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MooDoomorning all07:13
dholbachjcastro, can you add ~thomas-ruecker to https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-etherpad?14:17
balloonsjcastro, who will be summarizing the cloud track?14:17
jcastrough, do I have to do that?14:21
balloonsjcastro, someone does :-) The doc is blank atm for cloud: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1icOXmpg2VTyKtEpGl0hlzHQdZt792stKYcFu22DRRgM/edit14:32
jcastroam I just summarizing for the video?14:32
belkinsaAnd also for show and tell is blank.14:32
silverlionbelkinsa: wasn't there a spot for lxqt14:33
belkinsaNevermind about show and tell14:33
jcastroballoons, hey so it's just for the video though right?14:35
jcastroI'm not expected to go back through and write up all the sessions am I?14:35
balloonsjcastro, yes just for the video review. The closing session at 1900. I need someone to review the sessions on video14:36
balloonsyou can do that magically in your brain if you wish I guess, but :-)14:36
jcastroI will. I'll just read off the schedule14:36
jcastrohey so, how long do I have?14:36
balloonsbrillant, ty14:36
balloonsjcastro, you can have as long as you like, but <5 mins I think is best14:37
jcastroeasy peasy14:37
dholbachmhall119, balloons: do you know if folks should have been automatically subscribed to the uos-track-leads list?14:58
dholbachI felt I hadn't received all mails, but wasn't sure - now slangasek confirmed it14:58
balloonsdholbach, seems like they are not autosubbed14:58
balloonsIt's an lp team mhall119 curates14:58
balloonsand I agree.. seems like not everyone is getting the mails14:59
mhall119dholbach: no, I add them to the LP team manually14:59
mhall119oh, the ML, it takes their LP default I would assume14:59
dholbachI see14:59
josePabloRubianes: pong15:55
dpmbelkinsa, oh, wow, I was just about to start writing the summaries for the community track and I see you've already done it!16:01
* dpm hugs belkinsa16:02
silverliondpm: she is one of the best here ;)16:02
belkinsadpm, can you fill out the more for the second roundtable as I lost focus on that one for some reason16:03
dpmof course16:03
balloonspopey, is it safe to assume you'll be doing the summary for app and scope development?16:10
popeyballoons: i can summarise the ones I'm in16:10
popeynot the ones I'm not16:10
balloonslol.. well, I need a talking head for the closing session who can cover them all16:11
balloonspresumably it'll be yourself, nik90, or kalikana16:11
balloonsI see there's some notes on the sessions, but it was a BIG track16:12
balloonsI don't think you need to be exhaustive.. I'm not going to hold you to it16:12
popeyballoons: can you share the summary doc with me, I can't find it16:19
balloonspopey, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1icOXmpg2VTyKtEpGl0hlzHQdZt792stKYcFu22DRRgM/edit16:20
balloonsty ty16:20
* balloons puts popey's name down as presenter16:20
dpmbelkinsa, will you be doing the community track summary?17:00
belkinsaYeah, did you want to do it?17:01
dpmbelkinsa, either way it's fine, I was just asking to be sure. So feel free to go for it!17:01
belkinsaAlright and thanks.17:02
dpmrock on17:02
dpmballoons, I think you might need to add an actual session to the plenary slot17:03
dpmright now it's not clickable (I had to do the same thing for mark & jane's plenaries)17:03
belkinsadpm, balloons, mhall119, dholbach: who is hosting the BQ QA session?17:14
dpmbelkinsa, I am17:14
* elfy read BBQ QA 17:14
belkinsaOkay, thanks.17:15
dpmthanks for checking17:15
elfyI'd have gone to that17:15
* dpm has now visions of smartphones roasting on the fire17:15
elfyha ha ha17:15
dpm(iPhones, that is)17:15
balloonssmartphones roasting on an open fire . . .17:16
elfyhi balloons :)17:16
balloonshowdy howdy17:17
dpmballoons, did you see my ping about the closing plenary? ^17:17
balloonsdpm, perhaps not?17:17
balloonsdpm, ohh, lol17:18
balloonsso much red17:18
dpmballoons, yeah, you'll need to create an actual session and schedule it on the plenary slot17:19
dpmballoons, we're getting there! :)17:19
dpmballoons, awesome. You're ok to do the MC'ing and introduce the track leads?17:22
dpmbrb rebooting...17:23
belkinsaballoons, the image for the hangout link is wrong on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS/Sessions17:53
belkinsaIt shows the events page link not the hangout17:53
balloonsbelkinsa, whoops17:53
balloonswant to take a quick screenshot and fix?17:54
belkinsaI know17:54
dholbachmhall119, so far UOS has been working out quite well in terms of organisation17:54
jcastro(just kidding)17:54
* mhall119 nominates jcastro to organize it next time17:56
mhall119dholbach: yeah, some glitches with Google, but that's nearly always the case17:56
mhall119participation has been good17:57
jcastroI also noticed all my G+ followers get spammed when I do a new session17:57
mhall119jcastro: it goes on your public feed, yeah, it did that last time too I think17:57
jcastroI like the event page though17:58
jcastroI can put the time in the future17:58
popeywe haven't had sessions having to be restarted that I've seen, like we did last time18:44
czajkowskipopey: you missed mhall119where he was on mute ;)18:49
mhall119well, I'm not going to live that down anytime soon am I :)18:49
popeyi missed everything18:50
popeynot seen any other sessions at all really.18:50
jcastromhall119, URL? I am ready18:51
balloonspopey, jcastro, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYdBIMhqQ7hPtYYJGfFFKWDfhKW0vhoeJ0Ko1xuylCsBn6Vg3g?authuser=1&hl=en18:51
balloonsbelkinsa, ^^18:52
* popey gets coffee18:52
belkinsaI know, coming.  I need to finish my session18:52
belkinsaGive me three more minutes18:52
mhall119balloons: am I giving the convergence summary? or is will?18:52
balloonsmhall119, will is listed18:53
mhall119ok, cool18:53
* mhall119 makes sure the notes are up todate18:53
* mhall119 missed most of the convergence sessions18:54
balloonsmhall119, would you like to give a blurb or?19:00
mhall119balloons: no, just putting some stats in there if you want to use them when you introduce the session19:01
balloonsty mhall11919:02
popeyjcastro: screw you hippy19:11
popeyctrl+w the wrong tab19:18
popeyballoons: we doing Q&A after, or just updates?19:19
balloonspopey, lol.. you stayed just to troll jcastro admit it :-)19:19
balloonspopey, nah, no q and a.. we be done19:19
popeyi can re-join and troll him some more if you like? :)19:19
balloonsit does seem fun19:19
balloonsit's after hours for you, so.. a stiff drink?19:20
popeyits also election day19:20
balloonsI'm sure you've voted eh? do brits "celebrate" after voting?19:20
popeysome of us stay up all night to watch the results come in19:22
popeypolls close in 1.5 hours19:22
dpmthanks belkinsa!19:22
mhall119popey: so do we19:31
mhall119voting in a monarchy still seems odd though19:31
* mhall119 might see which news channel is talking about your elections over here19:33
popeydoes http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/10318089 work in the US?19:33
popeyBBC News channel19:33
popeyI imagine not.19:33
mhall119popey: "The BBC News Channel is available in the UK only. Don't forget, to watch TV online as it's being broadcast, you still need a TV licence."19:36
* popey hugs his TV Licence19:37
mhall119TV license, another thing that is very odd to us19:37
popeyNo adverts on BBC :)19:37
popeyI happily pay for that.19:37
balloonsyea, PBS is a bit odd and not really the same here19:47
* balloons notes cable tv was initially advert free also19:47
czajkowskimarcoceppi: jcastro is there an Ubuntu scope yet for the nest :)20:06
jcastrono sure20:07
marcoceppiczajkowski: not yet ;)20:10

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