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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Roast Leg Of Lamb Day! 😃08:52
PhilippePPoor lamb  :)08:57
john96Does anyone know if native apps for email and xmpp IM are in development? I just gave ubuntu touch a go on my nexus 4 & found it quite nice to use.. but it just seems like the app ecosystem is too small at this point to be able to switch from android..10:19
davmor2john96: dekko for email, no to xmpp10:20
davmor2john96: if you go to the store an type in xmpp or email in the search box it should show anything in the works10:20
john96davmor2: ok, thanks :)10:21
brunch875Good morning everyone :)10:22
ChloeWolfieGirlmorn :310:25
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jgdxmorn' du11:32
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jgdxElleo, hi, have you seen this [1] ? I'm running latest Arale and this is still a huge issue on the danish keyboard. [1] bug 144236512:47
ubot5bug 1442365 in ubuntu-keyboard "Auto capitalize allows for many capital letters" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144236512:47
Elleojgdx: heya, sounds like a duplicate of https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-keyboard/+bug/1448145 which I'm working on at the moment12:48
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1448145 in ubuntu-keyboard "[Ubuntu Phone] The first characters are always in uppercase in webapps" [High,Confirmed]12:48
Elleojgdx: do you have word suggestions and spell check disabled? and does it only happen in webapps12:48
Elleojgdx: if so it's that bug, if not then it's something else for me to worry about :P12:49
jgdxElleo, okay, yeah it might be a duplicate. This is in _all_ apps that allows for text editing that is not passwords, urls and other special types.12:49
Elleojgdx: QML apps as well as webapps?12:49
jgdxElleo, yeah, messaging app12:49
Elleojgdx: then its a different bug12:49
jgdxexact same symptoms though12:50
Elleojgdx: will try to reproduce as soon as my arale has enough charge to boot12:50
jgdxElleo, maybe ping me when you have a silo/package in ppa?12:50
Elleojgdx: well the other bug is due to an oxide bug, so will have a different fix to this one12:51
Elleojgdx: does it happen with any other language layouts?12:51
jgdxElleo, oh ok. I can check when my arale is charged.12:53
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Elleojgdx: I can't reproduce it with Danish on my arale12:53
jgdxElleo, good12:54
Elleojgdx: well, not great, since I can't fix it without being able to reproduce it :P but at least it suggests it might not be widespread12:54
jgdxElleo, you said you can't. Hah, sorry :P12:54
jgdxIt needs maybe 3-5 tries?12:55
jgdxBut I can reproduce always.12:55
Elleojgdx: when you arale is charged could you double check to verify it definitely happens in QML and not just webapps?12:55
Elleoyeah, I've been typing a bunch of words with fullstops between and haven't hit it yet12:55
jgdxElleo, yup, but it happens in the messaging app12:55
jgdxyou have to type quickly12:55
Elleoyeah, I have been, even hitting keys simultaneously12:56
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didrockscwayne: hey, so I'm getting on a fresh bq device bug #144676613:30
ubot5bug 1446766 in Today Scope "BQ device: On first boot, Today scope continually asks for Google account login after I have done so via Settings -> Accounts" [High,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144676613:30
didrockscwayne: and even rebooting doesn't fix it (I installed the calendar app, sync it, reboot)13:30
didrocksand I have the OOBE with "skip and setup later"13:31
cwaynedidrocks, click skip and setup later13:32
didrockscwayne: shouldn't it remove the "configure an account" once it's done? (at least, the google one)13:33
didrocksso yeah, dismissing works, but it seems it's not what the user would expect13:33
cwaynedidrocks, the google one was handled differently because it needed a bit more explanation, but yeah, I agree we may need to tweak the UX there a bit13:33
didrockscwayne: maybe we can recycle this bug report for this? I'm happy to update the description13:34
jgdxawe, ping13:35
cwaynedidrocks, please do13:35
didrockscwayne: doing then, thanks!13:35
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awejgdx, whatsup?13:37
jgdxawe, do you have time to talk apn?13:37
kenvandinefunny, i now get excited when i hear "apn" :-D13:37
kenvandinei used to run like hell13:38
* jgdx dumps a branch on ken's porch and runs13:38
awefyi, although I haven't started the work for 'SetPref', I've been thinking about it, and will get going on a patch this afternoon hopefully13:38
jgdxawe, when there are no preferred contexts, should settings set one? Isn't that ofono's job?13:38
awejgdx, my thoughts on that are no...13:39
jgdxbut uss ain't a service13:39
aweif there are no preferred contexts, then it should just act as it does today13:39
awe( ie. NM tries APNs round-robin )13:39
DJJeffwhy is nexus 5 not on the status spreedsheet13:40
DJJeffand how come it has not been updated in ages13:40
jgdxawe, I agree, so we don't pick one for the user if there is no preferred13:40
jgdxhowever, that's a bit confusing, beucase the UI will have no green check in front of the active one13:41
jgdxbut then uss have to pick a preferred one, and that is … hard13:42
awejgdx, correct.  NM picks one, as in the first one that works, is used13:42
awejgdx, why wouldn't the UI just show the currently active APN as selected if none are 'Preferred'?13:43
aweis that hard to implement?13:43
aweI suppose we *could* possibly change ofono to mark the context as 'Preferred' when activated13:44
awebut I'd need to discuss with abeato when he's back13:44
awehmm, no that wouldn't work13:44
awethat would defeat the initial round-robin behavior13:44
jgdxbut then we say that no preferred contexts is a good thing in some cases13:45
jgdxand uss shouldn't pick one13:45
jgdxit could just show a green tick besides the active one, but that is quite inconsistent in my mind13:46
jgdxif I uncheck it, what does that mean?13:46
awejgdx, after initial unboxing, or after a new SIM is installed13:47
awehaving no preferred is a good thing13:48
aweit lets the system try to auto-detect which APN to use if multiple inet APNs exist for the SIM13:48
awea user may then come along to uss13:48
aweand say "use this one"13:48
aweat that point we set pref13:48
aweand that restricts nm to only use that apn from then on13:48
aweeven if it's broken/not working13:49
aweotherwise we get the current unpredictable behavior13:49
awewhen a user tries to select a different apn13:49
awejgdx, can you point me at a silo or PPA so I can play around with the UI?13:50
awea lot has happened since our white-board re-design session13:50
jgdxawe, phablet-team ppa, but you need to upgrade libqofono13:50
aweis that in the ppa too?13:50
awewhere can i get it?13:51
aweor could we push to the ppa too?13:51
jgdxawe, hm, seems it landed in vivid13:51
awein vivid, or in -updates or -security?13:52
awedo you have a version # for me?13:52
jgdxto sec13:52
jgdxawe, still in a silo, ubuntu/landing-02913:54
jgdxlooking for 0.70-0ubuntu313:54
kenvandineawe, jgdx: it is in the ppa13:56
awejgdx, ok.  we have net/telephony meeting in ~5m, then I will take a look this afternoon13:56
awekenvandine, libqofono?13:56
kenvandinei copied it from the silo last week13:56
awejgdx, I'll be on the uss hangout tomorrow too, so will take a look this afternoon as I start working on 'setpref'13:56
jgdxkenvandine, thanks13:57
jgdxawe, score13:57
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jgdxElleo, http://i.imgur.com/LvF4pIo.gifv14:34
Elleojgdx: interesting, I wonder why I can't trigger it :/14:35
jgdxElleo, you probably don't have fat fingers with actual fat on them14:35
jgdxI just ate chicken14:35
jgdxThat's a word I often start with, and ~30% of the time, it's spelled out KAn14:36
Elleojgdx: ah, I've just managed to hit it once14:37
jgdxwhat did you eat?14:37
Elleothat should become part of the standard bug report template14:38
supercom32Newbie question: Is Ubuntu Touch compatible with any of the standard repos for installing software?14:38
Elleojgdx: think I'm getting the hang of this now, the timing has to be quite precise; it doesn't happen if you're too quick as well as being too slow14:39
jgdxElleo, now I feel sorry for bringing this up. "Reproduce: timing has to be just right—not too slow, not too quick"14:41
jgdxsupercom32, yeah, a bunch! But the system is read only by default, so you can't install any packages.14:42
supercom32jgdx: does that mean they don't support installing software on your phone? I'm not sure I understand how it works in that case.14:42
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supercom32jgdx: or do they just not support installing packages in that way?14:43
Elleosupercom32: there's two parts of the system, the read-only system partition (which is where things installed via apt-get would go if you switch to read/write mode) and the read/write user partition, which is where normal phone apps (click packages) get installed14:43
Elleosupercom32: so you can always install apps via the store, but if you want to install things via apt-get (and so potentially cause issues with the image based updates) you need to make the system partition read/write as well14:44
supercom32elleo: I assume most programs are not made into click packages. Most of them are debs?14:45
Elleojgdx: marked that bug as confirmed, will see if we can get it scheduled in one of the upcoming sprints14:45
jgdxElleo, cool, thanks!14:45
Elleosupercom32: well, all apps that are actually designed for the phone are packaged as clicks, but more general linux programs are mostly just debs14:45
supercom32elleo: For example, if I wanted to install firefox, or java, I'd have to wait for a click package.14:45
Elleosupercom32: yeah, and for any X11 apps you'd also need to wait for xmir support to be included in the images by default14:46
jgdxand quite possibly an arm build14:47
Elleo(there is a PPA that allows you to play around with xmir stuff already, but it's not quite ready for general usage yet)14:47
supercom32For the newbie, what is xmir supposed to do? Give you an X11 compatibility layer?14:47
Elleojgdx: firefox and java at least are already in the vivid arm ports14:47
Elleosupercom32: yep, pretty much14:48
supercom32Elleo: suppose xmir is already implemented, that still doesn't solve the packaging problem will it? That is, installing debs into the user area and not the system area?14:48
Elleosupercom32: nope, those apps would still need to be repackaged as clicks (or in the near future snaps)14:49
Elleosupercom32: the phone will soon be moving to snappy based packages/images (which are the next evolution of clicks) and there are tools being developed for automatically creating snaps from debs as I understand it14:49
supercom32elloe: How long do you think until users can expect the same desktop experience on the phone? It sounds like there are two separate systems involved.14:51
supercom32To be honest, I was hoping to install packages like I normally do on my desktop. Synaptic, apt-get etc, and just have it all work. With the exception of some base packages pre-installed for phone support.14:52
supercom32Probably I was expecting too much lol.14:52
Elleosupercom32: well, you can do that now; but it's not officially supported (and may cause you issues with updates), so it's available as an option for experimenters/developers already14:53
k1l_yeah, that is not possible right now.14:53
k1l_supercom32: and be aware that those programs are not made for touch.14:53
supercom32k1l_: Right. I assume the user experience will be a little wonky in those cases.14:54
Elleosupercom32: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3PUYoa1c9M <-- shows some of that working from a development perspective (libre office, netflix, etc. running under xmir)14:54
supercom32Elleo: Ah sweet.14:54
Elleosupercom32: I'm not sure the full timescale until we reach a state where the majority of non-touch apps are available for general users14:55
Elleosupercom32: but Mark did announce that the first commercial device with some level of desktop convergence is likely to launch sometime this summer14:56
Elleosupercom32: so at least some basic stuff might be available then14:56
k1l_wasnt that more of a "end of this year"?14:56
Elleosupercom32: there were discussions in some of yesterday's UOS sessions about some initial apps to get ported to clicks (I think libre office came up), but I wouldn't expect a lot of old apps to be in a ready state for a little while yet14:57
Elleok1l_: possibly, I could easily be misremembering14:57
Elleok1l_: ah yeah, looks like he just said "this year"14:58
Elleothat sounds more plausible14:58
k1l_yeah. summer would be somewhat early, imho14:59
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pete-woodsWellark_: hey! back from democracy16:06
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morphisrsalveti, ogra_: played a bit yesterday evening: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11009869/16:46
ogra_neat !16:47
morphisbluez5 ahead :)16:47
rsalvetimorphis: nice16:53
morphisrsalveti: not sure which way you wanted to go but that is one16:56
DonkeyHoteinow if only video playback could work on hammerhead16:56
ogra_DonkeyHotei, fix it ... :)16:57
dobeyDonkeyHotei: you fixed all the other things?16:58
DonkeyHoteiogra_: does this shed any light? http://paste.ubuntu.com/10696198/16:58
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simosxwhere can I get boot.img for the bq Aquaris? I need to apply it :-/17:21
simosxfound it, per https://sturmflut.github.io/ubuntu/touch/2015/05/06/hacking-ubuntu-touch-part-2-devices-and-images/17:36
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rsalvetimorphis: what did you actually do with that kernel?17:51
morphisrsalveti: CONFIG_BT=n17:51
morphisthansen: then simply followed https://code.google.com/p/aosp-bluez/17:52
rsalvetimorphis: nice, yeah17:52
morphisthansen: sorry, that should have gone to rsalveti  :)17:52
rsalveticool that is also available for flo17:52
rsalvetimorphis: we have bluez 5 in a ppa17:52
morphisrsalveti: it's a very simple approach and works pretty well17:53
morphisfrom what I remember there were only problems with suspend17:53
morphisrsalveti: where is that ppa?17:53
morphisrsalveti: let me try that later today17:57
kalikianawxl: are you joining #ubuntu-uos-appdev-2 for http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1505/meeting/22452/html5-application-testing/ ?17:58
wxlkalikiana: naw, been idlying. got an lxqt session going on17:59
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DonkeyHoteirsalveti: does that ppa include the hal?19:33
rsalvetiDonkeyHotei: nops19:39
rsalvetijust the bluez itself19:39
rsalvetiworks for nexus 4 as it has a hci driver19:39
DonkeyHoteiso the hal would be a separate source pkg?19:39
rsalvetipart of the device tarball19:54
DonkeyHoteirsalveti: i don't follow20:03
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DJJeffping, dobey20:58
DJJeffyou have ubuntu running on the Nexus 5?21:04
DJJeffhow is it21:04
dobeyit's mostly usable21:04
DJJeffok I am not in a hurry to use ubuntu on my N5 for daily usage21:05
DJJeffI may give it a test run but thats about it21:05
dobeythen use multirom to install and test it, and decide for yourself :)21:05
DJJeffwould be handy if someone had a spreedsheet of things that work and dont work21:06
dobeybt/gps/nfc/local video playback don't work21:06
DJJeffthats pretty hardcore list of things not working21:06
DJJeffstable is pretty far off by the looks of it21:07
dobeyi've been using it daily as my only phone for a year now21:07
DJJeffit really depends on how you use the phone21:08
dobeybut perhamps i'm a bit more of a masochist than most21:08
DJJeffbasic usage vs more hardcore things21:08
dobeywell obviously i can't use bluetooth or gps on it21:08
dobeynot that i wouldn't if they were working, but i've just lived without them21:08
DJJeffmakes you harder to track21:09
dobeynot really21:09
DJJeffcan always use cell towers to give you location info21:09
dobeyi guess, if there were code doing that21:10
DJJeff3 or more towers can triangle your location21:10
dobeybut a) the gps radio may still be powered on, even though the ubuntu side of things can't use it21:10
dobeyand b) if the feds want to track me, they can do it without even me having a phone i'm sure21:11
dobeywell, yes, i know how triangulation works21:11
dobeyi mean, there is no code on the phone doing triangulation21:11
dobeyat least on the ubuntu side, afaik21:12
dobeythe binary stuff in the android bits might do something, but afaik we aren't getting that data in the location service21:12
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