espereguAnyone knows why 12.04 is dropped from the ppa targets of the mythbuntu ppa's (https://launchpad.net/~mythbuntu/+archive/ubuntu/0.28) and who to ask if they can be added again?11:08
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tgm4883esperegu: because 0.28 needs qt5 and 12.04 doesn't have it13:01
esperegutgm4883: since when? I have been running it from the ppa all the time but the latest version is: MythTV Version : v0.28-pre-2704-g373e52c13:03
esperegutgm4883: I see that one uses still: QT Version : 4.8.113:04
tgm4883esperegu: since just after the last successful build13:04
esperegutgm4883: :-(13:04
esperegutgm4883: thx for replying though.13:05
tgm4883It needs t5.2 now13:05
esperegutgm4883: is there a way to still use the ppa's somehow?13:05
tgm4883On 12.04?13:06
esperegutgm4883: yes13:06
tgm4883No. You could try finding a qt ppa for it and maybe using the trusty package for MythTV13:07
tgm4883But that would be a serious change13:07

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