch, but most have not. Is this just something that needs to be transition on a case-by-case basis?20:34
slangasekfginther: ok, so I finally found time to look up https://wiki.ubuntu.com/citrain/LandingProcess#Landing_your_change_to_Ubuntu_RTM21:40
slangasekfginther: the policy shouldn't change, just the names; so projects can either have a single branch landing both places, or use separate branches21:41
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fgintherslangasek, cool, so if I understand correctly, the first action is to land the change into the development release (which is now wily). To me that implies that everything should be wily based and then use a separate branch only in cases where it is needed.21:43
pmcgowanfginther, are you talking phone releases? if so everything needs to land i the vivid PPA as we won't release from wily21:47
fgintherpmcgowan, that is what I'm talking about.21:48
fgintherpmcgowan, will the upstream projects ignore wily at this time?21:48
pmcgowanfginther, ok so we will pretty much land everythign both places from what I undestand21:48
fgintherpmcgowan, ok, that clarifies things a bit21:49
pmcgowanfginther, but landing to vivid will not be the exception, so sounds like single branch two landings21:49
pmcgowanor whatever the project wants I suppose21:50
fgintherpmcgowan, it's sounds like the preferred approach would be to build single branches against both wily and (vivid + overlay_PPA)21:50
pmcgowanI suspect so21:50
pmcgowandefault case21:51
fgintherpmcgowan, thanks21:51
sil2100pmcgowan: is that a final decision? I mean, I guess that's one way I understood it, but I want to know if that's the guideline21:57
sil2100Since I heard multiple conflicting things21:57
pmcgowansil2100, we need to keep wily up to date or we will suffer later, I am not sure how much testing we will devote to it21:59
pmcgowansil2100, but we release from vivid for the foreseeable future21:59
awehey sil2100, was wondering who should do the NM copy per slangasek's last email.  I can do, but wasn't sure if I had permissions to do so?  We also probably want to copy from vivid-security as opposed to vivid22:04
awe( I think as vivid-security and vivid-updates both have 4ubuntu15.1 vs 4ubuntu15 in vivid )22:05
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sil2100awe: I can do it if anything, not sure if I'll be able to do the copy today still since it's past midnight, but I'll try22:12
sil2100If not then I'll copy it tomorrow in the morning if you don't mind :)22:12
awesil2100, yea...no worries about doing it tomorrow, that'd be fine thanks22:15
aweget some sleep122:15
rsalvetirobru: hey, can you try assigning silo for line 69?22:29
rsalvetinot really able to load the page to assign silos here22:29
rsalvetinot sure if slow, but trying to load the configure page for more than 2 minutes already22:29
Ursinhafginther: I wonder if something changed in the lab that you might need vpn to access ci-train.ubuntu.com22:33
cjwatsonrobru: best is probably to follow the paste I showed so that you can dig through things with apt-get23:16
cjwatsonrobru: I don't have a straightforward script for you though23:16
robrucjwatson: thanks23:41
robrursalveti: sorry, was out. looks like you got it23:41

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