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veeberselopio_: you still around perchance?02:52
veebersI guess not, it'll be late02:52
elopio_veebers: I am, but only for a few more minutes.03:26
veeberselopio_: Have commented and approved on the web browser MP. I'm not sure what's required to run the tests from the branch though03:26
veebersRunning from the installed worked, cd-ing into trunk or any code branch they failed03:27
veebersI think I had something else to tell you but I've forgotten now :-)03:27
elopio_veebers: yes, that's what I did. Just install it, as we are not changing the binary in this branch.03:27
veeberselopio_: remind me, process for getting card on backlog for us, just bang it in on the board or email it to jfunk?03:33
veebersLast time I emailed a suggested list I never heard from anyone03:33
elopio_veebers: yes, email to jfunk. Copying the list wouldn't hurt.04:03
elopio_if it goes ignored, ping me and I'll make some noise :)04:03
veeberselopio_: awesome cheers, had already sent the email, will fwd04:04
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vilaveebers: you still around perchance?06:20
vilaI guess not, it'll be late06:20
vila(shamelessly copy/pasting ;-D)06:21
veebersvila: heh, I've just come in now to close my client that I left open :-) I have a couple of minutes if you like08:16
vilaveebers: thanks ! But I've kicked off rebuilds already08:18
vilaveebers: still running08:18
veebersvila: nice thanks :-) Yeah I didn't get very far with that today unfortunately, there was issues in the lab I understand08:19
veebersvila: also I see in passing mention of better plans (xvfb et. al) being discussed which is awesome news08:19
veebersheh you've mentioned the outage in the card already :-)08:20
veebersright I'm off, see you all o/08:20
balloonsflexiondotorg, ping13:39
flexiondotorgballoons, Pong13:50
balloonsflexiondotorg, ohh, I see you are all set for the session13:50
balloonslol, there you are :-)13:50
balloonsI just saw the message from last night. I wanted to make sure you were a-ok for the session as there's 3 show and tells and something else I have to host at the same time13:51
flexiondotorgballoons, Well, mostly all set. No idea what happens with the hangout exactly. But I tested all my equipment last night.13:51
balloonsso the track leads are stretched thin ;-) Thanks for being all set13:51
balloonsflexiondotorg, ahh.. that's simple enough13:51
balloonsflexiondotorg, follow https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS/Sessions13:51
balloonsyou just copy and paste the hangout and youtube link into the session page and it will update13:52
flexiondotorgballoons, Thanks.13:53
elopio_vila: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/1452300/comments/414:51
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1452300 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Reboot takes too long" [Undecided,Incomplete]14:51
vilaelopio_: lol@cross-channels ping on different topics ;)14:52
vilaelopio_: looks like the bug has been reproduced already, the regression is a good idea though, file a card ?15:12
vilaelopio_: the timing will need to be device specific though (whatever margin is acceptable)15:14
bipballoons: ping :)15:54
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balloonselfy, did you not get my email from days ago about the automatic image testng?17:40
balloonsanyways, yes i see https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Ubiquity/view/Xubuntu/rssFailed17:41
tnt1when filing a upstream kernel bug (bug#1447331) do i put all the info requested in a one text file?20:49
elfyballoons: I'm just a bit confused at http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/vivid/desktop/20:54
elfyI assume that's just Ubuntu20:54
elfybasically given how much testing we get done mid milestone - I was hoping that jenkins would be working, so I could assume that basically we booted20:55

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