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Kilosmorning everybody05:34
MooDoohello all07:13
Kilosconnection issues today07:20
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wxlYoBoY: should i include cm-t on this?15:59
YoBoYyes, is one of our locoteam members and leader (french team) who have writed a beautifull wiki page, and not applied yet to the ubuntu membership ;)16:00
wxlexcellent :)16:00
wxlcm-t: could you provide an email address?16:00
cm-tsame as yoboy16:00
wxlokie dokie16:00
cm-tcm-t or arudy16:01
YoBoYso, cm-t, explain us why you haven't applied yet to this membership… :)16:02
cm-tso, I am not sure why16:03
cm-tI think I have never took the time to read the wiki page to describe all the process, so I've just made my wiki page, and also asked others people to do so16:04
cm-tI think I've never tryed the next step16:04
cm-t(don't judge me !)16:05
cm-t(I bet all others in the core team of ubuntu-fr are same, or doing less)16:05
wxlbelkinsa: there's something we can do— streamline the process or organize it to be enumerated16:06
YoBoY(just to "force" them to register in launchpad is hard sometimes, and it's the first step ^^")16:08
cm-tI also wish one of our board team member get the status before me. just for the  logic, but maybe its me beeing dumb16:09
cm-t(thinking at ~olive16:10
wxlYoBoY: not to be a contrarian, but do you really think that's so difficult? i mean it's essential for SO MANY things, like dealing with bugs, looking at pads, registering on UOS, etc.16:10
YoBoYlol, olive is in the wiki state since… 2005, more or less… :D16:10
cm-tYoBoY: yes, that's why I've tryed to do some little workshop wiki, to make specificly HIM to get the membership, but he  didnt understood16:11
YoBoYwxl, don't forget my team is less technical, it's a majority of enthusiast users16:11
wxlYoBoY: and as i always say, technical contributions are a very small part of the work in ubuntu. ALL contributions count16:11
YoBoYlaunchpad is a technical tool for developers, not user friendly, not localised16:11
cm-tThe login to the loco portail should create a launchpad profile, or something like that16:12
YoBoYand after that step, signing the CoC is another hard step for non technical foreign user ;)16:12
cm-tor a magic link on the step-by-step guide16:13
YoBoY( wxl : great pad page by the way :) )16:13
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Kiloshi all. is there anyone here in Australia?18:51
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