* RAOF unplugs his external monitor, causing all Qt apps to crash (as usual).00:13
greybackI really hate that00:15
greybackfixed in qt5.5!00:16
RAOFWe should go back and close those Qt bugs, then :)00:18
racarrRAOF: s'ok im hooked on kindle now00:32
RAOFFair enough.00:33
RAOFThe physical copy is pretty nice, though ;)00:33
RAOFAlso, you should read it :)00:33
racarrwell ok if you remember :D00:33
racarryeah I will...I've been stuck on this one book for like00:33
racarralmost 2 months now I guess whoops00:33
racarrI think I may just give up trying to extract meaning from this long rambling middle section and00:34
racarrpower through lol00:34
racarrouch jenkins had a murder run on me00:34
racarrconflicts I bet00:34
RAOFHm. It's trying quite hard to sleet here.00:51
RAOFIt's failing, and just dropping very cold rain, but it's trying.00:53
racarrah phones were having network issues01:04
racarrand I had a memory error01:04
RAOFAlways the best!01:12
racarrthere have been a few funny test failures01:20
racarrin this event cleaning pipeline where its01:20
racarrbasically tests were relying on behavior that converted an invalid android event01:21
racarrto an invalid mir event01:21
racarrinvalid states01:21
dufluracarr: Isn't that better than an invalid Android event yielding a valid Mir event? :)01:46
RAOFOops. Filesystem corruption after hard power-off.02:09
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RAOFYou know, this code that I'm writing right now could really do with Rust's borrow checker.03:06
RAOFNone of these shared_ptrs are *actually* shared. I'm using guarantees about their lifetimes that are manually maintained.03:07
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dufluFunny thing happens when you achieve low render latency - the LCD persistence (motion blur) becomes more noticeable06:47
alan_galf_: you agree I can TA this? https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-system-compositor-team/unity-system-compositor/trunk/+merge/25804708:34
alf_alan_g: approval still stands08:35
alan_gIs there an easy way to find the "image number" of a phone install?08:46
duflualan_g: system-image-cli -i    ?09:12
alan_gduflu: thanks09:13
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racarralf_: With the pointer buttons I do mean running out of bits ... do you have another idea?16:51
racarrIt may be ok to say 64 bits and call it done...16:51
racarrI guess what im worried about is some devices will have buttons that I guess dont correspond16:52
racarrto MirPointerButton and can only be interpreted through the device introspection API (perhaps this is true? Maybe it's not really...)16:52
racarrand that could get weird if things were flags16:52
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racarrDoes anyone have a good writeup of what is going on in situations where bzr merge --weave will fix conflicts that merge wont19:41
racarrive never bothered to understand it and it always leaves me with this19:41
racarrsinking uneasy feeling19:41
racarrman there could be a way better interface for managing19:45
racarrpipelined branches...19:45
racarre.g. if launchpad19:45
racarrunderstood it19:45
racarralso I have to put a dollar in the gender specific noun when addressing a general audience jar :(19:46

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