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smblamont, Then something is not right. Should say /dev/vda1 (and no it only always says sda regardless of ata or real scsi)06:56
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lamontsmb: I see12:55
hallynok so what is the recommended lts kernel package for on trusty?  There's a lot of options.  linux-image-hwe-generic-trusty ?13:09
hallyni.e. will that one auto-update to the vivid kernel at some point?13:09
hallynseems the most promising, think i'll go with that13:10
argeshallyn: what are you trying to do? I believe the high level meta packages are 'linux-<flavor>?-<lts-series>?-<eol-upgrade>'  where eol-upgrade rolls into the next lts kernel13:34
argesif that pseudo regex makes any sense13:35
hallynarges: linux-image-hwe-generic-trusty seems to be an alias for linux-image-generic-lts-utopic ;  -vivid doesn't exist yet;  so my ohpe was that linux-image-hwe-generic-trusty will become linux-image-generic-lts-vivid when that exists13:38
argeshallyn: off the top of my head, not sure how the meta-packages get pulled in. 13:45
apwhallyn, i thnk those are coming from the main linux-meta package13:58
apwhallyn, and likely yes we would want to move those, when its not shiney and likely to eat peoples machines13:59
apwso once some time has passed for stabalisation13:59
hallynapw: but so was linux-image-hwe-generic-trusty the right package for me to install?  i was on 3.13, which was killing kvm when i tried to nest;  just wnat the newest supported kernel14:10
smbhallyn, hm... maybe what you wanted would have a "utopic" in its name...14:56
hallynsmb: linux-image-hwe-generic-trusty points to something with utopic in its name14:56
hallynis there a structure to these pkgs or is it all ad-hoc?  I assumed the former, am getting the feeling its the latter :)14:56
smbthere is a structure but ... its maybe too complicated for me myself14:57
lamontsmb: full shutdown and start later: /dev/vda1       41151808 13811620  25226756  36% /18:51
smblamont, yw. I hope this also magically avoids the swraid recovery affecting the guest18:52
lamontsmb: that would be most lovely18:52
lamontand yeah, I have no desire to emulate disks if I can just use them18:52
smbI know ... :)18:52

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