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stanford_droneable from July to October (inclusive, preferably), please let me know! Send a resume at roitman@cs.stanford.edu or message me.01:44
stanford_drone<stanford_drone> Our startup got funded! We're going to Shenzhen, China to build a personal gaming drone. This is a flying robot that you can play with. It mostly uses computer vision and Artificial Intelligence. We're looking to hire one or two more linux C++ programmers to join us during the summer. If you know any good programmer available from July to October please let me know! Send a resume at roitman@cs.stanford.edu or message me.01:48
* sarnold mumbles something about not even good at spamming, must be a crack team..01:50
mgriffinHow can I tell why this update urgency=medium vs the previous urgency=low:02:16
rbasakmgriffin: urgency is ignored in Ubuntu. I think the default produced by dch changed at some point, so you see different things depending on what release the developer used to write the changelog.02:18
sarnoldmgriffin: huge guess, the .14 version was the release version, the .15 version is an update: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-meta02:18
sarnoldmgriffin: but I think the urgency field is moreor less ignored by everyone and everything02:18
sarnoldrbasak: ah :) that makes more sense02:18
sarnold'cause really, I'm surprised it changed02:18
rbasak It has some effect in Debian. Something to do with unstable->testing migration timing maybe?02:19
rbasakI guess they wanted the default changed for something related to that.02:19
mgriffinrbasak: thanks02:21
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jak2000hi all why cant add a user? see please: http://pastie.org/10174924  any advice how to fix it?02:26
sarnoldjak2000: I bet the user was created; check /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow to see if the records are there02:27
sarnoldjak2000: -maybe- it tries to create the group first, and dies if it can't create the group.. but that's not quite what the log says.02:27
jak2000not exist02:28
sarnoldjak2000: if the user doesn't exist in /etc/shadow and /etc/passwd, then look for an /etc/group.LCK file or something similar; I forget the name but it ought to be easily visible if it is still there02:28
jak2000the user02:28
jak2000exist 2 files: group   group-02:29
sarnolddang, that's just a backup file. nothing special there.02:30
sarnoldjak2000: try it again?02:30
jak2000sarnold: http://pastie.org/1017493202:31
jak2000sarnold: http://pastie.org/1017495602:42
sarnoldjak2000: that04:06
sarnoldthat's crazy.. anything in dmesg?04:07
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kevindeI've got a upstart script for a bot that connects to my teamspeak server that's running after network adapters started, but it only starts after about 60 seconds cause the first connect my teamspeak server isn't up yet, is it possible to run a upstart script after a init.d script started?07:55
remix_tjkevinde: why you don't convert teamspeak init script to upstart?08:11
remix_tjkevinde: check this, in case http://serverfault.com/questions/370417/upstart-start-service-after-non-upstart-process08:13
remix_tjcould be useful.08:13
kevindewell i have pretty basic knowledge about scripting, but I guess that should be the best option08:15
kevindethanks for the help08:15
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hariomHow to know which dns server name my server is using?09:33
hariomI have setup a DNS server and in the interfaces file of another server, I have given dns-nameservers ip as the ip of DNS server. But How can I verify that it is working fine?09:34
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lordievaderhariom: cat /etc/resolv.conf and nslookup?09:35
davegarathhariom: try to use dig to resolve something09:35
hariomlordievader, davegarath: Thanks. dig and nsloopup worked fine09:36
hariomon my one of the servers, I have firewall off (IP table flushed, ufw disabled). I am able to ping this server from other servers and other servers are also able to ping this server. But from remote server if I ssh into this server, it says 22 connection refused10:31
hariomFrom local server, I am able to ssh into remote server but from remote server I am not able to ssh into local server. Both servers are able to ping each other10:32
hariomnmap <localserver ip>  shows that all 65535 ports are closed10:32
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Slinghariom: what does lsof -i:22 show?11:04
hariomSling: "lsof -i:22" doesn't give any output11:05
Slinghariom: then there is no sshd running on this server11:05
Slingsudo apt-get install openssh-server11:06
hariomSling: I have openssh-server installed. I see ssh directory in /etc/ with sshd_config file. Also on my remote server, If issue the "lsof -i:22" I don't get any output but I am able to do ssh from remote server to another remote server11:09
hariomSling: "sudo service ssh status" shows Service ssh/running11:09
Slinghariom: ah you should do lsof as root, or sudo lsof -i:2211:10
hariomSling: ok, I purged openssh-server and installed again and now I am able to ssh from remote server to local system. Looks like something was wrong in openssh-server package11:11
hariomSling: Yea, "sudo lsof -i:22" gives output11:12
arcskyanyone know a file integrity manger (FIM) for linux machines?11:44
xnaveirahi, i'm installing ubuntu 14.04 with preseed and my network config gets overwritten: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/netcfg/+bug/1361902 Any solutions?11:53
zuljamespage:  do you know what happened to the glusterfs MIR stuff?13:34
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jamespagezul, I think at a minimul we should have autopkgtest for installing packages in universe openstack components15:44
zuljamespage:  so like trove, designate, etc?15:45
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jamespagezul, yah15:45
jamespagezul, I also thing we should be aiming for functional test execution via autopkgtest as well15:46
zuljamespage:  good idea15:47
zulhallyn:  https://launchpad.net/~zulcss/+archive/ubuntu/libvirt-testing when it builds15:52
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arcskyanyone know a file integrity manger (FIM) for linux machines?16:55
Walexarcsky: there are many, depending on what you mean with that.17:01
arcskyi want it to sends (mail) if changing a file17:01
arcskyor a report at least17:01
antixyou want "watch"17:19
hallynzul: if you don't hear from me can you remind me tomorrow?17:23
zulhallyn:  of course17:23
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tyler_wylieDoes anyone here have experience with FAI?19:14
tyler_wylieI've gotten insane progress on this just need help with some tweaking19:14
tyler_wylierattking: greetings; as well as you too sarnold19:16
sarnoldgood afternoon tyler_wylie :) glad to hear it's working out alright :)19:19
tyler_wylieit's almost there, right now it boots into a barebones ubuntu install with almost nothing included, even sudo... I can't get to root!19:20
sarnoldno sudo? wow.19:22
sarnoldthat's .. brutally barebones :)19:22
tyler_wylieyea and I don't know what root pw is or if it even exists XD19:23
tyler_wyliefollowed this howto: http://wiki.fai-project.org/wiki/Installing_Ubuntu_Linux_with_FAI19:23
tyler_wylieI was wondering if you guys might be able to help me finalize this19:23
rattkingtyler_wylie: you will need to make sure everything you want is in a package_config for your class19:23
tyler_wylierattking: within the PACKAGES aptitude UBUNTU section?19:24
rattkingI just have "PACKAGES aptitude" but yes19:24
tyler_wylieis there an ubuntu-server metapackage?19:25
tyler_wylieI don't see one; hrm19:25
geniityler_wylie: No, because it's a set of tasksel jobs19:27
sarnold_maybe_ you can use ^ubuntu-server notation, apt at least understands that19:28
sarnoldbut installing just the packages you need seems like the easier long-term approach; add in sudo, your favorite flavor of vim, nmap, nc, etc...19:29
tyler_wyliesarnold, rattking looks like we're good now that I specified sudo I can get root; thanks so much for the help19:50
rattkingcool. NP19:50
sarnoldtyler_wylie: sweet :D19:50
tyler_wylieI do need to convert DHCP from a per host to a pool;19:59
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bekksSomeone may help me clarifying the use of puppet please? I'm stuck somewhere on how to setup a puppet server which should be used to deploy Ubuntu server instances, retiring the existing customaziation script used in a PXE server.20:06
bekksAny ideas on this?20:06
bekksOr did I get it wrong and puppet is for administering and customizing boxes AFTER they were deployed (however that happened)?20:09
tyler_wyliebekks: I just actually set up a FAI server to deploy Ubuntu instances20:10
tyler_wyliepuppet is usually used after the fact for configurations, you are correct20:11
tyler_wyliemuch like cfengine20:11
bekksI just read it up - that involves the setup of another PXE/TFTP server, right?20:11
bekksWell, I already have all that up and running :)20:12
tyler_wylieHowever it also includes base packages to install, you can specify configurations20:12
bekksI guess I'd just elobarate on my customazation scripts.20:12
bekksThe point is, that I have a lot of servers to deploy, which I'll never see again after deployment.20:13
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sarnoldbekks: dd their drives?20:14
bekksdd is the slowest of all chances.20:14
sarnoldI suspect it depends where the drives are coming from :)20:14
bekksMy PXE setup deploys my customized setup with 239s (measured).20:14
sarnoldif they are already in a server, I'd agree. if they're in a mylar bag ...20:15
tyler_wylieyou should puppet your pxe with a pxe puppet pxe20:15
* tyler_wylie makes inception noises.20:15
* bekks slowly drowns tyler_wylie - keep calm, it'll be over soon ;)20:15
bekksI guess I'll just start scripting a post-install customization script collection, for keeping the PE setup simple and just deploying whatever the technician wants to deploy, after staging the server.20:17
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