shaunoI'm kinda hoping it's just audio though.  because I want to see if I can replicate it on the ubuntu phone, so only expecting the headphone to do what it says on the tin, seems much easier00:00
ali1234seems to be 4KB00:01
ali1234looks kinds like a firmware, and then a data section at 0x60000:03
ali1234i guess it could also be the encryption keys00:04
shaunoheh, meaningless to me00:11
shaunoalthough if that was the firmware, I'd kinda expect to see ANS & co in there as literal strings?00:12
ali1234it could be the firmware for the serial -> whatever microcontroller00:13
ali1234if it just passes stuff straight through00:13
ali1234but that seems unlikely00:13
ali1234must be the encryption keys really00:13
moreatishauno: could you wire your own cable to feed the left (and/or) right headphone output of the iphone, to the mic in on you laptop - then just use audacity to record the output of triggertrap?00:13
shaunothat's pretty much what I've tried, but it doesn't end up with anything usable00:14
shaunoI suspect if it is sending actual signals, they'd be square waves on the wire, and my soundcard's probably not going to capture that properly00:14
shaunootoh, the app on the phone tells you to turn the headphone volume up full, so I'd have thought if there was some magical "send data out" mode, that wouldn't be required00:16
ali1234yeah it won't be sending data with magic APIs00:16
moreatishauno: the app wil be limited to audio frequencies signals that the iphone can play. AFAIK the headphone port doesn't do anything your laptop's headphone port could also do00:16
shaunoright, I guess that's what I was asking.  since I know there's other dongles that live on the iphone headphone (like the Square creditcard readers) I wasn't sure if the phone did something interesting to accomodate those, or if they're all just hack00:17
moreatishauno: iphone -> world doesn't do anything special. There is a custom protocol for world -> iphone on the microphone wire. That's for play/pause/volume etc00:19
moreatinamely http://david.carne.ca/shuffle_hax/shuffle_remote.html00:21
shaunothis is what I get off it; https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/23042/trigger.wav00:24
shaunobut playing that back into the dongle does nothing00:24
moreatishauno: WHat input did you use to record that? It's stereo so I'm guessing line in00:28
shauno(I don't have mic in on my laptop because apple are weird, and didn't bother fishing out my little usb soundcard because I figured headphone level would swamp mic-in anyway)00:30
moreatishauno: IIRC line level signals are lower voltage than headphone level. Is it possible what your recording is clipped?00:31
moreatiCan you just plug headphones into your iphone and listen to the signal directly? Perhaps use a Y splitter to be plugged into the dongle simultaneously00:33
shaunoit shouldn't be.  it was the first time (audacity shows them nice big & red), so I turned the volume down one notch and tried again, now they don't go red & don't hit the ceiling00:33
shaunoit just sounds like clicks in headphones00:33
moreatiok, sounds reasonable00:34
shaunoit' got me stumped because, as you said, you'd expect some very mundane limits to what the headphone port can do - somewhere around 40/44/48k of boringness00:35
moreatianother shot in the dark: if the dongle uses ultrasonic carriers then your recording at 44.1 kHz could be distorting it, recording at 48 kHz would rule that out00:36
shaunomy soundcard *is* on 48, audacity doesn't seem to see this00:41
shaunoif I get them to agree with each other, it comes out as a really annoying tone instead00:42
moreatisounds more promising00:42
ali1234seems like the soundcard might have jitter00:43
ali1234which might affect the ability of it to work00:43
shaunohm.  weird, but working00:48
shaunoif I record with audacity set on the wrong rate, it sounds like clicks, and if I push the gain, it still sounds like clicks00:48
shaunoat 48 or 96, it still sounds like clicks, but if I push the gain, now it sounds like tones ... and the camera works00:48
ali1234i just learned a new tool... binwalk00:52
moreatishauno: looks like one channel controls focus and the other the shutter http://www.diyphotography.net/building-diy-trigger-trap/00:53
shaunohm.  if that circuit's similar to the original, any loud noise should work00:55
moreati  shauno: not necessarily, it may require a particular frequency. Also the necessary waveform probably varies by camera manufacturer/model00:56
shaunooh sheesh.  audacity's "click track" works, you just have to push it until it clips00:57
shaunoI've been so obsessed with figuring out what these clicks were, I hadn't thought to just yell down the wire00:58
shaunowell, that's going to make things much easier lol .. thanks00:59
shauno(and nice that the dongle looks very easy to replicate.  they started off all nice and free on arduino, and morphed it into a "noooo, mine" smartphone world)01:00
shaunobut the arduino version didn't use the dongle (going to audio and back would make no sense), so it didn't help me much01:02
moreatiglad I could help, now time for bed01:03
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mapppshi all05:32
mapppsthis ch4 show first dates is just brilliant05:37
mapppsso many fools05:38
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diploMorning all07:02
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MooDoomorning all07:13
elfyyo ahoy07:32
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.07:34
davmor2Morning all08:19
MooDoomorning davmor208:20
davmor2Morning MooDoo how am ya chap long time no annoy I must get back on track with that :D08:21
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MooDoodavmor2: yeah i've missed your trolling ;)08:22
zmoylan-pia better scope on your rifle perhaps? :-P08:23
davmor2Yeah I have a my ethernet working again \o/ it only took an hour and a half of reading bits and pieces till I found a random link to a kernel bug and the alx driver \o/08:23
davmor2in not and08:24
directhexalx bugs?08:24
directhextell me more08:24
directhexi'm using alx08:24
directhexpopey: those poor laptop users :(08:25
davmor2directhex: apparently the driver would allow the ethernet to work for 1-2 seconds and then on receiving the first packet over run.08:25
directhexdavmor2: huh. which network chip?08:25
davmor2directhex:  AR8161 Gigabit Ethernet08:27
davmor2directhex: https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=7076108:29
lubotu3bugzilla.kernel.org bug 70761 in Network "AR8161 wir alx driver: Randomly stops to receive packets with small MTU" [Normal,New]08:29
directhexhm. wonder if it's silicon-specific, and wonder if i'm fine on my default MTU08:30
davmor2directhex: you would know within 5 seconds if there were an issue or not, apparently it was fine in 14.04, flakey in 14.10 and then just refuses to work in 15.04 even though the driver itself by all accounts hasn't changed since 2012 by all accounts08:33
directhexi'm using 15.04 fine with alx08:33
davmor2directhex: I have the Lenovo y580 which is the laptop that seems to feature the most on bug08:34
directhexyeah, lots of y580s on that bug08:34
directhexmaybe a firmware issue08:34
directhexcan't be a coincidence that only lenovo users have it08:34
davmor2directhex: indeed08:34
davmor2directhex: apparently it was affecting dell users too08:35
foobarrydavmor2: did you test the beta?08:36
foobarrydid it get flagged up before release?08:36
davmor2foobarry: I was a beta tester but I was using wifi which works fine. But I noticed that transfers were slower as the chipset doesn't use 5g only 2.4g so now I am using it as my main pc I hooked up the ethernet and the networking died08:38
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Roast Leg Of Lamb Day! 😃08:52
MooDoomorning JamesTait08:53
JamesTaitMooDoo, o/08:55
zmoylan-piand not vegemite chocolate day? http://www.independent.ie/life/food-drink/food-news/cadbury-confirm-a-vegemite-flavour-chocolate-bar-is-in-the-pipeline-31202508.html08:55
popeydirecthex: wat wat wat?08:56
directhexpopey: your AMD ubuntu laptop retweet08:56
popeyah yes08:56
JamesTaitzmoylan-pi, the date is wrong on that article. Should be April 1st. 😉08:59
davmor2JamesTait: It's not Sunday there is no time to be roasting legs of lamb09:01
JamesTaitdavmor2, that's one of the benefits of working from home!09:02
MooDooworking from home would be cool09:03
zmoylan-piyour lunches in the fridge would be untouched09:03
davmor2JamesTait: you are meant to be working not tending a flock of sheep so you can have legs of lamb on tap :P09:03
JamesTaitdavmor2, if your taps are emitting legs of lamb, you need to get your plumbing checked.09:06
JamesTaitOr tell me how you did it.09:06
zmoylan-pior open a butchers...09:06
davmor2You mean yours don't09:07
foobarryhow do i find the authoritative name server for a dns entry?09:08
foobarrywnat to see the TTL rather than time left09:08
nucc1look what what NS is listed in the DNS recordes09:09
foobarrywith dig?09:09
nucc1i imagine you could, i'd personally use a GUI.09:09
nucc1but if you can do an NS query for the name09:09
foobarrywhich one?09:09
nucc1the two NS records in that page are the authoritative name servers for gmail.com09:10
nucc1well, there are 3 NS records, but you get what I mean :)09:10
foobarrytimes out for my entry...weird09:12
nucc1if your dns name is not on the public internet...09:12
foobarryit is :D09:13
nucc1if you don't mind sharing the name...09:13
foobarryPm'd you09:14
foobarrybut I can now query internally so i think i have the info now, cheers09:15
nucc1looks like the delegation is only done for internal users then :)09:17
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NET||abusehi folks, casting the net out there for London City area jobs.. Just wrapping up contract in a week, need to get on the hunt :) Anyone know any good places hiring? Devops roles.09:44
foobarryNET||abuse: i know a good london agency09:58
foobarryfor linux devops roles09:58
MooDooanyone know if there are any teaboy jobs going at canonical lol09:59
NET||abusefoobarry: cheers, though for perm roles, i'm attempting to find direct application options.09:59
foobarrywe hired 2 perms roles from them too10:01
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)10:02
NET||abusewho's peeps?10:02
foobarrytook us about 18 months to hire10:02
NET||abuseyeh, ouch, it's a hard task getting a reasonable candidate,10:02
NET||abuseback in 1010:03
foobarrywe found some who had unrealistic salary expetations, others who just lived too far etc10:03
foobarryand plenty of numpties10:03
bashrcif it's the centre of London then you need a centre of London realistic salary to be able to live somewhere in the area10:05
foobarryits zone210:07
foobarryyou could live in the slums and travel cheaply to work10:07
foobarryand still get decent salary10:08
Laneyslums, shit commute, shit salary10:08
foobarrythe salary is decent, some people don't understand why10:08
Laneysoudns like a great package to me :P10:08
foobarrypro rata i believe it is better value than the banks..10:09
JamesTaitHoly cannoli, I think the apocalypse is here. The sky's gone black and it's raining and hailing like there's no tomorrow.10:09
bashrcone strategy which seems to work where I am is to employ a hardhore of hackers and then just employ recent PhDs who like Linux. Even if they know nothing to begin with people who are intelligent will learn quickly and after a few months they're pretty much as good as the rest10:09
foobarryyeah, we tried attracting some phds10:09
foobarrysome are weird. they think a paid job is an excuse to still continue their research10:10
foobarryno..you will have other things to do instead. "oh, and what about my research?" i don't think you're ready for a salaried post..10:10
czajkowskiJamesTait: keep your rain it's sunny down south!10:28
directhexjust had a downpour10:29
JamesTaitczajkowski, thank you - now you've jinxed it, maybe it'll head down there!10:29
directhexwith car plugged in. blerf10:29
nucc1bashrc and you use phd as a proxy for intelligent?10:33
davmor2JamesTait: I told you worship Thor but you insisted your god was the only one ;)10:34
bashrcnucc1: the place I'm at does. Roughly an indication that someone is able to learn complicated things10:45
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=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away
nucc1bashrc: yea, it's fair. I just hope it's not an "if you don't have a PhD, we won't talk to you" policy though. :)10:52
shaunoI'm not sure a phd actually shows whether they can or cannot learn.  if anything, it shows they have the ability to survive years-long projects10:53
nucc1ultimately, it proves very little to be honest, but as far as a filtering mechanism, if you draw randomly from a set of PhDs, i think your score for above average intelligence would be higher.10:54
bashrcnucc1: I don't have a phd, so that's not necessarily a barrier, particularly if you're already a known hacker with a track record10:54
shauno(but far too often it just means the person deciding has a phd and is still trying to convince himself it's value outside of academia.  yes I'm biased lol)10:54
bashrcphd really just indicates that someone has studied some complicated topic in depth10:56
awilkinsSome of the worse code I've ever seen came from a PhD10:58
awilkinsMy organization basically bought the fruits of his PhD project I think10:59
awilkinsIt was TERRIBLE10:59
awilkinsHe essentially re-implemented RCS, but badly, and in a KV store, and without any kind of client program to make it easier to use10:59
awilkinsAs a versioned object store (for one kind of object)10:59
awilkins500,000 lines of Java-big-ball-of-mud11:00
awilkinsHe had classes that implemented 12 (twelve!!) interfaces, had over 200 methods11:00
awilkinsMany of the interfaces inherited each other11:01
davmor2awilkins: let me guess you reimplemented it in 5 lines of python11:01
awilkinsdavmor2, No11:01
awilkinsdavmor2, I did develop a plan to reimplement it properly, but $$ had been spent on it. Full on sunk-cost-fallacy inertia11:01
awilkinsAt the beginning of the project immediately after acquisition I recommended that it was thrown away and started again from scratch.11:02
awilkins4-5 years later they were still pouring money into the pit11:02
davmor2awilkins: hahahahaha sounds about right11:03
MooDooawilkins: give davmor2 a tenner and he'll fix it for you ;)11:04
awilkinsUser preferences AND global application logic were stored in a binary-serialized blob11:04
awilkinsUgh, I'm going to stop11:05
awilkinsI wrote a report on how bad it was once, I could go on for hours11:05
Flashteksounds about right11:06
davmor2well I can break it for you11:06
awilkinsOne more horror for you : the class that implemented 12 interfaces was also a generic, defined in terms of a class that took itself as a parameter11:07
awilkinsYes, there was code that was it's own grandpa11:07
awilkinspublic abstract class ConceptComponent<R extends Revision<R, C>, C extends ConceptComponent<R, C>>11:09
awilkins        implements I_AmTermComponent, I_AmPart<R>, I_AmTuple<R>, I_Identify, IdBI, I_IdPart, I_IdVersion,11:09
awilkins        I_HandleFutureStatusAtPositionSetup11:09
* awilkins shudders11:09
ne2kJava and the Java universe does tend to lend itself to that sort of horror11:10
awilkinsThe diagram in that is about the same as the class diagrams involved.11:12
awilkinsMethods omitted, because you only have so many pixels11:13
czajkowskiJamesTait: https://twitter.com/czajkowski/status/59627305203340492811:20
JamesTaitczajkowski, cute! But you'll have to try harder than that to get me to tell you what the weather is like here now. 😉11:21
bashrcawilkins: coding is really a skill and having code review goes a long way towards improving the quality11:21
bashrcand also transfering knowledge from elder hackers11:22
* davmor2 looks at phone to see what the weather up T'north is like.......T'north not found must be an app written by a Londoner JamesTait :D11:26
daftykinswow not all telco engineers are blessed with social skills11:28
daftykinsMr.Grumpy was there this morning at a friends place :)11:29
awilkinsbashrc, This guy was older than me .. but clearly not a hacker11:29
bashrcthe point being that if you have a good process with code review then it's easier for beginners to learn how to code well11:30
awilkinsIt was tools for managing a somewhat large graph of objects11:30
awilkinsYeah, he worked on it alone for 5 years I think11:30
awilkinsI agree11:31
awilkinsYou do improve11:31
awilkinsBeen having to write VBA code recently to do reports because bossman insists that the timesheets get done in Excel11:31
bashrcsounds hellish11:32
awilkinsI am staggered at just how radically different the VBA code I write now is from the VB / VBscript code I wrote 10 years ago11:32
* bashrc hasn't written any VB code for 10+ years11:33
awilkinsI got to being a pretty good VB6 developer (as in, total wizard, could write VB code that did things faster than the runtime libraries did it)11:33
awilkinsI refuse to learn VB.NET because it will erase my VB6 EEPROMS11:33
awilkinsVB6 is like the COBOL of my generation - retirement plan language11:33
* daftykins wonders if a tazer would wipe awilkins11:36
MooDoodaftykins: only one way to find out......TTTAAAZZZEEERRRRR11:38
awilkinsDon't taze me, bro!11:42
* daftykins glances down at the two smoking electrodes protruding from awilkins' abdomen11:43
davmor2oh man now you made awilkins mad, you won't like him when he is angry :D11:45
awilkinsIf it kills a few fat cells, meh11:45
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foobarrywhy put calorific values per 100g and then don pu the weight on the pack12:31
daftykinsAdmiral Ackbar would have something to say about that12:32
shaunothey like to pretend you're not going to eat the whole pack12:33
foobarryi want to know in case i need to buy a mars bar to supplement it12:33
shaunolike novelty-sized energy drinks giving you info per 100ml12:33
popeyAfternoon slackers12:35
davmor2popey: you just got up and then have the nerve to call us slackers :P12:41
nigelbHello yourself, popey12:42
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Seeker`popey: you made me dizzy!13:30
* Seeker` eyes popey's latest tweet, wonders if he realises it's almost 3pm :P13:46
foobarrywho are all these people on facebook saying every vote counts?14:08
Laneypeople that don't live in a safe seat14:09
foobarryonly the winners votes count!14:09
zmoylan-pifirst past the post silly system14:13
zmoylan-piproportional representation is where real chaos lies :-)14:13
mapppshow do they find such thickos14:15
mapppsgirl on first dates doesn't realise belgium is its own country14:15
mapppssomehow thinks its germany14:15
foobarryone girl said "i didn't know you could get egyptians nowadays. i thought they were only in old times"14:15
foobarrythe blokes face was :-O14:15
mapppshahahahahahahah yea14:16
mapppshonestly it's incredible14:16
zmoylan-piwell in her defence germany sometimes thinks it's theirs too... :-P14:16
foobarryits just a freak show14:16
mapppsthis girl was from essex..doing wonders for the essex stereotype14:16
mapppsshe then asks if the UK is in europe14:16
mapppsthat's a girl icertainly wouldn't want to take on my travels ...too stupid14:16
zmoylan-pibut is it because she's an idiot or because she got a uk education?14:17
mapppsan idiot14:17
mapppsthe  education is fine..thickos just like to blame schools and teachers14:17
mapppswe dont have a whole country of morons..a  lot..yes..but not 100%14:17
mapppsthe people that say school's a waste of time and doss about/don't go..14:17
shaunoI think it's a cultural issue where it's simply "uncool" to do too well at school14:25
zmoylan-pibring back the days when it was cool for the teachers to beat the information into them... :-P14:27
shaunoI had a really strange conversation with my little sister when she found out how much I earn.  she was trying to figure out how many multiples of the minimum wage it was14:32
shaunoshe's mid-20s, and still doen't seem to grasp that minimum wage isn't a target14:32
foobarrymy salary peaked around 200514:32
zmoylan-piit is sadly for some14:33
foobarryor nearer 200014:33
foobarryi use the yardstick of "you are well off if your salary in K is more than your age in years"14:33
zmoylan-pican't use the thatcher if your cycling to work one anymore :-)14:34
zmoylan-pior was she on about the buses...14:35
mapppsn&p closed my account due to my 'conduct'14:38
mapppspretty annoying14:38
mapppshad a balance there but only ever used it for gambling14:39
mapppsand sometimes abroad14:39
foobarryi have 11£ in a N&P account that i never got bac14:39
mapppsgot a nasty letter telling me theyre closing it..i carried on using it lol14:39
mapppsthey then told me its still due for closure14:39
mapppsasked if they'd transfer the balance to a diff ac in my name ..nope14:39
mapppsthey'd only send me a cheque..how helpful14:39
mapppsI'm not in the uk:P so i didn't want a cheque14:39
mapppsbut didnt want to mention that to them14:40
foobarrysay you can't trust your mailbox14:40
foobarryyou live with a pet chimp who rips up cheques14:40
shaunonot sure that'd help, they'd probably offer that he can come into the branch with ID and collect14:41
mapppsnew bank opening here soon..got an appointment 20th may:D14:41
mapppsgib national bank!14:41
mapppsbarclays/natwest stopped taking customers here..and are closing..i guess because they're gonna run their own bank14:41
daftykinsfound diddledan :D https://i.imgur.com/ZpY9xAN.webm15:26
nucc1mapps, i think it's a grave mistake to conflate ignorance with stupidity.15:30
shaunoI never realised how similar oxford & cambridge look.  or at least, I didn't know they had exactly the same busses15:30
directhexlooks like an enviro 400h to me15:32
directhexstagecoach run busses in most of the UK15:34
diddledanlol, daftykins , that's awesome15:36
diddledanso should I buy an E4.5?15:40
diddledanjust to see what all the fuss is about :-p15:40
awilkinsMy daughter just had her phone nicked. Should I get an ubuntuphone for her?15:53
popeydoes she use whatsapp?15:53
popeyseems to be the main question :)15:53
popeywhat does she use?15:53
awilkinsI don't get WhatsApp at all15:53
diddledanI don't even know what whatsapp does15:53
awilkinsIt was an Android phone15:53
popeyit's IM15:53
popeywith voice, photo, video sharing and groups and stuff15:54
diddledanso it's skype?15:54
awilkinsSo, it's Google Talk?15:54
diddledanawilkins: jinx, sorta15:54
awilkinsBasically it's spreading the NSA "donations" to another company?15:54
diddledanwe could be standards compliant and say "so it's webrtc?"15:55
awilkinsI like that15:55
awilkinsI wish all the flipping webconf companies would all go WebRTC15:55
awilkinsAnd just trade on the extras they added like collaborative document editing15:55
diddledanI'm glad firefox are on-board with their hello thing15:56
awilkinsWebRTC + Operational Transform document editor 4tw]15:56
awilkinsWe have to use this thing that doesn't work on Linux15:56
diddledanseems everyone businessy want their employees to use webex15:57
diddledanit's even a verb to some folk15:57
diddledan"webex me"15:57
awilkinsWebex works on Linux15:57
awilkinsIt even works properly if you try15:58
awilkinsI have an /opt/webex folder with a working install of the environment you need15:58
awilkinsWebex is basically a Java app with links to 32-bit native DLLs15:58
awilkinsSo you need a 32-bit Firefox / Java combo15:58
awilkinsThen it all works, the audio, the annotations, etc16:00
awilkinsGotoMeeting, that doesn't work on Linux, not the native client16:00
awilkinsBut they now have a limited WebRTC client that can join meetings at least16:01
awilkinsAs soon as someone comes up with a shiny WebRTC client that offers all the wingwangs that WebEx and GotoMeeting have they are...well, going to coast on with their inertia16:02
* bashrc has heard people complaining about WebEx, but knows nothing about it16:07
diddledanI suppose I should go vote16:45
dutchiegot a whole 4 and a bit hours yet!16:46
zmoylan-picould be a queue16:48
popeythere was a UKIP woman lurking outside the polling station where I was.16:48
diddledangrr @ ukip16:48
simondbullpopey, did anything controversial slip out of her mouth?16:49
dutchiei managed to restrain myself from starting an argument with the ukip campaigners outside the supermarket last weekend16:49
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popeysimondbull: only "thank you"16:52
Laneythe tellers aren't allowed to be political16:54
bashrcare they not allowed to vote?16:55
Laneywhile telling16:55
Laneyone of our councillors was doing it when i voted earlier16:56
bashrcI guess by not being political you mean that they shouldn't be encouraging voters to vote one way or another at the ballot box16:56
Laneythey are only there to record who has voted16:57
popeyshe didnt seem interested in tat16:57
popeyhad no clipboard or owt16:57
popeyalso, discovered my neighbour from 2 doors down is a Green party candidate for the council16:58
popeywhich surprised me, didn't know16:58
Laneyguessing they didn't campaign much then16:58
popeysolid Tory round here16:59
popeynot much point it seems16:59
Laneykind of the same here (but Labour)17:00
LaneyGreens managed to get a full set of candidates but they didn't really bother campaigning17:00
Laneyfor the council, this is17:00
LaneyNot going to change the system by giving in to it17:01
Laneysuppose it is early days for them as a larger party...17:01
popeyhttps://twitter.com/DaphneFlap is funny17:02
popeyusually tweets pics of the cat coming and going17:02
* Laney goes climbing so that he can be back before The Vote on More417:03
zmoylan-pithe greens did campaign but didn't use electricity, snail mail or cars or vans to do so...17:05
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diddledandirecthex: I've added it to my mirroring torrent thingy19:03
directhexshould have no speed limiting set, but it's slow anyway19:04
directhextraffic shaping by BT maybe19:04
directhexpushing to someone running Deluge
diddledanI've got a 31.5 ratio on the 153plus2 release (previous version to this one?)19:06
directhexdiddledan: yes, that was the previous release19:10
diddledanjust fyi - while the readme has the correct .horse address the github metadata (at the top of the file list) has a github.io address which 404s: https://github.com/steamos-community/stephensons-rocket19:14
diddledanand directhex.github.io (without the /stephensons-rocket suffix) shows an older version of the page with very out-of-date info (as far as I can see)19:16
popeydirecthex: is steam buggered?19:39
popeyyes, it is19:40
directhexdiddledan: fixed19:42
dogmatic69guys, I think I have fixed my borked upgrade..20:11
awilkins_Anyone who hasn't yet voted you're VERY NAUGHTY, polling stations close in 49 mins, get your butt out there20:12
awilkins_Unless you vote Tory, 'natch20:12
dogmatic69cant remember who was around last night 20ish hours ago20:12
awilkins_Borked upgrade from the 6 years out of date distro?20:12
shaunoI think 6 years was someone with a shorter nick20:13
shaunoiirc dogmatic69 just had a bumpy ride trying to skip one coming up to current?20:13
dogmatic69nope, 14.04 -> 14.1020:14
dogmatic69totally crashed20:14
dogmatic69this seems to be the problem https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sysvinit/+bug/138581720:15
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 1385817 in Release Notes for Ubuntu "initscripts package fails to upgrade if there are local init scripts on the system with no LSB headers" [High,Triaged]20:15
dogmatic69someone in there asked for new tickets with output which I posted https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-release-upgrader/+bug/145250520:15
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 1452505 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu) "install broken after upgrading from 14.04 -> 14.10" [Undecided,New]20:15
dogmatic69I have now added the comments per the last comment on the first bug and its runnning so far...20:15
dogmatic69still a couple errors happened but mostly seems working now20:16
dogmatic69wow, pc seems considerably more snappy on 14.1020:43
dogmatic69ok, anyone know how I can format reinstall 15.04 and then make my software RAID1 work again without formatting the raid?20:46
dogmatic69the raid is not my boot drive btw...20:51
diddledansurely it'll "just work"?20:51
awilkins_Polls close in 45 seconds20:59
ali1234okay i'm dumping the firmware from the picture frame CPU... the part that would normally talk to the baseband stack20:59
ali1234it's in a SPI eeprom ;)20:59
diddledanI thought you were fiddling with a DECT handset?21:00
ali1234i am21:01
ali1234it's not a handset though21:01
ali1234it's a picture frame which has a DECT baseband and handsfree built in and shows a picture of who is calling you when they call21:01
Laneyholy shit21:01
Laneythat exit poll21:01
diddledanLaney: ?21:01
diddledanwhat did I miss?21:01
* diddledan plops the beeb on21:01
Laney EXIT POLL: Conservatives largest party with 316 seats, Lab 239, LD 10, SNP 58, UKIP 2, Green 2, PC 4, Others 19.21:02
diddledanLD 10?!21:03
directhexthat's the exit poll. i hope it's nonsense21:04
directhexif not, the coalition remains entrenched21:04
Laneywas pretty good last time21:04
ali1234how many do they need for a majority again?21:05
Laney323 discounting sinn fein21:05
Laneythat's quite skinny without any others21:05
directhexali1234: technically 326. but sinn fein won't show up, so that means 2 or 3 off the required total21:05
diddledanhow have libdems dropped to a measly 10?!21:05
diddledanthat's shoddy for them if true21:06
directhexwhy what?21:07
ali1234why is it shoddy?21:07
diddledanbecause that's a big loss compared to last time21:07
ali1234it's about what everyone expected21:07
diddledanit's still shoddy for them21:07
Laneyyou expected 57 -> 10?21:08
=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte
Laneynot what I heard at all21:08
ali1234didn't everyone?21:08
Laneyyou should go into psephology21:09
ali1234tbh i reckon a lot of embarassed UKIP voters have said they voted tory21:09
ali1234SNP probably wont get that many seats21:10
ali1234and LD will probably get a bit more than 10, but not much21:10
awilkins_Exit polling suggests SNP hold every seat but 1 in Scotland21:10
awilkins_I really hope there is a massive flaw in the exit polls21:11
ali1234what's wrong with the SNP?21:11
awilkins_No, arrgh Tories21:11
awilkins_Don't mind the SNP21:11
ali1234the real tragedy is we'll get another five years of murdoch being that actual ruler of the country21:12
diddledanI shouldn't laugh21:12
MyrttiI've already learnt to rejoice in small mercies wrt elections back from the Finnish one. Although we heard from the future prime minister today what the coalition back home will be like and it's grim, let me tell you21:12
diddledanbut funny21:12
diddledanMyrtti: :-(21:13
awilkins_Aren't they going to try out Basic Income in Finland?21:14
Myrtticentre-right, with some really conservative values in 2/3rds of the party leaders. One is even Catholic Millwall supporter.21:14
Myrttiawilkins_: not really21:15
Myrttiwhere not really means no21:15
Myrttiand especially now, not.21:15
Laneywaiting for the flood23:45
Laneycome on!23:45
daftykinsthe what?23:45
OerHekswaiting for Progress59 to splash ?23:48
Laneyquite soon many seats will declare23:48
directhexit's slow until around 1:30am, when dozens declare at once23:51
daftykinsoh politics23:52
* daftykins switches off and wanders off :D23:52
* Laney does some election night washing up23:54
directhexelection night dishwasher is running23:55
popeysuppose I should empty the dishwasher23:57
popeydon't announce anything till I'm back y'hear!23:57
OerHeksI am ... <pause>23:58
* OerHeks goes for an election-night-chihuahua-walk23:58

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