AndyDavisIs there any way that I can set something in in d/changelog  for the version so it appends the distro name to it ?  example  foo (0.0.1-2$dist) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium  where dist would be ubuntu.  I am building with sbuild01:52
AndyDaviswhere $dist would be some  sorta variable01:52
AndyDavisahh ha ! --append-to-version="foo"02:09
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Unit193barry: Get a chance for a closer look? :P21:36
barryUnit193: no, sorry, uos21:36
Unit193Ah right, have fun with that.  As long as it's on someones mind, I'm happy. :)21:37
barryUnit193: it's in a browser tab, which i guess is better than buried in my inbox :)21:39
Unit193barry: Anything else I can do to help, btw?21:41
barryUnit193: has the patch been vetted by any bzr developers?21:42
Unit193barry: Not that I know of, pinged jelmer a bit back with no luck.  https://code.launchpad.net/~unit193/bzr-fastimport/deletion-fixes/+merge/25817821:44

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